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Re: Costco Pre Cooked Turkey Breast

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Is it the Kirkland brand? If it is it has instructions on it. We cook 2 of these every year for Thanksgiving and we LOVE them! They are moist and delicious and have no waste. They are great for leftovers. They have to be heated before eating. It says to add 1/4 cup of water, cover and heat in the oven. I don't remember the time or the temperature. Check again for the instructions and if you can't find them, let me know. HTH! Continue Reading


Re: Robert Lee Morris

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He's been gone for a long time. He has a line of costume/fashion jewelry at Macy's. Continue Reading


Re: Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey

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I believe that the turkey breasts that are/were sold on QVC were Jennie-O. While they were delicious, they were VERY salty. Continue Reading


Re: Ulta alert

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On 11/21/2014 suzyQ3 said: The coupon that is on their homepage is for $3.50 for a purchase of $10 or more. There IS a $5 off $10 coupon on the e-mail. The code is 201197. HTH! Continue Reading


Re: Sephora VIB - what are the real advantages?

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I now almost exclusively shop at Ulta. There are LOTS of sales, coupons, discounts and incentives. I am a Platinum member so I get extra discounts, unrestricted coupons, extra points, etc. Also, when I accrue points I get money off future orders instead of the gifts from Sephora that I never liked anyway. Often they have free shipping on $25. Ulta also sells drugstore brands. I stock up when they have BOGOs on NYX, Physician's Formula, nail polish, etc. and they usually have a $3.50 off $10 purchase coupon that can be used on these products. Continue Reading


Re: Did I somehow miss the GOOD Ulta coupon?

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I got 20% off EVERYTHING except for perfume because I am a Platinum member. Continue Reading


Re: Did I somehow miss the GOOD Ulta coupon?

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I am a Platinum member and got an several e-mails that had the unrestricted coupon. It was about a month ago, but I sure hope that another one is coming! I'm sure that you'll be notified via e-mail. I don't remember if the coupon was mailed to me. HTH! Continue Reading


Re: Turkey breast for Thanksgiving

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We make 2 turkey breasts for Thanksgiving every year. We buy Costco's Kirkland turkey breast. It is fully cooked and sealed in plastic. You just place it in a roasting pan with 1/4 cup water and cover and bake. I add spices on top but it is not necessary. It makes the most delicious, moist turkey I have ever eaten. There is no skin, no filler, no waste and it is very inexpensive. I used to make a breast with the bone but there was so much waste and it was hard to slice. This is solid delicious meat and a hit with our entire family. Continue Reading


Re: Cake Boss Arrested For DUI

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What a great role model--NOT! Continue Reading

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