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Re: Tall Plants?

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I put a brick in the planter on top of the dirt. It has helped. Continue Reading


Re: Electric bill

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Electricity rates will be going up. EPA Closing coal fired plants or changing them to natural gas which is much more expensive is part of the cause. Continue Reading


Re: Electric bill

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I purchased three packs of LED bulbs at Costco and filled my home with them. These bulbs cost 28 cents per year to use. We set the thermostat at 75 and it goes off at night. We did downsize homes almost a year ago and went from $600 a month to $200 Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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A few videos from the Pearl Paradise Ruckus 2014 Sheri Jurnecka Q&A with Jeremy Shepherd, Pearl Paradise, Josh Humbert, Kamoka Tahitian Pearl farm, Sarah Canniazzaro, Kojima pearls and Douglas McLaurin, Sea of Cortez pearl farm Continue Reading


Re: Nail polish that detects date rape drugs.

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Re: Teacher invents simple $70 device to keep classroom safe.

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As you can see the item opens with a lever. The person on the inside could be a small child and be able to get this off the O ring. Continue Reading


Re: Original Ghost Busters Movie came out 30 years ago today!

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I always think about it when we drive though Atlanta. Continue Reading



Last Reply by hckynut 1409462942.137 | Started by esmeraldagooch in Viewpoints

Sam didn't make the cut. Continue Reading


Re: Who is ready for College Football?????

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War Eagle/ Roll Tide anything AL Continue Reading

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