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Re: Any Suggestions on Good Picture Books?

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How about the Dr. Seuss and The Wild Things? Working at a library for many years and working for 2 yrs. with kids before that, I've seen a few. Trying to remember after all this time is another story, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Tommie Copper - Anyone with experience? Anyone with fibro?

In Health & Fitness 1419185674.18

Only just heard about this product this year, but I love the name. Tommy Copper, Tommy Copper, Tommy Copper. It's just fun to say. (I'm cracking up, LOL). Continue Reading


Re: Question.

In Among Friends 1419185226.953

Right spot on! Your money, your decision, and if they can't take the time to say thank you, nutz to them! There is such a thing as good manners, and most are taught at an early age how to say, "thank you". Continue Reading


Re: Chevy Chase, Christmas Vacation

In Movies 1419182908.24

CB, I'll bet that was it, it was the soggy sandwich the aunt bit into. Grossed me out. Thanks, I'd have been confused. As long as the dog didn't have a sloppy mouth. Continue Reading


Re: I think today is the day, I take all excess makeup and pitch what I don't use.

In Beauty Banter 1419177316.617

I did it. Kept 1 container (small) out of 4 I had. I even got some stuff out of drawers and said, shoot I'm not wearing this jewelry either and pitched it. Not expensive stuff, of course. Think I'll check on some shoes I haven't worn in a month of Sundays either. Too much is too much. Continue Reading


Re: Confession is good for the soul, right?

In Beauty Banter 1419161611.653

I'm feeling the same way today. Purging time. There is a shelf life to our stuff like that and I wouldn't be surprised at all, that like medicine they might do harm. Not worth it. Continue Reading


Re: 82 yr old mother and dementia/very violent...

In Health & Fitness 1419161157.38

Bigsister gave good advice it sounds like to me. Even nursing homes will not keep people that are too hard to handle and she may fit that description. I'd take her suggestions. There's others on here too with good advice. Good luck, it has to be hard. Continue Reading


Re: ""Chatting".... What did you have for dinner last night?

In Gamers 1419160771.57

Chicken from Chicken Coop, roll and honey, mashed pot's and gravy and coleslaw. Continue Reading

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