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Kelly Osborne has quit The Fashion Police

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Allegedly her final straw was Giuliana's racist remark. But I read she's been unhappy with the direction of the show since Joan passed. We know she was very, very close with Joan (even allowing the purple hair to be written in her contract). Maybe not so much with Melissa?, who produces the show. I bet she was also upset that George was fired and replaced with Brad Goretsky. I know I was. I was never going to watch Kathy Griffin -- but IMO Giuliana has always been the weakest part of the show. Continue Reading


Re: There is only one "Odd Couple" Randall and Klugman

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On 2/27/2015 Danky said: JAVA--- you have come a long way in a short time. I continue to admire your passion and your commitment to finding your truth. ETA----- I cannot comment on The Odd Couple. I watch virtually no television (2 or 3 shows ) and haven't even heard of most of what is discussed here. Danks, with all due respect and affection, please may I ask you to look at it from another side. As you only watch two or three shows (how lucky we are one is BB) maybe you don't have much experience with forums either? I think you see this as about censorship, and I see it differently and so... Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- February 2015

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PTB on "The House of Velvet and Glass" by Katherine Howe. The book is made of words, and that's the best thing I can say about it. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Carolina, I like that too, I think Tucka called this that a while ago. But now that our Danks is back -- what an awesome coincidence! -- there's no need to start over at all, so I cancelled the moving van. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 02/23

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Hi, DAYSies. Our conversation chit chat thread named Danky is open again for business and I want to invite everyone here, if you wish, to come on over there and just shoot the breeze. The thread began life as posting about Big Brother but branched out long ago and you are all very welcome. As for our show, I tried to watch the second half hour yesterday and only made it through five minutes. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Hooty, I hope you think of this as your group too :) Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- February 2015

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I finished "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" by Mohsin Hamed. It's a profoundly disturbing book wherein the narrator describes his life as a Pakistani immigrant, attending Princeton, being recruited by a top business firm in Manhattan, in love with a wealthy white woman -- and how everything changes for him after 9/11. It's not long and the narration makes it go very quickly and it really, really makes you think. There's a movie but as with so many books I can't imagine it being made into a film. Now I'm reading Katherine Howe's "The House of Velvet and Glass." It starts with members of the ... Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Wowee! I see Danky is back! Welcome back, Danky! Continue Reading


Re: danky

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AND one of the better things in life is to fail and not beat yourself up over it. Naming the thread after Tucka: Fail. But my intentions were good and she knows that. SO LOOKS LIKE WE'RE STICKING AROUND HERE. Unless anyone but me wants to start yet another new thread named after anyone but Tucka, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Tucka

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Deal. Can't kill the thread now but I hope for your sake it fades away. I didn't mean to single you out I meant to honor you and as long as you know that, mission accomplished. See you on that other thread. Or if someone wants to start a third one with a different name hahahaha... Continue Reading

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