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Re: casserole crock pot at target

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1415888701.463

I don't own it but I'm going over to the Target site to take a closer look at it. I need something like this for turkey stuffing. Thanks for the post. Continue Reading


Re: Janes necklace..where can I find it?

In Jewelry Talk 1415356054.667

I think it might be J282438. Watch the video, Jane mentions that she owns this piece. ETA:If you go to the item # that Frogette posted, you will see the pic of the one I'm referring to at the far right. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's Gili Long Cross Pendant (Necklace)

In Jewelry Talk 1415109219.597

I didnt hear her mention an item #. Love that cross but when she said it would be presented in the Posh show that was code, for me, it was going to be on the higher end of the price scale )-: Continue Reading


Re: How Do You Make Yours????

In Recipe Swap 1414724127.7

Dropping by to say hi to LilBit! It's been a long time, hope all is well with you sweet lady! Continue Reading


Re: Tony Little pillows?

In For the Home Talk 1414507494.403

When I first received these, several years ago, I wasn't a fan. Packed them up to send back. After a couple nights sleeping on my older Northern Nights pillows, I got out of bed, unpacked the TL's & never looked back. Ready to order my third set...can't sleep without them...take them along when traveling by car! Continue Reading


Re: Contemplating a French door refrigerator

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408973280.62

I have the Whirlpool French Four Door. I love that when both doors are open, I can see everything front to back. My only problem with this design is in the drawer below the the French doors. It takes up room I would have rather had in the freezer section. ETA: I went with the SS. It's very neutral & IMHO has become a classic. It all depends on the style ( & size) of your kitchen. My SIL recently remodeled her tiny kitchen with lots of wood, dark granite & white appliances. When you enter-wow- the white really jumps out at you. Continue Reading


Re: Ladies, would we like a GEORGE SIMONTON section here?

In Fashion Talk 1408657935.46

I adore this man but haven't been too interested in his offerings of late. I'm not a fan of Milky Knit. I wish he would bring back his fabulous jackets similar to a few years back. Continue Reading


Re: Scarf/Necklace combo

In Fashion Talk 1408630732.647

On 8/20/2014 sharlee said: Waving back to By the Bay - hi there. We should have lunch again sometime - I miss the old group! I too miss our get togethers! So much fun! Continue Reading


Re: Vera Bradley

In Fashion Talk 1408629974.617

On 8/21/2014 ibb38 said: On 8/20/2014 ByTheBay said: On 8/1said: Just a short in the dark. Anyone know of a good place to get a deal on VB, especially travel items? Am looking for the Weekender and as always, looking for the best price. I'm near a retail store, but not an outlet (that I am aware of) Exactly what I'm looking for, a weekender, but I need it in Mocha Rouge. Anybody out there in cyber land know where to find this elusive devil? No go on the VB site.----gonnab, have you tried Amazon? I only use the travel pieces & really lucked out on several deals with no s/h! http://www.ve... Continue Reading


Re: Clarks Kessa Mabel Ankle Boot.......

In Fashion Talk 1408549480.217

On 8/20/2014 BonAtTheBeach said: On 8/20/2014 ByTheBay said: I wore these most days when in Italy. Love them! Purchased mine from Amazon. P.S. Wanted to add that they run true to size with a nice roomy toe box. I also have a high instep & they worked out great in that area also. Awesome. I'm ordering the burgundy. Oh, I usually go up 1/2 size in ankle boots....good choice this time or stick to normal? Need that toe room!! Thanks! I have short toes so I had no probs there. Continue Reading

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