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Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/21/2015 winamac1 said: On 1/20/2015 stevieb said: On 1/20/2015 2swinamac1 said: On 1/20/2015 stevieb said: On 1/20/2015 jackthebear said: On 1/20/2015 magicmoodz said: I think I will rehash this topic as frequently as I want, because I feel like it. Because it is interesting And why not... I'd also add I do think there was some level of ill-will around her departure... Some seem to think Lisa was given some grand send-off. She wasn't. Her holiday 'Posh' show wasn't necessarily intended as a 'farewell' party. She and QVC schedule that show every year. It seems a decision was made some... Continue Reading


Re: Bridgehampton Lamb Leather handbag

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On 1/4/2015 Bookbabe said: I want to buy a Lamb leather handbag of Issacs. Are they really as soft and well made etc. as they are saying on TV? I would love some feedback on his handbags. Thanks, Bookbabe Bookbabe: I have A-225686 in the brown. I absolutely love it!!! It's classy and timeless. The leather is amazing and should last for many years to come. There used to be a blue one as well. It sold out. I would love a red and a black one too. If you can, give it a go. You can always return it for a full refund. :) Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/31/2015 dex said: I miss Lisa but I missed joan too and got over that!David is doing a great job with Joan's line and I am sure someone will do a great job taking over Lisa's roll too.If it is true that Lisa was not popular at the Q...I never saw any signs of that but who knows what goes on in Q backstage.We only see things the way they want us to see them as in "the show must go on." There was some kind of uncomfortable something between LA and SC of Dooney. I have always thought that. The one episode where a caller asked that Sue being given the chance to speak more only confirmed that... Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/21/2015 Jerseygirl1266 said: On 1/21/2015 Crisso said: Overnight when Nancy Hornback was presenting a GILI bracelet she said that Lisa R would be "back here soon with something fantastic". It didn't make it to the video for the recently aired product. This does not surprise me. I had a feeling that this would happen and that Lisa will still be connected to QVC. Will be interesting to see what it is! Designer for Gili maybe? Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 culebra said: I think Lisa told the truth. She was tired and wanted a new adventure. She had been at the Q for 24 years. Since she is not married she is free to change unlike Rick, Jill Bauer etc. I am sure the Q would hire her back in millisecond if she wished. I agree with other posters. I miss Lisa. I watch the Q much less. No Joan no Lisa! They were entertaining and informative also. What makes u think that? Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 SoftRaindrops said: I just checked out her Facebook page. She posted some wonderful recipes for women who watch their carbs and calorie s. Then something about her having tea. A few posts about her work outs certainly didn't appear that she was giving out TMI. She's just living her life on her own terms. A strong, confident woman....with no excuses. Maybe that is why I have always liked her. Again, if you are afraid of stalkers, u don't dress the way she does, put your picture out there for all unstable wakos to ...think they have the right to enter her world. She has a flirtati... Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 Miranda1550 said: If Lisa is concerned about stalkers, why does she post her pictures on her FB page almost every day. Post her workouts every week........................if I were concerned about stalkers I would not do this...................................... Q You are totally right!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 faeriemoon said: On 1/20/2015 mompete said: what has happened to linda dano has q vc done away with her line? Right church, wrong pew. Heehee! Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 brii said: It had to be about money. She was one of their top sales people. She story wanted more money and they weren't going to give it to her. I agree. I think she wanted to be one of the big corporate wigs. Just MY opinion girls. None of us really know. Continue Reading



Last Reply by YorkieonmyPillow 1419263745.4 | Started by MeganRose in All About Handbags

Girls, I was looking at a Rooney owned by several, nine to be exact. One is supposed to guess by its contents which Rooney belongs to whom. I lost the page before I got to see all of it can't find it now. Can anyone help? It may have been under "models' closet". Can't find that either. Continue Reading

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