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Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 culebra said: I think Lisa told the truth. She was tired and wanted a new adventure. She had been at the Q for 24 years. Since she is not married she is free to change unlike Rick, Jill Bauer etc. I am sure the Q would hire her back in millisecond if she wished. I agree with other posters. I miss Lisa. I watch the Q much less. No Joan no Lisa! They were entertaining and informative also. What makes u think that? Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 SoftRaindrops said: I just checked out her Facebook page. She posted some wonderful recipes for women who watch their carbs and calorie s. Then something about her having tea. A few posts about her work outs certainly didn't appear that she was giving out TMI. She's just living her life on her own terms. A strong, confident woman....with no excuses. Maybe that is why I have always liked her. Again, if you are afraid of stalkers, u don't dress the way she does, put your picture out there for all unstable wakos to ...think they have the right to enter her world. She has a flirtati... Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 Miranda1550 said: If Lisa is concerned about stalkers, why does she post her pictures on her FB page almost every day. Post her workouts every week........................if I were concerned about stalkers I would not do this...................................... Q You are totally right!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 faeriemoon said: On 1/20/2015 mompete said: what has happened to linda dano has q vc done away with her line? Right church, wrong pew. Heehee! Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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On 1/20/2015 brii said: It had to be about money. She was one of their top sales people. She story wanted more money and they weren't going to give it to her. I agree. I think she wanted to be one of the big corporate wigs. Just MY opinion girls. None of us really know. Continue Reading



Last Reply by YorkieonmyPillow 1419263745.4 | Started by MeganRose in All About Handbags

Girls, I was looking at a Rooney owned by several, nine to be exact. One is supposed to guess by its contents which Rooney belongs to whom. I lost the page before I got to see all of it can't find it now. Can anyone help? It may have been under "models' closet". Can't find that either. Continue Reading


Re: Little People handbag of Jen's.

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I did see that LG checked bag once, in the hospital room where she was a patient. The one I've seen the most is brown with black handles - luv! Continue Reading


Re: Got My First Logo Lock

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Hi - would definitely return your bag. The accessories are part of the best part! I own the same bag in the NAVY. It is one of my favorite of all bags I own. Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone Received the Dooney Nov. 15th TSV Yet? What is the Leather Like?

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On 11/6/2014 DianeLovesPurses said: I've been carrying my grey TSV for the past week or so and LOVE it - even after my little oops - My daughters and I had a quick bite at Taco Bell - I had a couple of those little taco sauce packs left so I dropped them in my handbag - get home later in the day and one of the packs had gotten squished and leaked out onto the fabric - I was so mad at myself - brand new Dooney with taco sauce stains! Got out my go to cleaner - Awesome Orange - damped the area with water and sprayed a healthy dose of cleaner -let it sit for a couple minutes and thank goodness t... Continue Reading

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