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Re: Do you use a lip brush for applying lipsticks?

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If I want a crisp, controlled, polished finish…I absolutely do. The more pigmented the lipstick the necessity increases. The more opaque the lipstick, it is less so. If I'm in a hurry or just for work, I generally just use it straight out of the tube, but if I want a professional look, I absolutely use a lip brush. I don't remember the name, but I've had it for many, many years. Love it! Continue Reading


Re: Prestige Brands vs Drugstore Skincare

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I have been buying my skincare at TJ Maxx…and it does just as well as anything else I buy and the quality is excellent and the price is a fraction I paid at Ulta. I'm happy. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

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This product DOES crumble somewhat, but it does what I need it to do so I can live with this weakness. I DO use it to cover grays and it does it beautifully. I just gently comb it through once applied for a more natural application look. It does it well. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still wear pantyhose?

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Yes, do wear pantyhose. But it depends upon the occasion for which it is worn. The more formal the affair or professional appearance then pantyhose is required to have a polished appearance. However, if you like to have a more casual appearance the self-tanners are a great alternative for warmer months. White naked legs anytime is a no-no. - Signed, "Anna Wintour" American Vogue Fashion Editor Continue Reading


Re: Need recs for drugstore finishing powder...

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Well, that is a bummer. I didn't get a chance to read your response BEFORE I bought the L'Ore'al Tru Match pressed powder. It was the "lightest" of the light-mediums that I could find tho' still a bit darker than my current coloring. I hoping as summer progresses and I tan a bit more, that color would be more natural looking. I did also get Cover Girl Smoothers pressed powder in translucent-medium and that is just a tad lighter (and cheaper in price!) than my current coloring…needing a happy mixture between the two! Thanks for your response! Continue Reading


Re: Survey, Please - How Many 50+ Ladies Out There Now Use Only Cream Blush?

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I too, no longer use powder blushes, but yet to give up finishing powder…how does one set their make-up with out it? I have yet to figure that one out! I am in my mid-50's... I have not tried, but want to, the Maybelline Master Glaze Blush in stick form. It is new for 2014 and has gotten good reviews. That is my next purchase when I need cream blush. I am in a conundrum…what do you 50+ beauties do to "set" your make-up to keep it from traveling on your face if you don't use setting powder? I would love to know. Continue Reading


Need recs for drugstore finishing powder...

Last Reply by Good4u 1396819814.167 | Started by Good4u in Beauty Banter

Beauties, I'm in search of a light-medium beige finishing powder in hard-pressed powder compact. I am currently using up (and don't like) PF beige compact powder. It is a bit too dark and "masky" for my warm skin tone. So I need to know if any of you beauties have my similar light-medium warm skin tone and like a drugstore powder compact that you could recommend and I could look at for comparison. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Favorite L'Oreal Cosmetics

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I LOVE: - Color Riche Lipstick - wonderful pigment and beautiful colors! - Voluminous Mascara - good mascara for a reasonable price! Continue Reading


Re: Need suggestions for a slightly moisturizing face cleanser please!

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Hope I'm not to late to do a drugstore recommend…it is Garnier + Clean Smoothing Cream Cleanser for dry skin. It really leaves my skin feeling clean AND soft and hydrated. And with coupons for each time bought, I save $$$$. It was a good buy and a repurchase for me. Continue Reading


Re: LR's hair looks so dark at hairline - did she say if it's that root cover product?

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On 3/14/2014 SnuggleBunny said: On 3/14/2014 DustyPink said: I've heard Lisa say she uses Joan's product too. I wish Lisa would wear bangs. I think that would make her look alot better, even though she is beautiful. I'd like to see Lisa in bangs too - bangs take years off our faces - I know - I'm 65 and I have bangs and always will! LOL Not always. I CANNOT wear bangs that are across the face. My forehead is too short. I could wear long side swept bangs, but they are a pain to keep up. Not everyone is meant to have bangs. There are many exceptions and even tho' you think LR may look g... Continue Reading

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