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On 12/14/2014 luvtoshopathome said: I CS and complained and was told they only ordered a limited quantity. How ridiculous is that, being it is such a beautiful cross and one of Lisa's last, how can they order such a limited number? They have to know people are going to order, especially Lisa's fans. I'm sure they could have sold thousands if it was also presented in Lisa's last show, instead of just on facebook. Really, the more they sell, the more money they're going to make, so where is the sense in that? I'm just hoping maybe some ordered with a check and then changed their minds so some w... Continue Reading


Paging Bruingirl

Last Reply by bruingirl 1418850338.173 | Started by ByTheBay in WEN

Did you have a fab time last night? Loved the pics!! Continue Reading


Re: GILI Elongated Beaded Satin Cross ARRIVED!!!

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On 12/13/2014 Swanhilde said: trailblazer05: a quick question? I bought the short cross and my cross is very rigid. It does not move at all. From the photos, the long one looks like it has some movement. Is that the case in person? Hi Swanhilde. Since TB hasn't come back to this thread, thought I'd chime in. Yes, the elongated section of the cross does indeed move freely. Continue Reading


Re: Selfie Stick

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Just now got back to this thread. Thanks so much for your replies. Thank you Alter Ego for the suggestion, off to see what I can find.............Suzecat- If your iPhone is in an OtterBox, the specs on it change a lot. I haven't found one as of yet that will accommodate it. Continue Reading



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All colors are currently on W/L. At least they were 5 min, ago when I placed an order. It will be interesting to see if they ever come back in stock. Continue Reading


Re: Winamac, again!

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Win- Did you get the Oprah coat? Continue Reading


Re: Kate and her Coats...

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She looks just stunning as well as glowing! Love her style! Continue Reading


Re: Posh Presents: On the 8th day of Christmas...

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On 12/8/2014 gardensla said: No price info (and I have no idea when this will be up for sale) but here's the link. This is for the longer version; there's also a short one. Keep it handy and check often so you get what you want! LINK Thanks so much, gardensla, for the info! Continue Reading


Re: Posh Presents: On the 8th day of Christmas...

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Is the multi-row cross black or gunmetal? It's been reading black on my TV? I have the GILI hematite necklaces on its way in hopes I can snag one of these crosses to pair with it. Was also able to get the Long Beaded Cross in white. Continue Reading

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