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Re: Fans of Masterpiece Paradise

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Thanks Hoooty. Can't wait to get it. TV is pretty awful around here this summer! LM Continue Reading


Re: The people on this Electronics forum are the absolute BEST!!!

In Electronics Talk 1406319282.917

Me three! Love this forum and our helpful, knowledgable posters. Helped me many many times! Thank you!!! LM Continue Reading


Re: Fans of Masterpiece Paradise

In TV Talk 1406318695.71

Hooty, thanks for this post. I had never heard of this series. I just ordered Season 1 from my Library. I am 25 on the waiting list. Hope I get it viewed by the time Season 2 starts. Will you give us a heads up in Sept? TIA. LM Continue Reading


Re: Would you like to cut your hydrangeas

In Viewpoints 1406318031.56

I have dried hydrangea flowers by placing in a vase with a small amount of water, store in a dry dark place and let go dry. They dry naturally and last a long time. LM Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Ho equipment ... Need feedback today pls

In Health & Fitness 1406238025.26

Hi John. Thanks for the feedback. You're right, I can return it if I'm not happy. It is very much like a tens machine. I am on my feet a lot and I walk a lot so my legs get sore and tired. I don't see my activity level decreasing (not by choice anyway!) so I think I will give this a try. I understand the relief is temporary and that is what I'm looking for. Some relief at the end of a busy day. The item I ordered sold out today so here's hoping it works! LM Continue Reading


Dr. Ho equipment ... Need feedback today pls

Last Reply by hckynut 1406260699.4 | Started by Lilysmom in Health & Fitness

Anyone use his system? I have one on order to use for sore muscles. You know the type with electrodes like you use at physio? It is supposed to improve circulation. This one includes a system for feet as well. Would appreciate any feedback from those who have used this product. TIA. LM Continue Reading


Re: Jazz, need some advice on a Satomi Dogwood

In In the Garden 1406225729.93

Jazz and sweetbaymagnolia, thanks for you continued feedback. A point of clarification. The burlap was held in place by heavy twine, not wire. That is my ipad doing auto correct on me. Hate that feature! Anyway, some additional info for you. I did not completely take away the rootball. I just took away a lot of the cement like soil (nothing you or I would describe as 'soil' but for lack of a better word, I use it) on the outside of the ball. It is planted in a rich compost and I used the root boost as instructed. In ten days, I will give another treatment of root boost along with a good water... Continue Reading


Re: Jazz, need some advice on a Satomi Dogwood

In In the Garden 1406150472.55

Jazz, thanks for the advice. I'll do that. We are expecting rain tomorrow. The garden is bone dry so I am watering around the yard a lot. Your Satomi sounds beautiful. So nice that your dad helped you plant it. Seems I have inherited my father's love of gardening also. I'll let you know how this all works out. There was almost nothing left of the rootball after I took away the 'cement'. Even if they watered the rootball, it seems to me that it couldn't absorb the water. I think it just ran off the burlap. Oh my! Thanks again. Will update. LM Continue Reading


Jazz, need some advice on a Satomi Dogwood

Last Reply by Lilysmom 1406225729.947 | Started by Lilysmom in In the Garden

Our garden centers are slowing down now after a poor season. A cold spring and early summer followed by hurricane Arthur has made the season a tough one. We got almost no rain but very high drying winds. Plant inventories are not in the best shape. Yesterday, I bought a Satomi. Love this ornamental tree and I cleared a spot especially for it. It was looking a bit 'tired' when I got it home. The plant store has a one year warranty which is why I decided to buy it. Well, after readying the hole, filling with compost and watering, I removed the tree from the container. The rootball was wrapped i... Continue Reading



In For the Home Talk 1405975784.24

Don't order any other color but green. I ordered green and blue last year. I immediately sent the blue back. Blue for some reason does not give the same coverage and are not nearly as nice as the green. If you read online reviews you will see raves about green but no so much for the other colors. Love mine. Had them up for Christmas last year and everyone loved them. A wonderful and generous gift! LM Continue Reading

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