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Re: Do your powder compacts wear away in middle first?

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Absolutely! even my cream foundation compact. That's just how things go............... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone using Avon beauty products with great results?

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The only Avon skin care product I still use is the Dramatic Firming Cream. I've used it for over 10 years and won't be without it! I stock up when they have "3 for $10" sales so always have a stash in my refrigerator. One of my fave Avon products was the Planet Spa Shea Butter -- but they discontinued it. Boo Hiss! Continue Reading


Re: Every single facial cleanser dtries me out in the winter

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More votes for Pond's Cold Cream or Abolene. Continue Reading


Re: TSV succlent ice plants

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Ordinarily I don't buy plants from QVC -- but, last year, I ordered Roberta's ice plants. First time I'd ever ordered from Roberta's. Only 2 of the ice plants lived thru the summer and both of them were puny and never bloomed. I'll be surprised if they come back this spring. Continue Reading


Re: Eyeliner Colors for Blue Eyes

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Quinny, you need to experiment to find what's good on you. I use Rimmel or Jordana eyeliners - they're cheap but excellent, and come in every color imaginable. I'm 65, blue eyes, fair skin -- brown or black liners have never looked good on me, even tho they're OK on others. My old eyes look fabulous in charcoal greys, navy blues, and hunter greens. Plums and purples make me look like I've been crying. Continue Reading


Re: Knock Out Roses

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Yup, I wait till late March or early April here. Be on the lookout for that nasty Rose Rosette virus that is attacking Knockouts - it's moving from the east to Midwest. There's no cure. I planted 20+ Knockouts thinking nothing could kill them -- I was wrong! Continue Reading


Re: Now That It's Winter, What Do You Do?

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Like most of you, I read garden books and magazines and plan my gardens. I'm a Master Gardener so am involved in countywide projects all year long, including winter. I'm on the committee to plan our state's annual garden show next month and will work in that booth 3 days. Two weeks ago we started planting seeds in our greenhouse for the county plant sale in May. I've attended various gardening classes and monthly meetings all wintr. Actually, winter is a very busy time of the year! Today I'm watching some of the garden shows on Q -- not like I need anything else to get me excited for sp... Continue Reading


Re: Everything You Never Knew About Mascara

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Thanks! interesting read. Now I don't feel so bad about saving mascara brushes I love to use in other mascaras. For me, when I find a mascara I love, I don't like the brush, and vice versa. Continue Reading


Re: 25 hour beauty day--BORING!!

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I can't believe that anyone would actually record a shopping channel................. Continue Reading

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