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Re: Love her or dislike her, QVC is LOST since Lisa Robertson's departure!

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I agree, I very rarely watch QVC, except for Louis Dell'Ollio and Jill's home shows. QVC has lost it's luster. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R. explains her numerous "vacations"

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Lisa is going into the business world, she is looking for investors, and whatever she does, she will be in the public eye. She has thousands of followers on FB, and social media is the place to find your audience. It sounds to me, like she is making the correct decisions for her. Any manager will advise those in the public eye to concentrate on social media sites. It is the daily life that interests people in FB. If that is not your thing, you are in the minority, and that is fine. All the criticism seems to me, to be misplaced. Continue Reading


Re: New GILI designer

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I like Jill Martin, she does an excellent job dressing ladies for their make overs on the Today show. She teams with Louis Lacari. I doubt she will be designing, probably purchasing and presenting products. However, this is Lisa R's product, and QVC should just give it up. I realize Lisa is gone, but trying to have simeone step in her place is useless. Continue Reading


Re: New GILI designer

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The jacket is one of the ugliest pieces of clothing I have seen. This line is not going to go far. It is nothing without Lisa R. Continue Reading


Re: Oscars --- Who is watching?

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If you had seen Birdman, you would understand the underwear. Too bad,superb film. Continue Reading



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Lester Holt is a nice guy, but he can't keep the ratings up. He is not lead material. The ratings are already falling, and he will be out soon. Savannah is young, they need youth and she has a great background, lawyer. She also has a good personality, has had many good interviews. Good experience and likability. I hope Brian returns, but it is very iffy. Continue Reading


Re: The Great British Baking Show

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My 5 year old granddaughter watches the show with her mother during the week.,she told me last week she wants to be a taster. You can download the PBS icon and watch the show at your leisure. I think Nancy will win, she is all around the best baker. Continue Reading


Re: Sherri Shepherd

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It is amazing that all of you have entree to signed contracts, yet obtain your information from some tv gossip show. Making judgements with no facts, absolutely amazing. I wonder how you would feel if this was your family being discussed in this manner. Continue Reading


The Question Is, Are These People For Real

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http://time.com/3670647/qvc-moon-planet-or-star/ Continue Reading


Re: Expensive High End Foundations - Are they really worth it for those that own them?

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I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I use Chanel or YSL. Continue Reading

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