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Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414051814.613

MissBetsy, awesome!!!! I'm glad the Customer Service Rep was nice to get you that discount. Yes, every little bit helps!! I'm still debating..... but guess I'll sleep on it for now. Take care Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414047220.08

On 10/23/2014 MissBetsyW said: Hi Pepper and Funwun, now that I read that you and some other ladies are getting the Classic Black, I'm thinking - hmm, should I buy the Black instead of the Red? Or in addition to the Red? Decisions, decisions - LOL! Funny you should post this. I was thinking of adding another TSV either in the red or the black & white!! Especially since it has the rolled handles & good price Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414044353.117

MissBetsy, thanks for taking the time to look up about the Glenna bag. I especially like bags with the rolled handles. They are getting harder to find. Yesterday I almost ordered the Glenna bag in the black from the Q. But the TSV is a better value. I hope we both like our "plainer" TSV bags. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414043198.36

I would think since they are talking about the extended return policy, that QVC could also give us a break on the shipping. Plus easy pays.... I love this new triple zip hipster. but alas, no ez pays Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414042247.7

Hi funwun, I love watching the VB shows also. I know that the host, Jacque loves VB too!! Your reason is also the reason for me ordering the black TSV. I like something a big more subdued for winter. I was hoping for a few more easy pays. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414041429.493

Hi MissBetsy, I like the Tango Red also. If I could, I would order at least 4 of the TSV's. Its hard to make up my mind. I also thought about the Glenna style. Does anyone have the Glenna style bag? Is that a shoulder bag? I do like the rolled handles of the TSV. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414038609.817

Hi deercreek. That's an interesting observation about the Emerald Paisley pattern. Is that the one you are ordering? I decided on the black microfiber TSV (unless I change my mind again). I also ordered a Vera in the purple leopard print. Hi everyone!! good to see you here Continue Reading


Anyone watching now??

Last Reply by Hi Cindy 1414113870.65 | Started by Pepper22 in Vera Bradley

I"m trying to decide which color to order in the TSV. I like the black & white and the all black. Continue Reading


Re: Judith's New Watch

In Judith Ripka 1414024044.52

On 10/15/2014 BGDC said: On 10/14/2014 Pepper22 said: BlingQueen, thanks for your review. I'm glad that you like the black. I ordered it in my favorite color......purple! Waiting on it to arrive. Enjoy wearing this beauty! Enjoy your new watch BQ!!! Thnx for the review. Pepper, let me know how the purple looks. I was going to order it, but when I ordered the purple silicone, the color was truly awful, almost black. This looks a lot better, so I will wait to hear from my fellow amethyst enthusiast before I order it! BGDC, sorry I haven't answered you earlier. I've been sick with a sinus inf... Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1414013619.963

I have received her charm bracelet earlier than the Dec. date. It is so beautiful. Its weighty and feels so good on the wrist. I got the 8" and it fits perfectly. Continue Reading

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