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Re: I Met STEVE MADDEN yesterday!!!

In All About Shoes 1411316977.083

On 9/21/2014 espree said: I am sure you made an impression with him, just like your name--sparklestar! Awww .. so sweet of you. Continue Reading


I Met STEVE MADDEN yesterday!!!

Last Reply by Rottie_mama 1411330686.877 | Started by sparklestar in All About Shoes

It was kind of exciting. We don't get many "celebrity" people show up in our area. I was at the mall and Lord & Taylor had their grand opening...wasn't going to even go in but there was quite a commotion going on so I went to take a look. They were doing some big promo. What a shoe department they have. It was fun. They were just breaking down the setup and he was walking around looking at the displays of his shoes and he said hi and shook my hand. I was such an idiot - all I could say was "I have lots of your shoes .... um, and boots." I felt like a moron. He just laughed and tw... Continue Reading


Re: WOMEN with Control Rep wouldn't dance?

In Fashion Talk 1411185763.09

A woman with a mind and mouth of her own! I also noticed that the three models, especially Monica who does the booty shake whenever Renee is there, hardly moved to the music. Continue Reading


Re: Has she lost her mind?

In Lori Goldstein 1411173750.243

On 9/19/2014 Alsee said: On 9/19/2014 gazelle77 said: Jackie sure seems to like it...she is gushing all over Lori. I think the hosts gush over every vendor. Anything to help sell That comes with their job. That's the business they are in. Continue Reading


Re: Suarti

In Jewelry Talk 1411166187.91

Why is it that people have to make fun of anything that's a little different? Continue Reading


Re: David Dangle Please Write a Joan's Official Jewelry Guide w/stories why she made them.

In Joan Rivers 1411161987.88

Has David been with Joan that long? I'm not sure how he would know all that information. It's a nice thought though. Continue Reading


Re: When does the holiday gift return start?

In Beauty Banter 1411159117.15

I think it starts with the Xmas in July sales. Continue Reading


Re: Bright white french manicure

In Beauty Banter 1411158966.99

On 9/19/2014 birkin baby said: I don't watch Algenist because ,as petty as it might seem to some,her voice makes me nuts. I agree the French manicure is very dated. I do like the modern twist with opaque colors like black on base and a color on tips. It sounds like her jaw is wired shut. Her teeth don't move -- just her lips. Continue Reading


Re: Colorblock tights- color me CONFUSED!

In Fashion Talk 1411133101.52

I think the black/grey and black/navy would be cute with the right dress. Don't care for the lighter color one. Continue Reading

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