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Re: 20 lb turkey in a Oster roaster oven.....anyone done this?

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I do my 18 pounder in a Nesco. Be sure it fits! Continue Reading


Re: Nov. 22 Today is NATIONAL CASHEW DAY

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I love them too and they curb the appetite. Portion control though, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Been reading a book on giving up sugar.

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On 11/22/2014 Persephonel said: I don't quite get what is wrong with drinking diet soda. I drink coke 0 . maybe 1 or 2 a day. I've heard diet soda is bad for you because it makes your body think it has sugar and releases something as if you had sugar? Does anyone understand this? I've read this too. It was explained in the last book that the fake sugar is "seen" as real sugar by the body and wants more. That's what they say makes you want more sugar. I have given up my diet Pepsi for water now. Continue Reading


Re: Been reading a book on giving up sugar.

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On 11/22/2014 unter der laterne said: I gave up sugar and all grains ( *Wheatbelly * book by Dr. Davis ) I have lost all cravings for sugar and I am never ever hungry, I enjoy my life much more now. This diet also cuts down on inflammation. I think wheat is as bad as sugar. Cereals are to be avoided at all costs! For breakfast eat eggs and nitrate free bacon (Trader Joe). I eat a lot of healthy fats, avocados every day, use coconut oil, avocado oil , organic butter, olive oil and I enjoy my *Brie* every day! I bake with nut flours and enjoy desserts (sans sugar and starches ), never do I buy ... Continue Reading


Re: Been reading a book on giving up sugar.

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On 11/22/2014 violann said: On 11/22/2014 jubilant said: I do believe we eat too much sugar. I have cut mine in half. I believe you can eat almost anything in moderation. Hi jubilant. I agree with you that MOST people may be able to eat MOST foods in moderation. Just turns out that I'm not one of those people. I am virtually NEVER "satisfied" so I do need to impose on myself some sort of limitation or portion control. I do it by eating large portions of nutrient dense low calorie foods, largely veggies, and low calorie nutrient dense protein, mostly egg whites and some fish. Feeling great, s... Continue Reading


Re: Should I choose HBO or Showtime?

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HBO has more channels. If you can look up the shows on each selection, you'll see which shows you prefer. I like Homeland also, but HBO has more channels to choose from. Check it out as to your preferences. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday programming in December...just shoot me...

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annabellethecat, Hope your healing zips on by for you. You'll need to keep us up on the good the bad and the ugly you watch on t.v. We can all compare notes. Continue Reading


Re: Yes, I have more important things to do but couldn't help myself.

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Did anyone notice her nail polish color? Heavens to Betsy!!! She has enough money to hire a stylist. That's so sad! Continue Reading


Re: Wondering if there is really a shortage of chocolate......

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This will keep me from sleeping tonight! This is impossible, cannot happen and needs a remedy asap. What is this world coming to? Sheez. Continue Reading

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