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Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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RKK is a pilot now. He only comes back to GH for little limited times. Thaao (Tony/Andre) started on GH and he comes back from time to time and RKK plays his brother. I don't watch GH anymore but I tuned in when they were both back recently. It was fun watching them. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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No, he has learned that the offers are not coming at all. Not a one. He made a bigtime fool of himself when he tweeted hints that he was getting a role on GH. He wasn't even a finalist. They hired an awesome actor who can act rings around Reckell. They've also used RKK again. He's not a very good actor. He lucked into incredible chemistry with Kristian but now we know she can create chemistry with a cup of coffee or her eyeglasses. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Where is everyone? How is everyone? Danky...? IAm...? Our founding GGs. Danky, hope you and DH made it to the beach. Thanks for the well wishes. Jud, I've had coffee, iced tea and Alka Selzter sinus but it's the morning and I'm calling you: Hey, Jud! Game On, Reese's also come in bats but for some reason the bats don't taste as good to me as the pumpkins do. Carolina, how was your day with the grands? I love reading ghost stories this time of year. It helps that I don't believe in ghosts. I had a ghostly experience as a teenager, in a friend of a friend's notoriously haunted house, but I cha... Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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Glad you like her, Snow. It's ridiculous the way they swear these new actors to secrecy for months on end. You won't have long to wait until she makes her debut. Autumn, Continue Reading


Re: I would like to talk about Gracepoint and Broadchurch. Spoilers about the Broadchurch ending inside.

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I watched Broadchurch, and no I don't think Gracechurch measures up, not even close. I found it boring and plodding and dropped out after two episodes. Still can't believe I gave up something starring David Tennant but I just didn't like it at all and agree with Smoky's comments and Jud's. Especially missed David Bradley. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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Awesome, OT! (I did have Anne tho.) I know Snow and maybe others watched ATWT, I am not happy with this announcement but maybe it will make someone happy: http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/marie-wilson-joins-days Just too many new characters, too many new actors. Pretty soon we won't recognize the show. Actually that's already happening. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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Oh, yes. I had Jen and Daniel in there and dropped them by mistake while editng. ITA, Gardensia, we need OT to be flatten them like pancakes. I like the actor who plays JJ, but have not liked a single one of his character's storylines. Continue Reading


Re: Survivor: Meh

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ITA. And it was just last season I was marveling at how they manage to come up with new that are challenges fresh and exciting season after season -- and this season it seems like mostly different iterations of the same challenge. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Jud and Twin, I know you don't know who the Pink Fink (and many other more clever names than mine) is but we have him to thank, indirectly, for this thread because in criticizing one obnoxious, self-involved, over-the-top, egotistic idiotic jerk who happens to be gay, we were accused of bigotry. When in fact we all know bigotry is making sweeping generalizations like you're all against all gay people because you don't like one. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Hi, Jud! :) Twin, so glad you enjoyed your birthday. Mine's next month and I know I'm getting old because I'm starting to criticize teenagers! And their music! LOL. I vowed I would never do that but I'm learning it goes with getting older! Danky: :thinking of you: I know we all are. Where's Shama, anyway? I have a cold. I love my bedroom and bathroom. I'm craving Jammie Dodgers. I'm waiting for two British horror novels I ordered from Great Britain. I'm apathetic about Survivor and even TAR this season. The BB cast -- I would have loved to see them on Survivor, of course minus th... Continue Reading

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