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Re: Face Off Finale

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I think Dina is the most talent winner since season one's Connor, who has been Ve Neill's right hand on The Hunger Games movies. I love how her bakery experience plays into her character creations, the piping and things. That starfish was breathtaking. I read that next season there will be teams and the returning winners will be their coaches. I have not enjoyed this twist on other shows (like Big Brother) and I do not like it on Face Off. I would rather just watch individuals compete and give it their all. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 27th - November 2nd

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On 10/31/2014 MamaWick said: I am thinking I may skip today's episode in sort of a mini protest. Unless you have a Nielsen box (in which case you're the luckiest person in Amercia) or diaries that protest thing is useless. Only Nielsen homes are counted. They don't know what you're watching and since you don't count they don't really care. works differently. Everyone who watches a full episode the next day is counted and those figures are used to sell the ads there. But you have to watch the next day or once again, you don't count. Today is the start of sweeps (10/30-11/26). N... Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 27th - November 2nd

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On 10/30/2014 gardensla said: I know that Sonny stayed behind and Will took the kid and left with Sami. My question's about his absence. How long will he be gone? Not long enough? Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Shama, happy to oblige. I love this too. I'm afraid of spiders and if that happened to me I would die on the spot but it's fun watching other people freak out. That dog! That costume! Happy Halloween all! Mutant Giant Spider Dog Danky: (thoughts) As I write I've got a Twix and a Kit Kat bar (king-size, both) waiting for me. Ate the Reese's at once -- well, twice, LOL, because I got two. But I'm saving the other two for tomorrow because we have that party at the Italian restaurant in Boca Pink Fink -- I mean Boca Raton -- and it's family style (a fancy restaurant and family style don't go toge... Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 27th - November 2nd

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If Brady handled this without drugs, like an adult, and we saw him effectively working again at Basic Black (or is it Titan?) that would be something I'd want to watch. The descent into yet another period of him using would be such a bore. So Mama, are you out? I've said it a few times and went back on it. Wouldn't it be a nice trick and a treat if we got a shot of EJ tomorrow? Hooked up like Dr. Frankenstein's Creature. But they aren't that clever. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 27th - November 2nd

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Horrible exit. As if they played 52 pickup with the possibilities and the worst was drawn. Anybody who watches could have done it better. What is wrong with them. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 27th - November 2nd

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Yay, Brady's brain has switched back on! Eric Martsolf is killing it so far. Give the man his second Emmy. Gardensia, there is a not a second of time when I don't want to reach through the screen and remove nuWill from it entirely. If they had a shorter tape-to-air time he would be gone. One of the most important unique things in soaps is recasts work or they don't and when they don't they're gone (remember the three Ariannas?). If they didn't have a crazy taping schedule nuWill would be gone. I can picture that guy cleaning offices at night. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Tucka, yay! So glad for you! I had a friend up north who lived in the burbs and she always had a pumpkin carving party for her friends. She made the most delicious pumpkin soup from the pumpkin. (Now I'm thinking of the Simpsons Halloween special I saw the other day, the one where they spoof Peanuts, where the "Grand Pumpkin" finds out from Millhouse people eat pumpkin and goes ballistic on Springfield, haha). I can taste that pumpkin soup right now. Spicy, buttery, so warmly satisfying on a chilly night. Mmmmmm. Suze, you will get a kick out of this: I've been talking to someone on ... Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Danky, what a wonderful thing for the grands to do In a way having helped so many others this is familiar territory for you and in another way it's an alien planet. My heart to yours, am so glad Alex is getting the sendoff every human deserves and many don't get. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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I hope it brings you comfort in the days and years ahead that he was lucid and able to articulate his wishes and needs, able to let you give him exactly what he wants. We're here. :no more words: Continue Reading

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