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Re: Words of Wisdom and Special Thoughts, and a little bit of Humor!

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Hooty, another place for me to love! Of course I'll come back, and back and back. LIG, guilty as charged in getting you addicted to Downton. Although seeing the display of the clothes must have played a big part too. Love! Hooty & everyone, I hope now that I finally learned to post images I'm not repeating things already posted. But I'll take my chances :) Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Cafe............a great place to welcome Spring!

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Anika, congrats. Tissy, so awesome to see you here. I'm sorry about your dad. As for your son how sad. I am sure you take amazing care of him because I've known you around for years and you have a beautiful heart. I'm so glad you came here. This forum has such amazing positive energy. Everyone, Ury, Viva, Elegant, everyone I'm missing, everyone here, thank you for having me, have a great weekend! And if you're hanging around here, you'll have company: Me! Continue Reading


Re: Mellow Place~

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Shoot, my post disappeared! (Or maybe it just apparated???) Possum, that is one gorgeous cat. Want!!!!! Glad you love HP too. I think next to "To Kill a Mockingbird" it's my favorite movies made from a book. Usually I don't like the film. They did a great job and they each have their own charms (pun intended, heh heh). Ury, Carolina (with those genius grandsons), Possum, Puddles, LIG, anyone I'm missing, everyone, have a great weekend! I'll be around. Not feeling well. So my weekend will be spent laying down, watching TV, hanging around my favorite forum and reading. Continue Reading


TAR is two hours tonight

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Just a heads-up because I didn't know that until now. Set your DVRs or be prepared to watch a double episode. I like this season. I hated the idea of the blind dates but I'm enjoying the way it's playing out along with the real couples. I'm not really rooting for anyone, but I'm not rooting against anyone either except maybe the female attorney. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers, week of 04/13/2015

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Okay, I turned on DAYS on a commercial from Y&R and there were JJ (who I always thought was hot) and Paige having robotic and squeaky s*x. Ewwwwww. Cute to (St)Eve, let's dye the eyebrows or the hair, one or the other because the difference in color is jarring, and oh by the way still with the Southern accent... All I can say is unless they fire the casting director I'm not going to feel good about this. I realize she doesn't make the final decisions but she lines up the choices for them and every single hire this year is someone I detest. Thank you for letting me vent, DAYSies!!!! I... Continue Reading


Re: Y&R spoiler - Austin faked his death

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Hi, Hooty! I have been watching after a very long absence but I'm loving it and ready to jump in. That's good news. I'm enjoying the storyline even though I liked Courtney. And watching Justin Hartley as Adam, which is why I came back, is a joy. I remember his very first day on Passions, he commanded the screen. I watched Smallville when he joined the cast and even in tights he was fierce. And I'm loving his performance now. The difference between DAYS and Y&R is like the difference between an old mule and a BMW, LOL. Psyched to have another place to post with you :) Continue Reading


Re: Mellow Place~

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On 4/16/2015 lifeisgood said: That's intense Lori...I never knew that, it's no wonder you had such a strong desire to help someone else. _____________ It's so wonderful to see you posting pic's...now I can see your world through your eyes. It's a beautiful thing! Well, also because I could see right away she is a wonderful person who does not play games. :) Thank you for saying that about seeing the world through my eyes. I never even thought of that, and I just posted on Springtime two pics of my favorite place in the world. And now I am literally shutting this computer until tomor... Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Cafe............a great place to welcome Spring!

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And now I am kicking myself off this computer! I could stay with you lovelies all day and night, LOL! Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Cafe............a great place to welcome Spring!

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Tissy, this picture of the flowers was taken at Tuolomne Meadows in Yosemite, a place that (as Tucka knows, and shares) is very very dear to my heart. Hope to hear from anyone else who has been there and fallen in love with its breathtaking beauty. I am so glad you've made it to this forum. I did know about your nic being a portmanteaux of your cats' names; in fact, if you notice my original post to you was to "TissyAnnie." Only after did I notice your nic has changed. You must have told us a very long time ago on the philosophy forum. Will your son be there permanently? I know you hav... Continue Reading

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