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Re: ‘GMA’ Star Lara Spencer Openly Despised By New Anchor Amy Robach

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Wow, the OP must work at GMA to know this personal information. Wonder if she sells it to the rags? Continue Reading


Re: Nice new Q host

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I think we need to realize that Classique has a problem with babies. Who knows what it is, but I feel very sorry for her. Continue Reading


Re: Male host doing make-up shows!

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I am constantly amazed at the opinions that are disclosed here. Some people must live in very closed worlds, and that is just sad. Women have fought for years for their place in society, and now, it seems, men must do the same. Continue Reading


Re: Birth & Baseball

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Of course, it is as important for fathers to bond with the new baby as the mother. Most new fathers I know take at least a week, more if they can afford it or if their job place allows it. Those old Fuddy Duffy newscasters are so old school. Continue Reading


Re: Tonight's (late night) lineup? Any clues?

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I have not been impressed with any if the recent shows. Continue Reading


Re: Tonight's (late night) lineup? Any clues?

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I have not been impressed with any of the recent garments. Same old, same old. Continue Reading


Re: Gili roma 2 tote handles

In All About Handbags 1395861423.953

Email or call customer service. I think they will accept a return. The entire line should have been recalled, many of us had faulty, poor workmanship bags. Continue Reading


Re: YES, Jill!

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On 3/1/2014 KailaS said: I like Jill and think she is non-pretentious and a good show host too. What I do not like--if it matters--is women who enjoy tearing down other women whom they do not know. Just my humble opinion. I so agree. Instead of always being negative, I would suggest going out into the community and doing something positive for someone. This constant criticism must show in their personal life. Continue Reading


Re: Red Carpet Pre Show and the dresses

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On 2/28/2014 Alsee said: I like the Nicole Richie red gown the best. Sandra and Courtney look great and very modern. Sorry but Lisa looks like Mae West again. The dress is "old" looking, too low, and her skin is too orange. Ok I'm ready for the bashing comments just because I don't care for her "look". Same old, same old blather. Continue Reading


Re: LR's Red Carpet Dress

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The mean, bullying behavior exhibited here about Lisa Robertson would be a classic case study for pathology of social media. Continue Reading

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