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Re: My daughter is in pain

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Perhaps a new job that doesn't require standing? Why is everyone so ready to count this young person out to a life on SSI? Continue Reading


Re: No more TCM on Dish??

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On 10/21/2014 straykatz said: I know all the providers go through this form time to time but Dish always seems to drop the ball on channel renewals...I remember the big fiasco when they dropped AMC and all the Breaking Bad/Walking Dead fans were outraged....can't bloame them....you pay a provider for a service so they should make sure they maintain that service!!!! That was terrible. I kept them and love Dish. Continue Reading


Re: How many have changed out their wedding set for a new one?

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HH, I had my original set melted down to create the fourth wedding ring for my 25th. Same gold only much more of it was added. Promise ring was melted in it also. Continue Reading


Re: A question for those of you who don't wear white metals

In Jewelry Talk 1413538726.213

What doesn't look good with yellow gold? Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

In Jewelry Talk 1413500482.363

Serenajoy, I took a photo of your necklace at the mansion ruckus photoshoot. Our Pearl Queen Wilma modeled it. Those pearls were fantastic. I stop and look when I see that photo. Congrats Continue Reading


Re: EXTREME Cheapness in Elderly

In Among Friends 1413453296.837

It seems many of my older friends and relatives have mental health issues. Perhaps you should have her checked out. It may be time for you to intervene. Continue Reading


Re: An animal lover's thoughts on pit bulls

In Pet Lovers 1413409434.11

On 10/15/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: kittymom - I stopped reading that post. I, like you, do not want detailed graphic descriptions. I can't handle it. Those posts need to have a statement as the first sentence as to what will be in it. I'm sorry you don't like to read it. I did not want to live it. I unfortunately had no choice. I did wonder what would have happened to me if the dog went after me or the man had NO coke. Continue Reading


Re: An animal lover's thoughts on pit bulls

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On 10/15/2014 NChgOfMyAttitude said: On 10/15/2014 esmeraldagooch said: This breed is not available for adoption at shelters in my county. All are put down when the owners are not found. Unfortunately this breed seems to be the most likely to come into the shelter. My boxer was attacked while walking on a country road while on a leash by a pitbull that broke a logging truck chain, so I don't give this breed a pass on anything. Was your boxer ok? The one that attacked my guy went right for the top of the neck, but my husband was able to get him off. I'm extremely careful now and I make sure I... Continue Reading


Re: Spanish Ebola Patient's Dog to be Euthanized

In Pet Lovers 1413371883.053

The American nurse's dog is being guarded by person in full protective gear in quarantine. Continue Reading

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