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Re: Another man's shoe coming up from Clarks as the TSV

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You're welcome. I've posted this three times this week, and webbie deletes my posts due to the promo code...I just keep posting! Continue Reading


Re: Shorts with lettering on backside

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I like the ones with the name of the designer/manufacturer on them...free advertising for all these companies ! And the consumer has no problem being a "walking billboard". How funny. And no, I don't wear logo based items if I can help it, that includes: purses, wallets, shoes and all forms of clothing. Sometimes, it's unavoidable...most times, it is. Continue Reading


Re: What's With All This Black Cord Jewelry?

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Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. That's what I think of it... Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joe's Potstickers

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On 7/26/2013 cmdunn4 said: I never bought the TJ potstickers but will try them. But I just received the QVC ones. (chicken and veggie). Does anyone have ideas on dipping sauce to serve them with? Potstickers dipping sauce: 1/4 Cup apricot jam that is pureed (not with pieces) You can also use marmalade 1/4 Cup Soy sauce Beat briskly with whisk...= Potsticker sauce. When combined, You can warm up in microwave for about 30 seconds on high (put a lid on it..it will splatter !) But you don't have to microwave if jam is at room temp...some people like their sauce warm, others like room temp...yet ... Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joe's Potstickers

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Yep. Been a TJ's shopper over 30 years. The flagship store in Pasadena, CA was originally called Pronto Markets. Was also a vendor for many, many years. The potstickers are a deal and very good. I don't eat pork, but the chicken are as good as you will get in any Chinese restaurant. Continue Reading


Re: Clark's TSV for Saturday, July 27th..anyone know what it is?

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It's probably still way more expensive than the clearance going on right now on the clarks website, and there's an additional 20% off with a promo code, over and above the current 30% off all sale items. I saved over $100 on just 2 pairs of sandals from the clarks site, compared to if I had purchased them at the Q. Don't know about you, but $100 smackers in savings on just 2 pairs of sandals is big bucks in my book. Continue Reading


Re: Would you pay $100 to $200 for jeans?

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Many pairs of my NYDJ I paid over $100 for. I just bought a pair of tencel/linen blend khaki pants from Macy's that are NYDJ and they were $125.00 and worth every penny. I also own lots of the denim NYDJ because the inseams run from 33" - 34" and that's the inseam I need. My JAG's run me about $75 - $90 each and also worth it. I have the featherweight denim and it's lovely, and haven't found anything that compares to it. Sometimes I find NYDJ at Nordstrom Rack for about $40 a pair...if I can find a color/size/style I like...most times, I'm not that lucky. I also own Eileen Fisher crepe pants ... Continue Reading


Re: Free Shipping on all shoes & handbags today.................

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Thanks for the heads up! They have some real deals online this week ! Continue Reading


Re: John Hardy TSV - A little over priced for what it is?

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Thanks ladies. You confirmed my opinion on this TSV. I just don't see the VALUE in this TSV. It just seems way over priced for the "supposed" QUALITY of the pieces. I shop the internet a lot and can find similar items that fall way below $100 for these combined pieces. What are they thinking? Continue Reading


Re: Getting a Professional Keratin Treatment - Will it make my hair thicker????

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My hair is fine. I got the keratin treatment and it only lasted 4 days. I went back to the salon and they gave me my money back. Funny thing, another girl was in there same day/time as me also getting her money back. They said it would last a month...it didn't even last a week. Forgot to add: I paid $175.00 for that treatment, thus I felt it was justified to ask for my money back. Last edited on 7/25/2013 Continue Reading

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