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Re: OT/Wedding favors...r they just a waste of $?

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Edible favors are by far the best. If favors are done at all. Continue Reading


Re: Just got carded at 67! - guess my skincare is working...LOL!

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I'm sure it made you feel good, but in some places it is standard procedure REGARDLESS of age. I was standing in line in front of a woman this morning in Target who was at least 70 and a grandma and she GOT carded. The clerk apologized and said it was company policy regardless of age. So there you have it. Continue Reading


Re: DIY Hair Coloring

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Crazy4Gems, So you have no shortage of advice here, please let us know what you finally decide to do. It is always nice to hear the resolution. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Have a hair question of any kind? HERE is your answer! Really!

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Your welcome! Hope others will bookmark as well. Continue Reading


Have a hair question of any kind? HERE is your answer! Really!

Last Reply by betteb 1404950466.047 | Started by Good4u in Beauty Banter

Just found this great little web site for hair questions. It must be from professional hair stylists who give outstanding advice on cut, color, problems, etc. It is a wealth of education and how to have the best hair for you! Check it out here: http://www.hairfinder.com Continue Reading


Re: DIY Hair Coloring

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I agree with most of the posters here, go to Sally's beauty supply and let the associates help you. In the long run, you will save the most money. But if that is too intimidating to you, I have experimented with a lot of box colors and the one I like the most right now is Clariol Age-Defy. It is very different from most box colors as it has a pre-treatment before you use the color, outstanding professional grade plastic gloves, and the BEST after color conditioner you can get and use for a least a month! It is the BEST value on the box color market right now! So you have many choice... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone mix several shampoos together?

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Oh yes, I never match my shampoo with my conditioner. I buy drugstore shampoo with whatever manufacture coupon I have, usually, L'ore'al Hair Care Advance. Then "customize" my conditioner with two different conditioners and jojoba oil. So far so good! Tho' that Pantene Pro-V Colorseal Conditioner that is in the Age-Defy box hair color is absolutely the bomb! Amazing conditioner! Wish they would sell that separately because it is a stand-alone product and I would buy it instantly. Continue Reading


Re: Makeup Brands switching back & fourth to other shopping networks

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Also remember that corporate conglomerates own the TV shopping channels and are major stockholders in each of the TV entities. For example, Liberty Media has controlling interest owning QVC as it's majority shareholder and it also is a very substantial stockholder in HSN and I believer that allows vendors to "flow back and forth" to the sites to hawk their wares. So don't always think that they "compete" against each other, not necessarily. Continue Reading

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