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Re: Wish there were products

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I'm with SeaGal Kroger has a huge natural foods section that has an aisle of products such as Beauty Without Cruelty, Avalon Organics, Burt's Bees, GuD, etc. I've used Avalon Organics products for several years and I buy them at my neighborhood supermarket! Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever gotten AMAZING results from skin care?

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No particular brand of products --- however, 10+ years ago I started using a Vitamin C serum every morning. My complexion was better in less than a week. By "better" I mean my skin was smoother, brighter, smaller appearing pores, and seemed to have more "life and vitality." To me, it was amazing. I recommend some kind of topical Vitamin C should be in every woman's daily routine! Continue Reading


Re: Prices of clothing (and other products) lately on Q has made me get off the couch &

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In the last 2+ years, I've shopped only at Kohl's and the Polo/Ralph Lauren outlet store. Serious coupons and savings! I haven't bought clothes on Q for several years because of fit and fabric issues, high prices, and high shipping rates. I'd rather try on clothes before I buy, plus I want to see and feel the quality of the fabric and how the clothing is made. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN cosmetics

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The Plasma Flawless Finish Bright Veil -- Soooooooooooo much better than a finishing powder plus it calms and covers my rosacea. It can also be used as a "brightener" or "highlighter." The Orchid Gel primer in the "bright" option -- it has a slight tint and works well with a CC cream. Any CC cream. The Bright Side Spot Treatment made the dark spots on the back of my hand totally disappear. AM / PM Cleansers. Absolutely fabulous! Otherwise, I don't care for his skin treatments -- and the prices keep rising every visit. Continue Reading


Re: Any good lip balms that have a hint of color?

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Another recommendation here for Burt's Bees Shimmer Balms. Many colors! Love them! Continue Reading


Re: A pet peeve -- long shirt sleeves, short jacket sleeves

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I guess it's the sweater vs. suit thing for me. I have several lightweight sweaters with elbow-length sleeves that I wear in the spring - bare arms and bracelets. But I would never wear a suit jacket that had 3/4 or elbow length sleeves. Especially with a blouse hanging out from under the sleeves. Personal preference. Thanks for your input. Continue Reading


Re: A pet peeve -- long shirt sleeves, short jacket sleeves

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OK, I can see it with a snappy short-sleeved sweater -- I have a couple loose-fitting short-sleeved sweaters that I wear with long sleeves (in fact, I have a brown sweater almost identical to your post #3). I don't understand it with a formal suit that has tight arm-hugging sleeves. If that's the style, fine. I don't have to like it. Thanks for the photos. Continue Reading


A pet peeve -- long shirt sleeves, short jacket sleeves

Last Reply by Desertdi 1427348306.713 | Started by tototwo in Fashion Talk

I've noticed on a weekly TV show that one lady usually wears a long-sleeved blouse with an elbow-length suit jacket. The blouse sleeves hang out longer than the jacket sleeves and it bugs the heck out of me! Is this a new style? (If it is, I don't like it) What are your thoughts on this style? Continue Reading


Re: Please stop selling beauty products in clothing shows

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Do they show fashion during a Mally show? or a Philosophy show? Noooooo So I've never understood why they show beauty products in a fashion show. Continue Reading


Re: glasses as fashion accessory?

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My thoughts are... as long as I have to wear glasses every day, they might as well be a fashion accessory for me. I have four pairs in various colors and styles and I change my glasses with my outfits or how I'm feeling that particular day. Glasses are me, so I make the most of it. However, wearing "0" prescription strength glasses just to have the look of glasses is totally weird. Continue Reading

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