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Re: Dual Fuel Range & Dog

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Hi Scoop. I have a dual fuel Bosch and I have a Lab as well. Never had an issue. I wonder if the clicking sound scares him? My Lab doesn't react at all but perhaps there is something about the clicking sound that alerts him? Just reassure him and hopefully he and you will get used to it soon. Love my stove. I was afraid of it at first too but now I wouldn't have any other type. Good luck! LM Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- October 2014

In Book Club 1414777102.587

Having trouble getting 'hooked' on my next book. Any suggestions for something that grabs you right away? TIA. LM Continue Reading


Re: DVD Series Recommendations Please

In Movies 1414776975.633

Some great ideas here. Just ordered Rich Man, Poor Man. Continue Reading


Re: Rich Man Poor Man

In TV Talk 1414746030.417

Thanks for this. Just put on hold at the library. LM Continue Reading


Re: Masterpiece's latest show .......... Death Comes to Pemberely

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Saw this also. I agree with jaxs mom. Will watch the next segment as well. LM Continue Reading


Re: British Crime Drama "Wire in the Blood" Being Adapted for ABC

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I watched this series with Robson Green. Someone here recommended it. Why do they have to change things! LM Continue Reading



In For the Home Talk 1414404664.873

I originally purchased green and blue. Sent the blue back and got another green. Not nearly the same coverage with the blue. LM Continue Reading


Re: Masterpiece's latest show .......... Death Comes to Pemberely

In TV Talk 1414105165.683

Thank you Hooty. People are tense and hyper alert. We have had some other lockdowns today in my city and other areas as well. LM Continue Reading


Re: Niece has cancer

In Among Friends 1414104963.103

Prayers and strength for you and your family wonder woman. LM Continue Reading


Re: Very moving start to Cdn parliament today

In Viewpoints 1414104682.257

I haven't read all of this thread but wanted to point out to those interested that it is fitting for the US Ambassador to Canada to speak. The US Embassy office is right next to our Prime Minister's office in Ottawa in Langevin Block. The US Embassy was directly impacted by the yesterday's lockdown. LM Continue Reading

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