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Re: Do You Prefer Leather Shoes and Handbags to Other Materials??

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I do. NOTHING beats natural materials...I have to especially for my feet because they sweat so much. I love the feel of natural leather for handbags and go to TJMaxx to find the best deals and yes, I found a leather bag that was indeed affordable for me! Continue Reading


Re: Can I mix red hair color???

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Of course you can mix shades of red together, but make sure they are in the same product line manufacturer like all Revlon, all L'Ore'al, all Clariol, etc. I do that frequently with brunette shades to get a custom color and besides, it is fun! Continue Reading


Re: Need help with eyebrows! Please.!!!

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I am saying cleanser, not putting water on your brows. I don't use facial cleanser on my brows and just gently put water on them and the tint last way longer. If you use cleanser then you are defeating the purpose of the tint and it will fade considerably faster. Works for me. To each their own. Continue Reading


Re: Need help with eyebrows! Please.!!!

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Forget everyone's suggestions above my post. I say this with good reason, the best way to achieve a consistent look is eyebrow tinting and this has become my holy grail and I only use eyebrow pencils as fillers. If you are careful not to get facial cleanser on your brows, the eyebrow tinting can last for as long as six weeks. I love, love, love it and only use brow pencils now as the tinting begins to lighten. I found the most inexpensive eyebrow tinting kits on and the eyebrow tinting product is Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint and I happen to use medium brown, but there are ... Continue Reading


Re: Do You Wear Green for St. Pat's

In Fashion Talk 1426591698.157

If you are Catholic-Irish...wear green.... If you are Protestant-Irish...wear orange... Continue Reading


Re: Gorgeous Spring Lipstick!

In Beauty Banter 1426591127.987

This lipstick color pic by the OP is not for skin tones like me! It clashes with my warm skin tone and is to much of a bright pink for me. But cooler tones would look just fine. I have a dupe for you of this lippie and I wish I had never bought it because it was misleading and I hate it on me..."Red Revolution" in Color Sensational Lipstick product line by Maybelline looks just like this for about $7...go for it! Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Police/ Kathy Griffin leaving!

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I am SO glad Kathy Griffin is gone! She is not even in the same ballpark as Joan Rivers. Joan truly did make the show as successful as it was, she is a hard act to follow. I do miss the weekly shows because it was spot on most of the time regarding how celebs wore fashion. If they can't find someone to do weekly shows of Joan's caliber, then just during award season will have to do until then. Meanwhile, I do get a weekly fix on fashion commentary watching Bravo's "Fashion Queens" on Sunday is refreshingly good with great satire. Continue Reading


Re: How do you know if you have this type of skin tone....

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There is a way to tell if you truly are a neutral skin tone. If you look in natural sunlight and flip your wrist over with your palm facing you, look at your veins on your wrist closely. If your veins appear to be blue in coloring then you are a cool. If your veins appear to be green in color then you are warm. If your veins appear to be turquoise in color you are a neutral. This really works! I am definitely a warm skin tone because my veins appear green in natural sunlight on my wrist! This has helped me tremendously in selecting correct color shades in foundations as well as clothing... Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear white pants?

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I have a pair of summer capri's in white twill. I am getting by mail order a pair of white Gloria Vanderbilt stretch-fit jeans. The first white jeans that I can remember. Continue Reading


Kelly Osborne quits Fashion Police on E! Channel!

Last Reply by maggie568 1425377493.137 | Started by Good4u in Fashion Talk

So Kelly Osborne makes good on her threat...she has quit Fashion Police. Good bye! I tell you the truth, FP is NOT the same since Joan River's death the show is NOT funny with Kathy Griffin as the host. It is boring and will not succeed in the long run with these useless people. I've watched it a few times, but do care if I miss it or not any longer. None of these people who hosts are constructive in their critiques and do nothing but tear people down in the most despicable way. Kelly Osborne is better served else where. Continue Reading

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