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Re: SKINN TTV- any ideas what they'll be?

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Tricolor ~ Thank you! I have oily skin (yes, at 65, I'm still super oily), so probably won't like Stem Regen. But I'll be watching the shows anyway! Continue Reading


Re: SKINN TTV- any ideas what they'll be?

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Stem Regen -- is it all that?? I'm always tempted to try it, but haven't yet. Any reviews, yay or nay? Continue Reading



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I wish someone would review the Supercharged Spackle. One of our local stores started carrying Laura Geller products and I'm wanting to try something. I thought Spackle was a good place to start. Tinkrbl44, please let us know what you think after you receive it. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN TTV- any ideas what they'll be?

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I think Skinn is on the last weekend of every month. It's similar to Q's relationship with the WEN guy -- if a product makes them money, they'll have it on often. Since I found a couple Skinn products I love, I look forward to his monthly events to see what specials he has. But I'm still using the Skinn products every day that I bought last January -- yes, they last that long! Worth every penny! Continue Reading


Re: The Best Exfoliator I have ever used is Natural Aqua Cure Gel.

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I appreciate seeing the Aqua Cure recommended again on this board. I'm curious now. However, am I the only one that thinks MidNight's using this (or any exfoliator) 5X a day is excessive? Is it recommended that this product be used several times a day? Continue Reading


Re: Younger skin through exercise

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I also saw this on GMA this morning. I'm a believer!!! If your body is healthy, then your skin is healthy and more youthful. (of course, I write this as I sit on my lazy butt and play on the computer...) Continue Reading


Re: Laura Geller now at Beauty Brands Store.

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Yes, I got the email yesterday. Lots of great (cheap!) kits and gifts as introductory offers. If I still used LG's products, I'd be there! Continue Reading


Re: Oh Crud, 80+ today going to 24 degrees Monday

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I feel your pain. We had 80's last week, and light snow and 25 degrees for 2 days. It's still below freezing this morning. I brought a few potted perennials inside, but everything else will just have to wing it. Some daylilies and such look a little wilty, but all should be OK. The freezing temps aren't lasting a week, just a couple days. The snow actually acts like a blanket. Crossing my fingers. Continue Reading


Re: If you could have any luxury - what would it be??

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Excellent health and for my all chronic illnesses and pain to go away. That would be luxurious. Continue Reading


Re: High Price of Handbags!

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I consider re-sale price on my car, my boat, and my house, but definitely not on a bag! I carry a purse every day until it falls apart and I have to toss it. Then I buy a new one. I have one black leather bag I bought at the mall about 6 years ago for less than $50 that I get out and carry every winter. I won't buy a new winter bag until that one goes into the trash. I am not into "designer" anything. You can buy quality that doesn't have someone else's name on it. (are you all gasping in horror?) Summer bags - I prefer cloth, so they usually only last one season, then I toss and buy a... Continue Reading

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