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Re: SHOPAHOLICS: ONE DAY AT A TIME (Wednesday, November 19)

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Hello Linda! Computer issues frustrate me to no end, and I have an electronics degree so I figure I would be a little more patient but now! I am furiously trying to get some work done and I accomplished what needed it. I was thinking it really didn't get cold out because the house was so warm, then I went to leave and discovered I had left it on 75! lol It was freezing out but it is 60° out there already. I was a little stressed with packing and everything last night. Called DH and he started asking me questions. Where are we going to park? Do you have the address? Blah blah more ... Continue Reading



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We used to have natural gas, now our furnace is electric and DH has a couple propane heaters, one in the bathroom and one in the fireplace that keep the house toasty. I wish there was a way to turn off the heat to the other end of the house now that girls are gone! Electric is so expensive! That is why I love my footed pajamas! I wore them all weekend up there. I wore them to the little laundromat and told DH I was probably giving some folks something to talk about, but I consider the park my back yard so it was ok. ::giggle:: I can't wait to have some time off with my family. Really ge... Continue Reading



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Twinny I am so happy to read that you have a day off and that taking care of yourself is a priority. Enjoy your hot tub excursion!! Jean I am eager to hear how well you like the Duraflame. We got a little radiator oil filled style electric heater from Mom's shed (it was ours to begin with but instead of getting rid of it gave it to her!) and that heats up the RV even in freezing weather. We do have propane heat but electric is included in the rent so it just makes sense to only use propane for when we need it. It is colder up there and DH is not a winter person at all - meaning he gets v... Continue Reading



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yes I left the sink dripping all the cabinets open and the heat on 62. Hope that covers everything! Continue Reading


Re: Smoking, Eating, Exercising, Weight Training

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woot woot!!! I quit smoking 12 years ago and I am still so very very happy I did! I have lost 30 pounds in the last year VERY slowly but now I'm fitting into things that were tight now I can button and see in the mirror how much better they fit! I have many more to go but I am feeling fabulous. Continue Reading



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Marijane, her name is "Marilyn" after Marilyn Monroe. lol Because I feel so glamorous! I did go grab a sandwich so will not be starving on the road. Wontons sound very tasty! What do you put in them? The games sound like fun, but not if it's freezing. You would laugh at the guys I work with, one of the younger ones couldn't believe I was walking outside instead of driving. My coat is very very warm though. Continue Reading



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Linda I don't blame you with the potluck, it sounds like fun but not if you have to go back home and cook again. I know you are happy to be in your climate. It is cold here today but you know I love the weather. I am hoping to take off in a couple hours and have dinner with DH so not sure if I should work through or go grab something to eat. Continue Reading



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Aw, thank you for the compliment! Happy birthday DGS!! That is amazing, 21 already. You are so dedicated with your workouts. I have decided to give myself a break. I got what I think is "tennis elbow" in both arms, and for a while seemed to be on an emotional roller coaster. I'm hoping I got off that and maybe can get back into boot camp soon. Continue Reading


Re: How do you store your boots?

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I saw it on Pinterest or something, and it works well for me! Continue Reading

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