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Re: Thinking of everyone in Hawaii

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On 8/9/2014 panz said: Awwww. Thank you everybody! Iselle ended up being a non-event for most of Maui (there were places upcountry that got hit pretty hard). I didn't even have much rain at my house (in Central Maui, near the airport). The worst thing was the waiting for the impending doom (newscasters can freak you out!). I had every bathtub filled with water (which made me worry more because my dog likes to hibernate in my tub when he's scared...I had visions of him jumping in and getting drenched!). Looks like we're going to dodge another bullet as Julio is tracking way North (although Ini... Continue Reading


Yo! -8/10/14- Missouri became 24th US state, 1821

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Good evening and happy Sunday to us all. It has been absolutely delicious weather around here. The "dog days" are nowhere to be found. While I personally love the weather, it is wrecking our veggie garden, which need warm weather to thrive. DTGD has been sleeping in her daddy's old bedroom, which she absolutely loves. All her pals, the special stuffed animals, wait for her arrival each day. After I put her down for her nap, I can hear her talking, via intercom, to her pals. She quickly goes to sleep. On Friday, as I crept into the room to wake her from her nap, my heart almost burst t... Continue Reading


Thinking of everyone in Hawaii

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Be safe and follow recommendations for safety. Take it from someone who went through super storm Sandy, it is nothing to mess around with. I think Panz is in Hawaii, so I'm thinking about you and wishing you safety. Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 8/2/14 - First US census began, 1790

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Oh, Pepper. How awful to have morphed into asthma! I hope it eases soon. HGAW too. ===== As always Dead Eye, thanks for your support. Continue Reading


Yo! - 8/3/14 - Columbus set sail from Spain for his 1st voyage across the Atlantic, 1492

Last Reply by Pepper22 1407736543.433 | Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka

Good afternoon and happy Sunday to us all. Dreary looking day with possible showers to come. It's very humid. Today is DH's b-day and the celebration will be very, very low key. Right now he's at DS#2's apartment hanging blinds and fixing a toilet seat. DTGD was over earlier and asked who's going to the store to get the cake. I told her Pop Pop didn't want any b/c our fav place to get a choc chip b-day cake has closed and he didn't want me to make a cake. She was very disappointed and, since they'll be here for dinner later, I told DH to pick up something cake like when he goes foo... Continue Reading


Yo! - 8/2/14 - First US census began, 1790

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Good afternoon and happy Saturday to us all. I awoke to a somewhat cooler and grey day, with the possibility of showers at any time. I wish I could share the water with those of you in the clench of the drought. What a week. WHAT A WEEK! Two important doc appointments - dermatologist & allergist - plus DTGD all week, plus two additional house guests for two days - DS#2 & his dog, as he was moving to a new apartment. Oy, what a week! The washer/dryer never seemed to stop, along with having to place our cockatiel in a separate room because of his fear of the dog, which is a pit b... Continue Reading


Yo! - 7/27/14

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Good morning and happy Sunday to us all. Gloomy looking day today. The humidity has pumped it up and on/off showers I fear will be the norm for today. DH. DH. He has spent the better part of three days hanging a steel door to outside in our kitchen, and it still isn't properly hung. You can see light coming in from the door edges which, of course, means air is also able to move in/out. He keeps planing it in hopes that it'll line up properly. You know what I said from the get-go, don't you? Yes. That's correct - hire a professional to install the door. Sigh. I spent the better part... Continue Reading


Re: Reviews from 7/11/14

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Thanks, ladies. NJGirl - has your necklace arrived yet? Continue Reading


Re: Green flourite ring

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So very happy for you. Enjoy in the best of health. Continue Reading

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