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That is the same as ours only ours does not have green in the curtains. When we did the "walk through" we discovered we also have the upgraded hot water heater and surround sound has been installed. We have not tried it out but happy to have that extra! Ours is pretty modest, 25' long and I plan on totally redoing the decor. For now I am committed to not spending an extra penny on something I don't need so we will live with the brown. I suspect when it gets cold I will be sewing curtains or something. I think with a home to hold all our stuff, we will be fine living in the rv. Continue Reading



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Good morning friends!! Jean thank you for starting us. I'm on the hunt for some comfortable shoes that I love. I've been having an issue with my foot for a while now and probably need to see a podiatrist. I've not worn my heels since Christmas when I started walking. I have 5 pairs of tennis shoes but I HATE to wear them to work. Must get something for work that looks nice. I do have one good pair of supportive tiny heel flats. Thank you for the reminder. Susan, sorry to hear about your friend but I'm glad you shared. I'm not one to sugarcoat my life, though I try not to post the "dow... Continue Reading


Re: Determined to break the (Diet Coke) caffeine habit

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I have quit before and most often cut down to one a day, but eventually I get sick and just want that carbonation again. So I need to once again wean myself off it. I've never gotten the headache though - and I drink the regular kind. Continue Reading



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Shaussie, I reconnected with a neighborhood friend of my Mom a couple years ago on FB. She sent me through the mail a couple lilac blooms!!! It was so sweet of her. It was very special, as they do not grow in Texas. Continue Reading



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Good morning Jean! I've been looking at Kohl's for bedding. I guess I should probably use the bedding I already have in the rv but would love a purple set. :D Now I see you are heading in anyway - good for you! I know you enjoy your interactions with the kids. Linda I wasn't into that tsv either - you made me look. lol Nothing much to report here. I woke up with a sore back and was thinking I needed to call in to work but I got ready and took the humongo Ibuprophen she gave me for these situations and it felt better already. Add to that my heated seat and I'm feeling great. Continue Reading



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Welcome Shaussie!! I'm not sure how the RV idea came about, but when we were talking about job/relocation months ago I told him "we will just buy you an RV" and it kind of stuck. Of course I've no intention of living without my husband but this will give him a chance to "feel it out" before I leave my job. I grew up in Bode, Iowa and have many many fond memories of that place. We moved when I was 15yo to Texas, but a part of my will always be there. My Dad was a trucker and hauled livestock all over the place so I've been around a bit though it was long ago. Continue Reading



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Susan I am a list person too. I have a slim long notebook that I have been carrying around through all this, and scribbling in it here and there. We are trying to not SPEND more money so keeping that to a minimum with the rv. DH will move the RV on the 28th and I plan to keep my job through the summer. The cherry blossoms sound lovely! Continue Reading



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Good morning friends! I have little to report. My time at home seems to slip right out of my hands. It was very hard to get up this morning. Lots to do at work, I finally just told myself I have to spend some time on these 2 things and catch up. I am looking forward to this weekend because I will go spend a little time with my niece before she heads back to Ohio. It will be nice to have Friday off. Continued prayers for our Rosa. Hugs to all! Continue Reading


Re: Lessons from Madame Chic (book) by Jennifer Scott

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Maddie, someone else here has been talking about that book and got me looking at some of her videos. I've watched a few and loved them. Last Monday my Beloved accepted a job offer in Arlington (TX), so I find myself in the position of moving into an RV and living in it for a while until we figure out what to do. Very interesting for me to be looking around asking "What can I live without" and also told DH yesterday (after searching looking hunting for new truck for him and RV) "I don't want to shop anymore and I don't want to go out to eat anymore." lol Continue Reading



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Marijane those pics are the one we settled on. I think this is just another adventure for us. Who knows how we will do in it for so long. We will move it up there around the end of the month but I will keep my job here for a while. I guess I should update my resume - can't even think about leaving my job. It got close to freezing this morning and supposed to again tonight as well. We found my friend a big purple suitcase. She was so happy - it was worth every penny. Continue Reading

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