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Re: Calling Jersey Born or Penelope

In Judith Ripka 1418930016.933

The bracelet and cuff look best when the charm on the bracelet is on the top of your wrist. It just brings everything together, and those lovely gems on the charm deserve to be seen. The old 36" necklace also came in two other color ways that I remember: golden pearls with silver end caps, silver oval link chain, and citrine/silver stations, and green pearls with silver end caps and silver oval link chain, with peridot/silver stations. I like wearing the long pearl and amy chain long so it frames the amy titanic necklace as the links of the chains are similar in design (but different in scal... Continue Reading


Re: Calling Jersey Born or Penelope

In Judith Ripka 1418913942.277

Good morning, Kiwi! I received the purple pearl bracelet last night, but didn't get a chance to try it on, or examine it closely, until just now. The bracelet I received has pearls that are a very nice shade of grey/blue/violet, that is more understated than the pearls in the online Q picture. The amethysts are tiny, but saturated, and so is the blue topaz at the bottom. The silver on the drop appears shinier than other pieces at first glance, but when stacked with the oval amy cuff (J293703), the silver color doesn't appear any different. What a combination that is, by the way! I purchased t... Continue Reading


Re: H204354 Jeweled Jewelry Cubes

In Judith Ripka 1418849436.52

Good evening, Happy Lady. I just received these lovely little boxes in diamond and emerald, and I couldn't wait to place them where I wanted them to be. The green one is at my bedside, and the clear one is in my kitchen. They are very pretty-- even prettier than I expected. It is nice to have a place to put my rings for a few moments when I do chores and when I cook. These boxes will provide a needed safe haven for my doublet rings, and other Ripka items. Hope you enjoy yours, too! Happy holidays. Continue Reading


Re: Scott Kay Jewelry Designs coming to QVC on February 1st

In Jewelry Talk 1418750115.007

How very sad for his family, for all his friends, and for fans of his line of jewelry, too. It is quite a shock when someone dies so young. I wish his family the best. Continue Reading


Re: Calling Jersey Born or Penelope

In Judith Ripka 1418696534.877

Hi, Kiwi. I still haven't received mine yet. I hope I receive it tomorrow. We shall see. Continue Reading


Re: Croco Christmas

In Jewelry Talk 1418441438.743

Good evening, TrailBlazer. I just saw your message. I am not a Facebook person, but Scott Grimes has a page that can be accessed by a single click when you go to Jai Jewelry's Q page and then look to the lower left side of that Q webpage. Many Jai design pictures are posted there. Continue Reading


Re: Croco Christmas

In Jewelry Talk 1418406693.893

Oh, crud. I went to the Facebook page and saw the picture of the croco cuff from different angles and the Q picture does not do it any justice at all. I had to order it. I also loved the pictures of the leather croco bracelets. They are stunning, also. I have to say this is a very well constructed line of jewelry from John Hardy, and I am a Naga collector. Continue Reading


Re: Croco Christmas

In Jewelry Talk 1418401490.4

Dear Mr. Grimes, did you really have to refer to the new croco cuff as "the amazing fully pave'd white topaz cuff"? I don't think I will be able to keep myself from purchasing it now. LOL. On another note, it was very thoughtful of you to respond to the others regarding the security of the magnetic clasp on the leather croco bracelet. Continue Reading


Re: Calling Jersey Born or Penelope

In Judith Ripka 1418391595.57

Good morning, Kiwi. I have not yet received the purple pearl bracelet. It is taking a very long time to get to me. I don't have that very beautiful rolling status link bracelet, but I would bet the pave drop is the same size as the drop on the amy and mop heart bracelet drop from a long time ago. As soon as I receive the new pearl bracelet, I will be sure to answer all of your questions. Continue Reading


Re: 8PM Show - Who's here?

In Judith Ripka 1418349369.883

Yay! Thanks, Kaplan. I have been working on too many projects. Continue Reading

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