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Re: General Hospital ~ February Thread

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Who is Spencer's mother? Maybe Helena will re-enter and take him and he'll return when he's 16, which in soap opera time could be 6 months to 6 years. I remember watching AMC when Brooke and Tom's daughter was taken from her. Cried my eyes out on that one. Only for them to resurrect her years later, but it wasn't really her. Continue Reading


Re: Who Doesn't Eat Leftovers????

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I don't eat them either. Usually make enough for dinner. If we have guests over, they get the extra food as what I call 'take out'. DH doesn't like potlucks, he won't eat the food unless he knows who prepared the dish. I know you can have milk a few days after the date, but I toss it that day. Only buy a quart at at a time, same with bread, if it's past the date, it goes out to the birds. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ February Thread

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For a few minutes today I thought the Fluke s/l was coming to an end when Luke arrived back on the scene, only to be drawn back. That would have been great to have Luke around for more than what we did. How long will the Jake/Jason who am I s/l be around? What's with the preview at the Cassidine's with the fire? Where did that come from. And when KiKi 'returns' we have a new KiKi. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Find This Map Accurate? It's Popular Vehicles by State.

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Is this total for cars, trucks, fleet vehicles or just passenger vehicles? Is it based New vehicle sales or is it based on state registration of vehicles. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ February Thread

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Anyone see the 'rumor' that it was actually Fluke that killed AJ? It wasn't the gunshot that killed him but Fluke did something to him in the hospital. Not sure if that was on Celebrity Dirty Laundry's site or another one. All I can say is ... Stop the Insanity!! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone go to Trader Joe's lately? Looking for suggestions...

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Terrier, Being in OP, I'll go to Orchard Fresh and save TJ's for a warmer time. As a side, hubby on his way to the pond hockey tournament. He's extra extra bundled up. A friend of his is playing. Should be interesting how long he (DH) lasts. Going to Shea's tomorrow for the matinnee (Chicago), hope to have lunch before hand. Buffalo Proctor doesn't open until 5 so maybe Pearl Street. Bundle up and stay warm. Continue Reading


Re: I'm in Mourning for Mrs. Wolowitz

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Very well done. You could see the sadness and love for the actress in the actors when they did the final scene. A very nice send off for Mrs. Wolowitz. Continue Reading


Re: Florida side trip ideas?

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250 miles north is Savannah Ga. A wonderful place to spend time. Continue Reading


Re: An Entertainment Question

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Try The Hollywood Reporter or Radar on line. I haven't heard this one but it would be interesting with either. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ February Thread

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On 2/18/2015 Preds said: Okay ... so Maybe Luke had to kill his sister because his dear old dad threaten to kill them all if he didn't so he "broke" then and became over protective of Bobbie? Just a thought about why this story line is so NUTSO! It's been overdone so many times!!!!!!! Preds, great thought. There's always some event that caused the OLTL characters to "split" let's just get on with it. It's so cold here I'm forced to stay in and watch. LOL Continue Reading

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