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Re: Anyone using Myfitnesspal?

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Thanks!! I think I got it fixed - and was wrong about it anyway. lol Continue Reading



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Hello ladies! Linda, I sure feel for you. I know worrying about my Beloved takes it's toll on me and sometimes I can't help but worry. I hope you can be kind to yourself when you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed about the health obstacles in your path. I liked that movie too! Karen, so glad you had such a nice time at the beach. I love beach time too. I'm back to tracking food at myfitnesspal after a several month hiatus. I'm not sure how much it helps but it's something to think about when I'm entering calories. Marijane have you been to the beach this year? I can't remember. Happy A da... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone using Myfitnesspal?

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I've noticed if I don't always push the button "complete this entry" at the end of the day, it acts like I didn't chart every day. So because I forgot to "complete" the past 2 days (even though I entered all of my food) it will start over my "so many days in a row" count. Just a minor gripe. lol Continue Reading


Re: SHOPAHOLICS - MONDAY - Where is everyone?

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Hi ladies! I had a nice and relaxing time with DH this weekend. It was good. I called him about an hour away and he surprised me with some beautiful purple flowers. We both got plenty of sleep and lots of pool time in the sun. Walked to the flea market but way too hot out for moving around. Continue Reading



Last Reply by fbm8282lsm 1408735584.84 | Started by Rock_chick in Fashion Talk

Good morning ladies! I am packed and headed north today; leaving work a couple hours early to surprise Beloved and be there for supper. As I don't like those kind of surprises, I will likely call him when I am an hour or half hour away. DD moved out of her boyfriend's apartment yesterday. I was a little surprised but she was calm and efficient - typical little DD. Back to Gram's, where they are happy to have her. No shopping for me - I've already bought enough new tops etc. I would like a new purse but I am so picky and haven't the patience to go hunt one down so it will have to come to... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Wednesday

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Good morning Susan! I have some ironing that I have been putting off for several days. It's just one top and Kyanne's bandannas. She's not spoiled at all, lol. So sorry you all seem to have the worst weather this summer. This time of year I ache for those cool fall mornings that we had in NY state this time of year. Last night I vacuumed my car at home and got every dog hair out! Was so pleased with myself. Then I washed the car by hand (by scrub daddy lol) and it looks so pretty today! Got some sleep last night and made it to boot camp this morning, so I feel like I am ready to kill zombies ... Continue Reading



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Just found the perfect vacuum to get the dog hair out of my car - my own!! I sweat a ton but the inside is all clean. I'm such a perfectionist - that's why FlyLady is good for me. Her system reminds me that there is no need to do it all, or to do it perfectly - just doing a little will help. Much like Jean's helpful financial suggestions here! Jean you remind me that I need not be perfect to reach my financial goals. Continue Reading



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Gina, I think you have to do what is best for you. If it were a relative you knew well, then it might be a different story. Sometimes you just have to let Mom be disappointed. She loves you and will get over it. I really have had a hard time in the past feeling good about myself when others were not happy with me. I have an approval -seeking personality and it's something I still fight with. Jean the shiny kitchen sink and dress up to my shoes are a couple of the "rules" that I break! What helps me the most is the little missions. I came home hungry tonight so that was first. Now I h... Continue Reading



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Hello ladies! Arlene I hope you have a wonderful time and that all your critters get along just fine without you there. I know I miss my girlie, even when I know she is in good hands. So sorry to hear of your bad weather Linda - of all the days for it to rain!!! It's very overcast here but ever so hot out. I have come to believe that I'm just hot no matter what the temp is. Perhaps it is the season of my life. I had a really good and productive evening last night. Just house things - I did subscribe to Flylady again, despite the many emails she sends, she gets me thinking about little c... Continue Reading



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I will have to see that one Gayle. We saw Noah this weekend and I loved the beginning but it got too dark for me. :( And Heaven is for Real - loved the book but the movie was a bit hokey for me. I sure wish we could all sit out on the deck (in one of the cooler climates) and chill out together! Twinny yay for a working toilet again! lol I came home sat on the floor and played with puppy for a while. Now I'm in cleaning mode. I need to make a cake for a coworker. She likes strawberries and what do I have? 2 lemon cake mixes, 2 pineapple cake mixes, 1 banana cake mix. lol Continue Reading

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