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I LOVE skorts! But I don't like the new version of them...with the biker shorts then a full skirt. What...why? If it is going to be a skort then be one...I have one on order with the flap only in the front...its popularity is coming back and I'm waiting for it. Oh, I'm middle aged and they are darling for summer. Continue Reading



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YES! They indeed do work! I used the Crest 3D White Strips for a personal head shot a few years back! My smile was gorgeous! Highly recommend and worth the money! Continue Reading


Re: Long Wearing Eyeliner, Please?

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On 5/17/2015 Mistic said: I know I am repeating myself here, my HG eyeliner is cheap. Many colors, and they stay on all day. Physician's Formula. $10, pack of 3 different colors. If you want hi end go with Bobbie Brown gel liners which are the original gel eyeliner product. I will differ slightly with this poster above and say Physician's Formula too, but a specific product only...and I wish I could find it again because it is my holy grail product and so fabulous...it is Eye Booster 2 in 1 eyeliner. OMG! I wish I had see this first and got the recommend from this board. Continue Reading


Re: Compression tights or stockings?

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If you will be standing most of the time for your job or traveling long distances in a plane for work, then hands down it should be compression stockings. I wear compression stockings for long haul days and I wouldn't be without them. Wear tights for fashion wear and warmth in cold weather. Continue Reading


Re: Interesting formula to see if shorter or longer hair will flatter you

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I am more than 2.25 inches and interestingly my hair is below my shoulders...and my version of a mid-life crisis at 55 y/o... Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Nail Color Polish for Pedicure

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On 5/17/2015 Shelbelle said: In the summer months, I always wear an opaque white on my toes, looks so clean and fresh and never clashes with any color clothing or sandals, perfect!!! Another vote for neutral shades as well...the classic and you will always look stylish, imo. Right now I have on "Innocent Nude" from Sally Hansen with a clear shiny overcoat. Nice! Continue Reading


Re: Green Corrector for Facial Redness

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Yep. I vote for L'ore'al's product too anti-red primer. It works, not expensive and available. My kind of product. Continue Reading


Re: L'oreal Professionals Color Vibrancy Shampoo has anyone tried it?

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I use L'Ore'al Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy a lot mainly b/o the coupon discount savings I use to buy this product. Without it would I buy it? Unlikely. But it does an adequate job of keeping my hair in good condition. I don't think any shampoo will totally help keep your hair color from fading or lasting longer than any other shampoo, sulfate free or otherwise. JMO. Continue Reading


Re: What are your GO-TO wedges (shoes) for Spring/Summer??...and why?

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If you have a Kohl's store near you, they have many selections of peep toe espadrilles that you may find appealing. I have three pairs of them from Kohls, two pairs of khaki (different styles) and orange. Continue Reading

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