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Re: Skinn Cosmetics on HauteLook Sat 30th

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Thanks for the info - I checked it out. Since these are items I don't remember seeing on SHQ in recent months, I wonder how long they've been sitting around in a warehouse somewhere. They might be too old. Continue Reading


Re: Did you ever consider .....

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I agree with HH's second paragraph above. I've always believed that using too many layers of different products is bad for your skin. Your skin needs to breathe. (is there an echo in here?) Also, changing products every few days/weeks must confuse your complexion -- I don't really know, I'm certainly not an expert. Unless you develop a bad reaction to a product, you need to give it more than 30 days. So, to answer your question - yes, I think some use too many products and switch products too often. They're always looking for the next best thing. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Please list your best tips for Retirement Planning

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Instead of buying that fancy designer moisturizer in the pretty bottle that costs $60, buy the moisturizer in the plain bottle at the drugstore that costs $10 -- then put $50 in an interest-bearing account. I've always been a bargain shopper and saver and now I'm reaping the benefits And, definitely turn off Q. Continue Reading


Narrow Shoes!

Started by tototwo in Suggestion Box 1409013972.427

Are you kidding me, QVC?!?!?! You finally - FINALLY! - have shoes (shooties) in narrow width, but the smallest size you have is 7?!?!? (A257517) I've waited for years for QVC to have a shoe in a narrow width. But I couldn't order these (and they were gorgeous!), because my feet would swim in a size 7. You're on the right track with the narrows, but can you get some shoes in size 6? A size 6 Narrow? I would've ordered those shooties in every color if you would've had my size. Dang it! Continue Reading


Re: just a QUICK reminder - SKINN

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Thanks, I'm streaming ShopHQ in the background while I do other things on my computer this morning. I checked Skinn's upcoming products for the 4 shows today and nothing wowed me. But that could change.......... it's early. Continue Reading


Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 8/22

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Used up a sample size of Paula's Choice 1% Retinol. I'm surprised it didn't cause any irritation or peeling. I haven't decided whether to order the full size or not. I welcome any reviews of this product. Tossed various eyeliners and lipsticks - just cleaning out my makeup drawer. The powder eye shadow palettes are the next to go. Continue Reading


Re: All Summer Long w/ No Self-Tanning

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Good for you! The last time I self-tanned was back in high school and I turned a brilliant orange. OK, granted that was the 1960's and self-tanners have improved since then, but I'm still not interested. I'm fair, who cares? -- it doesn't matter to me what society thinks of my white legs. I'm very happy. Continue Reading



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I don't need a thing, but I watched anyway. Watch and learn. The high shipping fees this trip will keep me from ordering -- that and the fact I still have plenty of product from my orders in July. I wanted to add that I've been using his Hand Restore since June and it has definitely improved the overall look of my hands. Does anyone else here use it? I also use the "spot" brightener on a few dark spots. Both of these items together have lightened and tightened the skin on my hands. I have 4 dark spots on the back of my right hand and these are fading - certainly much lighter than they w... Continue Reading


Re: Almost $60 for a hooded sweatshirt!!!!!!!

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You're paying for the designer's name, not the sweatshirt. I can buy nicer and better quality hoodies at Kohl's for under $10. But, I realize that some ladies will only wear "designer" clothing, even sweatshirts. To each his/her own. Continue Reading



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I buy CG AquaSmooth at the Kroger supermarket in my neighborhood for $6. Why shop for it online if you can buy it at your local grocery store? Continue Reading

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