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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Tuesday, October 21

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Awww Twinny, I am praying right now. Sometimes that is the most encouraging thing I can think of to say. Praying God's blessings on you, and for SS to get their ducks in a row. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Tuesday, October 21

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Hello Linda!! Thank you for starting us; we are having "Chamber of Commerce" weather here as well. I've been, of all things, markering up our bear statue in the places that the mold was made left a bit of uncolored spots. I think he is made of bronze. So I've got my music on and enjoying some outside (shade) time. I worked on it for a while yesterday too. The things they pay me to do!! :) I became a "human doing" last night and got a lot of housework done. I had to charge up my fitbit so it didn't log any steps, so I was madly trying to get some steps in. lol You can imagine! I forg... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday

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I think so too Linda. Then I hear about someone who just got ALS or something and think how lucky I am. I'm just in a weird space these days. It's not how I imagined my life would be right now. We should do dinner one night - I could jet out to your town and meet you somewhere. Tuesday night is really good for me. :) Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday

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Came home to a package, thinking "what did I order on ebay?" and it's my little car fresheners. Yay! Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday

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Linda, I miss the fall foilage - something I never thought to enjoy when I was a kid. I remember my Grandparents talking about it and I was clueless. Thanks for the hugs! :) We just keep saying we are going to get through it. And we will. It was fun the first several months but I'm going through a whiney stage. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday

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Good morning friends! I ordered yesterday as well, a couple tops that likely won't fit but they looked so cute and were 40% off. I tell myself I can just return them to the store so why not? ::sigh:: I'm glad you found your bag online for less!! Woot woot! I really need to watch the impulse buying too. Not much happening here. I miss my Beloved and feel like I am ready to move, but it seems there are 100 reasons why I shouldn't. He's not loving his job up there. I'm starting to get depressed and angry. We did have a fun weekend at the state fair, and Saturday night I cooked a bunch a... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT--_TGIF

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Twinny, those heated seats are so nice when I have a backache or cramps!! Sometimes I have the sunroof open and the heat on high! I'm glad you got a little bit of a break with mom and hope she gets better soon. I know this has to be a drag for her, and difficult to be so dependent on so many people! 5 minutes to closing so I'm going to lock up and dust a little! Hugs to all! Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT--_TGIF

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Linda they have demolished the middle school to make room for the new grocery store! It's kind of crazy to see it gone, although it was a very old building and empty. I am loving the mornings and even had to wear a hoody to exercise class a couple times this week. My other pair of jeans is coming in up there - right on time. So I will have a pair to leave at "city home". I did buy a couple little items today - I found a little car air freshener that I love at this website, and found my guitar one on ebay (out of stock at that site). Looked through everything and saw some possible Christm... Continue Reading



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Hi ladies!! I wear my "lounge wear" all the time around the house, unlike y'all, and not to sleep in! However, I have several tops and several pairs of "sweats" from Sam's, the capri style brand that I love and they fit me well. Sets just never work for my shape. I am always looking for new ones but the ones I have serve me well and last year I even bought up several extra pairs of bottoms thinking I would need them someday and recently I have started to wear them and let go of the thinner older pairs. Linda, sorry your DH has to make other Dr plans - I know how that goes and it's quite i... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Wednesday

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Rosa so nice to "see" you!! I love Zumba!! I wanted to see that movie, glad to hear that you enjoyed it, and that you are able to stay busy and enjoying some time with your friend and new pants. Yay! Twinny, how nice to spend some time with your BF out of the blue. I need some girlfriend time. My ladies group is supposed to meet tonight but it appears to have been cancelled again. Susan I've been struggling to get some things done at the house. I seem to only have energy to eat and plop on the couch every night. The floors really need a little attention from me. Maybe I can get a lit... Continue Reading

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