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Re: What Is One Thing You Have Never Done That You Would Like To Do And One...

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One of these days I want to go up in a hot air balloon. Once would probably be enough. I never want to jump out of an airplane - either by choice with a parachute, or otherwise. Continue Reading


Re: Can diabetics use sugar scrubs ????????

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Your doctor was probably gobsmacked that you asked such a question and he didn't know how to respond. I'm diabetic and wouldn't think twice about using a sugar scrub, if I wanted to. However, I won't use a sugar scrub for various other reasons. There are better alternatives. Continue Reading


Re: National Lipstick Day---what's your shade...?

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After over 50 years of experimentation with lipstick (such an adventure!), I know that I look better in dark pinks. I keep going back to Revlon Moondrops lipsticks and, specifically, "Soft Silver Red." I also love the crayon-type lipsticks and buy the Revlon brand for those too. In all my years of wearing lipstick, Revlon lasts the longest on me and is the creamiest and best-feeling on my lips. I agree -- everyday is lipstick day! Continue Reading


Re: Happy National Lipstick Day

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Now THAT's something to celebrate! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else over the nude and neutral craze ?

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I never got into the nude and neutral trend, so don't need to get over it. I'm a fair-skinned blonde (now with more gray than blonde) and I just look better with some color on my cheeks and lips. I don't like heavy eye makeup on anybody, especially me!, so have used taupes as eye shadow and brown mascara. I tried - I really tried - to like the neutral lips and cheeks, but all those beige ladies look like they have the flu to me. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN Intellitint CC Cream

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I asked this SPF question on the BB a couple years ago -- I had received a Mally foundation in a kit. The foundation was a 20 SPF, but printed clearly on the tube were instructions to "re-apply every 2 hours." I didn't want to have to re-apply foundation every 2 hours - who does? Ladies on the board told me any SPF in a foundation will only work for the first 2 hours after application. Continue Reading


Re: What did everyone get from Skinn this weekend?

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pupcakes - I would gladly trade my body oil for your hand cream and dermappeel. Too bad we all can't share our kits. Continue Reading


Re: What did everyone get from Skinn this weekend?

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The first TTV and the PM cleanser facial wipes. That's all. Later I'll wish I would've bought more because the prices were fabulous and the $2.99 shipping may never return. (pupcakes, I won't use the Radiance Oil so will probably toss the one that comes with my kit - too bad we can't share) Did you hear the 2 phone calls yesterday morning? One caller said she'd ordered $1600 worth of product and was a first-time buyer; another said she'd ordered $1000. OMG!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Why Are Beauty Creams Still...

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I've never understood the anti-jar movement. They're YOUR fingers, ladies. You know where they've been. You put your fingers on your face several times every day, so why not put your fingers into a jar to spread cream onto your face? Any product I buy in a jar I'm going to use it all up in a few weeks anyway - how "degraded" will a product get in that length of time? Some products I prefer in a tube, some I prefer in a jar. At least if the product is in a jar, I can use every last bit of it - there's no waste. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN Intellitint CC Cream

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I got the CC Intellitint in a kit a month ago. I don't think it's too runny - mine is the consistency of a any liquid foundation in a bottle, only it's in a tube. My problem with it is there's absolutely no coverage whatsoever. None. I complained about it on this board and posters said that all CC Creams are like that - no coverage. So what's the point of using one? Continue Reading

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