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Re: Vera Bradley going to return? Receiving QVC reminders with 11/20/14 but no time

In Vera Bradley 1416465557.21

I have just been looking thru all of the Vera Bradley on QVC. There are 3 Midnight Paisley bags offered and on easy pays. A lot of their other bags are on easy pay. Continue Reading


Re: Beautiful Blue Topaz Verona Ring

In Judith Ripka 1416106992.957

I just received my Verona ring in the blue topaz. Its really beautiful in person. I really like all of the silver and then there is the stone. Mine is a beautiful blue color. This ring is a winner. I'll probably get it in at least one more gemstone. This style is a great everyday ring. Continue Reading


Re: New Ceramic Watch is up for order

In Judith Ripka 1416106600.9

Dallas-Dame, thanks so much for your review of the watch you purchased. I'm sorry to hear it wasn't what you were hoping for. I really like the white version I received. I'm thinking of getting another color next time its on easy pays. Though truthfully I don't really need another watch. For the ladies asking about my health. I think I need to make another appt. with my MS doctor. Since I haven't gotten any better for months, I think its time I talk to him again. Take care & hope you have a good week. Continue Reading


Re: Finally a Message From ME2ME

In Judith Ripka 1416035247.707

Christine, I have missed you so very much. I am so shocked reading what all you have been through. We have been so worried about you. And now we read that it was something so traumatic what you were going through. Words are escaping me at the moment...... I want you to know how much your posts & friendship means to me. Please know that I will keep you in my prayers and I am adding you to a couple of prayer chains. If you can please keep us posted with your recovery process. I wish I could be there for you in person. So please remember that myself & everyone here are with you in... Continue Reading


Re: Received my Glenna tote

In Vera Bradley 1415939944.197

Ladies, thanks for your replies. I'm going to switch over to this bag tonight. I've been using the Caroline bag in the Canyon pattern. Continue Reading


Re: Vibrant, Vibrant, Vibrant!!!

In Judith Ripka 1415939697.65

Hi BlingQueen. I'm happy for you that you have two new beautiful GG rings to wear. I have the east/west one & really love it. I'm hoping to get the other one that you have. I hope you have fun wearing your new rings. And have a great happy & safe Thanksgiving Continue Reading


Re: Beautiful Blue Topaz Verona Ring

In Judith Ripka 1415938590.44

donnaluby, thanks for your review on the Verona ring. I have one coming in the blue topaz also. I hope you enjoy wearing this ring. I have the east/west GG ring. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it but it really grew on me. I love it now. Take care & stay warm & safe Continue Reading


Received my Glenna tote

Last Reply by Pepper22 1415939943.69 | Started by Pepper22 in Vera Bradley

Monday in the red color. What a beautiful color!!! I love the size of this bag. Its just the right size. A definite keeper!! Continue Reading


Re: O/T - I met Lisa Robertson last night!

In Judith Ripka 1415861185.023

oceanview, thanks so much for posting this. What a great trip you've had. Continue Reading


Re: Paging Kaplan, Pepper, and all other Ripkanistas... Follow up to yesterday's 4pm train!

In Judith Ripka 1415597920.67

Hi disneygal, thanks for taking the time to tell us about the Verona bracelet. I didn't get there in time, so I'm on waitlist for the 8". I love that it has so much silver. And if the clasp side comes up to the top no big deal. As it looks gorgeous!! Congratulations on ordering the Jimmie bracelet & some new cuffs. May I ask which cuffs you ordered? Thanks for thinking of me & others who have experienced life's curveballs. I try to stay as positive as I can. As I want my friends (both here & online) to want to be in my life. Take care & hope you have a great week!! Continue Reading

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