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Re: Stevieb

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pls. I know this is off the subject, anyone know what church courtney cason got married in? Continue Reading


courtney's wedding

Last Reply by 4OU2 1411509958.82 | Started by MeganRose in Among Friends

does anyone know what church courtney and aaron got married?" Continue Reading


Re: LEAD Poisoning in QVC handbags?

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Evidentley the lead gets into the blood settling into the bones. Can lead to Alzheimer's later on in life. Babies and small children can develop develop develomental disorders. Other issues too. I'll keep my eye out for updates. Continue Reading


Re: LEAD Poisoning in QVC handbags?

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On 9/18/2014 ChynnaBlue said: If you read about it, shouldn't you be telling us if this is a problem? This post title sounds like fear mongering to me. The only articles I can find about this are from 2012 and earlier. I can find one article from 2013, but it references articles from 2012 and includes no newer information. In any of the articles I looked at, none of the brands listed are sold on QVC. Further, the report found lead in non-leather and vinyl purses and recommended buying leather purses to avoid the lead content. The CEH web page says that they've seen a decrease in the amount o... Continue Reading


Re: LEAD Poisoning in QVC handbags?

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On 9/18/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: Can you point to an article that mentions this? The only thing I can think of is if something were made in China. They have been known to have lead issues in several things. The only thing you can do is contact the manufacturer, or contact Q's customer service. Hey- just google lead poisoning in handbags. lots of different articles. Found this quite by accident. Continue Reading


Re: LEAD Poisoning in QVC handbags?

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no, it has to do with the chemicals used to finish the leather and PVC (vinyl or plastic, like fabric coated Dooney's, for example) bags. I am nervous about this. We need information from Qvc. Belk, Penneys, Target, Tjmaxx, Guess, Tori Burch, and others. Yellow, red, orange are particularly bad. Articles asking us not to purchase vinyl of any kind,like wallets, make-up, pouches. We can send bags to be tested for free. Others have done it. I'm just passing this info. on. Please , no need to be sarcastic. Many of us have small children who may chew on our bags, or we ourselves can transfer thi... Continue Reading


LEAD Poisoning in QVC handbags?

Last Reply by chrystaltree 1411315084.86 | Started by MeganRose in All About Handbags

Have read several articles on lead poisoning in handbags from many higher end department stores. Is this a problem for our bags purchased at the Q? Please google this subject. Continue Reading


Re: If anyone has recieved the marine in the dooney TSV for sept. 13

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Sorry, I know this is random. Does anyone know the measurements of the Sept. 13 TSV? Thx. Continue Reading


Re: What do you carry in your purses cosmetic bag?

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wet wipes, band aids, baby screwdrivers, tiny toothbrush/paste, TIDE stain stick, VISINE eyedrops, meds, BLISTEX, chapstick, lip gloss, VASELINE, safety pins, paper clips, hair tie, powder, spare earrings, hand creme, eye pencil (which doubles as an eyeshadow when lended), nail file, tiny perfume sample, and FINALLY, that's it! As far as my handbag goes - a wallet, readers, sunglasses, address book, day planner, KLEENEX, mints and gum, ALTOIDS, phone/tablet charger, cell phone, New Testament, medical emrgency information, cell phone and, tiny notebook for whatever. Continue Reading


Re: My ROMA GiLi 2 Has Arrived!

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Yay Lola. Isn't the bag awesome? I have the CREAM SNAKE and love it. It has been "trained" and wears beautifully. Enjoy yours! Continue Reading

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