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I did get a couple of orders in this weekend, waiting at home for me. That swimsuit will have to go back - it was just a little awful. ha ha!! I ordered a dress and a couple tops to try. The dress is a winner (had tried it on in the store before) but I suspect the tops will go back. They are cute but not a fabric that I love and the style is a little odd on my shape. One has that hugging banded bottom and halterish (bareing brastraps a bit) and the other is a 2 layer top and just not sure I like it. the under layer is sheer and so you can see my belly button if I lift my arms a little ... Continue Reading



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Good morning Jean! I'm glad you have a trip to plan for, to counter all the bad weather you have had this year. It doesn't sound like many of you will get a summer at all. Meanwhile, back in scorchville... had a good time with the family this weekend. Girls and I spent the day at the amusement park and had a lot of fun. Even though I drink water all day I still end up with a headache - the heat really took the life out of us. But we rode all that we wanted to and then went to the pool in the rv park. We all went to bed early, then Sat was pedicures and the mall. Sat night we went back... Continue Reading


Re: Do you buy the same type of clothes over and over again?

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I think I've learned what type of fabrics and styles work for me and my body, and although I stretch out of my box sometimes, those items usually don't feel "quite right" and don't get worn much. Occasionally I have an item that I've thought about getting rid of then I figure out how to wear it in a new way and then it's my new favorite thing. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Sunday

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Argh lost my post. Just checking in to say hello. Sending chicken soup thoughts to Susan and Dh Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholicsm ODAT - Wednesday

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Hello friends! I have been "blowing and going" as they say. Left home early enough to run to the grocery and get all the food for our weekend. Ran home at lunch and DH and I went to see his Dr. He was very impressed at how well Steve is doing - couldn't believe it was only 6 days ago. He said to come back in 6 weeks if we feel like it. lol (or check in if we don't). I've got a lot of cooking/baking to do tonight but last night I vacuumed and packed up all his clothes so just a few things to do otherwise and tomorrow will be headed north. My swimsuit and new pillows came in today. Can't... Continue Reading


Re: O/T What is you earliest childhood memory?

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I have a handful of memories and half/altered memories from when I was 2 and 3, all of them involving a scary incident like a snake out behind the house, a bee in the truck, I did get stung by a bee (stepped on it) but my memory is that it was a HUGE 3" large ladybug. lol I almost drowned in a neighbors swimming pool when 4 of us kids were swimming - I was probably 4yo. Continue Reading



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Linda that is wonderful! I always love it when the kids get excited about what they are learning. So sorry your back is so sore. I wonder what you did. You maybe should skip the gym if it is hurting that much. Is the lunch good at the senior program? Does DH enjoy going? Twinny we never have been apart either, other than a handful of times I took the girls out of town for this or that. Never more than a couple days until last year he was sent out of state a couple times for business. My DH is also good with direction and I am not. I have to constantly remind myself which way I am tryin... Continue Reading



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Marijane, DH is getting and feeling better every day. Today he drove himself to town and got a haircut. He is weaning himself off the pills and has a follow up tomorrow so I'm looking forward to seeing what his doctor says. I'm really enjoying our time together and think I might just tell my boss I need a few days off every 3 months. :) Continue Reading



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Jean, I love the looks of the place! You got a great deal. When I travel, the shopping/planning is a lot of fun. Sometimes a little stressful (for me) when it comes to paying. ha ha Twinny I hope you have a wonderful time with your girlfriends today. DH is so sweet to cook and clean up for you. Do you still use the hot tub in the summer? Linda too bad for the back/front ache. I hate it when they can't figure out why. I'm glad physical therapy is going well. Is the dizzyness going away? I missed what class DGD is taking. I came to work early to get some paperwork done and I'm still ... Continue Reading



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CouponQueen I took my gold jewelry that I no longer wore in and cashed it out a couple years ago during "the great unemployed" phase and got $400, mostly from one necklace. I don't shop here much anymore either but every once in a while something will grab me. I've had a couple bags on my list for a long time but they are so much money and eventually I will find one that I love in my price range. Continue Reading

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