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Re: I Can't Shake This Fatigue

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Good morning, Mindy D. While only a doctor can run the tests that might reveal what is causing your exhaustion and lack of energy, which could be due to numerous different causes like a thyroid condition, Epstein Barr, diabetes, etc., you should take a hard, critical look at your diet, too. Are you eating a lot of carbohydrates like sugary donuts, cakes, cereal, pasta, bagels and other breads? If so, those food items can cause your sugar to spike and crash, which can cause extreme tiredness in some. I wish you the best in finding out the root cause of your fatigue. Continue Reading


Re: Psoraisis

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Some people think the spice turmeric helps them with their psoriasis: http://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-benefits/turmeric-for-psoriasis People take turmeric in pill form or use it as a spice, or both, to help MS remain in remission as well. It is a well known anti-inflammatory compound. Continue Reading


Re: The Importance of a Proper Diet

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It is wonderful that your nephew is pursuing this path, Sidsmom. I wish him the best. I agree that sometimes we need other types of medical assistance that are not remedied by food: http://news.yahoo.com/katie-couric-bionic-pancreas-104752872.html;_ylt=A0LEVwxj7RlUdbcA7AhXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzYnZ0NXVnBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1NXSU1DMF8x Sometimes, necessity is the mother of invention, even medical invention. I hope this product is successful and helps millions of children and adults. Continue Reading


Re: The Importance of a Proper Diet

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Sidsmom, thank you so much for your post about the FARMACY project. I have to say that I am kind of jaded, and not much seems to shock me these days, but that video did did shock me. I even sent it to someone, and will send it to others as well. I have been aware that in medical school textbooks, the Hippocratic Oath was reworded to remove the part about food being medicine. I think that was a very big mistake. The Modern version of the Oath removed all reference to the importance of diet, found in the Classical version of the Oath. Clearly, food is medicine. Vitamins, minerals, fats, ... Continue Reading


Re: Psoraisis

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I don't have any personal experience with this disease, but I once knew a woman who did, and she had a very severe case of it, which made me curious about the disease. I just recently saw a TV show called The Incurables on Veria TV, and they did an episode on how diet can actually substantially change the course of the disease. A registered dietician named Diedre Earls was in the episode, and she had a severe case of psoriasis for a good many years of her life-- until she explored the impact diet could have on her condition. I think it is very worth watching, and perhaps it might help your ... Continue Reading


Re: The Importance of a Proper Diet

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That is some visual, Sidsmom. I am still trying to wrap my head around the high caloric values for oils and nuts. I know our brains need unsaturated oils to function properly, but I need to determine just how much oil/nuts/nut butter to consume in a single day. Continue Reading


Re: The Importance of a Proper Diet

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Well, I had another successful day yesterday, but I clearly need some help finding a way to plan my vegan meals. Last night I was so hungry, and I ended up eating two baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. The funny thing was that I made myself two baked potatoes, because everyone else ate chicken, baked potatoes and broccoli, and I thought I would need something extra in place of the chicken breast. I drank green tea with my meal and after eating the potatoes, I was so stuffed, I actually felt uncomfortable. A potato is a lot more filling than I ever gave it credit for being. I need to check o... Continue Reading


Re: The Importance of a Proper Diet

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Sidsmom and Go Pokes!, it is always more expensive buying healthy, unprocessed food instead of processed food, but considering what it costs to end up in the hospital, and have any kind of extended stay there, eating right still calculates out to be way more cost effective. I try to buy as much organic produce as I can, after having read Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson. What a damning book regarding pesticide use that was! I definitely want to make that mushroom chili in the link you provided. It sounds positively wonderful. And thank you for all the additional links. Continue Reading


Re: The Importance of a Proper Diet

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Good evening, Go Pokes!, I am aware of the work of McDougall and of Esselstyn, but not truly familiar with it. I am sure I will need to do some reading on how to do this properly, so thank you for the recommendation. Thanks for the website, Sidsmom. I will definitely check it out. Thank you for sharing your experience, too. I know it won't be easy. I am truly looking forward to all of the health benefits, however, so that makes it sort of like a fun science experiment, in addition to being a lifestyle change. I had been in a bit of a food rut, and I was getting kind of bored, actually... Continue Reading


Re: The Importance of a Proper Diet

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How wonderful to come back from a shopping expedition (for food) and find such great responses. Thank you! John, you are right. This is a lifestyle change, not something to try. I have a cousin who has lived this lifestyle for many years now, and I know I have someone to call for any support I might need. I am so glad you have been successful with your diet changes. Kjohnson, I know you are right about the need to add the exercise into the mix. As soon as my toe problem (a fracture) goes away, I am going to begin to integrate exercise into my life as well. Skylands, it is a radical chang... Continue Reading

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