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Re: Shade plant recs?

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On 5/5/2015 JustJazzmom said: Why do I like Brunnera 'Jack Frost'? (1) because its not a hosta (2) the variegated leaves brighten up dark areas of the shady areas of my garden (3) those little tiny blue flowers look interesting (4) it looks great when viewed from a distance and close up (5) its not a hosta, oops, did I just say that? Jazz, yes, yes, and yes, I agree! LM Continue Reading


How did your garden survive the winter of 2015?

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And what a winter it was. In Nova Scotia, it didn't get hard until late January and then the storms came every couple of days for the rest of the winter. The snow has only disappeared this week. Last year our lake was Ice free APRIL 9th. This year, it was May 3rd. I have had a look through the gardens. There is some damage to limbs of shrubs from the weight of the snow and ice. Our Holly was hit as well as Nine Bark and hydrangeas so I have pruned those. Tall grasses left over the winter are all bent over at about 2" height. The evergreens did pretty well. One Canadian Hemlock is discolored o... Continue Reading


Re: Shade plant recs?

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MoJoV, I don't know what hardiness zone you are in ... Make sure you check that and the zone for the plants you want to plant so you know they will survive. My suggestions are for zone 5 and lower. I would like to second JustJazz's recommendation for Jack Frost. I just love that plant. I buy every one I see lol. They are all over my yard and the flowers are so gorgeous. Hope that works for your zone! Happy gardening! LM Continue Reading


Re: Wolf Hall on Masterpiece

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On 5/5/2015 KellyS said: I am too. Every week I never want it to end! Funny last week when they thought Henry was dead. I said no, he has more wives to go through. Ha ha! :-) Kelly, exactly what I thought lol! Continue Reading


Re: Shade plant recs?

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Some of my favorite shade plants are Ligularia (gorgeous bright yellow flower), sedum Autumn Joy and, if you get a bit of sun, Japanese Forest Grass. Love that yellow color. It is very striking. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Mad Men

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Good show this week. It really showed Don at loose ends. Everyone has deserted him. No kids to connect with, they are off to school and sports, growing up pretty much without him, Betty has opened a new chapter by going back to school, the job is looking like a 'Been there, done that' affair. Even Diane has moved on to the next thing. No idea where Don ends up but I don't see him paired with any of the existing ladies. Peggy is doing what needs to be done to be successful in her era. I don't hate her for that. She has had to make a go for it on her own and her job is really the only great suc... Continue Reading


Re: Hummingbird!!!

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Jackthebear, me too! One came to my BIL's place so they are back. Just hung two feeders. Spring has arrived! LM- PS, I am in Nova Scotia, where are you? They are a week earlier than last year. Continue Reading


Re: Take a break and rock out to this song. ;-)

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I saw The Who live in Saratoga, NY when I was 16. There were 50,000 people there. It was an experience of a lifetime for me, a small town girl! Thanks for the memory. LM Continue Reading

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