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Re: ABC News Takes Over ‘The View’ As Ratings Dwindle (Exclusive)

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They only have one view, THEIRS. I guess that works until it doesn't. Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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Beautiful Smarty. Those pearls are great together. Continue Reading


Re: Amelia Earhart's Plane Found?

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That metal plate has been around for years. I don't know why this is a story now. Continue Reading


Re: I'm Afraid This Is Only The Beginning

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Perhaps the news media and and CDC's play some part of this problem. Continue Reading


Re: Family with 12 sons awaiting their newest arrival...

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The story doesn't say they are on public assistance. Why are they irresponsible? Continue Reading


Re: Special Jewelry polishing cloth

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It may be one of these. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else upset with DishTv and losing Turner stations?

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I love DISH. I don't watch those channels, so couldn't care less. Continue Reading


Re: Pearl Necklace XXI Pearl Queen Cafe/Bar/Casino

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My pendant redo is on it's way back to me today. I had purchased the white gold mounting in 2006-7 and had a margarita colored Tahitian installed into it. It's never been worn so I decided to buy a AAA white south sea pearl from Pearl Paradise and change it's look. I heard from Hisano yesterday that she felt the mounting needed re rhodium plating before installing the new pearl. She sent it out and here is the finished project. It's hard to believe how yellowish a brand new factory plated item that has only sat in it's box, never worn has changed in color. All three mountings are from Gem... Continue Reading


Re: Researchers Have Found That Plants Know They Are Being Eaten

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On 10/27/2014 LaterGator said: By the time we get the plants, they are already dead. We don't eat them off the ground or where ever they grow. So are the turkeys, cows, fish, pigs and chickens. Continue Reading

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