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Re: Narrow Shoes

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circles ~ yes, Q carries a couple shoes in narrow widths. However, the smallest shoe they carry in the narrow width is a size 7. I wear a 6N. I guess no woman is supposed to have feet smaller than a size 7 in QVC's opinion. Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Brightside Serum

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Everyone's different............. I use the Brightside spot treatment in the small roller ball bottle. I had four pesky dark spots on the back of one hand that drove me nuts. The spot treatment got rid of them entirely. It took 2 months of using twice a day for them to fade, and another month or 2 for them to disappear completely. You need to be consistent and patient. I've re-ordered the spot treatment (only the spot treatment) once and still use on the back of my hands a few times a week. Those spots have not returned. I'm 66 and have no dark spots on the backs of my hands. Thank yo... Continue Reading


Re: Narrow Shoes

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Then, you've probably seen my previous threads on this subject. I wear a 6N. All the women in my family have narrow feet - so you aren't alone. QVC is always so proud of their wide widths and say they have shoes to fit everyone -- but they lie. QVC has some adorable and practical shoes. I'd buy lots of them if they carried my size. I've complained to the powers-that-be and even some of the shoe brands. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know of an unscented liquid or creme foundation that has a somewhat matte finish?

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Another vote here for the Rimmel Stay Matte -- I do have oily skin and this keeps the shineys away all day long. It's a cream in a tube, goes on smoothly, and I've never noticed a smell -- but my nose isn't as super-sensitive as some. Nice even coverage. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone besides me rarely watching or purchasing from QVC?

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You've all said it so well, and I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you. I still check a few of the community boards because there's waaay more discussed here than QVC products. Continue Reading


Re: Today's revelation

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"I love laugh lines. It means you've had a good life." -- Aerin Lauder Continue Reading


Re: Stopped Most of My Skincare...and MY Skin Still Looks Fine!!!!

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virgo -- I will add that over the years, the more products, ingredients, additives, etc., that I added to my routine, the worse my complexion got. I realize everyone's skin is different and this might not be the case for most women. Derm told me that all our skin needs is moisture. Lots of moisture. I asked her specifically if my older skin should have vitamins or peptides or retinol or or exfoliation or what? I wanted a list - and I wanted her to give me names of specific brands. She said stop with all the complicated ingredients and just use moisturizer. I can't believe the change in... Continue Reading


Re: Stopped Most of My Skincare...and MY Skin Still Looks Fine!!!!

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I'm glad to see this thread - thanks! Same here, virgosun. I had a fairly simple routine anyway with mostly drugstore products - but I've been fighting rosacea for many years (the rosacea was winning). It was getting so bad, I finally went to see a dermatologist (3rd time in my life!). She told me to stop using Vitamin C and Retinol and only use a moisturizer and gentle cleanser. Nothing else. She didn't give me any specific brands - I told her I'd been using Olay products and she said "that's one of the best." Anyway, now all I use is a gentle cleanser morning and night and Olay Regene... Continue Reading


Re: Less Gardening shows on the Q?

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Like others, I'm so over the garden shows for the year. It's such fun to watch them, and see all those colorful blooms (even tho they are silk and plastic) in January and February. I mark the dates on my calendar and look forward to every show! But, by April, I think if I see one more patio umbrella or wind whirligig, I'm going to scream. If they didn't sell the same items over and over, year after year......... Continue Reading


Re: Bye, Bye Birdies.

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The goldfinches have shed their brown winter coats and are bright yellow again! Love to watch their transformation every spring. Juncos are gone, wrens are back. Those happy wren chirpings make it feel like spring. My favorites are chickadees -- we used to have hundreds of them every summer. Since we moved 8 years ago, I haven't seen one chickadee. Not one. Continue Reading

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