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Re: Visit to Vatican

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So glad you loved Rome! Makes me all the more excited for our trip to Italy in 2 1/2 weeks. How was the weather? Still going back & forth on clothes. Continue Reading


Re: Photodonna,

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On 4/3/2014 Photo Donna said: On 4/3/2014 ByTheBay said: Photo Donna- I was wondering if you recommend using an iPad for photos (using the apps you mentioned). well, I have the original iPad (no camera) so I have no direct experience. A friend of mine has the #2, takes photos, and edits them on her iPad with the apps but she says the apps don't always work on the iPad exactly like they do on the iPhone. I prefer the phone because it is always in my bag or pocket -- it is smaller and easy to carry plus there are a lot of gizmos made for iphoneography. Thanks so much for the info! I'm going to... Continue Reading


Re: Photodonna,

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Photo Donna- I was wondering if you recommend using an iPad for photos (using the apps you mentioned). Continue Reading


Re: This Won't Be Empty For Long! -- Read How Amy and Steve Are Preparing For Bree's Arrival In Just 48 Days!

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Your comment about wanting to be ''a good mom,a patient mom'' touched my heart. I think all expectant parents have those same hopes & concerns. The fact that you are expressing that hope means you are well on your way to becoming one of the great moms. Mistakes? Of course. You are only human. I can assure you though that you & Steve will learn as you go & you' will have a terrific teacher.....Bree! Continue Reading



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On 2/27/2014 TrishaMntka said: I wish all the snow we have in MN could be sent to you all in CA. You need it & we are sick of it. We can't even see at intersections, because snow banks are so high. ENJOY! Hi Trisha- My aunt,in Duluth,sent me a pic of an 8' snow drift from outside her kitchen window !!! Continue Reading


Re: If you were going on vacation, and could only take one necklace and pair of earrings from QVC...

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Going to Europe in May. Not taking a lot of jewelry except, Ripka Braided Cord Heart Charm Necklace, a pair of White Gold Hoop Earrings & an Ultra Fine Sterling Saddle Ring (I got years ago as TSV's) & a Sterling Tank Watch. Leaving the bling at home.--------- ETA: Oops, ? was taking only one! Well, if I had to choose, it would be the WG Hoop Earrings. My ears look funny with two naked piercings LOL! Continue Reading



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Strange, unfamiliar sound awakened me! Oh wait, it's raining, YAY!!! I'm in the South Bay area of So Cal & it's pouring out to my soul!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you like the long dress Lisa is wearing tonight?

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I think it looks very, soft, delicate & feminine. Not a fan of pulling the hair back when you have a high forehead-too aging & severe. Continue Reading


Re: A Bash Thread

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I won't buy items in that dreadful color and will quietly sympathize for those gals that fall for the trend. My take. -------- Thank you for your sympathy LOL-I love orchids & pinks! Hope I don't look too matronly! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Call out to House Cat and other SoCal residents

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When looking, please also consider the South Bay area. The coastal communities of Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo & Torrance Beach. We are Southwest of downtown L.A. Great weather, we don't get the heat & smog of inland cities, wonderful restaurants & shopping & not the terrible traffic of L.A.........Places I would not suggest (JMHO) in the South Bay would be Harbor City, Carson, Gardena, Wilmington,Lawndale. Continue Reading

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