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Re: Isomers Immortal

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Still using the Immortal, and today, I'm seeing a difference, for the better. My skin feels/looks tighter and smoother. I may decide to keep this kit, after all. Continue Reading


Re: Isomers Immortal

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On 1/31/2015 addtothis said: Ladies, I really need your help regarding cleansing and exfoliation using the Immortal Kit. I did not watch nor record the shows but did Manuela say anything about not exfoliating or using an acid base cleanser? I heard her suggest her cleanser duo which has lactic acid and salicylic acid so now I am so confused and do not want to mess up the efficacy of those vials. I even use her Reveal n Renew microdermabrasion product. Thank you for all your help. I am really enjoying this thread. I didn't see her on air show, but according to what she has said in the past, ... Continue Reading


Re: Blush with No Glitter

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Ditto on pale pink by Bobbi Brown and pat that same shade with her powder blush. Continue Reading


Re: Isomers help please

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All I can say is that I asked on FB about a specific product, and Lori responded by asking that I post the question on their Isomer's forum. I did, and Lori responded by saying I was unclear, and she didn't understand what I meant. Another lady took pity on me and answered my question. Summing it up, yes, Isomer's can answer questions, but will they? Continue Reading


Re: Beauties, What did you Purchase this week ending 1/30/2015?

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The Nest collection of fragrances/mini EDP Fresh rollerball/Lychee Fine-One-One blush Two of Dr. Jart's sheet masks... one for firming and one for brightening Continue Reading


Re: Cats and Elastic Hair Ties

In Beauty Banter 1422733322.297

My cat loves Ziploc bags, and will lick them until... The generic ones, she doesn't like. Only the name brand for my Baby. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Cat Food?

In Pet Lovers 1422724406.677

First, I looove Tuxedo's. We used Halo for our cats when it was introduced and I thought it to be a premium brand, but you might want to do some research on the quality. I believe Ellen DeGeneres has bought the company, and I'm not certain about the brand, now. Most likely, it has changed owners since we used it about 12 years ago. My DH and I did cat rescue's and fed a feral population, and we never had a cat to turn up it's nose with that brand, but things have changed a lot. Best of luck with your Tux. How about a pic? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone own a standard poodle?

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Standard Poodles are a terrific breed. My grandmother had 4. Not all at one time. I have had 4-5 of the tiny toy's. The one's my grandmother and I had, were 8 weeks old when we got them, but the only thing I could say about one that is older when you get it, is that you most likely be retraining the dog. Depending on the situation (abuse, neglect, etc), it can be a challenge, but one I would gladly accept! Only one prepared to groom them every 4-5 weeks. My grandmother was very talented in that area. I'm not. Taking them to be groomed is pricey, and it's hard for me to find one I ... Continue Reading

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