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Re: Yo! - 1/31/15 - Miss Judie's in the house!

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Hi Kaplan & all Ripka jewelry lovers!!! I'm excited also about her upcoming shows. I have shopped some over the last month or so buying clearance and ep items. We are getting ready for a major snowstorm for our area starting around midnight. Its supposed to start then & keep snowing through Monday noon. With snow totals of 8-15 inches. That's a lot for us at one time. We probably have about 4 inches on the ground now. And its cold..... I will try to be here at 9 if I don't dose off! Continue Reading


Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka late Jan. 2015 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

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Hi LuckyPeach. I'm glad for you & that your long ordeal has come to an end. I hope you can get some rest & do some good JR retail therapy this weekend. I have received lots of great clearance pieces over the past few months. Today I finally received a bracelet that was on waitlist for quite some time J290226 a beautiful 8" amethyst station bracelet. Its a beauty!!! I have my eye on a couple of different rings this visit. J338613 the pave gemstone ring and J320143. I'm not sure which ring will win out. I'm not planning on ordering much this visit. I have way too many easy pays to pay ... Continue Reading


Re: The Retiring Patterns in February Are...

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I also think that Flower Shower isn't real old. I have one bag in this pattern & I have really liked this pattern. I think they retire things way too soon & bring out new patterns too fast (too many). Just my opinion... Continue Reading


Re: Great deal on a beautiful JR cuff on QVC...

In Judith Ripka 1422681201.887

blondell, great sighting!! I have this cuff. I need to go back & see when I ordered it. This is a great deal on a nice JR cuff. I haven't been on a lot lately due to health reasons. As BGDC says, don't take no comments too personally. I appreciate your posting of this great deal. Please keep on posting. Take care, Pepper22 Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 1/25/15

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Hi Kaplan, I've been missing your YO posts. I'm sad to know that your DS#1 is having bad health issues yet. Bless his heart.... I so wish things could be different for him. How exciting.....elections, politics & your DS#2!! I hope things go well for him!!! Grandchildren are indeed very special. I know my 4 are. And now, I'm going to be a young great-grandma!!!! I've heard on the news & weather channel that your area is due for a major snowstorm. We got about 4 inches today. Now its cold & blowing. Kids are on a 2 hr delay for school tomorrow. Hubby thinks they will cancel scho... Continue Reading


Re: I WANT YOU...................

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Dear Me2Me (Christine), I'm so happy to see your post above!!!! You do whatever you need to at this time in your life. I am going to put you on my prayer list. Love U!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: I WANT YOU...................

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Hi Me2Me.....I miss you so very much on this forum. I think of you often. How many times you & I were talking about this piece or that! I miss you, my friend. I pray for your health, well being & family. Sending you many many cyber hugs ((((Me2Me)))) BGDC, thanks so much for starting this thread!! Continue Reading


Re: 1pm show anyone here??

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On 1/15/2015 number one queen said: I'm Very sorry but I don't like this line , I'm glad for all that do. I saved money. I Guess the prints are to much for me. Hi number one queen. I think that is why they are expanding on their solid microfiber line and the new leather line. I don't like every print they bring out, but I have many favorites. Please look on QVC's website & you'll see their solid line Continue Reading


Re: 1pm show anyone here??

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That hour went by quickly!! Continue Reading


Re: 1pm show anyone here??

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lovestoteach, the Lucky You is the green with dark navy & white. Continue Reading

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