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Re: Great Vera Sale on EBay

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I ordered two bags from there on Tues and got them today.....what fast shipping!!! And yes, these are directly from Vera Bradley with tags and a Vera Box & receipts. They have been doing this every month or so!! Continue Reading


Re: VB Sale

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They have great deals there!!! I ordered two items. Well worth going there... Continue Reading


Re: VB Sale

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Thanks for this info, deercreek. I've been waiting on it!! Continue Reading


Re: Reviews from 7/11/14

In Judith Ripka 1406092839.267

Hi Kaplan, sorry to hear that the Ming pearls weren't up to standards. Sad.... I'm glad that you received some pieces that you are liking...a lot... And I hope that your missing pieces show up real soon. I think you will really love the regent watch. Dead Eye, I experienced something similar to you. I received one of my Ripka pieces, inside were two order slips. One was mine and one was someone else's for a Honora piece. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone get their Vera TSV yet? I got my African Violet today....

In Vera Bradley 1406083910.58

I received my TSV bag today. It does not have a zip inside pocket. It has two other pockets inside. On the outside is a zip pocket. I agree that the handles are too thin and too short for this bag. Otherwise I love the bag. But I will probably send it back. I'm just so disappointed in the handles!!! Continue Reading


Re: Sparkle of JR TSV stud earrings?

In Judith Ripka 1406083570.907

Blondelle, I do think that different lighting makes diamonique and diamonds sparkle differently. Some of this depends on the cut of the stones. Personally the 2 prs of the TSV earrings I received have lived up to my expectations. They sparkle & shine and are the perfect earring for any occasion. I'm definitely keeping mine and so is my daughter. But if you have any doubt, send them back. We all have different ideas and different tastes. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone get their Vera TSV yet? I got my African Violet today....

In Vera Bradley 1406007572.197

I'm waiting on my TSV to get here. I can't wait!!! Continue Reading


Re: J295793 Pave Stack Ring Review

In Judith Ripka 1405964553.277

I just received the rose clad version and I really like it. I'm waiting on the silver one and am hoping to stack them. I like the subtle dmq presence. Sheesh, I hope you find something else that catches your eye! Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 7/20/14 - 45th anniversary of moon landing

In Judith Ripka 1405919423.863

annabellethecat, how awesome!! I bet you have great memories of that time. Kaplan, I love the beach & ocean. I've only been there a few times in my life. Living in landlocked Ohio.... My dream is to retire someday near the ocean or the Smoky Mts. Hopefully.... I love when you describe your jewelry. I hope you have a great week. Continue Reading


Re: Carried Away Tote is QVC's bigger?

In Vera Bradley 1405917345.487

On 7/20/2014 qualitygal said: I noticed on something I just purchased elsewhere, then compared for size here and read the word "approximately". See if you notice that? Maybe they don't write that in all of them. ?? Perhaps they do this because these bags are sewn and there could be an issue where its off by 1/2" or so. Continue Reading

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