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Re: At home peel rave!

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Yep. The TCA peels are good for those who can't afford pricey spa visits. I used a TCA just prior to a professional photo session I had for a directory. I was very pleased with the results as my skin looked like velvet and told the photographer not to do any digital touch ups. I wanted to see my own work and it did pay off. I just wish I were as pleased with my hair color...that not so much. Anyway, glad your happy with your TCA peel. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty vendors and tote bags

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It only works if that is your personal name and you spell it the same way; otherwise, no, I would not get the product item. Continue Reading


Re: Cosmetics you weren't impressed with ...?

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I wanted a new red lipstick and with 20% off and a manuf. coupon I went to Ulta and got Color Sensational "Red Revolution" lipstick from Maybelline. This is my first and last purchase from that drugstore line! OMG! Instead of a red-pink it turned into a shocking hot pink on my warm skin tone! It clashed horrifically! I'm not sure what to do with it...I might try and mix it with another lipstick to try and tone it down...but if that doesn't work...into the garbage it goes...grrrr! Continue Reading


Re: Dry Eyes and Mascara

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On 1/1/2015 CathySusan said: I have a dry eye condition and use Prescriptives mascara. It is the best mascara I have found. Indeed! That is by far the BEST mascara on the market, but I could not afford it long term. There are other things more deserving like bills. Continue Reading


Re: Dry Eyes and Mascara

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On 1/1/2015 NeNe1010 said: I take Sea Buckthorn oil on a daily basis and I get it from Amazon. I use Pure Himalayan Omega 7 Complete manufactured by Sea Buck Wonders. I wouldn't be without it. Is this form of oil digested internally like a capsule or is it applied directly to the eyes as you do with eye drops, just curious? Continue Reading


Re: Dry Eyes and Mascara

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On 1/1/2015 Persephonel said: Just recommend something for dry eyes...seabuckthorn oil. Someone recommended it to me, when I was having that problem and it saved me! HTH Where do you purchase high quality seabuckthorn oil? Continue Reading


Re: Jojoba oil

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I do still use jojoba oil. I put it as a part of my ingredients for my blended, custom hair conditioner. I have tried jojoba directly on my hair and it is too heavy of an oil for direct application. But it does wonders as an emollient ingredient as part of my hair conditioner. Continue Reading


Re: What the heck! A Moustache?

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No surprise...your loosing your estrogen and increasing testosterone as you reach the height of is just a fact of life sweetie. Get use to having many more! I take a sharp disposable razor to my face frequently which does the job! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Ever Develop Allergic Reaction to Fragrance You've Been Wearing?

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Indeed I did have a terrible physical reaction to a perfume! My poor brother for Christmas one year bought me "Polo" for women from Ralph Lauren. I wore it twice and each time I ended up with a wi*cked migraine and nausea. I threw it promptly away...but never told him. Continue Reading


Re: 50+ ladies- Will you rock a RED holiday lip this season?

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Viva Glam 1 is a brown red-blue (which sounds counter-intuitive but it is really a brick red with blue tones.) It's slightly matte. I apply it with a brush so it's not too dense. I have fair skin tone, dark hair and dark green eyes. I think a good RED if you can't wear VG1 is Clinique's Angel Red. It works on thinner lips, as well, because it's not matte and heavy. One of the most wearable reds out there. Sometimes berry red works when fire-engine red doesn't. I can't wear that orange-red or pure red, has to have some brown tones to it. Berry works well for me due to blue tones in the skin... Continue Reading

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