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Re: Younger skin through exercise

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I also saw this on GMA this morning. I'm a believer!!! If your body is healthy, then your skin is healthy and more youthful. (of course, I write this as I sit on my lazy butt and play on the computer...) Continue Reading


Re: Laura Geller now at Beauty Brands Store.

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Yes, I got the email yesterday. Lots of great (cheap!) kits and gifts as introductory offers. If I still used LG's products, I'd be there! Continue Reading


Re: Oh Crud, 80+ today going to 24 degrees Monday

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I feel your pain. We had 80's last week, and light snow and 25 degrees for 2 days. It's still below freezing this morning. I brought a few potted perennials inside, but everything else will just have to wing it. Some daylilies and such look a little wilty, but all should be OK. The freezing temps aren't lasting a week, just a couple days. The snow actually acts like a blanket. Crossing my fingers. Continue Reading


Re: If you could have any luxury - what would it be??

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Excellent health and for my all chronic illnesses and pain to go away. That would be luxurious. Continue Reading


Re: High Price of Handbags!

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I consider re-sale price on my car, my boat, and my house, but definitely not on a bag! I carry a purse every day until it falls apart and I have to toss it. Then I buy a new one. I have one black leather bag I bought at the mall about 6 years ago for less than $50 that I get out and carry every winter. I won't buy a new winter bag until that one goes into the trash. I am not into "designer" anything. You can buy quality that doesn't have someone else's name on it. (are you all gasping in horror?) Summer bags - I prefer cloth, so they usually only last one season, then I toss and buy a... Continue Reading


Re: 15 years from now: what 2014 fashion trends will we look back & laugh or cringe at?

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Those extremely high heels -- in 15 years, all the women who wear them now will have back, leg, and foot problems. Also, the high heels with gladiator straps. Pleeeease let them go away soon! Piles of thick neck scarves worn at any time except the coldest part of winter when outdoors. Not wearing nylon hosiery. I might be an old fuddy-duddy, but bare naked legs with skirts in winter look ridiculous. Definitely not attractive when goose-bumped and cold. Of course, whatever goes around, comes around, and they will all be back some day. And who knows what horrid styles will be popular in 1... Continue Reading


Re: Would you buy skincare if...

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In this day and age, I assume that every woman (and some men) on TV ads or shopping channels has had work done -- whether it's surgery or Botox or whatever. And yes, I consider Botox or fillers as "work done." All the "miracle" skin care sales pitches are hype and I'm not buying it. Continue Reading


Re: Cottage Farms products

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I agree with another poster - I've had great luck with CF trees, but every perennial or annual I ordered over the years arrived dead or died after being planted. Phillip shows some fascinating plants that I can't find locally and that I'd like to have, but I will not order from CF again. Continue Reading


Re: Pruning butterfly bushes

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My next-door neighbor tells me every year that if I cut down my B-fly Bushes, they will die. But every spring I whack them all down to about 6 inches, and every summer they come back with more blooms than ever. She warned me again the other day. Sheesh, you'd think she'd learn after living next to me for the last 7 years that cutting down a B-fly Bush actually makes it better. Continue Reading


Re: Community Poll: How do you feel about toGather?

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Never been there - never will. Don't care. Continue Reading

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