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Re: AAA membership, looking for experience and opinions

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Mominohio, I can sum up my feelings for AAA with the following sentence: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AAA!!!!!!! That said, AAA has been phenomenal in my personal experience. Great, timely, expert service every single time, and I have actually gotten my money's worth out of them though the years. If your kids leave the lights on in your car, they come out to you to help jumpstart your car with a smile-- no problem. If you get a flat tire, they come out to help you put on a donut tire with a smile-- no problem. AAA even does emergency battery replacement, which came in handy for my fam... Continue Reading


Re: Finally a Message From ME2ME

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Me2Me, thank you for sharing such a heartfelt, kind post with us. We all need to be very aware of what is going on with our bodies as we age. I am so glad that you are finally getting the proper help you need. It all starts with a proper diagnosis, but in your case it is multiple diagnoses. I am sorry you are going through so many things at once. I want to recommend a book for you called The China Study. This book is one of the reasons that former President Bill Clinton became a vegetarian. It is about how a primarily vegan diet can shrink cancer tumors in laboratory animals, and how ... Continue Reading


Re: Best natural treatment for a sore throat

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Two 8 oz. glasses of coconut milk (So Delicious brand, as that is the only brand I know of) works for me every time. I also like soothing Ricola cough drops. Continue Reading


Re: anyone here for the 5 p.m. show?

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Hi, Sheesh. It sure is a golden oldie. I have that setting with a black spinel and rock crystal quartz, when she redid the ring with those two stones. It looks wonderful in green, even if the stone is synthetic. Stunning. Continue Reading



In Health & Fitness 1415384604.113

Amen, Goldenretriever, ITA with you. I don't find it funny at all that the OP ended up in the ER with a rapid heartbeat. Nana's post sure didn't make me laugh. Everyone else is wrong and mistaken about their own, personal, physical reaction to a flu shot? That's quite the statement. Continue Reading



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I am sorry that you had such a swift and bad reaction. What you experienced has happened to others. You are not alone. Here's something from Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS news reporter: http://sharylattkisson.com/govt-researchers-flu-shots-not-effective-in-elderly-after-all You are very lucky you recovered from your reaction. Some people don't. Here is a package insert for one of the high dose flu shots to read. I am not sure if this particular vaccine is the one you received, however. I wish you the best, and hope you feel 100% better very soon. All of us are different. Some of us... Continue Reading


Re: Paging BGDC

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Anisha, that is one extraordinarily beautiful Ripka grouping. The lustrous pearl necklace paired with the blue topaz sparkly heart, with those stunning earrings with both elements. Wowza! Glad you are feeling better, too. Continue Reading


Re: Spinal Surgery Hardware Scam

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Hi, John. How funny you mentioned GM. I was just about to test drive one of their vehicles when the scandal broke. Guess it wasn't meant to be. That the executives at GM didn't care at all that people were dying from faulty ignition switches made me feel ill. ITA with you, Reba, and on a much happier note, I wish you a very good night. (You, too, John.) Continue Reading


Re: What to wear with aqua Dooney?

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Black, grey, and winter white come immediately to mind. But brown and camel would be great, too. Continue Reading


Re: Spinal Surgery Hardware Scam

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Thank you, Nightowlz. I feel as you do. When a person causes such harm to others, it eventually catches up with them. Continue Reading

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