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Re: Jon Bon Jovi and Football

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Current orchard park resident here. I believe that even with new ownership with the current lease agreement the Bills will remain here for ten years. It will be interesting. Too much speculation right nw. The Jacobs family name has also been bandied about, but with theirnownershipmof the Bruins and Delaware North, they would have to sell the Bruins or make a change in ownership to the son and owning Delaware North may violate something. Next few years will be interesting. Continue Reading


Re: TV Characters Without First Names

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Newman - from Seinfeld Would Mr Big from SATC count. We didn't know his name until the final episode. Continue Reading


Re: Good Wife Episode tonight-Spoiler Alert-Do NOT read if you don't want to know.

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I did not see that coming. They did the same thing with a major character this year on person of interest. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else get an outrageous electric bill?

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Terrier3, I was on jury duty all week but was parked early enough yesterday that the rate was the same. Yup, crazy carl, owns a lot of those lots, heard mark croce owns some as well. Love Brian Higgins. I also think that Sen Schumer has done a lot for this region; if our electric bill is out of wack, we will also be placing a call to all of them. Good luck. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else get an outrageous electric bill?

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Terrier3, We're waiting for our electric bill. Have heard from numerous people about the spike in their bills and I totally agree, the explanation that Nat Grid and NYSE&G gave was lame. We know a business owner (restaurant / bar) and his went up 30%. Will have to sell a lot of fish fries this lent. It may be time for Sen. Schumer and Gillibrand to look into this. What do you think about the $60.00 parking for the NCAA tournament? Continue Reading


Re: Need Help Connecting to WiFi

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All the info you need should be on your router. The password should be the wep key#. Good luck. Continue Reading


Re: Francis strikes again!

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Here's the article referenced by terrier3. http://www.buffalonews.com/life-arts/religion/church-closings-in-limbo-as-rome-overrules-bishop-20140208 Continue Reading


Re: OT...The secret is out... Walmart ruined Christmas morning!

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Must be the way they ship things right now, received a printer ordered from WalMart today in the manufacturers box. Friend of mine also received something from Bath & body Works in a Bath & Body Works box. You knew where it was from from all the fragrance bottles on the box. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone watch The Making of the "Sound of Music"?

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I think it's a genius move on NBC's part to cast Carrie Underwood. Introduce the genre of musicals to an entirely new set of young eyes. I saw 'the making of' and was impressed. Can hardly wait to see it next week. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else having "issues" with Internet Explorer?

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Funny you mentioned this, having problems with my online banking. I have both Chrome and IE, received a message on bank website they were having problems with IE, but I have IE7. Luckily Google Chrome worked just fine for me. Not sure what the issues are. I'm staying away from IE8 though. Hear it's a nightmare. Continue Reading

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