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Re: Rachael Ray, please stop talking over Jill!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413814605.337

Who I'd rather hear, host or vendor, depends on who the specific host and the specific vendor are. More times than not I don't think vendors really add much to the equation. In this instance, I think I'd pretty much rather listen to anyone than Jill. Continue Reading


Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

In Jewelry Talk 1413814135.26

While QVC seems obsessed with electronics, review of the quarterly financials seems to indicate they aren't the big sellers we would assume they are based on how often they're presented. It appears that neither jewelry nor electronics are all that hot. With jewelry, I believe we can attribute part of the issue to their buyers foisting the same iffy stuff out there whenever they do schedule jewelry shows. As for electronics, perhaps they've finally saturated their market... How could they not have? Continue Reading


Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

In Jewelry Talk 1413813767.08

QVC is all about the same stuff different day, especially once they kick holiday shopping into high gear. They never seem to feature much jewelry (or frankly, much of anything of interest) anymore around the holidays. They might want to consider mixing some in to try to perk up this dreary mess. Their assortment of gifts bears very little resemblance to anything I'd want to give or get. That said, it's a legitimate question. Given most jewelry shows (other than Bronzo and Ripka) are now so far and few between and given how largely lame most of them have been of late, it's reasonable to quest... Continue Reading


Re: Pumpkin Patch

In For the Home Talk 1413813359.82

Some amazing carving jobs here. I love the carousel, which is truly something, and the roses... the pumpkin house is really cute too. Continue Reading


Re: matching bag to outfit?

In Dooney & Bourke 1413812425.677

Black and tan are fine. Look at how so many Dooney bags incorporate the combination! I tend to try to match shoes and bag, but am not fanatical about it and so when I don't, I just try to ensure I'm using neutral or complementary colors. I wouldn't worry about it. That said, I am really picky about seeing someone wearing, for example, a primarily grey or black outfit with brown shoes. Some men, left to their own devices, seem to do this often and it drives me nuts! Continue Reading


Re: Ms.Lopez

In Beauty Banter 1413811914.663

Every time I see a post or thread here singing Colleen's virtues, it gives me pause, for the very reasons outlined here... Colleen is all right, but when it come right down to it, she's a sales person too and her act, like all the others, can get old. She's good at what she does, but like all of them, her on-air persona is just that. To be sure, with most hosts, snippets of their true personality shines through, but it would be a mistake for viewers to assume they really and truly 'know' these people based on what they see on TV. Continue Reading


Re: New GILI hobo

In All About Handbags 1413778756.717

I have both and have had no problems with the spots wearing with the natural. The ivory is tonal ivory so shouldn't be a problem, but I've used it less than the other because it's newer. Continue Reading


Re: The One THING that Q needs to fix on this site...

In Viewpoints 1413778594.927

Only one thing...? We should be so lucky. Continue Reading


Re: New GILI hobo

In All About Handbags 1413777945.2

Chestnut hornback huh... I've been thinking it wasn't a true red. That's probably the one for me... The grey, so far anyway, looks taupe and I want to see that one too. It looks lovely, but the whole ostrich ship has sort sailed for me. Continue Reading



In Dooney & Bourke 1413777773.273

On 10/19/2014 jaxs mom said: I don't usually wear my satchel crossbody. I carry it on my arm, but I keep the crossbody strap with me so I can switch it when I need to be hands free. Same thing with my pocket satchel. But then I've also been known to shorten the strap on my pocket satchel and saddle bag while I'm out if I'd rather switch to over the shoulder. Sometimes I only need to be hands free for a short time while I'm out and about. I like the versatility of changing it up even on the go. I'll sling a bag over my shoulder for a few minutes as needed, but almost never do the cross body t... Continue Reading

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