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Re: Great Vera Sale on EBay

In Vera Bradley 1406522486.607

Keep watching for these deals. It seems they have them every month or so. Great deals!!! Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 7/27/14

In Judith Ripka 1406522384.45

Hi Kaplan, I got to see about 15 minutes of the Super Saturday show. I had already ordered Judith's wallet & received it. What a wonderful wallet at a great price. I also agree that this is a great cause & I'm glad that the Q has gotten behind this. Grandchildren are such a wonderful addition to our lives, aren't they? And its especially nice when they live close by us. I love all four of my grandkids. And I like reading your posts about yours. We've had such up & down weather this summer. Real hot & muggy and then a cool spell. Its supposed to be cooler this week and less h... Continue Reading


Re: Have you seen this new beautiful bracelet J295488 ???

In Judith Ripka 1406521674.437

Its a beautiful bracelet. I will probably want until it goes on sale at a great ez pay.... Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 7/26/14

In Judith Ripka 1406402291.56

Kaplan, I hope you get these items real soon. I'm glad that they will send you out the items again.... Sorry to hear that your DGD's other parent can't remember that she's just a little girl. Its sad that too many parents want to hurt the other parent by putting their kids in the middle..... I hope you had a fun day at the hair salon. Its looking rainy here. We need the rain but not storms. Have a great weekend. Continue Reading


Re: Awesome new ring J295502

In Judith Ripka 1406349211.973

Thanks newjerseygirl!! anisha, I'm seriously considering it. It just catches my eye for some reason. I love the style of it. Continue Reading


Awesome new ring J295502

Last Reply by mewsmomtoo 1406356418.407 | Started by Pepper22 in Judith Ripka

Its a beautiful ring. Sorry I can't get it copied on here Continue Reading


Re: Great Vera Sale on EBay

In Vera Bradley 1406261596.03

I ordered two bags from there on Tues and got them today.....what fast shipping!!! And yes, these are directly from Vera Bradley with tags and a Vera Box & receipts. They have been doing this every month or so!! Continue Reading


Re: VB Sale

In Vera Bradley 1406098167.573

They have great deals there!!! I ordered two items. Well worth going there... Continue Reading


Re: VB Sale

In Vera Bradley 1406092897.803

Thanks for this info, deercreek. I've been waiting on it!! Continue Reading


Re: Reviews from 7/11/14

In Judith Ripka 1406092839.267

Hi Kaplan, sorry to hear that the Ming pearls weren't up to standards. Sad.... I'm glad that you received some pieces that you are liking...a lot... And I hope that your missing pieces show up real soon. I think you will really love the regent watch. Dead Eye, I experienced something similar to you. I received one of my Ripka pieces, inside were two order slips. One was mine and one was someone else's for a Honora piece. Continue Reading

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