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Re: Kiehl's Products

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On 10/22/2014 suzieQ4me said: I have searched for creams/serums that help with my undereye bags, but just wondering if the avocado eye cream helps with bags at all? What are the differences you notice? Is the marine eye cream better? I have never used any of Kiehl's products. I believe my bags are from not getting enough sleep, or eating too much salt, but I do still have hope that something other than surgery can help!! I don't think the avocado eye cream would help bags under the eyes, but the marine eye cream receives good reviews for bags and dark circles. I can't recommend it because I ... Continue Reading


Re: Kiehl's Products

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The only Kiehl's product I have used/use is the avocado eye cream. It's the most hydrating eye cream I've used and have used it for several years. It doesn't migrate into my eyes, nor does it cause any irritation. The small pot lasts me for over a year. Continue Reading


Re: Poll: What's Your Beauty Obsession?

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Fragrances, especially body creams Eye shadows Continue Reading


Re: Isomers

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Thank you for the info. Guess I'll be tuning in. Continue Reading


Re: Revisiting SKINN's Deep Pore Vacuum Mask - Kudos!

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Glad you like it and it's not a waste of money. Continue Reading


Re: What perfume did you wear today?

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Narciso Rodriquez for Her Continue Reading


Re: Oh my Trish is on, love her!

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On 10/16/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: Her products do look nice, but for some reason she just rubs me the wrong way and I don't like watching her. My thoughts exactly. IMHO, she is really struck on herself and she's too prissy. Continue Reading


Re: What perfume did you wear today?

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On 10/16/2014 BOYINTX said: Joy not from Q and a small portion of Joan Rivers. They relax well BOYINTX. Would you describe Joan Rivers fragrance, please? Also, what is the longevity of it? I've been wanting to try it. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maron attire

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On 10/15/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: On 10/15/2014 lovesbe said: She is beautiful, and makes tons of money. If her looks offend you please feel free to change the channel.I would love to know who , and if there is anyone who you do approve of . So many catty remarks about the host and vendors. Guess Josie has taken Lisa"s in your love to hate list.Please post photos of yourself so we can all admire your beauty and fashion style. Hey I am sharing my opinion , no offense of course.Hope your day is blessed. I don't see anyone saying they hate her, or even dislike her. Comments are directed at... Continue Reading

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