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Re: What Are You Reading --- March 2015

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On 3/28/2015 Linders Back said: finished the second Jason Brodie mystery by Kate Atkinson. Started slower than her other books but picked up speed at the end. Started The Sea House by Elizabeth Gilbert. Started last night on a flight home and am almost 200 pages into it today. Very fast moving story perfect for curling up on the couch on a miserable winter day. Modern day young couple buys an old house in the Outer Hebrides to convert it to a B&B, but what they find buried in the cellar leads to a 100 year old mystery involving Scottish lore of: Mermaids and Selkies (Seal people); a newly... Continue Reading


Re: I would like similar authors for Miss Read and Jan Karon

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I don't know who Miss Read is but I have read Mitford books. You would probably really like the Miss Julia series by Ann Ross. Continue Reading


Re: ~ Easter means forgiveness ~

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What a beautiful post. I don't post with you often dooBdoo but whenever I see your nic I get a good feeling. You know how that is, seeing a nic and getting an instant feeling? I always get a very good feeling from yours, meaning somewhere along the line we've crossed paths and I've been impressed. I wish QVC could pin this post to the top of every single forum, it's so wise and well put and wonderful. Continue Reading


Re: Would someone please let me know how to take myself off the forums

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My pleasure, LifeisGood. Love your new nic. Tucka, I hope you know who she is now, can read through my hints. If not I'll come up with new hints. Amen to peaceful threads. It is very very good to see you here. How is life in your corner of the world? Spring must be an explosion there. What's the largest wildlife you've ever had on your property? Do you moles or shrews? I find them so adorable. When I was in Yosemite I saw a mountain lion at the Awahnee Meadow, was scared out of my mind but with my friend who was a ranger and interpreter and she kept me calm. Also saw a bear wit... Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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And in other news they just cast a young heart throb to play Joey Johnson. Good move! (He's a lot older than the Joey that sat for the Christmas story, was it last year or this year?) He's a teen. Patch, Kayla, Joey -- they are going back to the show's roots, Hortons and Bradys and okay, Johnsons, Blacks and Kiriakii. Because a newb hired whose name is "Xander" many think is Sonny's brother Alexander. But no new Jonases or Hernandi (as people on some web sites refer to Rafe's relatives, LOL). Some think it's all a master plan to have the 50th be awesome and then cancel the show but I d... Continue Reading


Re: Boy Am I Glad I'm Over Here In the TV Section......

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Hahahaahahaha, Hooty, thanks for the reality check. BTW not everybody found her out, but most thankfully most saw right through her. I have to look for your posts on Y&R. Since Justin Hartley joined the cast I have been watching. I have not watched in many years, since I worked at a CBS station and there were tv's in all of our offices. Seems like another lifetime ago, LOL. I remember Justin Hartley from his first day on Passions and he stole my heart. Then Smallville. He was on Revenge and Mistresses but I've never seen them and didn't want to so I was THRILLED when they hired him t... Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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Waaaaa Waaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Just read that ED is only back for ten episodes which she taped in a few days. She says in an interview posted through Daytime Confidential she was disappointed that's all they used her for. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- March 2015

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On 3/24/2015 Rus Girl said: I am just about done with Erik Larson's Dead Wake. It is excellent!! Much better than the one about the German Ambassador or whatever he was. I got stuck in an airport for 6 hours and had a 4 hour flight and read American Dervish and most of Dead Wake. ETA: I was closer to the end than I thought in Dead Wake. I finished it at work on my lunch hour. Highly recommend! Just noticed this. What were your thoughts about "American Dervish", if you don't mind me asking? (I loved it.) Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 03/23/2015

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I put that on Daniel. The days of soaps having medical advisors ended a long time ago and the internet lets the writers learn what they need to know. Soaps originally were the source of a lot of new information for viewers, not they are not. So SC plays a doctor and gets the script a week before or whenever he chooses to read it, and he's too lazy to google a medical word, that's my opinion. I think he thinks he knows everything or he would have googled it. Well, he doesn't know everything,, not by a lot -- apparently he doesn't know anyone close to him who has had an enDOScopy Continue Reading


Re: Boy Am I Glad I'm Over Here In the TV Section......

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Annabelle, don't know if you saw it but I replied to your post on the "DWT tonight = GMA ad showing Lisa Robertson for tomorrow's show" It's a horrible thing. If this is true I am so sorry Lisa R. had to give up a wonderful career because she is so scared and in danger. I agree with you this forum is mostly terrific. Skirmishes break out at times and on occasion there are trolls -- Do you remember the one who spoiled an entire season of Downton Abbey, going from thread to thread to make sure everyone would read her spoilers by clicking on threads that supposedly weren't about Downton? We ge... Continue Reading

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