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Re: Read yesterday, we're in for a repeat of last winter!! Oh NO!!

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Yuck to last winter ... Especially if you are planning to travel! Had one of my worst trips in 25 years last winter! Continue Reading


Re: Wood Flooring Question

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Get prefinished flooring. It is quicker and easier for you. Also, get quotes from at least three suppliers. Have them separate out the cost of materials and labour. Some companies give you a good deal on flooring and kill you with high labour. Take a floor plan when you shop. The sales people are very knowledgable and can help you choose. I use tile in very high traffic areas like entry doorways and high traffic halls as wood shows wear much more readily than tile. Talk to your salesperson about transitioning from one type of floor to another. Should look natural and seamless. Although some p... Continue Reading


Re: Concept2 Indoor Rowing: Do you row?

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We own this rowing machine as well. It is a real workout. When we use the gym while travelling, the rowing machines are usually free. I always tell my husband that I feel like a big nap after using it. The elliptical (Octane 37) is my main choice. Good for you Sidsmom on setting goals! LM Continue Reading


Re: More about hydrangeas this year...

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Jazz, they are definitely going to bloom. I have one shrub with two blooms and lots still unopened. All my mopheads and paniculata (sp?) are pretty normal but the lacecaps are very late. Momtodogs, I have two strawberry vanilla that are all white so far. Planted late last year so I don't know what to expect in terms of color variation. Will let you know what happens. LM Continue Reading


More about hydrangeas this year...

Last Reply by JustJazzmom 1409014494.297 | Started by Lilysmom in In the Garden

I can't believe what is going on with my lacecap hydrangeas. Here it is almost the end of August and most of them have buds but are not in bloom yet. Is this going to affect next year's blooms because they are so late? I'm in zone 5, east coast Canada. LM Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buying spring bulbs yet?

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Just checked out Schuberti Terrier. Gorgeous. Will look for them for fall planting. Thanks for the tip! LM Continue Reading


Re: Need vacation idea

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Jackielee, I hope you make it to Nova Scotia also. The motto on our license plate is 'Canada's Ocean Playground'. You are never far from the sea in the Maritime Provinces. I was fortunate enough to make it to California for a trip which I really enjoyed. Hope to make it back some time. Here is one of my interesting memories. I ate at a high end seafood restaurant and ordered scallops. They were delightful so I asked where they came from. They were caught in the Gulf of Maine which is a resourced fished predominantly by Nova Scotia fishermen and fishermen from the US east coast. I thought it w... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buying spring bulbs yet?

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Looking for some more Allium this year. Love! LM Continue Reading

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