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Re: Bronzo must sell up a storm!

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Bronzo is the price that sterling used to be and sterling is the price that gold used to be. Continue Reading


Re: Difference in S S D and S S I

In Health & Fitness 1411686376.297

On 9/25/2014 ccassaday said: So it's safe to say I would not be eligible for S S I and I need to apply for S S D I. Will the long term disability I just got approved for effect the amount if I am approved. After applying how long will it take. Will I have to have a special assessment come to the house or will my medical records be enough. I worked for the Social Security Administration for many years. There are no simple answers to your questions and there is so much misinformation out there due to the complexity of the programs. The only way that you can find out what you qualify for is t... Continue Reading



In All About Handbags 1410951875.227

I LOVE Brahmin. I get all my bags at Macy's when they are on sale. I have gotten some GREAT deals. However, not all Macy's stores carry Brahmin bags. I am lucky to live near Macy's Manhattan (34th Street). They have a HUGE selection and there are ALWAYS bags on sale. Also, in the store you can use Macy's coupons on the bags. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn looks so good this morning!

In Fashion Talk 1410914103.11

I LOVE Carolyn. She is down to earth and isn't full of herself like some others. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn & Issac: Laughter is the best medicine!

In Fashion Talk 1410913802.303

I have ALWAYS believed that laughter IS the best medicine. My sense of humor has kept me going through MANY difficult times in my life. Continue Reading


Re: How to clean bronze jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1410913701.91

On 9/16/2014 qvcfreak said: I thought the Bronzo pieces would not tarnish. I believe they say that with every presentation. This is very sad for those of you that have purchased this line. Why don't you call QVC and maybe they will exchange the piece for you since they do claim that it will not tarnish. They have never said that Bronzo WON'T tarnish. They say that it is tarnish RESISTANT. Continue Reading


Re: Who uses a very cheap facial cleanser BUT expensive serums/moisturizers, etc.

In Beauty Banter 1410741960.887

I use Alpha Hydrox Foaming Facial Cleanser. It is very inexpensive but I stock up during the BOGO sales for an even better deal. It is given a "Best" rating by Paula. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buy shoes from Amazon?

In Clarks 1410207771.89

I buy shoes from them ALL the time and have NEVER had a problem. I have Prime and get the shoes in two days, plus free shipping and free returns. Here's a few hints: Prices can change DAILY. If I want a shoe I'll keep checking the price. They also will do a price adjustment if the price goes lower within 7-10 days. Also, different colors and sizes are often priced differently, so if you don't need a particular color, check all your options. HTH! Continue Reading


O/T--BIG RAVE--MJM Designer shoe stores

Started by turtle52 in Beauty Banter 1410207207.45

Have any of you beauties ever gone to an MJM Designer Shoe store? I am lucky enough to have one near me. I visit regularly as the stock is always changing. They have designer shoes for men, women and children at the lowest prices ever. I just bought 2 pairs of Isaac Mizrahi leather boots that list for $199 for $39.99 each! They may be last year's styles and they don't have all shoes in all sizes but who cares? They are all boxed and are in perfect condition. Check out their website for locations throughout the country. This is the best kept shoe secret ever! Continue Reading


Re: bareMinerals mascara sale

In bareMinerals 1410206604.283

Ulta is having a 21 Days of Beauty sale. It began yesterday--one or two items per day at a great price. Today is the mascara and I believe also a Laura Geller kit. Tomorrow will be something else. Continue Reading

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