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Re: Forgiveness for Murderer who Killed Their Son

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It would be hard, but I think they are right. Bitterness does no good. Forgiveness and acceptance helps the parents move on. I wish them all the luck in the world. Continue Reading


Haven't seen this discussion yet...Kentucky Derby hats.

Last Reply by Love Roses 1430835292.403 | Started by qualitygal in Viewpoints

One woman on the news, had such a big hat that she said, she thinks it has it's own zip code. I thought that was cute!! Have you ever gone and worn one of those hats? Continue Reading


Re: One Question IQ Test

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I just thought of Stevie Wonder. I didn't feel it was a tough question. Continue Reading


Re: Need advice about ex husband

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Show them how well you're doing now. (Not a competition), it's your daughter's day, make it the best you can. Congrats! and good luck. Continue Reading


First signs of spring/summer. Nope it's not the leaves on the tree.

Last Reply by mousiegirl 1430834452.85 | Started by qualitygal in Among Friends

The "johnny-one-song" ice cream truck just rolled by. Egads! But on a good note, I think our leaves are out on most things now. So happy spring/summer everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Can someone recommend a basic sewing machine, not too expensive?

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Normally I'd say Singer, an old tried and true brand, but I have a Brother and it's been perfectly fine for me. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a clothesline and if so, do you use it?

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I still do, but it's too far out in the yard to haul laundry now. I have done towels and sheets there before though. Love the fresh air smell, but towels aren't as soft as in the dryer. I now use a Q-sold rack out on my deck. Love it!! Continue Reading


Re: So what do you think the new princess will be named? What would you name her?

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On 5/3/2015 colliegirls said: I like Alexandra Diana, but no one cares what I like! Ohhhhhhhhhh I like Alexandra, they should have their people call our people, ROFLOL Continue Reading


Re: Doing a little Christmas shopping this morning

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On 5/3/2015 gidgetgoeshawaiian said: Qualitygal and Still Raining- ducking from the olives- LOL. "Pelt me with olives" is a line from the movie Notting Hill. I loved that movie and that line has always stayed with me! Gidget, Notting Hill is one of my all time favorites and I remember that line too. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Is Anyone Watching "Viet Nam in HD" on the History Channel?

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I don't choose to go back to that time at all, we lived it. Continue Reading

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