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Re: Nikki jumpsuit HSN

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I thought they were very cute and looked well made. I remember I made myself one when I used to sew back in the 1970s. I wore it to my brother's graduation party and all the women in the neighborhood loved it. They all wanted me to make them one. Continue Reading


Re: Drew and Jonathan Scott from the Property Brothers are going to be on QVC!

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QVC should really go on their tours like they used to and find fresh, new ideas from unknowns rather than some show host or reality TV person. Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Outrageous Price Increase

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The TS bag for today is cute, but I wish they would get rid of that ugly, awful tassle thing (it reminds me of something I won't mention) and lower the price about $25. Most of the other bags were huge and pretensious in my opinion. Continue Reading


Re: AMY presented GILI TSV alone ???

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If she was there then there would be complaints about vendor and host talking over each other. Continue Reading



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On 3/25/2015 Amazinggrace2 said: On 3/24/2015 sparklestar said: AG, you speak some of the most insightful words. Teachers are amazing people and so are you. My daughter is a teacher and she just finished her first year of teaching. She has taught me so much through her experience. I am in awe of her. I don't know how you maintain you're composure sometimes, but you seem to be very centered and able to keep a level head (when others, like myself, would with a defensive mechanism.) I admire you. Sparkle, ty so much for your kind words and right back at you with admiration. That you can learn f... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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I asked her directly and point blank, just so that there is clarification. "Lisa, is it true you are returning to QVC in your old position as host, or are referring to your return as a vendor to Supersmile." I didn't see any responses from her (either way) to the other comments stating they think she's returning to QVC as a host. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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On 3/25/2015 MJ 12 said: She is coming back as a regular host - she stated that on her FB last night. Sorry but I don't see her exact statement. She said, talking about a 5K run " .... ALL proceeds will go to the Abramson Cancer Center!!! We would love to meet you and say hello!!!! I'll be mc of the event!! There will be music and food and laughter and fun!!! Come meet my beloved Gino as he fights this battle!!! Love you much!!! PS....not important....but yes, I am headed back to QVC and could NOT be happier. Truly blessed!!!! God bless you!!! Get your running shoes on!!!! See you there!!!!... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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On 3/25/2015 Reever said: Wait a minute is she coming back as a vendor?? That apparently seems to be the $1,000,000 question!!! Vendor or host, who knows. I just wish people would make dang sure their information is correct before posting it. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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On 3/25/2015 mochachino said: seems to me from her FB page and picture of her and Gino with Dr Smigel's wife saying they had a welcome back party for her, that she is coming back to QVC as a vendor for supersmile. Thank you!!! Dr. Irwin Smigel, Mrs. Smigel and daughter Ballanca for a "welcome back" afternoon party! Despite the snowy weather, they treated us to an extraordinary day!!! Dr. Smigel is the most brilliant dentist. He is the gentleman all other dentists aspire to be. He, with his beautiful wife Lucia, invented Supersmile. Gino and I have had the blessing of knowing this family fo... Continue Reading


Re: Two New L'Oreal Hair products

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On 3/24/2015 rebel said: thanks for sharing. sparklestar could you please describe your hair? I am wondering how this (the blow dry spray) might work for my long hair. thanks. I have short hair with a slight natural wave. It's thinning due to age so I like lift and volume, but find it hard to get because products tend to weigh my hair down or leave it looking greasy. I prefer a more natural look to the hair. I've tried tons of products and end up throwing them out because I don't like them. I have not purchase any in a long, long time, but something made me try this one. It's a pump sp... Continue Reading

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