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Kelly Osborne quits Fashion Police on E! Channel!

Last Reply by straitgirl 1425175349.52 | Started by Good4u in Fashion Talk

So Kelly Osborne makes good on her threat...she has quit Fashion Police. Good bye! I tell you the truth, FP is NOT the same since Joan River's death the show is NOT funny with Kathy Griffin as the host. It is boring and will not succeed in the long run with these useless people. I've watched it a few times, but do care if I miss it or not any longer. None of these people who hosts are constructive in their critiques and do nothing but tear people down in the most despicable way. Kelly Osborne is better served else where. Continue Reading


Re: Thinning hair, tired all the time, I want my life back!!

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On 12/14/2014 gabstoomuch said: Sounds like thyroid symptoms to me. All that iron will just make thyroid symptoms worse. If you have a Facebook page, start reading HYPOTYHROID MOM page. Or go to About.c om and start reading about thyroid. Mary Shomon is a thyroid advocate and has a bazillion articles on About. Once you start reading up on thyroid problems, I bet a light bulb will go off for you. Hyper or Hypo thyroid symptoms can overlap, sometimes you can have symptoms of being both. Look up Hashimoto's Disease too. In my personal experience with thyroid dysfunction, this poster is absolute... Continue Reading


Re: Cool or Warm undertone?

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On 2/20/2015 suzyQ3 said: On 2/20/2015 MarenSeattle said: I've also heard to check the inside of your wrist -- if your little veins are blue, you're cool; if they're green, you're warm. And just another piling on Bobbi Brown -- can't wear any of her stuff. I've read this, too, but does anyone really have green veins? I dunno. I think even if you can correctly determine your skin tone, each cosmetic company is going to have their own idea of how to complement it. A "cool" tone in one line may not be so "cool" in another. And I have become very wary of "neutral" tones. Some of them are more co... Continue Reading


Re: Clipless Curling Iron

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I'm glad I saw this thread and the title fascinated me. But...now that I saw the video my interest stopped. I need a way to smooth out my hair shaft and this is not that approach. A normal curling iron gives curl and smooths the hair shaft. I can ignore the slight crease because my hair is thick and course and I don't even see it once styled. Too hard to use and I have too much hair for that wavy hot iron. Continue Reading


Re: Home Hair Color vs Salon

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On 2/19/2015 feline groovy said: "Clairol Expert Collection Age Defy" is a permanent home hair color with great reviews on Amazon and other places. It's recommended since gray hair is coarser, and therefore doesn't absorb or keep color as well. This formula works because it contains an adherent that helps gray hairs soak up the dye. I will second this outstanding box home hair color! It is the gold standard for combating graying hair for me! It is my go-to hair color and if you can find manufacturer coupons you have even a better value. It is a wonderful and effective product line and rea... Continue Reading


Re: When you color your hair at home is it dirty, clean, product, no product?

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This is an excellent question as I will be doing a full head hair color this weekend and this is how I do it. Mid-week I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove all traces of hair products I've used during the week. Use my regular hair conditioner and put on Argon oil as my moisturizer. I put nothing else on my hair until I color it. It is important that your hair is naturally dirty (that is no hair products) and just has your natural hair oils at the time which is about a three day wait period for me. I use a pre-treatment color spray which helps the color take evenly prior to putti... Continue Reading


Re: How is Loreal Feria hair color? Also, what's your favorite box color brand?

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On 2/16/2015 sharlee said: Just a suggestion, for those who like the Feria colors, but are having trouble with covering gray. There's a product called Gray Magic, which you add to your developer/color mixture. It helps with the coverage issue. You can find it at Sally's. I use the French Roast shade, number 45, which is a deep bronze brown. I've never found an equivalent color in another line, so I've been pretty faithful to it. However, I do see the day approaching when it will be too deep for me - not sure what I'll do then! Here may be another possibly equivalent in the deep bronze brown ... Continue Reading


Re: How is Loreal Feria hair color? Also, what's your favorite box color brand?

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I have been pleased with the result of Clairol Expert AgeDefy. I will be reapplying this box color next weekend in Light Golden Brown. This tends to be my default box color brand and color. The color is consistent, and the conditioner is very good. But...I have a wanderlust for a richer color, but what? I only do a full head hair color twice a year...so I'm careful. This fall, I have a Deep Maple Brown from Luminista, a Revlon product. It is more coppery in effect and that would be appropriate for that time of year. I need to use that up. However, I am dying to hear the result of tho... Continue Reading


Re: Need a suggestion to re-place SCA Meltdown...

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I also heartily second the POND's cold cream make-up remover. It does the job for the right price of my budget. I then follow with a normal cleanser. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1423486159.32

I have no interest in using this new POND's product, but I sure do use the POND's cold cream cleanser as a make up remover...and it just melts off my make-up and a very affordable price. I'm so glad and do not have a wandering eye for other similar products and will stick with it for as long as they make this. Continue Reading

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