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Yo! - 7/27/14

Last Reply by Pepper22 1406522384.45 | Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka

Good morning and happy Sunday to us all. Gloomy looking day today. The humidity has pumped it up and on/off showers I fear will be the norm for today. DH. DH. He has spent the better part of three days hanging a steel door to outside in our kitchen, and it still isn't properly hung. You can see light coming in from the door edges which, of course, means air is also able to move in/out. He keeps planing it in hopes that it'll line up properly. You know what I said from the get-go, don't you? Yes. That's correct - hire a professional to install the door. Sigh. I spent the better part... Continue Reading


Re: Reviews from 7/11/14

In Judith Ripka 1406385341.16

Thanks, ladies. NJGirl - has your necklace arrived yet? Continue Reading


Re: Green flourite ring

In Judith Ripka 1406385253.5

So very happy for you. Enjoy in the best of health. Continue Reading


Re: Green flourite ring

In Judith Ripka 1406385248.893

So very happy for you. Enjoy in the best of health. Continue Reading


Yo! - 7/26/14

Last Reply by Pepper22 1406402291.56 | Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka

Good morning and happy Saturday to us all! We just got a rather heavy shower pass by. Today promises to be much more July-like with humidity creeping back into the picture. Not swimming weather today. So my silver watch, I've the YGCLAD already, and the Mabe pearl ring are still lounging in Swedesboro, NJ. If it weren't happening to me it would be funny. I contacted the Office of the Prez and they said they're sending out another watch and ring. Stay tuned if these two decide to take a holiday. I wonder what the attraction is in Swedesboro? DTGD had a fabulous week vacationing with her daddy.... Continue Reading


Reviews from 7/11/14

Last Reply by kaplan206 1406385341.16 | Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka

Anisha, you were so correct on the Ming Pearl necklace, much to my disappointment. I should have listened to you and I bow to your superior knowledge. Ming Pearl Necklace - I can count on a couple of fingers how many times I've been disappointed by Ripka jewelry - hardly ever. Much to my chagrin, this was one of the times. The pearls are HUGE and the necklace if a bit heavy, but I could have dealt with being heavy. The clasp if magnificent and in a class all its own. But the pearls. THE PEARLS! The pearls lacked the lovely luster which I've come to expect from Miss Judie's pearls. This is ... Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 7/13/14

In Judith Ripka 1405876932.6

Thank you BlingQueen, Oneanddone, Dead Eye, Pepper, and BGDC. Of course you are all correct! Ain't love great? Continue Reading


Yo! - 7/20/14 - 45th anniversary of moon landing

Last Reply by Dead Eye 1405999097.763 | Started by kaplan206 in Judith Ripka

Good afternoon and happy Sunday to us all. Unusual weather for the 20th of July - it is coolish! This is usually some of the yuckiest summer weather in this neck of the woods, but not this year. It's been a very busy week and Saturday. Because DTGD has not been here I took the space to have numerous doctor appointments. Oy - what a bother, but a necessary one. keeping all these appointments can sure tire a person out. Yesterday DH and I headed off bright and early to the shore - Margate City to be exact - for a very special birthday celebration brunch for DH's sister and her husband. I... Continue Reading


Re: Truffle bracelet J282443 or Open Work bracelet J287756

In Judith Ripka 1405289153.33

The 7-1/4 is a struggle to get on my 6" wrist. Once on it is fine. Continue Reading


Re: Missed chatting with you ladies but hope you left room for me on the BGB

In Judith Ripka 1405289010.55

You were missed, but room was saved for you on the BGB. My seat there has been made into concrete; I don't ever seem to get off of it. What did I get? Hmmmm. YG ice cube, Ming pearls, chrome diopside cuff, YG TSV, 3-stone DMQ ring, and the silver Regent watch. My mailman should be thrilled that I'm helping to retain his job. Enjoy your goodies! Continue Reading

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