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Re: new Coldwater Creek catalog!

In Fashion Talk 1425324114.627

I got a new CC catalog too -- can't get excited about it. When I worked full time, probably 80% of my wardrobe was CC. Then, the quality started going down while the prices went up. The clothes in this new catalog don't look like the "old" Coldwater Creek and I'm not interested. Continue Reading


Re: Makeup Application Routine - some habits are hard to break

In Beauty Banter 1425315050.927

Thanks for your responses. It's nifty that some of us are creatures of habit when applying our makeup (and that it's not just me!). I thought about it again this morning when I had to apply brow pencil to my right eye first. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the use AHAs accelerates skin aging?

In Beauty Banter 1425313589.06

I know that, JLF. The retinol I use is in an AHA cream. Wonder if I should switch to another brand of retinol? and which one? Sorry if I was unclear. Continue Reading


Re: Skincare packaged in jars

In Beauty Banter 1425313422.583

Well, I don't put a lot of faith in anything Paula says....... but that's just me. The products I buy on a regular basis that come in a jar get used up too fast to lose anything -- and they certainly are not expensive! Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the use AHAs accelerates skin aging?

In Beauty Banter 1425313083.55

No, I haven't heard this - guess I'd better do some research. I'd always heard (mostly from this board) that any product that accelerated cell turnover was a good thing. It's not???? The only AHA I use is a retinol cream - and I've used it every night for over 10 years. My 66-yr-old skin looks pretty good except it's been extremely dry and flakey recently -- which is expected for winter. Hmmmm..... so if AHA's are bad, what's good? What should we be using instead? Continue Reading


Re: Makeup Application Routine - some habits are hard to break

In Beauty Banter 1425228136.83

I don't want to break it, Desertdi -- I just find it funny. I've tried to change my habits for the fun of it, and I can't. I wondered if I am the only lady who has a set pattern to applying her makeup. ... and I must be. Continue Reading


Re: Does this board have new topics less frequently?

In Beauty Banter 1425225009.947

Maybe Susiequeue is thinking about the "approval process" for writing reviews on the products....? I'm with Nancy Drew on this -- this beauty forum is not 'sweetness and fairy dust.' Lots of innocent posts turn vicious. This board is much slower than it used to be - thank goodness! It's rare I have time to read past the first page and I could never keep up. Currently, I can be gone for several days and come back and some of the same threads are still on Page 1. Continue Reading


Makeup Application Routine - some habits are hard to break

Last Reply by lory 1425356146.097 | Started by tototwo in Beauty Banter

I've noticed that in my 50-some years of applying makeup, that I have a strict routine. And, if I try to break that routine.... well, I just can't. For instance, I always put my eyeliner on my left eye first. I've tried to apply to my right eye first, and it feels weird and I can't get the line straight. If I apply left first and then the right, I get perfect lines every time. However, I always put my mascara on my right eye first. Again, I've tried to change this and apply to my left eye first, and it feels like I'm driving on the wrong side of the road or something. I have waay mor... Continue Reading


Re: What's A Good Moisturizer Without Anti-aging Actives?

In Beauty Banter 1425220320.73

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel --- or, for a drugstore brand, Olay pink. I replaced my Clinique with the original Olay and I like the Olay better. Continue Reading


Re: Foundation brushes

In Beauty Banter 1425218552.71

For me, my foundation looks smoother and more even using a brush. I also highly recommend IT brushes. I have 2 of their double-ended brushes - the large end for foundation, and the small end for concealer around the eyes and nose. I wash my brushes every time I use them. It's not a drag - it's just sanitary. Continue Reading

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