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Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Halloween edition

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Hello friends!! Yes I woke at 2am and that thunder was loud loud loud. I had taken my sleep aid so I went right back to sleep. Caught up on all my tv shows last night (cable primetime on demand shows are spoiling me) and that was nice. We both will wear our costumes all day, though her "rider" does get askew after she has taken a nap for a while. I'm hoping DH will take me to the zoo or something but it will be COLD for him. Not much happening here either. I'm sleepy and a bit bored. I guess time to do some filing. Yeeeeha!! Sure would love to go home early but I haven't asked and I ... Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Wearing Thursday?

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On 10/30/2014 maddiecat said: Hey, Kathleen (both of you)! I am well, and yes, I am still walking (usually 4 nights a week). Is your husband still working in the Arlington area? How's that going? Have you been exploring the DFW area? Yes, still got our RV in Trader's Village and it's going well. I miss him terribly this month, but it's fun to get up there every other week. I finally made it to Sam Moon 2 weeks ago and was so overwhelmed. We have been doing a lot of different things, went to the State Fair for the last weekend. We went to the aquarium one weekend but it was so packed that... Continue Reading


Re: I know this is off topic but need your help with washer/dryer

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We have the lower (not lowest) grade from Lowe's and I'm very happy with it. Reviews were good when I went to buy and it is not a front loader. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Wearing Thursday?

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Maddie!! How are you doing? Are you still walking a lot? I think of you when I am up "your way" (I say that very loosely, of course) every other weekend. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Thursday

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Hello friends and readers! Thursdays are a challenge for me. Once I get off work I will be focused on packing and getting food together for the weekend. At lunch I vacuumed my car and drove through the car wash, and gassed up. Just remembered that today is payday for me. Yay! I was a little worried about my credit card bill because I ordered some things I needed but I checked it yesterday and it's all good. I've been trying very hard to not use it for FOOD items after getting my last bill. So, no shopping for me today, though Wanty insists that buying is good. There's not even anything on my ... Continue Reading


What Are You Wearing Thursday?

Last Reply by Margo Channing 1414774185.863 | Started by Rock_chick in Fashion Talk

DH's purple button up shirt (and his cologne lol) Esposito inside outside dmq hoops Brighton simple cross necklace Lia Sophia "Mimic" bracelet Fitbit in purple Brighton purple gemstone bracelet Nine West distressed capris Skecher white tennis shoes A beautiful teal satchel style bag with fringe and bling Continue Reading


Re: OTC Non habbit forming sleep aids?

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I have a prescription - it was an antihistamine I got prescribed for some nasty spider bites a few years back - "hydroxyzine" and I noticed I slept REALLY good when I was taking it. When I started having such a hard time sleeping that it interfered with my life I went back and told her and she gave it to me. I probably take it 3x a week. I'm very loathe to take pills to "fix me" because of my past and being in recovery, but I'm getting pretty good at monitoring my sleep and taking my aid when it's needed. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Wednesday

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No pools open all year round unless it is indoor! It is colder up where DH is - they regularly have snow/ice storms per year, while we are lucky to see a flurry of snow every 8 years or so. I can count on one hand how many times I've seen REAL snow in Texas. But the day DH interviewed it was snowing up there so I got to drive in it that day and had fun. Of course, I had fun because when it snows here EVERYTHING shuts down and people stay off the unsalted roads. Pipes are not buried very deep because it's generally not necessary. It is cooler out in the hill country than Austin but I've ... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Wednesday

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Happy birthday Gayle!!! Woot woot!! I had a best friend for about 17 years and after she moved away and I got active in church, with recovery and with healthy encouraging people, she got more and more negative. I had to really distance myself and MAKE myself quit calling her. Love her, but at a distance. I hope you are able to have a wonderful day! Sweet of DH to cook for you. What movie will you go see? Kelli, I don't envy your position in the HOA. Working in the PTA for a few years broke me of any public activity like that. There is always someone difficult that wants to be involved.... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Wednesday

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Good morning friends!! Last night was wonderful! I wanted to stop and get groceries, nearly did but prayed about it and just drove home, took the toll road and talked to DH on the way. Looks like your grocery had a fire shortly after we left so I think it's just as well!!! Kelli your ears must have been burning! Linda and I live an hour apart so we try to get together now and then. If you come to Tx again and you have time we should all meet up. I am designated driver so Linda can drink all she wants to (just kidding, I love to drive and she does not). Last time I went to Cheesecake F... Continue Reading

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