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Re: If anyone has recieved the marine in the dooney TSV for sept. 13

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Sorry, I know this is random. Does anyone know the measurements of the Sept. 13 TSV? Thx. Continue Reading


Re: What do you carry in your purses cosmetic bag?

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wet wipes, band aids, baby screwdrivers, tiny toothbrush/paste, TIDE stain stick, VISINE eyedrops, meds, BLISTEX, chapstick, lip gloss, VASELINE, safety pins, paper clips, hair tie, powder, spare earrings, hand creme, eye pencil (which doubles as an eyeshadow when lended), nail file, tiny perfume sample, and FINALLY, that's it! As far as my handbag goes - a wallet, readers, sunglasses, address book, day planner, KLEENEX, mints and gum, ALTOIDS, phone/tablet charger, cell phone, New Testament, medical emrgency information, cell phone and, tiny notebook for whatever. Continue Reading


Re: My ROMA GiLi 2 Has Arrived!

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Yay Lola. Isn't the bag awesome? I have the CREAM SNAKE and love it. It has been "trained" and wears beautifully. Enjoy yours! Continue Reading


Re: So, would you keep it?

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Girls: Please give item # if you can of item you are talking about. It would make it so much easier and would save time, so we could comment on it. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson shamelessly promoting own handbag during another product's airtime

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That's our Lisa! However, I have heard hosts, mention such and such top from such and such line would go well with item being presented at that time. It is all about sales. I think what bugs some of us, is that its LR doing it! It wouldn't bother us if it were Jill or Shawn, or Antonella, etc... Continue Reading


Re: Can we see more of the inside of the bags please?

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Oh my gosh!!! I agree. The hosts are not that great when it comes to showing the inside of bags OR their measurements. I so hope they read our comments. One would think it was obvious and part of the presentation. So frustrating! Continue Reading


Re: How do you store your purses when you aren't using them?

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On 5/27/2014 qualitygal said: I need some ideas. Some of my older Kathy bags are in plastic storage units in my basement. Then there's the Leather bags of Barkowski or however Bruce spells it and now my newer Vera Bradley bags. Is there a great idea out there, you're using on this issue? Thanks. Sorry if it was discussed before and I missed it. It"s Bruce MAKOWSKY. I have limited room storing my bags. I hang some on the door handles in my room and bathroom. I need to figure out a different way to do this. I have large plastic storage bins, but I heard somewhere that leather has to "breathe".... Continue Reading


Re: Those with the ROMA 2 in Snake: how badly is your tassel shedding?

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My SNAKE has not shed at all. It is wonderful! How classy, and timeless! Continue Reading


Re: Aqua Logo Lock

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I don't have the AQUA D&B Logo Lock. I do have the NAVY one. The leather is amazing. Love the coin purse too. Have had it for about three years. Will last a life time. Hope yours does too! Continue Reading

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