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Re: Really?

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i can not remember, the last time i ordered something from qvc, i use to order things all the time! we all talk about how everything is going up, quality going down, high prices, shipping prices, higher then any other shopping site. so i decided i would do what i said, just stop. any of you that are paying full price for summer clothes, stop! every other store is giving them away, clothes,shoes, anything you can think of. i wish i had kept a total of the amount of money i have saved, and re-newed my love of malls!!! i think of all the shipping money alone that i have saved. i rem... Continue Reading


Re: I Feel Bad for Paula...................

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i feel for anyone, who's whole career, may be ruined over a word, that everyone has used at one time or the other. the younger generation, use it,not as a raical slur, but in place of certain cuss words, to describe someone or something they do not like. it is amazing to me, how all of a sudden, turn into a pack of wolfs, over someone saying the N word, i can think of many other words, that would offend more people, and those words are used all the time!! Continue Reading


Re: I am speechless...........

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question, does anyone buy, speaking of ugly, does anyone buy this ugly bronz jewelery? i'am so sick of seening this junk, and the outrageous prices they charge. Continue Reading


Re: New JCPenney commercial

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i hope they do not raise the prices, up though, they had the lowest prices around, and i was loving it! i do not use coupons, they raise prices to give you those stupid coupons, they are not giving you anything for nothing. i loved the new way of doing things, remodled stores, great prices, new brands, what more could we have asked for! they just got a bunch of cash from new investers. Continue Reading


Re: Are your clothes SHOCKING you?

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just buy some static guard and spray, on your clothes, car seats,ect., it works great! Continue Reading


Re: Isaac--- we get it about the UPS man's PACKAGE ....

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1367546948.75

i never heard it either, glad someone else agreed, i watch him alot,and this remark is new to me too! Continue Reading


Re: Leslie's FB post...

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thats very imature of her, as a public figure, you are not going to have everyone,think you are wonderful. she should be use to this by now, if she had not said anything, people would not talk about her. iam surprised, that she is so immature, you are not going to be everyones favorite,life does not work like that!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Reporting "appropriate" as "Inappropriate" isn't right!!

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your e-mail, may not be deleted at all, so many people think that, but you have to realize, this site gets thousands of emails a day. so many times the email has been moved not deleted. if you hit your name, all your emails will come up!! so do not presume it is gone. hope this helps you understand, and that i made it as simple as i could. Continue Reading


Re: Has LISA ever revealed all her beauty routines?

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i think lisa, is like the rest of us, does her makeup to suit herself. even if she told you what her routine is, it would not be the same for other people. i have a basic routine, but change it, according to my mood, time of year, where i'am going on a certain day. the best thing i think is to do what you think you look best in. Continue Reading


Re: I have always used mascara on my bottom lashes!

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i wear mascara on my bottom lash's,becaue i like them, like that. all this beauty yes or no, it should be your own personal decision. Continue Reading

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