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Re: 7 layer salad question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418962174.73

It's funny, because I was just thinking today about making a 7 layer salad for Christmas. The best thing about these is that you can make it ahead. I have always made it in a trifle bowl-it is a pretty presentation, and I have mixed everything before serving. It is correct, though, that leftovers are not good the next day. I would love to do this in a serving dish where you could just use tongs and get a serving of everything. I am confused though-it seems like a 9 x 13 dish would not hold everything. I do like the idea of not mixing the salad, and letting everyone use tongs to get what they ... Continue Reading


Re: Lifted up area rug and found...

In For the Home Talk 1418702689.633

The very thing you have described has happened in our living room. We have a non slip pad under a large oriental style wool rug. Underneath the pad, the floor is visibly lighter. The wood floor is made from rosewood. I'm not happy about it, but figured there was little I could do, now that it has happened. Continue Reading


Re: How can I teach a cat to use a litter box?

In Pet Lovers 1418652868.16

Thanks everyone. Not an easy sale- I will wait for your additional ideas if you have any. Feline groovy- thanks for the info- I used the same brand of cat attract as you recommended that I have sprinkled on the litter. Tissyanne- hello. I have a hooded box and an open box available-but he doesn't seem to know what they are. Savetheanimals- our house doesn't smell either- it's a lot of work keeping it clean and fresh smelling, but I am willing to do it. My hubby helps too. We can pet this cat but haven't tried to pick him up yet. When he is comfortable with that-we must get him to the vet to g... Continue Reading


How can I teach a cat to use a litter box?

Last Reply by Newnick ame 1418929926.787 | Started by rosehill in Pet Lovers

I will try to make this short, but try to give pertinent information. We have been feeding a long haired cat for a year now. At this time last year, he would run when he saw us-we were feeding him outside our back door. I worried sick about him-we had minus 20 degree temperatures last winter and I still don't know how he survived. Fast forward one year- the cat has slowly gotten used to us and he is now coming inside a few times throughout the day, to sleep a little bit, and he is sleeping inside at night. The trouble is….. I have a litter pan out and he has not used it one time. I ev... Continue Reading


Re: Gifts For The Elderly~

In For the Home Talk 1418530309.297

My mother (age 91 with a very sharp mind) recently moved in with my DH and I. Slipper socks are on my list for her, and if I can find a nice pair of comfortable shoes for her, that is about all I can think of. Tomorrow I am trimming her hair and giving her a perm. She has everything she needs on a daily basis here. I cook wonderful meals for all of us, and she really enjoys that. A few small gifts to open on Christmas will be nice, but my gift to her is my time and nurturing. I take her to all of her doctor apts and listen to what the doctors say, and make sure she takes her meds right. Slipp... Continue Reading


Re: LR Posh Christmas

In For the Home Talk 1418517751.54

PeterDM has never been negative and mean. I think he was merely making an observation, likening Lisa's outfit to a famous costume. Nothing mean meant by him. Continue Reading


Re: I'm ready for CIJ 2015

In For the Home Talk 1418089878.4

On 12/8/2014 Just Plain Crazy said: Yes, I am ready. My garland that I had on the mantel stopped working. Half of the lights went out. We tried the light pro with no luck. Had Mr. Crazy try this time since I had tried it on a tree a couple years ago and couldn't find the problem either. They make it look so easy on their video but he finally gave up. Was a BL plug in garland and we had it several years but now my mantel looks so bare. So I am ready for a new garland for my mantel but want the plug in type. I have it on all day and evening when I am home and just don't want the hassle of chang... Continue Reading


Re: PB's faceted jeweled trees...

In For the Home Talk 1417577297.93

I think they are beautiful, SL. Whenever I have ordered from Pottery Barn, the quality had been very good. They are a part of the Williams Sonoma companies, and I think they are very strict about quality. Never shoddy products. I love them, and think they would be fab mixed with other trees. Adds a lot of interest, all those textures. Continue Reading


Re: Happy thanksgiving Everyone!

In For the Home Talk 1417048818.21

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope everyone has wonderful food and conversation to enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Sleigh Fans

In For the Home Talk 1417048732.483

Peter, I am happy that you love your sleigh. I can picture how great it looks in your house. I purchased the same day as you and paid by pay pal. My two sleighs are still in process. I will get them sooner or later! Continue Reading

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