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Re: Urban Decay

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On 3/3/2015 Jerseygirl1266 said: Nordstroms has an automatic price match so all items are currently listed with 20% off Urban Decay. Free shipping and free returns for any size order. Oh, edited to add -- don't forget to go through Mrrebtes for an additional 6% rebate Thanks for the info for Nordie's. Continue Reading


Re: What's Your Favorite Lipstick?

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betteb, is the peony shade, pink, rose, or berry? Continue Reading


Re: Replacing my hot water heater........

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On 3/2/2015 Frankie_Dee said: April 16, 2015, new federal regulations will go into effect for more energy-efficient water heaters. A local plumbing company is advertising this, stating the new heaters will be wider and might create problems when replacing an existing unit. For example, the new unit might not fit into an attic without enlarging the opening, or into a smaller closet (requiring an expensive remodel). I don't know how true this is, but it might help them sell "classic" water heaters for a few more weeks. I do know that the new regulations are true. So if you think you might need ... Continue Reading


Anyone take collagen?

Last Reply by Southern Fried Chick 1425431846.4 | Started by Southern Fried Chick in Beauty Banter

I bought a bottle of Youth Theory, type 1, 2 & 3, collagen from Amazon. I have taken six of them daily since 1/12/15, and I think I'm seeing a slight improvement in my skin texture, but was wondering if anyone is reaping any benefits of collagen and what brand you use. Another poster on this forum recommended this brand, and I'm wondering how long it takes to see any improvement. I can't decide if I want to continue taking collagen. Thank you Continue Reading


Re: For Those Who Have Shopped Evine (Shipping Charges)

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On 3/3/2015 BeautyJunkie said: Also, I wish I could open a credit card, but my husband would have a conniption fit. LOL. I use the conniption word a lot, so when I saw your post, I chuckled. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone here use and like Pureology?

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On 3/2/2015 hyacinth003 said: I use it, and currently use Strength Cure. It was recommended to me by my stylist when I said my hair felt dry and frizzy. It really helped that issue. She also said to use the deep conditioner in place of regular conditioner until it felt better. It has worked. I was using the more expensive Nanoworks, but find the less expensive Strength Cure works better for me now. For awhile, the Nanoworks was really good for me. My stylist said as our hair becomes more gray, the texture changes and it can feel frizzy like that. Yuck! I got a sample of Pantene and tried it o... Continue Reading


Re: Urban Decay

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On 3/2/2015 betteb said: On 3/2/2015 Southern Fried Chick said: On 3/2/2015 betteb said: Bringing this up as a reminder the sale starts today Thank you for the heads up. You can get the code on, since webbie gets mad if I post it here Clever, and thank you! Continue Reading


Re: Replacing my hot water heater........

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On 3/2/2015 gardenman said: One word of advice is to not be overly impressed by warranties. Returning a defective hot water heater can be nearly impossible making the warranties largely useless. I keep waiting for someone to make a water heater with a plastic/rubber liner of some sort that would solve the leaking issue. The glass lining always ends up failing while plastic/rubber could last far, far longe That's a great point about the warranty. I can't see returning one on my own. The liner is a great idea, too. Continue Reading

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