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Re: 5PM Show - Anyone here?

In Judith Ripka 1432417487.54

Yes, Faberge, that's the one. All I could make out from a distance was the white at the bottom. It was the pearl drop that I saw. Continue Reading


Re: 5PM Show - Anyone here?

In Judith Ripka 1432417116.49

Oooooh, it's the seahorse pin. Very, very pretty. Continue Reading


Re: 5PM Show - Anyone here?

In Judith Ripka 1432416960.35

Yes, Barbara Bixby, definitely brought a mermaid. I wish they had put up a video of the fish, crab and bird pins that Judith showed earlier, and that I missed. Why doesn't the Q post all the videos any longer. I keep forgetting to tape the shows, and I would really like to see what certain items, that are shown on air, look like upon presentation. Continue Reading


Re: 5PM Show - Anyone here?

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On 5/23/2015 kaplan206 said: Hey, JB! How are you? I didn't notice a pin. Could it be the new mermaid? What new mermaid??? Continue Reading


Re: 5PM Show - Anyone here?

In Judith Ripka 1432416213.1

Oh, and did I forget to mention how frustrating it is that I cannot watch online, and type this to you at the same time? I can get the audio, but not the visual. I don't consider that an improvement. I have to go now and flip back to the page with the video now. Continue Reading


Re: 5PM Show - Anyone here?

In Judith Ripka 1432416037.803

Hi, Kappy. I am here. I did not order the OTO as I am interested in other items. Which pin is on Judith's shoulder? Is it the fish? Continue Reading


Re: Paging Jersey Born....

In Judith Ripka 1432061453

Hi, Anisha. I actually tried to put an enhancer on it. It was a very tight fit, and then I had trouble getting the enhancer figure eight doohickie to open and come off of the clasp. I was cursing myself for trying to put the enhancer around the clasp. Thankfully, I was able to finagle the enhancer off of the necklace. I won't be trying that again. So, in answer to your question, I do not think this necklace is meant to be worn with an enhancer. (I still love the necklace, and I am wearing it right now. Love the color pop of the beads.) Continue Reading


Re: New Arrivals

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I recently purchased the 12mm green chalcedony bead necklace in the 18" length. I really like it, but the clasp needs to be worn on the side, so the weight of the beads won't make the clasp flip, but I think the necklace looks even better with the clasp to the side. It fits more like a 17" necklace, due to the size of the beads, but it works really well with my wardrobe. I am drawn very strongly to that new MOP crab enhancer, which is a substantial size, but I am holding out at the moment. Continue Reading


Re: Flu going around?

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I wanted to share some well known supplements that help with influenza and influenza-like-illness (ILI): Coconut oil, green tea, astragalus, holy basil extract, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, vitamin C, vitamin D, sambucus (elderberry extract). Fluids and rest are very important, too. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2957173/ Hope you all feel much better soon. I think Influenza B is going around right now, which some of you may or may not have. Continue Reading


Re: Is your doctor part of an ACO (Accountable Care Organization)?

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Loved your post, Still Raining. Health insurance coverage shouldn't even be a political issue, but it sure has become one. Those without medical insurance can go to any emergency room for care. They are not turned away due to a lack of insurance. Blasting doctors for getting paid a respectable salary for assuming the exorbitant annual cost of malpractice insurance, and paying back hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical school loans, too, shows a lack of respect for those in the medical profession, many of whom work well over a normal 40 hour work week, and who have additional on-cal... Continue Reading

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