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Re: Masterpiece's latest show .......... Death Comes to Pemberely

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Thank you Hooty. People are tense and hyper alert. We have had some other lockdowns today in my city and other areas as well. LM Continue Reading


Re: Niece has cancer

In Among Friends 1414104963.103

Prayers and strength for you and your family wonder woman. LM Continue Reading


Re: Very moving start to Cdn parliament today

In Viewpoints 1414104682.257

I haven't read all of this thread but wanted to point out to those interested that it is fitting for the US Ambassador to Canada to speak. The US Embassy office is right next to our Prime Minister's office in Ottawa in Langevin Block. The US Embassy was directly impacted by the yesterday's lockdown. LM Continue Reading


Re: Question about Labs (dogs)

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What is it about Labs and socks? Our dog is 7 now. Her all time favorite toy is a squeaky toy in one of my DH's socks. She will drop whatever she is doing any time and come running if you squeak that sock. LM Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone successfully downgraded to Windows 7 from Windows 8/8.1?

In Electronics Talk 1414013472.143

Ford, my neighbor got a new computer and had windows 8 and she hates it just like you. Misery loves company ... I told her your story. Smhr is trying to get used to it. Glad you are all set up again. LM Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else get up really early and not because of a job?

In Health & Fitness 1414013236.52

Always up early ... Between 5 and 6. DH sleeps in and my Lab sleeps in her kennel. No one is allowed to get up before 6 am after I've had my coffee haha. I love mornings. I used to walk in the dark in winter but, with all the coyotes and bears around, I had to give that up. LM Continue Reading


Re: Ladies, I need help!

In Health & Fitness 1414012811.63

I get a cortisone shot for bursitis in my hip. It works wonders for me. Good luck. Hope you find some relief! LM Continue Reading


Re: New to a Low Sodium Diet – Need Help

In Health & Fitness 1413911525.607

Havarti, I watch my sodium intake because salt makes me retain fluids. Like you, I read labels. Any processed food is bad usually. The advice to stick to the outer aisles of the grocery store is good advice. That way you eat more whole food and less processed. Eating at home gives you much more control over your intake. If you eat out, some restaurants indicate heart healthy meals on their menus. Good luck to you! LM Continue Reading

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