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Re: Daylight savings time...

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I guess it's still easier than what Alaska has to tend to with hours of light. I wonder how that would be. Continue Reading


Re: Daylight savings time...

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Wish we'd get on this schedule and just stay here. Continue Reading


Re: How Long Do You Sleep & Is It Good For You?

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Your sleep pattern resembles mine. Mine could be my age, since over the last few years it sounds perfectly normal for others my age. I think sleep heals, it's good for us. Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear sweaters over long sleeve shirts?

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Depends on how cold out it is. Our basement this morning, is showing 52 degrees. I've had it with cold weather. Continue Reading


Was going to record the silver shows that I'd miss

Last Reply by Sharke 1425135585.977 | Started by qualitygal in Jewelry Talk

....until I saw the prices. Then I went back and cancelled them all. I want Jill on Sat's back, or was it Sundays? It's been so long!!! Maybe someone got some of it. It was pretty but not what I'm looking for. Continue Reading


Re: How many days worth of 'unmentionables' do you keep for each person in you household?

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LOL Sarah, cute expression. Figured if I stopped to read this, and I've passed a few times, I just put in these 2 cents. It is a rough winter and that's all I'm going to say! LOL Continue Reading


Re: JUMPSUITS- are you jumping on board?

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I made a really cute one in the '60's that I loved. However, when you used the bathroom you had to become practically totally undressed and all the fabric hit the floor. After that, it was out of style for me. Fun while young and it lasted. Continue Reading

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