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Re: I think Alberti's getting more popular.

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Sometimes I don't mind him and other times, eh. Can't decide yet. Continue Reading


Re: Bitter coating/residue on grapes

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On 10/25/2014 ical said: On 10/25/2014 kittyloo said: I have washed these grapes, soaked them in water with some vinegar, they still have a bitter coating on the skin. Anyone have a good solution they have tried? Although I'd like to, I probably cannot say, but did you check the country of origin? I only choose USA and a select few other countries for grapes--no matter the price or the "look" of the fruit. If they were my grapes? I'd toss them if they were bitter. Grape skin can absorb chemicals into the fruit and cannot be washed off the skin. I would return them. Food is too expensive to ... Continue Reading



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She provides a great opportunity to the people that bring their product to Shark Tank. They don't have to take her deal ... they have a choice. I don't get where you think she's stealing. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson Leaving the Q????

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Some people aren't on the boards as often as some others so they may not have heard. No need to be so short with with the OP. Also if you're all so tired of reading them, don't. Continue Reading



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On 10/25/2014 LadyBug77 said: Life will go on. She didn't say it wouldn't ... just writing her sentiments. Why be so snarky? Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran, the older French woman and Argon oil

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On 10/25/2014 WillEscapeCAsoon said: On 10/24/2014 sparklestar said: On 10/22/2014 horseyak said: I was thinking tonight, what if the older woman just totally lied to her? Or, what if JM is totally lying about her story about the older woman? What if you got yourself a genuine life and stopped picking apart other women? I have a genuine life ... I'm not picking apart anyone. Kind of ironic cuz you're pretty much picking on me for having a thought. Continue Reading


Re: Frostguard TSV V32886

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On 10/25/2014 Gloria said: On 10/24/2014 Mesmerize said: I'm concerned with the amount of bad reviews here (or look up # V32235) . If you read the questions on the TSV they address all the improvements they have made. One addressed the sticking to the windshield when it got wet. They said this waterproof material now does not stick. :( I didn't read that. I cancelled mine because I was afraid after I read the reviews also. But looking at the demo I can see where it might not be the best thing for heavy snow because you would still have to brush it off first, which is not a big deal. ... Continue Reading


Re: I Wish QVC Would Carry Brahmin Handbags!

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If they do come to QVC, their quality would probably be less. Continue Reading

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