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Re: spf powder in tube

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Pinks ~ I ordered the ColorScience powder from SkinCareRx dot com. I received it in 2 days and they sent free samples of a moisturizer and an eye cream. I love free samples! Continue Reading


Re: evine has free ship this weekend.....

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Thanks for the heads-up. If they had free shipping on a Skinn weekend, I would be out of control!!! Does it have to be an "evine" card? I have an old ShopHQ card..... are they still the same? Continue Reading


Re: Any Foundation that does not fade away into my skin throughout day?

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Like you, I never wanted to wear a primer. Too many layers and I didn't want to take the time to apply it. I have oily skin and tried every foundation known to man, and they all seemed to sink in after a few hours. The foundations that contained primers made my complexion greasy. I eventually caved and bought a primer (after age 60). Best decision I ever made! Also, for me, what helps is a setting powder. I recommend the IT Bye Bye Pores. Gives a nice finish that lasts several hours for me. I realize everyone's skin is different and what works for some may not work for others. Good ... Continue Reading


Re: Brush cleaner

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I've always assumed that if it removes makeup from my face, it will remove makeup from my brushes. I use facial cleanser to clean my brushes -- and I clean my brushes every time I use them. No buildup that way. Continue Reading


Re: spf powder in tube

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Thanks for this thread I ordered the ColorScience Sunforgettable this morning. Yes, it's kind of pricey, but the last time I had a face powder in a cylinder-brush tube, it lasted me over 2 years. I've been searching for an SPF powder that works and the reviews on this product were the best. I have high hopes! Thank you. Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds--opinions please

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Do try it on and wear it a few hours before you make a decision. I got WD as a gift several years ago - tried to wear it, but it got stronger and stronger and really kind of offensive by the end of the day. I tossed it. Everyone's body chemistry is different - it may smell wondrous on you. But ya never know. Continue Reading



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I do love Stacy's presentations, but haven't tried any of her makeup in years. No matter how I applied it, her brow pencil was too dark for my blonde self. I used her yellow powder on my ruddy cheeks for years, but decided I like the Skinn Bright Veil so much better. Wouldn't you love to see Laura Geller or Mally come on totally naked-faced and apply her own makeup step by step? Or at least see the models go from bare to made up? One of my pet peeves is that the models already have on full makeup, then apply more makeup on top. Continue Reading


Re: IT SPF 50 CC cream

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Ignorance is bliss. If we knew some of the products in our cosmetics, we'd probably all be grossed out. I was very young when I found out some perfumes were made from whale vomit -- didn't wear fragrance for years! Yep, the snail slime thing really bothers me, so I'd never use it myself. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Rinna...good news/bad news

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Looks like a maternity top to me. Continue Reading


Re: Many years ago I worked at Dillards and I remember

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I agree that it's not just clothing lines, but everything we purchase today is of lesser quality that it was years ago. Nobody makes high quality, long lasting products anymore. Brands that we grew up with have been sold to other companies, outsourced to other countries who can make them cheaper, etc etc. LC is just one example of this. Continue Reading

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