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Re: Look at Renee Zellweger - What do you think?

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You are all are so easily fooled...the two pictures are NOT of the same person. But two totally different persons. Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore hair color and eSalon

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I have tried many box colors, but the one I like best for brunettes is Clariol Age Defy. I love the result of the light golden brown shade plus they give you a ton of conditioner to use for a long period of time. Remember, if you are going to use box color for the first time, always remember to go at a maximum, TWO shades lighter in box shades than the color intended. Why? Box shades ALWAYS are darker and flatter in results than you think and you can ALWAYS slowly deepen ONE shade at time to get your final intended result. Follow this for box color and you will eventually find the desired s... Continue Reading


Re: Replacement for Joan Rivers on FP

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On 9/24/2014 songbird said: She's got the off the wall punch that Joan had, but I don't like her delivery. She has a hard edge in her. Joan soften the hardness with her fast delivery. But they probably will give it to Kathy. There really isn't anyone (with a comic background) that can do it. They need someone with an aggressive delivery along with comedic background. I had thought of Wendy Williams. But her show is a hit. I wonder if they approached her? Yes, Wendy Williams would be a far, far better replacement than Kathy Griffin any day. Griffin will sink the show in a month. It maybe far ... Continue Reading


Re: When you wash your hair in the shower --

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On 9/25/2014 RedTop said: I face the shower head and bend forward to wash and rinse my hair. Many years ago I was in a J C Penney salon getting a haircut, when an older woman came in to complain that she had no curl/perm left in the crown of her head. I could tell from the way the stylist greeted this woman, she was a regular salon customer. First thing the stylist asked her, "are you still washing your hair in the shower?" The woman said yes, and the stylist told her that when she stands under the shower head, and let's the water beat down on her hair, the force of the water is beating her p... Continue Reading


Re: DIY hair coloring help, please

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All the above posters are correct. It is nearly impossible to obtain any dimension with box color regardless of what dyes your mixing together. Any box color at all will be darker and one dimensional regardless of the type of dye your using. Sorry. This is why when your first starting out if you choose to use box color is always go two shades lighter than what you intended the color to be and you can always deepen one shade down from there. It is a very good rule of thumb for those who box color. Continue Reading


Re: What brow product will cover up the gray hairs

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On 9/22/2014 SrFitness said: I use Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint that I get on Amazon.com. Easy to use and lasts for a couple of weeks before having to redo...and it is darker then you would think looking at the pictures online. I have this currently sitting on my cosmetic dressing table. It is effective and I need to reapply! This gets my vote, hands down. But don't use the whole capsule into the mixture. You will waste too much product once applied and have a great deal left, otherwise. Only use half of the capsule and yes, it does come out very dark, but will lighten. Don't be afraid of ... Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear makeup to the gym?

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Personally, OP should not be wearing any make-up to the gym. She will only cause issues with her pores becoming aggravated and clogged. She can quickly clean her face and then put on make up afterward. She shouldn't do it the way she posed the question. Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear makeup to the gym?

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No one is going to care…you are better off going with a clean, make-up free face so your pores can breathe. Honestly, I think it is is unproductive to wear make-up to work out in, what is the point? I always go with a make-up free face and I have not scared anyone off from working out. Continue Reading


Re: I was out of my tinted moisturizer and then I cut open the tube!

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Tube cutting is a very common practice for budget beauties like me! Always do this where possible. Continue Reading


Re: Spotted: Tassi @ TJMaxx

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Oh heck. I use a homemade version…I use a wide headband and then put a hairband on my hair…does the exact same thing for nothing. Works for me. Continue Reading

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