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Re: Paging Anisha - would you share a pic of the Confetti Cuff, please?

In Judith Ripka 1397411892.933

tinypics doesn't seem to be available to upload photos to share on the forum. How do you all do it? What system do you use? I wanted to add the pic of my Confetti cuff but can't figure out how. Continue Reading


Yo! - 4/13/14 - T. Jefferson born, 1743

Last Reply by Dead Eye 1397532060.29 | Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka

Good afternoon and happy Sunday to us all. It has been lovely early summertime around these parts lately. I hope we're not once again skipping spring. I have been very, VERY busy preparing for tomorrow night's Seder. I just finished straightening which I fear may be a lost cause since DTGD will be her bright and early in the AM. I have some prep work for the Seder plate and relish tray. Once that's done I must remove any chametz (Leavened products) to solitary confinement in the basement for 8 days. If I am able to complete filling dessert trays, I'm done until tomorrow morning's matzo... Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 4/5/14 - Pocahantas married John Rolfe, 1614

In Judith Ripka 1396823768.317

I am so happy you enjoyed the experience, Nikalette. And welcome to the Forum. Continue Reading


Yo! 4/6/14 - US entered WWI, 1917

Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka 1396823721.26

Good evening and happy Sunday to us all. It was a spectacular spring day here, although I only viewed it through the windows. Made pot roast and froze it. Made three types of cookies suitable for Passover - lemon, chocolate chip, and chocolate crinkle. All this along with my regular weekend chores adds up to TIRED. I've decided that once Passover is completed I must make time to label boxes of jewelry which I have in one of the spare bedrooms. So much time is wasted taking off tops to search for what I want. We'll see if I actually do it or continue to muddle through. Make it a great ... Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

In Judith Ripka 1396715075.927

On 4/5/2014 Favorite Son said: I have read some of these posts again and though I am not surprised at some of what I see, it is a little dismaying. Judith created this line and worked very hard at it for over 30 years. She made some really great jewelry, made a lot of us very happy with what we bought, and over the past several years we've probably been less pleased with far too many pieces from the line. But that doesn't mean she owes any of us anything. Despite all of the idiotic, mean spirited things that have been said about her on these boards over the past year every time she came to QV... Continue Reading


Yo! - 4/5/14 - Pocahantas married John Rolfe, 1614

Last Reply by kaplan206 1396823768.38 | Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka

Good afternoon and happy Saturday to us all. It's been a while since I posted a straight up "Yo." Things around here have been slightly crazier than usual and I just plain forgot. Hope everyone's feeling great. Mazel tov to Miss Judie and her family in the new phase beginning in her creative genius. She is on hard working lady who has helped to blaze trails in areas previously off limits to women. I truly hope she enjoys this new phase in her company. I am beginning the annual preparation for our Passover seder. For the first time part of it will be catered by a local store. I do feel... Continue Reading


Re: REVIEW - Confetti Cuff

In Judith Ripka 1395965443.14

Many thanks, ChicagoHeather. I appreciate your kind words. Have you written any poems lately, if I have the correct person? Continue Reading


Re: HOLY COW!!!! The Confetti Cuff!

In Judith Ripka 1395965363.02

Sheesh - I agree and I think it will be worn alone. ====== floss, Pepper, & stevieb - thanks so much. Continue Reading


Re: White Agate Beads

In Judith Ripka 1395965209.567

They make a wonderful necklace and I hope you enjoy them. Wear in the best of health, honey! Continue Reading


Re: Review of J292084 Asscher cut DMQ ring

In Judith Ripka 1395965159.86

Enjoy that beautiful ring, ladies, in the best of health. I do believe that the blue stones on the shoulders are LBT. Spectacular ring! Continue Reading

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