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Re: G.I.L.I Large Roma Tote

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Anyone know if and when the GILI Roma 2 will come back? I have them in black and cream snake. Great quality etc... Continue Reading


Re: Let's guess what Lisa Robertson will do next?

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On 4/15/2015 wagirl said: Oh good lord---why???????? Are you serious or are you justice being facetious? ;) Continue Reading


Re: Let's guess what Lisa Robertson will do next?

In Q News 1429109547.803

Ya know girls, she'said probably reading all of this and laughing! Continue Reading


Re: Let's guess what Lisa Robertson will do next?

In Q News 1429109202.14

Anything that will put the attention squarely on her. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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Am doing the happy dance! One classy lady! Continue Reading


Re: Could Not Resist This Logo Lock

In Dooney & Bourke 1425518430.967

I have the NAVY LOGO LOCK. I adore it. Have had it for two years. It's one of my favorites. Very classy and timeless. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn hosting PMStyle...oh my!

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I adore Shawn! She's one of a kind, true to herself. I think she's a good host. Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/21/2015 winamac1 said: On 1/20/2015 stevieb said: On 1/20/2015 2swinamac1 said: On 1/20/2015 stevieb said: On 1/20/2015 jackthebear said: On 1/20/2015 magicmoodz said: I think I will rehash this topic as frequently as I want, because I feel like it. Because it is interesting And why not... I'd also add I do think there was some level of ill-will around her departure... Some seem to think Lisa was given some grand send-off. She wasn't. Her holiday 'Posh' show wasn't necessarily intended as a 'farewell' party. She and QVC schedule that show every year. It seems a decision was made some... Continue Reading


Re: Bridgehampton Lamb Leather handbag

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On 1/4/2015 Bookbabe said: I want to buy a Lamb leather handbag of Issacs. Are they really as soft and well made etc. as they are saying on TV? I would love some feedback on his handbags. Thanks, Bookbabe Bookbabe: I have A-225686 in the brown. I absolutely love it!!! It's classy and timeless. The leather is amazing and should last for many years to come. There used to be a blue one as well. It sold out. I would love a red and a black one too. If you can, give it a go. You can always return it for a full refund. :) Continue Reading

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