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Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

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I think she'll start her own business, fashion related or partner up with someone. Continue Reading



In All About Handbags 1414431905.24

A-92852 is the only Tig bag I like. The first one I bought had the PVC (plastic) trim. Didn't know that. My fault. Didn't read the info. on it. It's OK, but I prefer the second one I bought years later, 100% leather in Emerald. I use it frequently. All other Tigs you can have. As far as Oryany goes, hate the gaudy lining, wont buy the bags because of it. So far, loving the GILI and of course, D&B. Continue Reading


Re: future of G.I.L.I.

In Fashion Talk 1414407101.43

I guess you got the hobo? Which ones? I got the croco. Too bad the GILI line will fizzle out. I plan to get more before they all disappear. Continue Reading


Re: Decisions, Decisions

In All About Handbags 1414381992.673

I think I would go for the RUBY too! Continue Reading


Re: Inside of new GILI HOBO

In All About Handbags 1414376847.077

Thank you so much for pictures of the inside of this hobo. Helps to get an overall "picture" (pun intended) of the bag. Continue Reading


Inside of new GILI HOBO

Last Reply by Susan Louise 1414381144.893 | Started by MeganRose in All About Handbags

Hey girls, those of you have purchased the new GILI HOBO, could you show the inside for us? Thanks so much. I caved and bought the CROCO one. ?? Continue Reading


Re: GILI TSV Sweepstakes Official Rules

In Hosts & Personalities, Q News, All About Handbags 1414265790.66

Such a fabulous bag, timeless, classy and always appropriate! Continue Reading


Re: Ellen Degeneress

In For the Home Talk 1414197623.83

I do not like Ellen at all! Continue Reading


Re: Handbag Lovers/Addicts, how often do you rotate your bags??

In All About Handbags 1414151909.58

I don't know, maybe daily? Any more than that is questionable, other than those who change into evening/party bags. I think there are some women that like to SAY they have "20-30" bags for attention, especially those who know thay will be on air. Don't yell at me ladies. I said SOME! I think most have less than that. Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran, the older French woman and Argon oil

In Beauty Banter 1414077713.363

On 10/22/2014 KatCat1 said: Here we go again with some women always knocking Josie. Josie is pretty, she can just about any style clothes and there are so many jealous women because they wish they looked like her. Who cares whether there was an older French woman or not. Lighten up. Continue Reading

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