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Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Thursday

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Susan, thank you for starting us! I woke up at 3am and my AC (little window unit) was on but not blowing. I think it finally said goodnight. I had to get up and turn the central unit down and thought I would be up for a while. Thankfully I went right back asleep. That is the difference when I take my sleep aid! The closing of the pool does not sound very fun at all. It's nice to be able to pay to have it done. Jean, I know you will enjoy your day at work! I need to get back to it. Continue Reading



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Linda I feel the same way with my progress. I wish I was better, but I'm a lot better than I was. The hospital is waiting on the insurance, and I was surprised but it was ok. It doesn't really matter how much it is, we will send them money every month until it's all paid. I'm sure it will take a while. I still woke up with scruff in my throat, and itchy eye. Thought I was getting better but after being home for a while I want to cough a bunch again. Not sure what's going on but something is sure irritating me. I didn't think I would be ok without sleep but this time I made it through ... Continue Reading



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Hello friends!! Thank you for starting us Jean. The thread has def been in a lull. I remember adding up my expenditures and it was around $2500. And being shocked. I joined the thread shortly thereafter. I bought a sweater last May and 3 things last year in June (1 was a gift, one was a $10 clearance item that wasn't that great and I actually gave it away this week). No spending at QVC this year, so far. I did order those scrub Daddy 10 packs for Christmas gifts but they waitlisted and I just cancelled after reading that they are expected to be stocked in January. ha ha DD came home ... Continue Reading



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Linda you are good to use your DVD's. I remember you using them a lot. I, on the other hand, just like the idea of doing the DVD. ha ha Sorry your boots didn't work for you. I absolutely love my Dennis Basso!! And don't have any qualms about using the microwave but I sure do think twice these days about what I eat, especially fast food of any sort. I still buy it, but more and more I eat a little and throw the rest out. Jean, so sorry your job is downsizing. Oh how I remember that feeling. We still don't like living apart but it seems the best solution to our job/house situations. S... Continue Reading


Re: What is the last piece of clothing/fashion you bought?

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a pair of straight leg Levi's this weekend, and before that I ordered a pair of high heels that I am anxiously waiting on. Continue Reading



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Hello friends! It's a slow day here for sure. Continue Reading


Re: Bath and Body Works Candles Are On Sale

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that Pumpkin pecan waffle scent is really fantastic! I didn't even need a candle but they were $10 that day (that scent only) and I bought a couple. Continue Reading


Re: A slow-brewing fashion movement

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I've never been one to spend a lot on any one thing, but I have noticed that the things in my closet and home that have lasted the longest are things that I would never have predicted. 2 tops from Walmart that are several years old and showing no signs of wear (actually somehow got a bleach spot on one of them and passed it along a couple months ago). A boucle sweater jacket that I wore in the 80's. I guess it's a classic shape because it doesn't look out of style or 30 years old. A 1000tc set of sheets that I bought at Sam's in 2006 for $100. Another set from Target when we first got mar... Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear leggens? With what? High Low tops?

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I have one pair of leggings that I wear occasionally, more often my skinny jeans with boots and long tops. I'm not really into the high low look (and most tops are too short in the front to begin with). I likely scare folks with my fashion too. lol Continue Reading



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Jean, sorry for your no sleep last night. I'm glad you got out of the house before being too late. I know you will get good use out of your DB with your weather. I finally booked our trip. I went through the process 2x only to find that it didn't book, the fares had changed. Very frustrating. It's awful hard for me to spend so much money. DD was on the phone with me as it finally went though and I was grateful, because I talked to her while I destressed. I know to some of you that probably sounds quite silly, but I've never enjoyed spending $1000 with a few clicks of the mouse - and I ... Continue Reading

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