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Walking Dead? Beth Lives?

Last Reply by Meeras 1418928392.887 | Started by esmeraldagooch in TV Talk

So you can get shot in the head, get fans to sign a petition and now you're brought back to life? Continue Reading


Re: Dripping bathroom faucet

In Viewpoints 1418642246.887

Seems steep for a 25 cent washer change. Continue Reading


Re: China and Crystal

In Viewpoints 1417972059.51

I have a collection of sea shaped crystal from Mikasa. I use it with Mikasa arabella dinnerware. I think you should do what you like, not what you think others would. More than likely your items will shine and everyone will enjoy using them. Continue Reading


Re: Bronze Jewelry?

In Jewelry Talk 1417971717.087

Pricepionts they can be sold at and profits from those sales. Go into any fine jewelry store and look how many customers are in them. Not like the good ole days, that is for sure. Even high end stores must be feeling it. Mikimoto pulled out of the Venetian in Las Vegas. Continue Reading


Re: My son is officially off duty and on his way home.

In Viewpoints 1417962262.493

Tell him thank you. I'm glad he's safe and home. Continue Reading


Re: Allergic Reaction to Sterling Silver

In Jewelry Talk 1417961934.133

If you love those earrings nail polish or having a jeweler rhodium plate them will work. I like ultra fine and stainless also. Continue Reading


Re: What do you like to do when you're bored?

In Viewpoints 1417705895.523

I enjoy tearing up strands of pearls and making new styles with chain, beads, gems and silk. I just got done with 5 different tin cup strands. pearls are the easiest gem to recycle. Continue Reading


Re: Do you tip your mailman during the holiday season?

In Viewpoints 1417705428.273

Tip the mailman? No I wouldn't have considered doing it. Continue Reading



In Viewpoints 1417703362.28

Look for reruns. He asked Gemma where John's journals where. Probably will give his and dad's to the boys."What not to do". Continue Reading

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