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Re: Lisa Robertson on GMA Tuesday, March 24

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On 3/23/2015 JeanLouiseFinch said: Gosh, I just don't understand the obsession with that woman. Neither do I! Continue Reading


Re: What perfume did you wear today?

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Live Color Fully/Kate Spade Continue Reading


Re: Favorite flavor of Jello??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426699848.333

Cherry with a dollop of mayo and saltine crackers Continue Reading


Re: Micellar Water - for skin cleansing - Have you tried this?

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On 3/18/2015 sunshine45 said: free sample for anyone interested in trying it. i requested mine yesterday. Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: Dr Denese recent TSV Super-sized Anti-Aging Trio

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On 3/16/2015 betteb said: On 3/16/2015 Southern Fried Chick said: On 3/16/2015 betteb said: You could be using too much or you could be not waiting long enough between layers. You need to let the Hydroshield absorb a few minutes before applying the cream. All the products, it only takes a little bit and it's easy to use too much, especially with the Hydroshied. I love your quote, and laugh every time I see one of your posts. Just had to say something about it. My grandmother would have loved it, as well. LOL When I read it, I had to have it as my siggy. It's too funny...and sometimes a lit... Continue Reading


Re: My Best Friend Just Called - and the New Isn't Good

In Health & Fitness 1426534116.31

So very sorry. I lost my mother to lung cancer. All of you, on this thread are in my prayers and thoughts. Continue Reading

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