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Re: um, where's the 8:00 JR show???

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Good question. The program guide now shows the next show from 10 PM- 12 midnight, however, when you check the times under the Ripka page, there is no show again until 8/30. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers

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I hope there is some good news soon. : ) Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers

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Thanks, Tennpal and Sharke. I only frequent a few forums here, and I found it odd that there wasn't one under the jewelry forum, so I started one here, too. I first saw Joan perform at the Nanuet Theater-Go-Round when she opened for singer Glen Campbell, many, many years ago. She was so funny. She was as sharp as a tack back then, and she still is. Continue Reading


Joan Rivers

Last Reply by MJ FAN 4 EVER 1409273157.76 | Started by Jersey Born in Jewelry Talk

I just read this online and I hope it is not true. Joan Rivers was rushed to the hospital. As so many love her and her jewelry at QVC, I thought you might want to include Joan in your prayers if you are so inclined. Here is a link to the article. I wish her the absolute best. Continue Reading


Re: Ambrosia bracelet

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That's quite a stunner, Kiwi. Thank you for your post. I like that it has all genuine stones except for the minimal diamonique. Continue Reading


Re: Judith's Chrono watch....which color???

In Judith Ripka 1409013597.883

MIL, I am going to throw you a bone on this one, and know that I have this one in the silver, gold and rose, which are all perfect metallic neutrals, which made it very hard to decide on just one. The answer to your question is so much more obvious than you think. Let the answer to the following question serve as your guide: Do you tend to wear bright electric pinks and purples and reds and greens, and a lot of black in your clothing wardrobe, or do you tend to wear more yellows, oranges, browns and khakis? Well, what is your answer? LOL. Inquiring minds would like to know. If you wear ... Continue Reading


Re: pregnant women should limit eating fish

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On 8/23/2014 Mama2KBR said: The mercury thing for pregnant women is old news. However, spreading misinformation about such things as vaccines is not only old news as well, but ridiculous. Try doing some research (and not from the anti-vaccine brigade websites) and you'll discover how incorrect many of those comments truly are. You think mercury in vaccines is safe? Please cite one single mercury or thimerosal safety study. Just one. I look forward to reading it. In the meantime, here is a link to the definitive Burbacher monkey brain study showing how dangerous the ethylmercury in vaccine... Continue Reading


Re: pregnant women should limit eating fish

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I am not sure what happened to my prior post, but I tried to agree with Q2girl. This is old news, that is being brought up once again to help young women who haven't heard about this before. What confounds me is that all pregnant women are being told they must get influenza vaccines while pregnant. How is it okay to advise women not to eat mercury, but it is okay to inject it? All mercury, in any form (ethyl or methyl), down to the nanomolecular level, is bad for a growing fetus, and for every person, too. Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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On 8/22/2014 esmeraldagooch said: Jerseyborn, The prices of pearls really went up this year. To get the Tahitian strands at such a discount is amazing. Many ladies are posting their strands on Pearl guide, price scope and other forums. They are really pretty. I hope you get your dream strand if you want it. Thanks, Esmeraldagooch. A purchase of that magnitude is not in my cards presently, and yes, I have very good taste, LOL, but perhaps one day it will be. Hope you find something wonderful for yourself at The Connoisseurs Sale this year, and P.S. that necklace with the colorshift drop pe... Continue Reading


Re: Ripka Orlando Boutique/Outlet closing

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I am not happy that these outlets are closing down, either. They had some lovely and very helpful sales associates working there, whom I will miss. I wish them the best. I will also miss the tremendous sale items they offered. P.S. Hi, MuseStruck! I miss you, too! Continue Reading

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