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Handbags -- Feet or no feet???

Last Reply by Goldie76 1406954798.94 | Started by sparklestar in All About Handbags

Would you spend $200 or more for a bag that has no feet? I think it's an important feature ... what say all you bag experts? Continue Reading


Re: High s/h and tax!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1406922910.57

On 8/1/2014 brewhaha said: It's easy enough to do the math before placing your order. Sure, that would have stopped me right there and I've done that plenty of times. Continue Reading


Re: Wen TSV?

In TSV Talk 1406917583.403

If you're ever looking for info on Wen, go to the Wen forum ... the girls there are the best at keeping each other informed. Continue Reading


Re: Love Isaac, but the presentations.....

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1406917018.88

On 7/21/2014 HHC1 said: ITA, I love Isaac as a designer & presenter, but he is more effective when he is teamed with other hosts (Sandra, Leah etc). I get so much more out of his shows because he completes his thoughts and sentences. The constant chatter with Shawn, IMO, takes away from the value of the show. It's all just a matter of opinion. I only watch Isaac when he's with Shawn because I think they are funny, amusing, and work well together. Continue Reading


Re: High s/h and tax!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1406916826.09

Didn't you see the price of the S&H and tax before you hit "submit" on your order? Continue Reading


Re: Is there a reason why Amy?

In Fashion Talk 1406867159.497

She must have fixed both hems because now they are both rolled up. Maybe she didn't realize it. Continue Reading


Is there a reason why Amy?

Last Reply by Spunkyspouts 1406959414.893 | Started by sparklestar in Fashion Talk

You have one pant leg rolled up and the other is not? Continue Reading


Re: I asked about the Calista Embellish and got no responses so now I want to know about the WEN VTM

In WEN 1406784366.513

On 7/30/2014 HappyDaze said: or do you think it wouldn't be a strong enough hold to do so? I don't want a hard crunchy hold for my man's hair. Are those your men HD? Continue Reading


Re: J294992 American West Red Coral Cluster Design Sterling Ring

In Carolyn Pollack 1406782910.947

Went back and checked on the reviews for the sleeping beauty turquoise ring (exact same style) and it appears there were some with the same problem -- missing stones when received and stones falling out. Very disappointed in this line. Continue Reading


Re: Aug 30th wen TSV info….straight from the horse!

In WEN 1406782324.32

On 7/30/2014 bruingirl said: On 7/30/2014 sparklestar said: On 7/30/2014 bruingirl said: The following was posted on Dooter's FB page about 30 minutes ago... I mean seriously? Fig and Tea Tree Volumizing Treatment Spray? Bamboo Green Tea Styling Creme, Volumizing Treatment Spray AND Re-Moist Mask. That WEN Guy is a genius. I'm just saying... the horse knows all!!! Seriously!!! I've been waiting and asking for BGT remoist mask and/or. I'll be ordering multiples if this is true. it's true!! I trust the horse and team wen… So awesome. My dream has come true. Now all we need is BGT ... Continue Reading

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