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Truth be told, I don't much care what they program anymore... Sad to say, with very few exceptions, I've moved on, and only occasionally even bother to check the Q's program guide and then it's out of force of habit... It's been so stale and such a limited viewing or shopping resource for so long... And yes, Lisa's departure more or less pushed it all past the point of no return. You reach a point in life where you opt to minimize, the extent you can, the things that no longer bring you pleasure and for me, this is one of those things I can minimize. Continue Reading


Re: Problems should be communicated to customer

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I absolutely agree with you and have said so any number of times. They could also use this website to communicate pertinent information to us but they rarely do. Great communicators they aren't. Continue Reading


Re: Albany Looks GORGEOUS Tonite

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I think Albany is very attractive, I just wish she was more pleasant to watch... Often times, she's a bit over the top for me... Continue Reading


Re: What is wrong with people........

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Sadly, for some people, being married trumps everything... Good, bad or indifferent, married is married... Your friend appears to be of that ilk. There's no changing her. All you can do is offer whatever support you feel able to offer and perhaps subtly point out the upside of this change if there ever appears to be a point at which you think she might be able to hear it... Continue Reading


Re: Personal Attacks on Hosts... ENOUGH!

In The Q We Love 1425263929.24

I'm more weary of threads expressing indignation about "personal attacks" on hosts than I ever could be of those "personal attacks"... Besides, we clearly don't all define a "personal attack" in the same way... Incidentally, just as not viewing what one finds unpleasant is an option, so is not reading what one finds unpleasant... Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry Shows Anticipation Gone, Gone, Gone

In Jewelry Talk 1425263616.393

As I noted earlier, I couldn't agree more with you, OP, and have been saying so now for quite some time. QVC back-burnered jewelry for too long and then when they chose, in their infinite wisdom..., to roll it out again, they rolled it out in such a diluted version that even when they do now try to schedule jewelry events they not only fall flat, but they're more or less not even a blip on my radar. Continue Reading


Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of March 2nd....May Include Spoilers ***

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On 3/1/2015 Sharke said: mmmm Let's do a group matchmaker game. Who would be a good mate for Cane? 1. Kelly 2. Sharon 3. Phyllis 4. Hilary 5. Abby 6. Avery Until he grows a pair, I'm not sure he's a good match for anyone... Continue Reading


Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of March 2nd....May Include Spoilers ***

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On 3/1/2015 Sharke said: Snark Faith still cracks me up. Watch her around Avery. She despises that woman ! Wish they would bring back the original Faith. That kid had the look going on that went with her snarkiness. When that kid is on I watch her like a hawk to see her expressions. LOL Once Dylan gets all cozy with Sharon (after all they have similar problems) LOL Ms. Snark will love that shack up. I can't relate to the younger set, so, I usually go to the bathroom when they're on, get a snack, etc. That's sort of what I'm saying, the kids offer zero interest and at some point the old guard... Continue Reading


Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of March 2nd....May Include Spoilers ***

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On 3/1/2015 Sharke said: One I want gone, gone, gone is Billy Abbott. When does he have time to tend to his own business when he spends 99% of the time trying to bring down somebody else. He can be glad it wasn't up to me to save his sorry rear. I wouldn't had took one breathe of smoke for him let alone run into a burning bldg. for him. Adam, is either a genuine human being or a glutton for punishment. He never gets any better... I wonder why TPTB can't seem to figure out that this incarnation of Billy is NOT growing on anyone... If they aren't going to get rid of him altogether than at le... Continue Reading


Re: The Good Witch series tonight....

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On 3/1/2015 sunshine 919 said: I was so excited about this show until I found out that Chris Potter would not be on it. I guess I will not be watching. A completely individual choice, but the show was still quite pleasant... Things change, people move on. They did a good job with what the cast they now have. The one thing that didn't ring true for me was the house the new neighbor lives in... Looked like just any 'nicer' suburban tract house... Seems they could've come up with something a bit more 'small town'. Continue Reading

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