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Re: Your Kids and Common Core...

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On 4/14/2015 terrier3 said: The results are coming in...some of our suburban school districts had up to 70% of the kids refuse to take the tests. I heard the city schools were 40%. Something on facebook a few weeks ago from a teacher in the city (Buffalo Public School teacher). The tests are timed and the children who are challenged are allowed extra time; this one teacher said her students, who's second language is English, finished the test in less than the time allowed, it could be 70 minutes. Wow you say ... well they guessed at the answers because they can't read English. Continue Reading


Re: How long do you keep a car?

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On 4/14/2015 Ford1224 said: Went to Lending Tree. Received five bank offers. None of them save me more than $30 a month for a 3-year loan. Be careful with this as well. Too many inquiries on your credit bureau within a certain time from lowers your FICO score. Continue Reading


Re: How long do you keep a car?

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0% financing is fine, but sometimes they roll into the amount financed the pay off of your old vehicle. If you still have 2 years on it to pay, that needs to be paid off and most times dealers will "take care" of it for you but that usually means rolling it into the contract. Your best best is not to trade in but to sell outright. You normally don't even get the blue book price on your trade in even at a reputiable dealer. There's big money in used cars with the mark up and the interest rates on used. But in NYS the dealers are only allowed to mark up the finance rate by 3%. Any fina... Continue Reading


Re: Dyngus Day, Anyone?

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On 3/19/2015 Irshgrl31201 said: I am in Buffalo right now and I am going out in a couple of ours to celebrate. Spent St. Patricks day in the first ward and then the Irish Center. Going to Wiechecs to get something to eat. Welcome back!!! Don't forget sponge candy. Terrier, when I lived in Michigan, the metro Detroit area, they celebrated Dyngus Day there in a big way too. My sister wants to go to the parade and celebrate in the Broadway Fillmore area. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ March Thread

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So with Ava ill, will that be how they discover that Kiki isn't her's? HMMMM .... OLTL did that same story line when it was discovered that Rex was really a Buchanan. I didn't see the episode today (Monday) so have to rely on recaps, sounds like I didn't miss much. Continue Reading


Re: THE GOOD WIFE possible spoiler

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I didn't care for the episode either. There was really not much substance to the entire hour. There are some story lines to wrap up before the season finale -- Kalinda's departure ( I read she will leave, not be 'killed off', Louis Canning's fate, the election, Grace's spirituality. I read some review from critics who loved the episode. They are probably the same ones who praised Birdman. Continue Reading


Re: Article ... Gray hair is hot again

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On 3/6/2015 colliegirls said: bull!! ^^^^^This Continue Reading


Re: There is only one "Odd Couple" Randall and Klugman

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Once I got over the fact that this is an updated Odd Couple and not from the 70's, I've grown to like it. Matthew Perry is growing into Oscar but the Felix character nailed it from the get go. I thought last night's episode was the best so far. There have been some good lines and laughs in the prior weeks. But Colliegirls is right, it's better than most of the stuff that's on. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ March Thread

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Don't listen to him Ava. Continue Reading


Re: The Talk

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I couldn't hear anything either. In fact I tuned in in mid-announcement and thought it was Sharon's grandbaby the way she was carrying on. Another pet peeve of mine is the morning shows, especially the Today Show, when they're out on "The Plaza" and talking and announcing what's next, can't hear them over all the hoopin' and hollarin' going on. I'm a GMA person and it happens there too, but more so over at the NBC Today show. Continue Reading

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