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Re: Need Dyring Rack: Need Your Opinions/Experience with V32256 Drying Rack

In For the Home Talk 1397335057.277

Susan, I love that rack. I'm off looking for it in Atlantic Canada! LM Continue Reading


Re: Guidance needed

In Among Friends 1397333173.207

Hi Vivian. You have received some good advice here. Lakk said what I think too. The only other comment I have to add is with respect to your mom. At this point, you can't force her to do anything against her will without a lot of bad feeling. There may come a time when she realizes she has to have help to remain independent. Sometimes, sadly, it takes a crisis of some kind to make your mom see that these decisions are necessary to protect her well being. I wish you the best in your situation. LM Continue Reading


Re: Just one more week .................

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Hooty, thanks for keeping us in the loop. Sorry it's only seven shows too but can't wait to see the show!!! LM Continue Reading



In Movies 1396214417.977

I'm with Bonniebelle on this one. It was ok, not sorry I watched but not as good as I expected. I saw Captain Phillips last night and thought it was a much better movie. Tom Hanks was superb as the Captain. LM Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Purchase a Memory Foam Mattress From Costco.com?

In For the Home Talk 1396212407.793

Hi. I purchased a Novaform king size mattress about ten years ago. I had a hip issue and was finding my firm mattress too unforgiving. I was wary of this purchase but assured by Costco that I could return it if unsatisfied. I love this mattress topper and am still using it. I rotate it every time I change the bed, easy to do. Go for it. You won't regret it. It is not so soft you sink into it. I hate too soft. You can move around easily. Good luck with your purchase! LM Continue Reading


Re: Window coverings ... Window in steel door

In For the Home Talk 1396012203.14

Here is my temporary solution. I put a small magnet inside the bottom pocket where the rod is supposed to go. It keeps the bottom from flapping and getting stuck in the door. Now I don't have to worry about DH dislodging the bottom rod when he opens the door. We'll see how it goes over the next few days. I think this could be the answer! LM Continue Reading


Re: Window coverings ... Window in steel door

In For the Home Talk 1395995834.633

Cater, thanks for the info. I'm going to check that out! LM Continue Reading


Re: Window coverings ... Window in steel door

In For the Home Talk 1395951482.36

Hi everyone, thanks for your replies. I just hung the curtains again and they are stuck in the door first time DH entered the house! I used two magnetic rods but the bottom one kept getting dislodged. Grrrrr! Cater, the mini blind might work. Where did you get yours? Am not really crazy about drilling holes. Has anyone used those window adhesives. Do you think they look awful? Haven't investigated those. Looks like I need to get out and see what is available. Any other suggestions also appreciated. Thanks again for the ideas. LM Continue Reading


Window coverings ... Window in steel door

Last Reply by Lilysmom 1396012203.143 | Started by Lilysmom in For the Home Talk

Good morning. I am looking for ideas for window coverings for windows in steel doors. I have two. One on a garage door that is an entry way into the house and is highly visible and one to the outside, not so visible. Privacy is an issue as I don't want anyone to be able to tell if we aren't home ... For security reasons while traveling. Any ideas appreciated. The current set up is curtains which get stuck in the door. TIA. LM Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- March 2014

In Book Club 1395413188.023

SMOKYMTNGAL, just read the storyline for HALF BROKEN THINGS. that will definitely be on my list. Thanks for the title. LM Continue Reading

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