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Re: Mrs Sweetie Bear...Has anyone seen her?

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On 4/17/2015 fortune said: She posted on What perfume did you wear today? on April 13! Glad you let me know, as I didn't see her last post. Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: A269469 philosophy 3pc mega-size body essentials collection offered on Easy pay!

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On 4/17/2015 pinksilhouette said: Received my Lemon Custard today! The body spritz is really, really GREAT! Love it! It is pure lemon custard goodness and zero headache inducing perfume notes if you know what I mean. This REALLY NEEDS to be sold individually SOON! Pink ITA! I've been requesting that body spritz since that flavor came out. Continue Reading


Re: Facial Blotting

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On 4/16/2015 Hey Mal said: Go to Sally Beauty Supply. Look for Sally Jumbo End Wraps that are used for perming hair. They're like the toilet seat covers but already cut up to "jumbo" size, 2.5" x 4". For around $2.79, you get 1,000 pieces. WOW! Continue Reading


Re: Today's revelation

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One of the reasons I keep my distance from young people. LOL Continue Reading


Re: o/t e cigarettes

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On 4/16/2015 snapdragons said: Southern Fried- I use the Mistic cigalike, both the cartrides and the bridge, you ban buy them anywhere, like Walmart, Hess, Walgreens and Family Dollar. I like the battery better on the Mistic Bridge and that I can fill with Haus eliquid I purchase from the same places. The liquid lasts for weeks, and I like the Cool Ice and American Tobacco to mix as I was a menthol smoker, the cartridges are expensive and taste burnt quickly. The nicotine is rather high for the Haus eliquid at 24 mgs but when I went down to 12 mgs of another eliquid I craved smoking again and... Continue Reading


Re: EVINE ............ AWE SOME cs

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On 4/16/2015 JustWantBeautifulSkinn said: On 4/16/2015 Southern Fried Chick said: I have been having problems almost identical to what you said, and I do believe they are trying to improve. I'm glad you posted this. SFC.... ......... I am still sitting here & dis..... belief! I am so so so THRILLED & HAPPY they did that for me AND I actually can't believe it - WOW!!! OMG.. you'd think I won the lott I'm happy they did that for you. It's a great feeling when something works in your favor! Yay! Continue Reading

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