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Last Reply by YorkieonmyPillow 1419263745.4 | Started by MeganRose in All About Handbags

Girls, I was looking at a Rooney owned by several, nine to be exact. One is supposed to guess by its contents which Rooney belongs to whom. I lost the page before I got to see all of it can't find it now. Can anyone help? It may have been under "models' closet". Can't find that either. Continue Reading


Re: Little People handbag of Jen's.

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I did see that LG checked bag once, in the hospital room where she was a patient. The one I've seen the most is brown with black handles - luv! Continue Reading


Re: Got My First Logo Lock

In Dooney & Bourke 1416140041.29

Hi - would definitely return your bag. The accessories are part of the best part! I own the same bag in the NAVY. It is one of my favorite of all bags I own. Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone Received the Dooney Nov. 15th TSV Yet? What is the Leather Like?

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On 11/6/2014 DianeLovesPurses said: I've been carrying my grey TSV for the past week or so and LOVE it - even after my little oops - My daughters and I had a quick bite at Taco Bell - I had a couple of those little taco sauce packs left so I dropped them in my handbag - get home later in the day and one of the packs had gotten squished and leaked out onto the fabric - I was so mad at myself - brand new Dooney with taco sauce stains! Got out my go to cleaner - Awesome Orange - damped the area with water and sprayed a healthy dose of cleaner -let it sit for a couple minutes and thank goodness t... Continue Reading


Re: GILI Croco Zipper - Anyone have any luck?

In All About Handbags 1415248046.267

No luck! My croco arrived, though pretty it took both hands to close the zipper. The dip in the u construction was too deep. Sadly returned it. Too much $$$ to settle. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's Hanging Out In L.A. at B. Maks House

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On 11/5/2014 chrystaltree said: LR doesn't need a job. She knows exactly what her next move will be, that's why she's leaving QVC. She's knocking on the door to 50 and she makes a mega buck salary. Do you really think she'd leave without a plan in place? Why are people so surprised that she's frie ds with couple she has worked with for years and years? you are absolutely right! lisa definitely has a plan, just not sharing. She may relax for a few weeks or months and then the beginning of what she has planned out for herself. Make no mistake, she has planned everything out down to the perfect... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & the PM Style Crew

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On 11/4/2014 3star said: Lisa used to be my favorite host years ago, she has become unbelievably egocentric - not something I admire. Eventually, for all those who are interested, the real reason she is leaving w ill be made clear. We may never knowthe reason for her departure. We don't know why Patti Reilley left. As for the 2 month notice, a girl or girls need time to plan a party, huh? Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & the PM Style Crew

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On 10/14/2014 BOYINTX said: I kind of remember Pat going away for a short period. But the year i think was maybe 94 she was going through a divorce! Continue Reading

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