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Re: Does anyone still carry a pocket calender?

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I'm a calendar person and oh yes I do, have one in my purse and near where my chair is. Sometimes I need to know. We have one by the other puter/and desk and I have one in my other room on my desk area. I love my calendar. No palm pilot here. Continue Reading


Re: Top Shopping Channel Pet Peeve

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I'd like to see the models without the host and creator going over to the models. I don't care for models doing makeup that nod their heads yes or comment. Everyone could do their own thing. Keep things separate. Like to think of the models on a runway. Oh well... Add to this, when hosts tell me what to wear, this with that, etc., etc., and when to wear it. That's my choice, if I even buy it. Continue Reading


Re: Kind of O/T: Do you feel responsible for keeping everyone happy?

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There's an old saying, see if I can get it right. Oh no, it's not about "pleasing" I grew up a pleaser. The one I thought about was "you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time". I'm seriously in need of rest. LOL Wrong quote...sorry. But being a pleaser is a never ending, no appreciation thing. It's not good. Don't do it. That's all I'll add. Continue Reading


Going to make potato salad tomorrow.

Last Reply by Irshgrl31201 1397951840.21 | Started by qualitygal in Kitchen & Food Talk

Guess I'll do the potatoes and do the eggs today. I'll put it all together tomorrow. Anyone else doing that tomorrow too? Continue Reading


Re: Eye flashing light, zigzag shapes. What is it?

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Thanks one and all. They did pass, no headache. Have had some recent stress but eyes are ok now. Thank you all though. Continue Reading


Re: Good Friday...not so good

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Sorry Jules, it's not easy. Take care. Continue Reading


Re: Daughter just got engaged........

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Tell her up front, no surprises. You don't want mi$takes made or a$$umptions. Continue Reading


Re: Age Is Just A Number, Are You Happy With Your Number?

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What don't I like about the 60's: I've cried a lot more. There's more of life's frustrations. I've prayed a lot!! It seems to be a sad time. I hope the 70's are better. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh some people!

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On 4/18/2014 Shorty2U said: Does ANYONE do their job right anymore? I have to keep fixing peoples mistakes OR watch everything they do every time I deal with people in offices ETC. I agree with you 100%, in taking care of my dad and all that involves, if I have said that once I've said it 10 times. I know it's not "everyone" some are very efficient. BUT, I have had to deal with follow-ups more than I believe is necessary. I'm thinking in your case, she (at the counter) got mad, and that this wasn't the first time she'd heard that. Way over reacting. So I'm thinking it's not the first tim... Continue Reading

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