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Re: Long haired girls what do you do with your hair when you sleep

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On 8/31/2014 BellaCarro said: My DD has long thick hair almost to her waist. She braids it at night. I used to do that for her when she was little (sigh) and she has maintained the habit. That is exactly right. If you braid it in a loose braid you won't have crimps in your hair, and braid it to the side. It is fast. It works. And you can sleep in any position comfortably. Continue Reading


Re: L'Oreal Mousse Absolue haircoloring

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I had the opposite experience, AgeDefy absolutely covered all my greys and I LOVE the result. You must follow directions as they state for stubborn grey hair and it worked just as the directions stated. The color conditioner to extend hair color is the best on the market, imo. It will now be my go to box color until it is discontinued in the future. I have on currently the light golden brown for summer from AgeDefy. I give it Continue Reading


Re: O/T--Any KINDLE/FIRE on 5-pays at Amazon

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Yes, I finally thought the Kindle Fire HD 7" was a bargain last black Friday of last year at the price you stated. It is a very good purchase. I would also recommend a tablet cover for convenience, it is worth it. This is my first tablet. You won't be sorry. The convenience factor alone was worth it. Now, I have a very nice e-book library when I'm bored with the web and done looking at email. Won't be with out it. Buy it while you can at that price. I've not seen the price lower anywhere else. Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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Because I do water aerobics year-around, it is just neater to use a depilatory cream and be done with it. Then I don't have to worry about wild hairs and furry animals trying to escape. Besides, bald is beautiful and feels just like a baby's bottom. Continue Reading


Re: Do you change your hair color with the seasons?

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What a great question, OP! Something different for a change in topics. Thanks. Indeed, I do go a shade darker in the cooler months. Right now, I have on light golden brown and it's nearing its life cycle for the warmer months. At the end of September, I will be putting on a mixture of two shades of medium brown, (light carmel and bronze browns) to deepen my color then in January, I will go just slightly deeper with a medium golden brown. Then let that life cycle run its course until it gets really warm, say mid-May, and then back to light golden brown. Such fun, being a girl! Continue Reading


Re: Almay Makeup

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On 8/14/2014 Barbara Mom of 5 said: Do the Almay eye makeup remover pads sting? I have been using Clinique but it's very expensive. I've been afraid to try anything else because I've been worried it might sting. A few years ago I did try a neutrogena eye makeup remover and it stung my eyes terribly. No, Barbara Mof5, they most certainly do not. Nor do they leave any greasy residue behind. I love Clinique's eye remover lotion too, but have only tried it when my friend gets a GWP and she does not use eye makeup. Couldn't afford it otherwise. So the Almay is a very inexpensive and effective... Continue Reading


Re: Almay Makeup

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In the paper over the w/e, Almay had a $4 coupon off any item. I bought eye make up remover pads for $1 with that coupon! That is such a great offer from them! Continue Reading


Re: Eyebrow tinting system…RAVE!

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On 8/7/2014 drkcharger said: As i posted above, you can find this at Rite Aid if you have one near you. Unfortunately, I do not have that store in my city. But thanks. But for those that do, pick it up. Continue Reading


Re: Eyebrow tinting system…RAVE!

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On 8/7/2014 ive been framed said: Good4u, question here. Does this product stain the skin as well? Thanks so much!! Well, following the directions I put on petroleum jelly above and below the brow to prevent that exact problem from happening just as you are suppose to do with hair color. And no, when I put on the jelly there was no staining afterward. The directions are very specific about what to do. Continue Reading


Re: Eyebrow tinting system…RAVE!

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Beauties, I had just put this on yesterday…I am thrilled. But I cannot speak of the longevity of the results. But next time I do this I will cut all the product in half as I wasted a lot of product following their directions. Just a heads up for anyone who tries this product in the future. Continue Reading

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