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Re: What's your opinion on this…..??

In Jewelry Talk 1409719610.407

You think it detracts from the value or the price? How is that possible? If you like the look of the watch but not with the bracelets, then don't wear the bracelets. Personally I never wear bracelets next to my watch. But that's what I like. Continue Reading


Re: waterproof eye makeup remover

In Beauty Banter 1409717837.86

I've always wore waterproof mascara and the only thing that truly removes it is Covergirl but that leaves some greasy residue around the eyes. I recently purchased Estee Lauder which is more of a water liquid than a thick greasy feel like the CG. The EL works amazing and I use a lot less to remove the mascara. Continue Reading


Re: So happy to have you back Shaun!

In Beauty Banter 1409716550.253

Tuned in to see you hosting and it felt like the real QVC. It hasn't been the same without you (in my book anyway). I am very glad that you're back and I hope you're glad to be back. Continue Reading


Re: iCloud hacked

In Electronics Talk 1409686708.677

On 9/2/2014 MJ 12 said: On 9/2/2014 sparklestar said: Another way of your every move being tracked. Who is tracking your every move? You must be extraordinarily interesting. Who? The government for one. It has nothing to do with whether you're interesting or not. No one is excluded. Continue Reading


Re: my almost college bound daughter---how do you moms "do this"?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1409685583.85

Take a deep, deep breath and when the time comes, just let go. Think of it as her time to fly. You will adjust. It just takes time. There's no magical solution. Don't waste the time you have with her now worrying. Continue Reading


Re: Chef Tony's nails?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409684120.197

Maybe they should all wear protective gloves. Continue Reading


Re: iCloud hacked

In Electronics Talk 1409682371.92

Another way of your every move being tracked. Continue Reading


Re: Rose of Tralee

In The Q We Love 1409682319.473

All Stacey is good at is playing with her hair and constantly moving it out of her face. What kind of interview process does QVC have???? Continue Reading


Re: Rose of Tralee

In The Q We Love 1409682122.723

On 9/2/2014 luvmybeetle said: On 9/2/2014 iluvacop said: I've sent QVC my comments about this show. I suggest everyone else who has been watching this train wreck and chipping in on this thread do the same! Strength in numbers!! I just looked and my comments from last evening have been deleted. I said nothing more than anyone else so I will be calling about it. Don't you love censorship Continue Reading


Re: Here we go again w/ the "gossip" and false statements...FACTS below regarding JR

In Fashion Talk 1409675722.787

On 9/2/2014 Longtallsally said: Luvmycats, please stop. Please wake up tomorrow and see the good around you. Find positive things to add to these forums. Say something kind and encouraging. She's adding fuel to the fire under the guise that she wants to stop the rumors. What a joke. Continue Reading

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