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Re: Awesome new ring J295502

In Judith Ripka 1407115529.607

Hi Pepper! I hope that your doctor does get rid of that painful boot on Thursday. I hope it does alleviate all the pain. Good luck with that! Some great ez pays would be welcome! I am sick of ez pays for the clearance section already! I would love to see more ez pays on more of the new for a change......I hope QVC reads this! Continue Reading


Paging Charmed Jenna!!!!

Last Reply by sunshine45 1407128604.673 | Started by Me2Me in Judith Ripka

COME BACK!!!! This forum doesn't rock like it use to without you! Seriously, I use look forward to coming on the forum to read your posts and I enjoyed your banter! CJ, YOU ARE MISSED!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Pearl necklace J296988, Pictures.....

In Judith Ripka 1406911746.763

Anisha! Absolutely stunning! That looks so beautiful on you! Enjoy wearing that for many years!!! Continue Reading


Re: Awesome new ring J295502

In Judith Ripka 1406911568.263

Hi Pepper! I love the ring too! This ring is a great excuse to buy for your recuperation! As, BGDC noted it looks like a twist from Judith's Eclipse collection, but instead of the moon, for some reason this ring reminds me of Saturn! Maybe it's the ring? get well soon, Pepper! Continue Reading


Re: Butterscotch cuff & ring review w/pics

In Judith Ripka 1405798303.027

Libris! Absolutely Gorgeous! The cuff and ring look so well on you....enjoy for many happy and healthy years!! Continue Reading


Re: Reviews... Wow, wow, wow

In Judith Ripka 1405798054.323

Hi Disneygal! Enjoy your great haul! I just received the silver ice cube. now after reading your review plus Dallas Dame and Jersey Born's........I have to get a gold one too! Wear all your beautiful rings and your ice cubes in the best of health Disneygal...Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Received Ice Cube 14K Clad Bracelet & Regents Watch…Are You KIDDING ME?!?

In Judith Ripka 1405797683.603

Hi Trailblazer! Good for You! I like a woman who knows what she likes! You got the "JR Slam-dunk!" I can only imagine how great the Regent and Ice Cube look together in the gold clad?....I just received the silver ice cube and I was floored by that! I can tell how excited you are by your words and I am very happy for you! Wear them well and good health to! I need to purchase the Regent in silver to make a "JR Slam-dunk!" You need to get the ice cube in silver to go with your silver Regent now! Then you have TWO JR SLAM-DUNKS! Continue Reading


Re: Super Saturday JR Wallet S7540 $22.97

In Judith Ripka 1405597271.76

Hi Panz! Thanks for giving us the Super Saturday JR item, and the old item # to read reviews....I ordered two of these wallets in the Amethyst and Black. One I will probably keep and gift the other. Thanks for the deal! Continue Reading


Re: Green flourite ring

In Judith Ripka 1405596636.543

On 7/16/2014 BlingQueen022 said: On 7/16/2014 Me2Me said: Hi BlingQueen! What a great review! I am so glad that you are thrilled with your new fluorite ring! That design is beautiful and the stone a real beauty! I received the silver ice cube today! You were right! My jaw hit the floor! So beautiful!!! I can't believe the feel of this bracelet....it feels smooth......LOVE! BlingQueen enjoy your ring in the best of health! Hi there Me2Me. I knew you would be picking your jaw up off the floor once you saw that bracelet. It is a stunner!! Wear your new bracelet in the best of health. It is the ... Continue Reading


Ripka Peek...

Last Reply by BlingQueen022 1406267912.633 | Started by Me2Me in Judith Ripka

Today's LTS is J-275-963 10mm white pearl on 18" chain for $49.96....not too shabby! Continue Reading

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