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Re: Anyone an Ina Garten fan?

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I am speechless that some stop watching Ina Garten because they read an article about her. I would like to sell those women some land I read about. Continue Reading


Re: I Missed "Mad Men" Last Night. Can anyone fill me in?

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I thought it was a very revealing episode. Truth telling comes to the fore. Don and his daughter, Sally, have a heart to heart, and they become much closer. All the partners act out, the secretaries take the brunt of the partner's anger. No one is sure of their place in the company, setting up for future episodes. Don is facing his future, with the rest of the partners. Continue Reading


Re: Glen Campbell

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On 4/20/2014 cody said: I am surprised to hear this. I would think that his family could afford to keep him home and let him receive all of the care he needs in a familiar place. If you do a little research you will find that many people with Alzheimer's can have very disruptive behaviors, stay up all night, try to run away. Most of these people cannot be cared for at home. There comes a point where they need 24 hour care and observation so that they do not hurt themselves. Most everyone keeps them at home as long as possible, and it takes awhile to realize you can no longer care for your lo... Continue Reading


Re: ‘GMA’ Star Lara Spencer Openly Despised By New Anchor Amy Robach

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Wow, the OP must work at GMA to know this personal information. Wonder if she sells it to the rags? Continue Reading


Re: Nice new Q host

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I think we need to realize that Classique has a problem with babies. Who knows what it is, but I feel very sorry for her. Continue Reading


Re: Male host doing make-up shows!

In Suggestion Box 1396651268.443

I am constantly amazed at the opinions that are disclosed here. Some people must live in very closed worlds, and that is just sad. Women have fought for years for their place in society, and now, it seems, men must do the same. Continue Reading


Re: Birth & Baseball

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Of course, it is as important for fathers to bond with the new baby as the mother. Most new fathers I know take at least a week, more if they can afford it or if their job place allows it. Those old Fuddy Duffy newscasters are so old school. Continue Reading


Re: Tonight's (late night) lineup? Any clues?

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I have not been impressed with any if the recent shows. Continue Reading


Re: Tonight's (late night) lineup? Any clues?

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I have not been impressed with any of the recent garments. Same old, same old. Continue Reading


Re: Gili roma 2 tote handles

In All About Handbags 1395861423.953

Email or call customer service. I think they will accept a return. The entire line should have been recalled, many of us had faulty, poor workmanship bags. Continue Reading

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