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Re: Holiday Decorating Tip.

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Exactly why we downsized. I got a new Martha S. magazine in the mail the other day and in it was a beautiful front of a home all decorated. I loved it but all I thought of was how long and how many people did it take to get that just right for the magazine? If it was a real person(s) doing it, it would take more than a day. It was beautiful. We saved the most special to decorate with and what won't take all day to haul up from the basement and set up. I'm looking forward to the holidays this year. Continue Reading


Re: Need to transition from tailored work wardrobe to retired casual....................

In Fashion Talk 1414234801.06

What I did was put my office work clothes into another closet, until I eventually gave the majority of them away. You'll want to see and adjust, just what you're comfortable in, during your new time away from a job. It's a step by step thing, as is all things in life. There's no rush. Continue Reading


Re: Thought for the Day

In Among Friends 1414171733.69

How absolutely adorable!!! Kisses, kisses, kisses. Hey, I'd name him Kisses. Continue Reading


Re: If You Could Put Something In Your Mouth Right This Second to Enjoy, What Would It Be?

In Viewpoints 1414171648.69

Well let's see: it would have to be at the end of a straw, with my feet up, blue water, white sand, and a little umbrella could be in it. Oh and hand delivered to me. LOL Continue Reading


Re: The Eagles

In Music 1414152848.6

LoveShelties, Thanks for the update! I'll bet it was fab!! Continue Reading


How many hours a week would you say you get to read?

Last Reply by tansy 1414207484.883 | Started by qualitygal in Book Club

I think before long, I'll be digging into a book and wonder how often you avid readers get to read. I know some people read faster than others do. Are you a reader who reads more than one book at a time? Just wondering. Continue Reading


Re: Ladies I need help finding this icing recipe!

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This is an Amish frosting I just looked up, if you want to try it: (not sure if these harden) Caramel Frosting 2 1/2 C. butter 5 C. brown sugar 1 1/4 C. Milk 9 C. Powered sugar (This must make a lot!) Melt butter in saucepan and then add brown sugar and milk. Bring to a boil. Let cool and add to powdered sugar. Mix well. OR Caramel Frosting 1 stick margarine or butter 3/4 C. brown sugar pinch of salt 1/4 C. cream 1 box powdered sugar 1 tsp. maple flavoring Melt butter and add brown sugar and cream. Mix thoroughly. Add powdered sugar, maple flavoring and salt. Mix well. Continue Reading


Re: Side dishes you served that were a hit for Christmas!

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The cranberry salad w/marshmallows, etc., is on the web site of Taste of Home. It's down a couple of choices, and sets up like a molded salad would. Continue Reading


Re: My taste buds are in need of a recipe! Scalloped potatoes using ranch dressing mix??

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I get the Kraft magazine and Kraft email with recipes. But for you, I'd go to the web site and type in what you're after and see if you don't some good Ranch dressing recipes. I'll bet you do. That's what I'd do. You can copy them off. Continue Reading

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