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Plant Tone vs. Rose Tone

Last Reply by Mmsfoxxie 1432777252.097 | Started by rosehill in In the Garden

Hoping JustJazzMom will see this. I bought a 36# bag of Plant Tone online, because it was more economical than buying small bags of Rose Tone locally. I am due to feed my roses for the month of May. Just wondering if I should give them a full cup of Plant Tone per your instructions for Rose Tone. Plant tone NPK is 5-3-3, and Rose tone NPK is 4-3-2. It's one notch higher in nitrogen, and one notch higher in potassium. Continue Reading


Re: HSN's Food Policy

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1432438745.057

I ordered Davids Cookies brownies once, NicNac, and was very surprised to read on the ingredient label that they used liquid margarine, not butter in making them. Not my idea of a quality product. Needless to say, I never ordered any of their products again. And when they present them, they always say that they use top quality ingredients. Not in my opinion. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: Aphids on roses

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On 5/17/2015 JustJazzmom said: If you are in PA area, then you are seeing aphids as someone said, its too early for Japanese beetles in the PA area. I'm waiting now on LI for the first continuously warm weekend to see these critters (aphids) on my roses too. Aphids are carriers of viruses and if they attack an infected plant and then fly to one that is unaffected, may pass the plant virus onto that next plant. I am in NE Ohio, JustJazzMom. We have had some early warm weather here, (close to 90) last week for a day and the week before, some days in the 90s). I am sorry to hear about aphids be... Continue Reading


Re: Shrimp Burgers with Old Bay Mayo

In Recipe Swap 1431897383.397

I am trying these this week. Thank you, Beach mom-they sound very good! Continue Reading


Re: Aphids on roses

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On 5/17/2015 rosehill said: These are what I am seeing/ Continue Reading


Re: Aphids on roses

In In the Garden 1431872927.913

I will check the plants again today and squish as many as I can get. I was doing this a few days ago, and lots of them got away from me. I will use dish soap to try to clean up any stragglers. My new rose growth is just so clean and fine now, I was hoping to keep it that way. I am new to rose gardening, so I may be calling these insects that I am seeing something other than what they are. What I saw were light green (almost a lime green color). They squished very easily- no hard shells or wings. Continue Reading


Aphids on roses

Last Reply by JustJazzmom 1432497274.76 | Started by rosehill in In the Garden

I assume they are aphids-they are lime green. I am wondering what to do….. I read that they can do real damage to plants. Continue Reading


Re: In a dilemma with what to do with pansies

In In the Garden 1431292647.43

Thanks everyone. I will probably plant to petunias in and among the pansies and see what happens! Continue Reading


Re: Happy Mother's Day What's Blooming in Your Garden??

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On 5/10/2015 JustJazzmom said: I am glad to hear that the rose garden put on a nice performance for you last year, rosehill. I lost one rose that was a grafted rose 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' and I decided to remove 'Scentimental' -- a pretty red striped with white floribunda that always got blackspot. One miniature rose 'Autumn Sunblaze' which can get blackspot got removed to be in front of my chimney. I replaced in that spot a white hybrid tea own root rose called 'La Perla'. Where the 2 other rose were, went 'Quietness' a shrub rose and'Gruss an Aachen' a white/pinky floribunda. All of the re... Continue Reading

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