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Re: waiting for mammogram results-worried...

In Health & Fitness 1422391326.33

I'm keeping all fingers crossed for the positive for you. Keep saying to yourself, "nothing's going to be wrong". Mean it and say it. I hope for this to be true in your case, worrying is hard, I have to try to stop it too. I felt better in my worries to say that to myself, please try it, worry is no fun nor is bad news, I know. So I'm hoping for the best for you. Continue Reading


Re: When are poster's on ALL the forums...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422382983.497

When they learn to change the channel, no one is forcing anyone to watch. Continue Reading


Re: Green thumbs, please speak to this brown thumb!!

In In the Garden 1422371339.567

Thank you Anglophilly! I appreciate it. I'm tired of white snow, and thinking colorful blooms!! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Please pray for our new grandson.......Cooper Wilson

In Beauty Banter 1422370841.707

Absolutely!! For the whole family, prayers. Continue Reading


Speaking of the weather, and things you have to do when power goes out.

Last Reply by luvmyteddy 1422380337.237 | Started by qualitygal in For the Home Talk

Reading all these comments today, reminded me of when we lived in ND, for many, many years. We had power out one time (of many) so bad that we had to pack snow in trash bags, bring it in, melt it on the gas stove, and that's because the tub water was gone, just to flush the toilets. If you're a camper, it helps some, you might be a bit more prepared. But, does anyone else want to contribute a "power-out" story too, and what or how you coped with it? Continue Reading


Re: do you plan for power outage?

In Viewpoints 1422358350.07

It's always in the back of our minds. When you can lose power in summer as well as winter, you bet we do!! Continue Reading


Re: Collectibles that are totally worthless

In Viewpoints 1422358264.997

On 1/27/2015 Shorty2U said: . But I can tell you my husband saves a lot of things thinking they will be valuable. I hear ya!!! Continue Reading


Re: Collectibles that are totally worthless

In Viewpoints 1422358183.687

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have in the past only bought what appeals to me. I don't attach a price tag to "collectables". Continue Reading


Re: Meatloaf! What a topic.....

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422357236.337

I have a favorite meatloaf, but the topping is so easy and so good!! Brown sugar, catsup and mustard! That's the frosting on the cake!!! Continue Reading


Re: Insomnia......Snowball fight was invigorating and breakfast warmed us very well.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422357055.367

I think you should be writing books, with the way you talk on here. I would read them. You are so blessed with your life, I know you are a happy woman and I enjoy your posts. Some on here are sooooo depressing. Yours lifts me up and makes me smile. Thank you! Continue Reading

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