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Re: General Hospital ~ July Thread

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I believe this has been mentioned prior, but what happened to Olivia's 'visions'. She could solve everything!!! Continue Reading


Re: I can't stand to watch ....

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Anything Kardashian. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ July Thread

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RCG, I agree with you 1000 per cent. So tired of the bringing back the dead, enough already. Think outside of the box please. Everything is so predictable with these story lines. I thought I read a while back thAt Vincent Izary was going to b on the show as a Cassadine. Sorry I forgot his characters name on all my children, Dr. David something. Continue Reading


Re: Question for Anyone in the Buffalo Area

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Terrier, nice recommendation. I'm in the southtowns, but did notice the difference in premier once they moved from the Delaware ave location to maple. My sister and in are doing the garden walk this month. Continue Reading


Re: Question for Anyone in the Buffalo Area

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Try premier gourmet. Website is premier dot com. Phone 7168773574 Continue Reading


Re: Is Duck Dynasty Coming Back on TV Soon?

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Never watched, but did see in Bed Bath & Beyond the big Tervis Tumblers with their likeness were marked down to $5.99 -- including the top!!! Continue Reading


Re: Facebook and Family News

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When my brother passed away last month we let our cousins know via facebook; first with a private message and then as a posting because we didn't have any of their phone numbers. We were able to make contact with all of them and let them know of his passing. He kept his cancer diagnosis just among his wife and children ( not even my mother knew the seriousness of it until 2 weeks before ). For us it worked well. Edited by me. Continue Reading


Re: No more Philosophy bath at Sephora?

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T3: Was that at Boulevard or Galleria?? I was at Mckinley (JCP) earlier in the week and they had the B&B still, could have changed by now. That's too bad. Continue Reading

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