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Re: Some new JR treasures - Pictures speak for themselves.....

In Judith Ripka 1424643523.977

Gorgeous items, Anisha. Wear them and enjoy them to the fullest. Continue Reading


Re: Measles making a comeback?

In Health & Fitness 1424366633.697

Not to worry, all of you who feel forced vaccinations are necessary to protect the public health. Forced MMR vaccines, forced flu shots, forced every single CDC recommended shot in existence, with many more mandates for hundreds of vaccines currently in development are coming your way. Informed medical consent rights, for adults and children are going to go "bye-bye" unless you care to stop it from happening. This is not a joke. Here is the new National Adult Immunization Plan from our HHS in the USA: http://www.hhs.gov/nvpo/national_adult_immunization_plan_final.pdf Pregnant women (see p... Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1424211780.233

Brilliant, BGDC! I loved point #2, especially. I know that Indy would have appreciated that one, too. (RIP, Indy, you are still very much missed here.) Continue Reading


Re: Sometimes I feel like a puppet with broken strings!

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Ford, I hope you feel much better soon. I cannot imagine how strange a dislocated rib must feel like. Glad you were able to move it back into place. Continue Reading


Re: ••• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: New Name & New Diagnostic Criteria Proposed •••

In Health & Fitness 1424044440.43

There is a book about CFS that I am planning to read, because it sounds fascinating: http://www.amazon.com/Plague-Scientist%C2%92s-Intrepid-Retroviruses-Syndrome/dp/1626365652/ref=lh_ni_t?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER All the best to those who suffer from this debilitating disorder. Continue Reading


Re: Cold Sore Remedies?

In Health & Fitness 1423949434.587

Coconut oil!!!!! Get a small jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, use a Q-tip to gently apply the semi-solid oil, and voila! The lauric and caprylic acid in coconut fight against that particular virus. I know someone who has tried this, and claimed it worked. Keep reapplying the oil several times a day. Please report back to let everyone know how it worked for you. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=10514348 Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Measles making a comeback?

In Health & Fitness 1423929684.227

On 2/14/2015 stray770 said: There is so much misinformation about vaccines out there...bottom line if you think probiotics, vitamins will help you, you are entitled to your misguided beliefs but keep your kid home in a bubble....he/she doesn't belong in school; I wish such children could be banned from entertainment venues as well but it doesn't work that way. It was the law to exclude children from school if not properly vaccinated until people like Jenny McCarthy and her followers decided they had the right not to vaccinate their children. Well, the majority of well balanced parents have th... Continue Reading


Re: Measles making a comeback?

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On 2/13/2015 AnotherView2 said: Per Snopes.com, the whistleblower story mentioned in Jersey Born's post #141 is FALSE! : http://www.snopes.com/medical/disease/cdcwhistleblower.asp You believe what you read at Snopes, which isn't exactly an independent source? I don't. I won't even go to the Snopes website as I have no faith in the information it contains. I don't ever look to a single source for my information. Does Snopes say the False Claims Act lawsuit against Merck for their MMR vaccine fraud is false, too? I am sure I can find the actual Merck False Claims Act lawsuit somewhere and post... Continue Reading


Re: Measles making a comeback?

In Health & Fitness 1423661378.81

Well, in the interest in adding balance to this discussion, what does anyone have to say about the two Merck virologist whistleblowers and their False Claims Act suit (i.e. involving federal charges of fraud) against their former employer that the US District judge refused to dismiss? These virologists worked directly on the MMR vaccine, itself, and were told to spike the vaccine with rabbit antibodies to artificially inflate the efficacy rate of the mumps component of the vaccine, resulting in the intentional falsification of the efficacy rate of the vaccine to federal authorities at both th... Continue Reading


Re: Jai John Hardy Elephants

In Jewelry Talk 1422800794.163

Dumac, it is wonderful that you support animal causes. I have many friends who give similarly. One of the causes that I support helps feed the people who live in my county. There is a place for all of us who give to charities that are dear to us, and way too many causes for us to give to all of them, sadly. I like to think that any money I spend on handmade Indonesian (or Peruvian jewelry) purchases provides some financial support to artisans who have silver working talents, as I want to help provide them with the means to pass those skills down to the next generation of artisans. I look ... Continue Reading

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