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Re: J'aime le Ripka Noir!

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expatgal, thanks so much for all of your pictures of your beautiful new watch!!! I keep thinking I don't need another watch but this one just might get ordered. I already have the silver & the rose versions. Continue Reading


Re: If you click on designer jewelry on QVC homepage

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donnaluby, thanks for reminding me about the price adjustment. I did call CS earlier this evening and she took off the amount. I haven't ordered the other cuff...not yet. But I probably will. Continue Reading


Re: If you click on designer jewelry on QVC homepage

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moongirl, thanks for the reminder. I will definitely check that out. I was surfing & buying in the early hours this morning. I love that pearl & blue topaz cuff also. I wish it was on easy pay. I might have to get it anyhow & tell hubby its my early birthday present!! Continue Reading


Re: MOP/Diamonique Cuff (J295566)

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Good Stuff, these pictures and your posts should be posted on the jewelry talk forum and not on the Judith Ripka forum. This would be like us going on the Temptation forum and posting about another line. Continue Reading


If you click on designer jewelry on QVC homepage

Last Reply by Pepper22 1408592565.34 | Started by Pepper22 in Judith Ripka

lots of Judith's items are on easy pays!!!! And event prices. I got the dragon pin for 1 item. Continue Reading


Re: Is rose gold clad gone?

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I'm also a rose gold person. I have some of Judith's and also wish that whenever she does a piece in gold clad she would also do the piece in rose clad. Continue Reading


Re: Opinions please on Gold Clad jewelry?

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barb, I have a couple of rings in her yellow clad. I also have about 4 rings and 2 watches & a bracelet in her rose clad. I'm in love with her rose beautiful. One of the rings I have in her yellow clad has an opal in the middle with a citrine cabochon on each side. Its a beauty. I think the quality is good. I've had no issues with flaking or anything like that. Hopefully someone else will also post on this for you. Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 8/3/14 - Columbus set sail from Spain for his 1st voyage across the Atlantic, 1492

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Kaplan, I'm doing fairly good. My Achilles tendon has healed & no more walking boot or PT. My other ankle & foot has so much arthritis in it that walking is becoming so difficult. I'm trying to stay out of a wheel chair but there are times that I will just have to. But I'm ok with it. I enjoy reading your Yo posts. Keep them up!! Take care & have a good week Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS Please post Judith Ripka August 2014 REVIEWS here... :)

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Lucky Peach, I got two prs of the TSV earrings in the pierced style. They both are stamped Thailand. I have a thicker earlobe and have no problems at all with them. I bought a pr for my DD#2 and she likes them too. Continue Reading


Re: Received this gorgeous cuff today!!!

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Dead Eye, you are so lucky to have the amethyst as your birthstone!! Feb was my parents wedding anniversary so that's why I have adopted it as one of my fav gem stones! Isn't this cuff such a beauty & so easy on the wear factor. I don't have the original by-pass cuff. I didn't start watching or buying Judith until about 6 years ago. I missed out on many wonderful pieces. JOJO, thanks!! My leg is definitely on the mend. Thanks so much all of you asking. Since my surgery my Multiple Sclerosis decided to show up even more. So that makes my life more painful . But I will be ok... Please know ... Continue Reading

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