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Re: Unbelieveable Review????

In Judith Ripka 1397697948.743

On 4/16/2014 Pagan said: I think it's the reviewer to whom you owe an apology. Holding her up for public ridicule like this because she has a different opinion is inexcusable. OMG! Are you kidding me?! I owe no one an apology!!! I have the right to my opinion to!! I never held her up to any public ridicule, but you are definitely trying to put me in my place, as if you have the right to do so! You are inexcusable with your high and mighty attitude! Continue Reading


Re: Pics of the OTO Pearl Cuff and Golden Beryl Band Ring and Cuff

In Judith Ripka 1397671164.167

Hey Mick! Okay! I will stop......until the next Ripka show. LOL! I'm glad you are enjoying the pics! Continue Reading


Re: Ladies, It Is With Great Sadness That I Share With You...

In Judith Ripka 1397670904.77

PpprMintPatty, I am so sorry to hear that you lost your friend, Indy....she was fun to chat with on these forums and she will be greatly missed. I'm sending prayers and good wishes to her friends and family. God Bless. Continue Reading


Re: Unbelieveable Review????

In Judith Ripka 1397670467.07

Ladies, Ladies!!! I didn't mean to start a riot! In no way do I feel that the "reviewer statement" is less than mine. I never said that her opinion was less than mine. I understand that people have their own opinions. What I couldn't understand...when we shop,there is something that we initially see and like about the item that we are going to purchase. This reviewer saw something that she liked about this ring. Obviously she was less than satisfied with her purchase than I was, but I don't understand why she would say it is "cheap looking." All I'm saying is when I review I look for the goo... Continue Reading


Re: Unbelieveable Review????

In Judith Ripka 1397669015.983

On 4/16/2014 BGDC said: Such silliness! The poster just wanted to send a message to others not to be turned off to the ring because of that review. Sometimes people put up reviews that don't necessarily reflect the item - or it is possible that she received a bad stone or defective piece. Either way, all Me2Me was saying is if you like the ring, give it a shot. Mine is a winner. I am sure there are those of you out there who have risked buying a 1-star reviewed item and were very happily surprised by how nice it was when you got it. Thank you BGDC! My real reasoning for the thread was not to... Continue Reading


Re: I received the ice cube bracelet

In Judith Ripka 1397563376.037

Hi Pepper! Your bracelet sounds wonderful! By the sound of it you may need to wear sunglasses while wearing it! LOL! I still don't own this one, but it is on my radar for the future! Enjoy your new bracelet for many years! Continue Reading


Re: J291799, Judith Ripka multigem cuff /Confetti cuff Pictures

In Judith Ripka 1397563008.883

Hi Anisha! Thanks for sharing pic of your beautiful cuff! I never realized that it had all that carved texturing on the sides too. With all the gemstones and carving, your cuff is a site to behold! Enjoy it for many, many years!!! Continue Reading


Unbelieveable Review????

Last Reply by VegasBusinessWoman 1397705367.513 | Started by Me2Me in Judith Ripka

Someone reviewed JR's Amethyst ring J-290227 a one star???!!! I own this ring! It is beautiful and I gave it a 5 star review. Apparently, the other reviewer likes different styles of jewelry by the other rings "she does" recommend. I just want everyone to know, that is a true Ripkanista....don't let this 1 star review deter you from buying this beautiful ring. It really is worth it, especially if you love your amethyst! Continue Reading


Re: Pics of the OTO Pearl Cuff and Golden Beryl Band Ring and Cuff

In Judith Ripka 1397424623.07

Thank you Anisha, Donnalubby, and GREEN BLADE!!! I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics! Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 4/13/14 - T. Jefferson born, 1743

In Judith Ripka 1397424481.25

Hi Kaplan! Have a wonderful time with your family during your Seder tomorrow! One question! What does Chag Sameach mean? Continue Reading

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