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Re: Amy's sweater on Great Gifts

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I like it also. Either it's her sweater or maybe an upcoming item? She looks so funny trying to play with that toy. The way she was bouncing up and down. Continue Reading


Re: Bummer

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But you can always shop her stuff without a show. Right? Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Like OrYany at All!

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On 10/29/2014 SFGIANTSGIRL said: On 10/29/2014 songbird said: I hate all the bags on QVC. Just awful. I like high end bags like Chanel. Stuff you won't see on QVC Songbird Not being mean but if you hate all the bags on QVC why visit the handbag forums for QVC. The Purse Forum discusses all bags, you may find some good info for the bags you prefer over there. Deb Wait ... what did your post state? " totally don't mind when people ask questions and state opinions without offending others. She doesn't care for the bags but did not tell me I was not smart for liking them, just wanted to know ... Continue Reading


Re: Sandra's description of Chaz' first salon - amazing!

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His success is both talent and product. Continue Reading


Re: Help! How do you clean your hardwood floors?

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On 10/27/2014 Luv2Decorate said: I use Bona every week. Works great, smells good. This. Continue Reading



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The original post was not asking for anyone's opinion on Lisa, Shawn or the tribute Shawn gave. She merely brought it to the attention of those that were interested in reading it. Negative opinions or comments were not asked for or welcomed. It was simply a nice point of information. It was pretty simple, if you want to give your opinion, which many think they need to spread all over the universe, start another thread. This one was not the place for the comments. Continue Reading



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It's really a shame that people can't control themselves. Much like children that have not learned there's a time and place for speaking your mind; instead they just blurt out whatever they feel like. Continue Reading


Re: Li-NAY-ya - do your homework!

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On 10/27/2014 brewhaha said: okaya Hysterical. Continue Reading


Re: Feet

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Not really ... just don't tune in all day. Continue Reading

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