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Re: birds on porch problem solved - with this!

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We've done the rubber snake thing. You just have to move it around every now and then. Continue Reading



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To be quite honest, I am good with boring as well. Sweet that your DH noticed! Sometimes mine does not. Funny how they just go ahead and do things. Honey we don't have water! Oh, I am working on it so I turned it off. ha ha The pollen is very thick here. I think some is living in the back of my throat - a dustball. Lunch was very good and everyone was very sweet. They sent the leftovers down to our department so we have lunch for tomorrow, which was also very nice of them. We got new mats for some of the buildings so I got 2 used mats for my office and feel like a Queen! Continue Reading



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Susan I wish I could send some up your way. I made tea this morning and discovered that I bought caffeine free by mistake. OUT with that!!! ha ha I made DH go shopping today to get me some more leaded. Continue Reading



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Karen I used to use a timer too, and still do when I have evil filing tasks at hand. :D Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I woke up last night and prayed myself back to sleep. Love it when that happens. The physical issues get very scary. Jean I am sure you are right. I told DH I am likely just drained. Too much excitement is not good for anyone! Today I am talking to insurance agents to lower home insurance and get RV insurance. Just in case. I also called 3 RV parks and one sounds very promising - less expensive and more country. yay! We will drive up Friday and spend th... Continue Reading



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Gayle, same here. Beautiful weather, birds are singing. I had to turn on AC in the office. I have my women's group tonight so will pick up Panda Express (delicious but not healthy at all) for supper and try to be home in time for Survivor. Jean that is the way that I clean at home, always has been. I flit around the house for a while then I'm done. I have been uber worn out the past 2 days. Yesterday went home and laid on the couch all night again, and went to bed at 8 something. The good news is that I was able to get out of bed and felt more energy this morning. I was so tired that I... Continue Reading



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I bet you are right!! My new phone does that too - some crazy made up words come up! Well it gave me quite a giggle. My coworker is being starflighted to a hospital in Austin. He has blood poisoning. Continue Reading



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Marijane, you are correct. It is about a 4 hr drive and he is going up next week sometime. We will see each other every weekend and I will move up there after summer is over. I'm just not looking forward to it. Susan you might be right and that's why Kyanne reacted. So sorry to hear about funerals, that's always very sad. I have to tell you I am laughing so hard at your "slip of the tongue" (fingers) that my coworker wanted to know why I was giggling. I know I hate it when I do those! I heard my coworker is doing better. He had some reaction to high blood pressure and diabetes side ef... Continue Reading



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Kathy thank you SO MUCH for the update! I was wishing I could send Rosa a card but I don't have any of her information. Jean thank you for starting us. I did see your update last night and imagined you enjoying some coconut shrimp. I love those extra long lunches and am glad you got to spend time with your cousin. Twinny I hope you are enjoying a lovely time with your Sweetie! Marijane you will be watching the game then, correct? :) Love the pics you posted the other day of the birthday party! I went home and slept last night, lazed around on the couch and slept all night long. I'm tryi... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT--- Monday

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Have not heard an update on my coworker. He is the sweetest man on earth, and he reminds me of you Linda because he was born and raised here so he knows all the happenings and can tell you all kinds of info about this area. We will go for a drive for something for work and he will point to housing developments and tell me he used to ride horses back there when he was a kid. I hope his Mother can now move somewhere. They say they moved her up near her DD a few years back and she threw such a fit that they brought her back home. Kyanne is at work with me today. When we get home she will g... Continue Reading


Re: Houseplants

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On 4/19/2014 spookyghost said: But houseplants make me happy. And my dh too. He is excellent with plants. Im ok. He has had to revive some of mine that I thought were doing ok but not really. Im not horrible with plants but dh has a nack. I swear he can bring almost any plant back from the dead, and he will try his hardest too! Right now I want to transplant my lucky bamboo from the little clay pots they come in with the little pebbles to a nice pot with soil. I have to do some research on what kind of soil they like. My DH is the same! I had a beautiful christmas cactus and cut it back the... Continue Reading

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