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Re: Twinings tea

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Irish Breakfast tea is the best, don't you think, Betsy Doodle? Twinnings is good, I also love Barrys, and Thompsons brand Irish Breakfast tea. It is my favorite kind of tea- I brew it strong. Delicious. Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield...Yuck

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On 3/22/2015 terrier3 said: On 3/22/2015 Cinder63 said: I was just thinking the same thing; how can the hosts live with themselves??? Imagine if QVC would do the responsible thing like selling humanely raised meat and poultry? A friend of mine raised pigs for the first time last year. When the pigs were being placed in the van to go to slaughter, a worker punched one in the nose, giving the pig a bloody nose. My friend took the pig back - and he's keeping that pig forever... he was screaming at the guy not to treat his animals that way. When he told the butcher about it, the guy was fired...... Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield...Yuck

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Animal cruelty in the U.S. is terrible. I am so disappointed in hearing this, Terrier, but not surprised. My son owns a food safety microbiology testing lab which does work for cheese producers, produce packers, and meat processors, large and small. He used to have an account which processed veal calves, and said that the brutality in the slaughter area was terrible. He said the people who worked in there didn't look or act right in the head. He used to have to go there sometimes, when they asked him for a consult. Animals all deserve to be humanely slaughtered. When I think about that place,... Continue Reading


Re: Fiestaware Lovers! Anyone else using their greens for St. Patrick's Day?

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Fiestaware is soooo pretty. I don't have any-wish I did. I love looking at the beautiful table settings, everyone. You are so creative. Continue Reading


Re: Waggoners Chocolate Buckeyes!

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So funny that you should mention these two companies. I live about 1/4 of a mile from Waggoners factory store. Giannios is located in Youngstown Ohio, pretty close to me too. I used to order the bulk Giannios chocolate covered marshmallows when I had my gift basket business. They are very good. Continue Reading


Re: Joseph's Bakery lavash and pita bread YUM YUM ☺☺

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Thank you, Barbara. I checked with the online checker and couldn't find anyplace close to me who has their products. I would love to find the lower carb, high fiber products. The Endo doctor just put me on Metformin- suspecting that I may be insulin resistant. I am struggling with mid section weight gain, Big Time. Will continue to look for these-thanks again! Continue Reading


Re: Which current Irish sweater style would be best for a bottom heavy figure?

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Thank you, everyone. I appreciate your help. Good advice all around, from all of you. Pas4116, did you size down with the A231191? Oops, I thought you were talking about A92282, Pas4116. I think I would like that one better. Continue Reading


Which current Irish sweater style would be best for a bottom heavy figure?

Last Reply by NJ4Jays 1426840098.243 | Started by rosehill in Fashion Talk

I love the sweaters, but am afraid that they would make me look like a two ton annie. I have a bottom heavy figure. Any recommendations would be welcomed! I am not a little person, 5' 6" and a little overweight. Age 61. Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: Can you freeze corned beef in the package?

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Thank you, cerb. I ended up putting another one in the pot, so I am going to do two of them today, so that we have leftover corned beef for reubens tomorrow. I'll make some cole slaw to go along with the sandwiches tomorrow and dinner will be done. I just checked the use by dates on the corned beef I purchased, and it is May 17th. At first, when I looked this morning, I didn't have my glasses on and thought it said use by March 17th. So I have some time to either keep them refrigerated, or to decide to freeze them. Continue Reading


Re: Can you freeze corned beef in the package?

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Thank you, everyone, for your ideas. I am trying to figure out what to do here. It seems as though corned beef can successfully be frozen. Looks like the USDA website recommends what Adore does. And, it looks like some of you have succsess with freezing it in the wrapper as it comes from the store. I have the smallest one on the stove right now, and am boiling it twice for a short period of time, to remove some of the salt. The other three that I have are larger, and each cost around $20, so I have a little money invested in corned beef, LOL! I went a little crazy at the store- it wasn't even... Continue Reading

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