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Oh Twinny, so sorry for all this. I will pray for you all and hope that Mom gets better quickly. Poor thing! I wouldn't do so well with getting up every hour, I can only imagine how exhausted you must be. Continue Reading


Re: Clothes Shopping Addict

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I know I have found myself buying way more than I want to spend in a month - and way more than necessary! I think it was all those years of SAHM with no clothing budget that once I had "my own" income I kind of went crazy for a while. I feel like I've been at a semi- healthy minimum for quite a while but still there are times I question "why?" I have a handful of red flags such as returning a lot, no more available hangers, etc to help me keep on track. Continue Reading



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Linda I have plenty of room by the washer, maybe I will try that. I think I need some trying on time and a friend to consult. I've gotten so much sun over the years that I think about that often. When did you start going to a dermatologist? Was it a spot that you could see or feel? DH has a couple spots I wish he would get looked at, but he's had many many shirtless Texas summers as well. Enjoy your day! Jean I was a little concerned about the shorter delays at the airports. I once traveled with a group and one of the guys got "left behind" at our stop. It was a hassle but at the end ... Continue Reading


Re: I do wish you would stop selling quack diet aids

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I think that about a lot of beauty products as well. *rant deleted for your viewing pleasure* lol Continue Reading



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Good morning Jean. I am looking forward to trying on my new jeans today. Have been looking at the "duds" in my closet that I just don't want to let go of, several tops that were final sale and I took a chance. Nothing that looks bad but for whatever reason I have to try them on and probably wear one last time before I let them go. This afternoon I leave work a little early and will get my hair colored and trimmed. Yay! So glad I remembered to grab the checkbook this morning. I need to also fill up at lunch. I feel like I'm rambling so will just quit there. I have no shopping "wants" ... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT

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Jean I'm so sorry about the necklace. Ugh!! I'm saying a little prayer that it will show up. We do have a cafeteria, and it is a whopping $4 to eat there! They do have a good salad bar but they also have all the soda one can drink, so I have to really be careful to not overdo it. I'm not one much for salad but I'm learning to eat it more. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT

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Hello friends! Linda I said some bad words trying to heat up tortillas, finish cooking breakfast tacos and bacon all at once. I'm just not good at doing several things at once. lol Then yesterday our sermon was about misusing the name of the Lord. I need to get to donating too. I am loving the weather but it's hard to believe that September is gone. I am trying to bring lunch to work more often and eat a little bit healthier than I have been. My poor zuchini (sp?) has not made it into a meal yet. I'm thinking fried rice tonight with my leftover pork chop and a bunch of veggies. I wil... Continue Reading



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I did show off my new over the knee boots to Steve and he did not really like them. I thought about taking them back but I really like them, and they are in style right now and not too sexy for work. AND DD liked them, so I decided I should keep them. It's funny how someone's opinion can sway my thinking!! Continue Reading



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Hello friends! I loved the picture as well Linda! I've never heard of a different ID either. Just closed a credit card today - it was a store card and they talked me into opening the store Visa. I thought it would transfer and be the same card. Now I have 2 cards. Never needed another Visa to begin with. The woman was surprised I was closing the new Visa. ::rolling my eyes:: We had a nice weekend together. Got my little AC window unit yesterday and that was expensive enough! I enjoy cooking again; this is the funny thing about our situation. I did go to church this morning and my Ce... Continue Reading


Re: Letting go of items that you love

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Thanks ladies for some great and heartfelt answers. Continue Reading

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