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Re: What Are You Reading --- September 2014

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gwiz, thank you! Love TANA FRENCH too. Wish she wrote more books. LM Continue Reading



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I have two sets of green and they do a great job lighting up a large flower bed with birch and fir trees and do my house as well. For some reason, green gives better coverage. I ordered a green and a blue and sent the blue back for another green for that reason. It looks gorgeous when it's lit. So easy too. LM Continue Reading


Re: Do you still go "all-out" decorating for Christmas...

In For the Home Talk 1411244616.47

No tree but dress up the inside with Christmas decor. We have simplified but still look festive. We use Bliss lights outside. Couldn't be easier. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- September 2014

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SPOILER ALERT if you have not finished THE SECRET PLACE by TANA FRENCH don't read further. Just finished this book. I am a big fan of this author. She absolutely aced the character development of these teenage girls. One of the reasons I love her so much. I am wondering if I missed something. I found the last chapter weird. Was the purpose to show that Holly put the post on The Secret Place? Was that it? Will have to go back and see if I missed something. If that was it, it seems like a funny way to end the book to me. Can anyone enlighten me? TIA. LM Continue Reading


Re: *Christine McVie* Rejoins Fleetwood Mac!!!

In Music 1411226649.813

Girls, I am green with envy!!! Have a wonderful time. LM Continue Reading


Re: The Paradise, Season 2

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Hi JUDALINE. I had it as a reminder for Sept 28 but can't find it in the schedule. Hmmm. Anyone else? Hooty, do you have any idea? LM Continue Reading


The Paradise, Season 2

Last Reply by Lilysmom 1411205453.263 | Started by Lilysmom in TV Talk

Can anyone give me details as to what network and when this airs? TIA. LM Continue Reading


Re: Is my decor out dated or what?

In For the Home Talk 1411051526.637

Hi little boobala. I'd say if that is how you really feel, go for it! If you are updating, you could try visiting a few open houses for ideas. Or visit a paint store to check out new colors. Continue Reading


Re: Periwinkle

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You know, I think I'm going to pull it. I try to stay away from invasive plants and I really get mad when people give plants without telling me that they spread, some of them uncontrollably. I was once given a small white violet type flower. It was and is the most annoying plant in my garden. It hides out near the roots of other plants, under leaves and bushes. I am still trying to get rid of it five years later. Hate that thing! I work hard at keeping a clean garden so I think it's time to put this in the garbage. Thanks for the feedback. LM Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- September 2014

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SMOKY, here are TANA French's books in order. They are all about murders handled by the Dublin murder squad. Goodreads gives them all 4+ stars. I have enjoyed each one of them. You can read them in order or not. I think the first two might be more closely linked than the others. Each can be read as stand alone. Enjoy. She is a good author! IN THE WOODS THE LIKENESS FAITHFUL PLACE BROKEN HARBOUR THE SECRET PLACE Continue Reading

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