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Re: Help for puppy peeing when excited!

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Kachina, that was something! A whole bag of candy still in the wrapper. OMG what these dogs do! I always say my Lab will eat anything put in front of her, good, bad or ugly. As long as she can get it in her mouth, she's good to go! Continue Reading


Re: Downton Abbey tonight (SPOILERS)

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Hooty, I thought last night's episode was good as well. I will miss this after next week. It's coming for another season, right? LM Continue Reading


Re: Help for puppy peeing when excited!

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Lucylover64, it was very comical. I'm usually calm and collected but I lost it that day. I never knew she could move so fast. It was a great game to her and I'm sure I was a sight covered in flour chasing her around the kitchen table. My family still laughs about it. The moral of the story is that a Lab will eat anything in front of them, good, bad or ugly! Continue Reading


Re: Help for puppy peeing when excited!

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Bossmama, pls forgive me as this is turning into a chocolate Lab storytelling thread. I just have to add a story to go along with ccassiday's story. When my Lab was about six month's old, I was making a batch of pie crust which I individually wrap and freeze. I had eight perfectly wrapped pie crusts when, up from the floor bounces my puppy. She grabs the closest one and is off to the races. I had the kitchen door and French doors blocked off as we were still in dog training mode. That dog had a ball running me around the table trying to catch her. The little rat swallowed the Saran wrapped pi... Continue Reading


Re: I'm Worried About My Squirrel, Mustache

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Harpa, glad your squirrel returned. I have a friend who feeds the squirrels. When she goes away to visit her daughters in winter she arranges for someone to come by and feed them. She has been doing that for years! LM Continue Reading


Re: Bliss Lights

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On 2/21/2015 Mary Bailey said: There are some Bliss Lights in "as is" We had a problem with one out of three Home Depot lights. We'll see what happens with the two other lights next season before I invest anymore in them. Good idea MaryBailey. We have hard winters where I live. I have Bliss lights and I have used them three years in a row with no problem. They are expensive but so very easy. I have two sets of green and they look lovely shining through the white birch on my house. Hope they last! LM Continue Reading


Re: Help for puppy peeing when excited!

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On 2/21/2015 lucylover64 said: On 2/21/2015 Lilysmom said: My Lab did this as a puppy. She outgrew it too. I made everyone greet her outside first to spare the clean ups haha. She's seven now, a beautiful chocolate and finally well settled. Good luck with the new puppy. Thank you for taking a rescue! LM Hi, Lilysmom--we have a 90 lb, 18 month old black Lab and previously had another black one. We would really like to get a chocolate Lab someday! Thanks for sharing! Labs Rule! Hi Lucylover! I have had a black, a yellow and now chocolate Lab. The best dogs. What they say about chocolates tak... Continue Reading


Re: Bliss Lights

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Read the reviews on the Home Depot lights. The ones I saw said they only worked one season. That might have been in winter conditions but check the reviews before you buy. LM Continue Reading


Re: Bird I.D. help

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I wondered if it was a Cedar Waxwing. Nomar, I had an indigo bunting one year. I thought it was a piece of cloth on the ground, it was so brilliant. Couldn't believe my eyes. I have seen them one or two times since. I live in Nova Scotia and they are not common here. I was lucky enough to get a few pictures. LM Continue Reading

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