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Re: Horrible surprise when I removed the softener cup in my washer...

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Interesting thread. I also quit using fabric softener - the softener dispenser in my front loader got mold/mildew on it constantly and I got tired of cleaning it. My question is: Vinegar has a strong smell - do your clean clothes smell like vinegar? Continue Reading


Re: Quality brushes That are Affordable? anyone?

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Several ladies here have recommended the e.l.f. brushes -- I bought one and the bristles started falling out the first time I used it. Tossed it within a month. I fell in love with the IT brushes - especially the black double-ended one! They are so packed with zillions of soft bristles, nothing compares to IT brushes in my opinion. I got the first one in a kit and collected the rest (and many duplicates) from ebay. I kind of hoard IT brushes now. Continue Reading


Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 10/17?

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Good morning and T. G. I. F. - this week I used up................... Clinique DDMG -- replaced with Oil of Olay pink. Haven't used OOO in years and thought I'd give it a go. Love the smell and feel of it. Skinn Stem Regen -- Glad it's gone. I wasn't willing to give up my usual products and I could never quite figure out how to include it in my daily routine. I doubt that I'll re-order, but ya never know. Skinn Wow! Mascara -- This mascara made my lashes so full and dark, a friend told me she could see them from across the room. However, after a few hours, it would flake on me. I tosse... Continue Reading


Re: WHO'S READY FOR SOME SKINN??????????????????????

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SeaGal ~ Thanks for your response. I prefer not to use a "treatment" on top of my Retinol cream. If I layer anything on top of Retinol, it's just a plain moisturizer. I don't think Dimitri makes anything "plain." The Stem Regen is thinner than my Retinol so it doesn't make sense to me to layer it on top. His first show is at 9 a.m. here. Yay! I am interested in that eye balm - but it will probably come in a kit with products I don't want or need. Drats! But I always want to see what new things he has. Desertdi - have you got your chicken cooked and ready? Continue Reading


Re: I want a crisp, white, oxford blouse

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Coldwater Creek used to be my "go-to" for crisp white no-iron blouses. Since CC closed, I've been buying no-irons at our Ralph Lauren outlet store. I recently bought 2 more white ones because you can't have too many crisp white shirts that you can pop the collar!! The Polo/Ralph Lauren outlet is also online, if anyone's interested. You can also sign up for emailed coupons to use online or in stores. Thanks for the info on bluing -- but can I use bluing in a front-load washing machine? I'll check at my supermarket. Thanks again! Continue Reading


Re: O/T We're going to the World Series!!!

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I'm excited, and I don't even like baseball. It's such a kick to have the Royals go to the World Series. Congratulations!!! Continue Reading


Re: WHO'S READY FOR SOME SKINN??????????????????????

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I might watch an hour or two, but certainly don't need to buy anything this time. My favorite Skinn products are the Hand Restore, AM-PM Cleansers, Dermappeel, and the Spot Treatment. I have enough of those to last till Christmas. Question for all of you: If you use a Retin-A or Retinol at night, how do you work that into a Skinn routine? Do you apply Skinn products under or over Retinol? or just not use Retinol at all? Which Skinn products do you layer with the Retinol? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Dark Spot - Brown Spot Cream That Works??

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Skinn Bright Side Spot Treatment worked for me. I had 4 dark spots on the back of my right hand (none on my left hand - hmm?). One small bottle of the Spot Treatment did the trick. It took 4 weeks of using consistently 2 or 3 times a day, but they slowly disappeared. I haven't used it on my face yet. Continue Reading


Re: ot/do shipping charges keep you from buying ?

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Yes! My state adds almost 9% tax to shipping charges, so buying from QVC (or anywhere that charges shipping) isn't worth it to me. Plus, if I see something I want on QVC, I shop around and can usually find it cheaper elsewhere. Several online merchants have free shipping, or offer free shipping after a certain total amount. Those are the companies that get my business. Continue Reading


Re: I've Found a Very Good Foundation From Cover Girl

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Another vote here for CG AquaSmooth. I've used it for over 20 years because it has buildable coverage, it covers my rosacea completely, it keeps my oily skin from looking greasy for several hours, and it just looks good. I've experimented with other foundations, but always go back to CG. Continue Reading

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