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Re: A pimple at age 60

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Welcome to my world! haha! At 65, I still get a big zit or two. What can you do? Just go on about your day as usual. Like someone else said, probably the only person who notices is YOU. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use Skinn DermaPeel??

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What JLF said - it's not hydrating by any stretch of the imagination. I don't use it in winter because it's drying. It's fabulous for re-surfacing and exfoliating. It does have a heavy fragrance, but it doesn't bother me. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN Survey

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You won't like my answer. I left Alpha Hydrox and Avalon Organics for Skinn. Loved the Skinn for several months - but he kept adding new products and saying if you use "this" you need to also use "that" and it seemed like almost every product was "non-negotiable".... it got all too confusing to me and I ended up with waaay too many products to use and layer. I quit Skinn and went back to Alpha Hydrox and Avalon Organics and it was like my complexion breathed a big sigh of relief. I still use and highly recommend the Hand Restore, Dermappeel, and Spot Brightener. The AM/PM cleansers reall... Continue Reading


Re: What are you thoughts about Rimmel products?

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I've used Rimmel eye liner pencils for years and love them - keep buying over and over again. Last summer I tried Rimmel's "Stay Matte" foundation and it became my everyday foundation. I only recommend it for oily skinned ladies because it is drying and does what it says: stays matte all day long. Medium/full coverage. Looks better and better as the day passes - doesn't wear off or sink in. Continue Reading


Re: Now That the Excitement is Over...

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Seems like they've had "gift" or electronics shows since August, haven't they? QVC is totally unwatchable for me anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Cleansers

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I love the AM/PM cleansers and used them exclusively for almost a year. My complexion loves both of them! But I agree that they're waaay too expensive (even buying on ebay), so I stopped buying them. I have a few bottles of Alpha Hydrox cleanser that came free-with-purchase with my ResQ, so am using that as my AM cleanser for now. So far, so good. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know of an excellent substitute for Joan Rivers wonderful hand cream?

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This is all interesting. I'm not an ingredients freak, but when I used Joan's hand cream, I believed it was the 2% Hydroquinone that kept the dark spots away (I never had spots until about a year after I quit using Joan's cream). But it must have been a combination of ingredients in her cream that gave my hands a youthful appearance. The skin on my hands was always tight, wrinkle-free and spot-free when I used Joan's. I tried a few hand creams that had 2%-4% Hydroquinone, but none of them worked for me. So it must have been more than Hydroquinone that made Joan's cream so effective. I ... Continue Reading


Re: Dry skin facial cleanser recs!!

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Pond's Cold Cream (cheap and sold at any supermarket) - or - Skinn PM cream cleanser (not so cheap and sold on ShopHQ). I have oily skin except in winter. It's like a whole different complexion grows onto my face after mid-November every year. I use Pond's consistently till spring. I also sometimes use it as my nighttime moisturizer. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know of an excellent substitute for Joan Rivers wonderful hand cream?

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Nothing - absolutely nothing! - helped my hands like Joan Rivers' hand cream. I've searched for years and finally 'settled' for the Skinn Hand Restore. It also helps with the dry, peeling skin I sometimes get around my nails, so I use it on every part of my hands, from wrist to fingertip, and rub it around my nails at least twice a day. With the Hand Restore I also use Skinn's Spot Brightener directly on dark spots. I'm happy to say every spot is gone! Continue Reading


Re: drybar blow dryer tsv

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HHCI - actually, I have a blow dryer with a brush on the end from the 1970's. As far as I know, it still works - but I haven't used it in ages. Continue Reading

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