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Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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Absolutely dress #4. Youthful yet age appropriate. Will photograph well & not compete with the bride. You can wear this again where as the others look ''Mother of the Groom''. Plus, you look super slim, trim & drop dead gorgeous in it!! Add pearl jewelry & Say, Yes To the Dress!! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting the chrono watch today on EZP?

In Judith Ripka 1424390635.043

On 2/19/2015 Sammycat1 said: I love the black, too, but it's just not in the budget...and I rationalize that spring is around the bend and I don't need a darker watch as a result. The silver I already own and it's beautiful. It is a heavier watch but it's very well made and worth the price I paid ($219). ITA Sammy! I have it in the gold & love it. The small does run large & it is a tad on the heavy side but, it's not at all uncomfy. I would definitely go for it before the the price increases once again. Continue Reading


Re: Post holiday blues

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On 1/6/2015 twocent said: Even though the retailers pushed us into the holidays around Sept. - it seemed to me it came and went , so quickly. As a child , the holidays weren't pleasant times, so as an adult - I make it a point to make the most of the celebration . I do enjoy the sales and shopping, but never allow the "real meaning of the season" -to be anything ,but front and center. That said, it just seemed so hustled, stressed, and so many were just so darn rude and almost "hateful/angry" - instead of joyous and kind. Maybe just the area . that I am in. I know we all have our issues, h... Continue Reading


Re: Military parent advice please

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Grace...I feel your angst over your DS going military. My youngest graduated college & is now a 1st Lt. in the Army (promoted a yr. ago July). He is currently serving in Kuwait, home for Christmas, but leaves to go back tomorrow for 5 more mos. He plans on this being his career. While the separation is the hardest thing for us, as parents, all I can say is, sign up for Skype. It's so good to be able to speak & see your child at the same time. Makes the missing a tad bit easier. God Bless your young man & thank him for his service! Continue Reading


Re: What was your best and/or most favorite holiday moment this year -- so far?

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My son getting leave & coming home from Kuwait!......Aw minkbunny....that touched my heart<3 Continue Reading


Re: Lori Goldstein and Kohls issue...

In Beauty Banter 1419775053.31

I wish Kohl's would offer another Catherine Malendrino collection. I have several pieces that I bought last year. Love her designs! Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1419690627.763

Hi Win.....commented on your thread the other day but it got poofed! Gorgeous coat!! Hope you got in on the 20% off? Merry (Belated) Christmas & Happy New Year<3 Continue Reading


Re: Loin of Pork ~ how do you cook it?

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I make a rub of Sage, Fresh Ground Pepper & Sea Salt. Coat liberally, place in roasting pan & cover @ 350 until meat thermometer reads 170. To one side of the pan I also place plenty of sage dressing. If you are looking to count calories, I would cook dressing separately. My boys always ask me to do it this way for the holiday. Merry Christmas! Continue Reading


Re: George H.W. Bush Hospitalized Tonight

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On 12/23/2014 DARING GREATLY said: I admire the new relationship he has with Bill Clinton. They forged a bond to help those in need and it shows that political ties really mean nothing when it comes to humanitarian needs. He now calls Bill and Hillary Clinton friends, and I think that should be a message to all political parties to stop all the political rhetoric and get along. ITA! Bill & 41&43 have all become very close friends! I heard Bill comment that he is referred to as "The brother from another mother & the black sheep of the family- LOL"! I love how people can put aside ... Continue Reading


Re: Keurig Recall

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On 12/23/2014 ByTheBay said: On 12/23/2014 MFitz said: Repair kit, are you kidding! I want a coffee maker that works and not spend my time trying to repair it. And who knows if the repair kit will fix the issue or how to even repair it. I expect my $86 brewer to work. Wow....my reply didn't post!! I was agreeing with you about the Repair Kit! Crazy! They can go ahead & send it to me though. After using mine for 15 mos with no probs, I'm not really concerned, Continue Reading

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