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Re: Spotted: Tassi @ TJMaxx

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Oh heck. I use a homemade version…I use a wide headband and then put a hairband on my hair…does the exact same thing for nothing. Works for me. Continue Reading


Re: Spotted: Tassi @ TJMaxx

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I have something similar to the Tassi, but not exactly like a Tassi. It is a pair called Turbie Twist I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I love those things! If you have longer hair or really any length of hair, those things are a God-send. I won't be without them now. So glad I took the plunge. Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Anybody willing to admit that you are watching Miss America tonight?

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Does anyone know the name of the song and artist they played during the swimsuit section? I want to download that song for my spinning time. Thanks. Continue Reading



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Here is a DS brand that really is very good for dry skin and I should know, because I have very dry skin. It is Garnier Clean+ Smoothing Cream Cleanser. It has Jojoba & Macdamia Oils that clean skin w/o stripping it. It is under $6! Continue Reading


Re: whats your favorite brand of lipstick?

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DS hands down it is L'or'eal Color Riche…fabulous staying power and beautiful rose shades that flatter most skin tones. It is my go to for special events. Continue Reading


Re: ULTA Beauty Steal Too Faced Bulletproof Brow

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On 9/10/2014 SPACKLE said: Honest review, I bought it in brunette from HSN few months ago, color is great for me, I have dark hair. It doenst seem to have that ashy brown that alot of them have its more warm to neutral. The thing I DO NOT like is it dries out very fast and I mean dries out completely. I always closed it tightly (it kind of double closes) and it still dried out in about 2 qeeks, then stupid me tried microwaing to loosen it up and it cracked the mirror. Thank god I was standing right there when I heard the pop. Bottom line its good while it lasts Thank you, Spackle. Your post ... Continue Reading


Re: ULTA Beauty Steal Too Faced Bulletproof Brow

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I'd prefer to hear an honest review first…thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Cream Cleanser Question --

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Your going to get a wide variety of opinions on this and it is dependent upon how each person feels about their skin and what works best for them. So, with that said, here is mine: If I am removing a full face of make up, I use Pond's cold cream to remove the cosmetics. Pond's is cheap and effective for that purpose. Then I also use a creamy cleanser to actually "clean" my face from the residue of the m/u remover. So, yes, I do use a two-step cleansing process. It doesn't take long and my face actually "feels" clean and refreshed. I only use a toner in the a.m. prior to putting on skincar... Continue Reading


Re: Dry Shampoo when not washing hair? Shower cap to keep hair dry in shower?

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A shower cap is the ideal solution to keeping your hair dry while taking a shower. I use mine regularly. Continue Reading

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