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Re: Happy Birthday Kappy!!

In Judith Ripka 1398012388.953

We share the same birthday, Kiwi? Yea, but I'll always be older! MickD - belated wishes for a healthy and happy year ahead. Beachy - Yes, she sang and wanted to know where my cake and candles were. Tough explaining to her that we don't do Passover birthday cake. A special thank you to oceanview. Your kind words mean a lot. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday Kappy!!

In Judith Ripka 1398012079.393

What a lovely surprise to see this thread. Thank you, Sir Cancelot, for beginning it. And many thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Becoming 68 is rather startling, but not as startling as not getting a chance to be 68. Thanks again. I really appreciate the friendships I've made on the Ripka Forum. Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 4/13/14 - T. Jefferson born, 1743

In Judith Ripka 1398011803.23

On 4/13/2014 Me2Me said: Hi Kaplan! Have a wonderful time with your family during your Seder tomorrow! One question! What does Chag Sameach mean? Chag sameach literally means joyous festival. Passover, along with Chanukah and a couple of others are not holidays, but festivals. Thanks for asking. Continue Reading


Re: J291799, Judith Ripka multigem cuff /Confetti cuff Pictures

In Judith Ripka 1398011680.663

Wear, and enjoy "our" cuff in the best of health! Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday Kiwi!!!

In Judith Ripka 1398011551.497

Belated birthday wishes. May the year ahead be filled with great health and lots of happiness. Continue Reading


Re: I received the ice cube bracelet

In Judith Ripka 1398011495.47

Ditto! Enjoy "our" bracelet in the best of health! Continue Reading


Re: J287387 sleeping beauty turquoise cuff ???

In Judith Ripka 1398011407.49

I have this cuff and adore it; get compliments every time I wear it. However, if it doesn't work for you, return it. There is always something new on the horizon. Welcome to the Forum. Continue Reading


Yo! - 4/20/14 - Easter

Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka 1398011263.247

Good afternoon and happy Sunday to us all. Glorious spring day today. Even though allergies are beginning to rear their ugliness, even with meds, I am so grateful for this lovely weather. And I've changed my closets so we cannot go back to winter weather no matter what, you hear? Only three more days for Passover, 2014. Whew and, may I say, just in time. Matzoh, in its various incarnations, is beginning to wear very, very thin. DTGD has been a delightful during Passover, but what else would you expect me to say? Many of you who are FB friends already know this, but she has donned an ap... Continue Reading


Re: Ladies, It Is With Great Sadness That I Share With You...

In Judith Ripka 1398010439.633

This is such sad news. I remember Indy has a funny and kind person, who helped me learn things about Ripka jewelry. May her memory be a blessing for all who knew her. Continue Reading


Re: Paging Anisha - would you share a pic of the Confetti Cuff, please?

In Judith Ripka 1397411892.933

tinypics doesn't seem to be available to upload photos to share on the forum. How do you all do it? What system do you use? I wanted to add the pic of my Confetti cuff but can't figure out how. Continue Reading

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