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Re: danky

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Suzie, great to see you!!!! Looking forward to your longer post. Mom's cataract surgery went great. The only thing is she had bigtime hallucinations from the twilight anesthesia. She's going to be 87 and it was her very first surgery of her life so this is something that could always be an issue. I am hoping with the second eye, next month, she doesn't hallucinate. If she does, it lets me know she has anesthesia psychosis and will not be a good candidate should she need longer surgery. I don't mind the drops. This doctor doesn't give nearly as many as some others. I've done drops for... Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- December 2014

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OT: Jud, same to you and your family, a very Merry Christmas and a terrific New Year. And please give my best to Snow and OT, wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year. I miss you all! I hope you and I, we do meet here and also there, both :) Continue Reading


Re: Bill Cosby's profession

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On 12/18/2014 feline groovy said: If you're really interested, in RL he's a PhD. He holds a Doctorate in Education from UMass at Amherst. If you're going to give me a thumbs-down for answering the OP's question you ought to at least know your facts. The OP did NOT ask about "RL", she asked about Bill Cosby's profession on The Cosby Show. And he does NOT have a Ph.D. He has an Ed.D. It is a degree that is significantly less difficult than a Ph.D. And he wrote his (undoubtedly game-changing) thesis on "Fat Albert." Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Hi, all! Got some good news today. I thought my cancer had come back but that's not it at all, it's something simple, stupid even, and I'm so relieved. Mom's having her first cataract done tomorrow morning. She's a mess because although she's going to be 87 she's never had surgery. She's remarkably healthy. So was her mother, who lived to 98 and never took a pill; she died from complications from a fall. I've been reading a lot, enjoying the lack of humidity. Now that I know the pain is not from something serious I'm going to start walking because if I don't walk in this weather I never ... Continue Reading


Re: Bill Cosby's profession

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Bill Cosby's profession on "The Cosby Show" was an actor. Cliff Huxtable's profession was a doctor. And I agree with the above posters, what's the point? Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Carolina, thank you for the detailed description. My mouth is watering! If you ever swing through South Florida (and I can't recommend it, actually) will you promise to bring me a giant pot of it? Mmmmmmm. Continue Reading


Re: Time for our Favorite Books of 2014

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Bumping hoping more people post here. I love learning what everyone liked best, and I have in the past gotten great ideas from this thread. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Tucka, so glad to hear you're fine and your surroundings as well. SuzieQ, hi hi hi! Great that you're all packed up, have you decided where you're moving to yet? Carolina, forgive me if you've said this already but what is a low country boil exactly? i think it's similar to a New England Clambake but not the same. sounds yummy, so please do describe in mouthwatering terms so I can eat it with my eyes LOL. Suze, Jud has left us for good I think. I saw her on the Book Forum recently but she's not been back to this thread. IAm is taking a little break, posting only on the private forum. Do... Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Tucka, you okay? I don't even have time to read...but I will in the morning and I hope to read that your house and those of your loved ones, friends and neighbors were spared. Suze, I see your name, yay! See you in the a.m. over my coffee. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- December 2014

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I finished Snobs by Julian Fellowes (writer of Downton). It was a quick read, almost as though he's sitting next to you by the fireplace telling you the story which is about social climbing in British society, of which he is of course a keen observer. It was written before he did Downton. I recommend it. Now I'm reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, a light little book for the holiday season (kidding). It's an acclaimed book about the last woman executed for murder in Iceland. Doesn't sound like a topic most anyone would want to read about, right? But she makes it fascinating. She's a l... Continue Reading

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