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Re: Patti Reilly

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On 12/17/2014 Lotus~ said: I never saw Patti act anything but professional on set. She gained some self confidence after she lost weight and seemed more self assured. The abuse towards her on these boards went beyond bullying. I'm in agreement with everything you've stated. Continue Reading


Re: Our new neighbors

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On 12/19/2014 flickerbulb said: My former neighbor's dog was left outside on the patio all day and night. Poor dog cried and cried. They tied her out on a shoestring and tied a tight strap around her neck for a collar. She came across the street and barked in front of my house. I dog napped her and now she is my bestest girl and never barks. She was so mistreated and sad that she had tear stains under her eyes from crying. That poor dog is doing the same thing. A little love and attention will cure the barking. PS....she is now snuggled in my new Fluffie blanket! You're a very caring perso... Continue Reading


Re: Really, Jackie??

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No sillier than some of the vendor claims (i.e. Josie Maran). Continue Reading


Re: Amazon vs QVC

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Why do people worry about what other people choose to do? Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's Ring Sizing?

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Same here. I ordered my regular size and it's perfect. Continue Reading


Re: Facebook Safety

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On 12/17/2014 Kathleen said: How would anyone who doesn't know me know where I live? Manhattan is a big city. I am wondering the same thing. How would anyone know where you live? Continue Reading


Re: jennifer coffey

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On 12/17/2014 ValuSkr said: Yes, she's on the Meet Our Hosts page. She's usually on in the overnight and I'm happy for her to remain there. Continue Reading


Re: I Wonder ...

In TSV Talk 1418710216.283

Dislike it/hate it??? It's getting so I'm getting scolded for something or other on this board. I'm guessing I should move to a friendlier community. Continue Reading

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