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Good! Yes I love to play that and do often. I've sent in a bunch of words (mine) for them to use. Some even are. LOL Others I may have misspelled!! Booooo Continue Reading


Re: Would you go to your HS reunion alone?

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I don't go either/any way. Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of Senior Prom, how many are married to the one you attended with???

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On 5/20/2015 emmysmom said: On 5/20/2015 child bride said: Me too. I graduated from high school in 1949 and college in 1953. We were married in June 1952 and next month is our 63rd anniversary On Friday our 5th grandchild will be graduated from high school and she just went to her prom yesterday. We're very to still be alive and together at ages 82 and 86. Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Child bride, congrat's to you two too! You have to win the longest married ones here on the boards. (At least of the numbers ones, that I have read). Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of Senior Prom, how many are married to the one you attended with???

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On 5/21/2015 449 said: My husband & I started dating the summer before my sophmore and his senior year and just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last September. Wow, a Golden Anniversary!! Congrats! We're at 49 this Aug. Continue Reading


Re: Party Chicken Salad

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I've copied this too. Love a good chicken salad. Thanks! Continue Reading


Have you gone into the host blogs?

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Well...........since there was time this morning before we could post, I went into the Blogs. I need to visit there more! So many good pictures. I wonder when Alberti is on and if he's ever paired with Valerie Parr Hill? His Easter table decorating is A+. Love Carolyn's pet pictures, and the recipes of Jane Brown's are ones I may just HAVE to try. They look so good. Did you see Mary Beth's son's wedding pictures? There's so much to see and read in there. Great positive posts to read and view. I have to go back and see more. Just a FYI, if you haven't seen these lately. Continue Reading


Re: Ugg - these weathermen !!

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On 5/18/2015 MalteseMomma said: I seems to me that my weatherman has begun , to tell us what happened yesterday, rather than predict what is going to happen today or tomorrow. He was wrong 99% of the time. . At least he was consistent. LOL Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite wine with or without a meal?

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I get a headache from red, so white Zin is my choice. We're going to be doing some wine tasting on vacation, but it'll have to be white. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

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My mom had it. Life threatening as a matter of fact. We had to adjust her diet. Get on the computer, find a diet for Celiac's. Elizabeth Hazelhoff has it and has written a cookbook. Check out books at your library. My mom knew of no one in her family but only guessed as to who might have had it. (I'll have to be on the lookout for myself too). There's cookbooks we found and no a days, much more can be found in the grocery that's gluten free. My advice. Hope it helps. Let me add, she had lost weight too. (We thought it was other things). You have to know all the hidden places that flour, etc.,... Continue Reading

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