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Re: the new King Arthur Flour holiday catalogue

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You can sign up for their newsletter,which is excellent. Continue Reading


Re: New York Times article about prisoners of ISIS

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On 10/26/2014 beach-mom said: I didn't know there were two Americans left. I knew there was one unidentified woman, but I didn't know about the young man. This is a sobering article, but it tells about what life was like for the freed prisoners, the ones who are still there, and the ones who didn't make it out. ARTICLE You do realize ISIS would not release any US prisoner. They are too valuable to be used as PR. The ISIS kept raising the ransom fee to unheard of amounts. Tricking the families into thinking they would be allowed to be freed, with no intention of letting them go. Continue Reading


Re: Nurse on CNN Right Now...

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On 10/26/2014 terrier3 said: What an arrogant woman! Candy Crowley pointed out that the NYC doctor didn't start showing symptoms or a fever for over a week and couldn't she understand why she would be quarantined to prevent the situation with the doctor (bowling, on subway, etc). The nurse said, NO, she can't understand it and said it goes against medical protocol and is inhumane. Publicity seeker, IMO. Quarantine the politicians for 21 days, that makes as much sense as putting a non symptomatic health professional in quarantine. She was treated like a criminal, no food nor water for 7 hours... Continue Reading


Re: Bringing that Doctor and Nurse Here, Big Mistake

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On 10/14/2014 occasional rain said: Because those who should know better brought the infected doctor and nurse to our country, treated them, and they survived others who are concerned they've been exposed and infected will come here in droves. It's already happened with the man in Texas who lied about his exposure and now has infected our citizens. How many will die because of a doctor and nurse who chose to put themselves in harm's way, were lax in protecting themselves, and then brought their disease to our country? Will their lives be worth it? First of all, educate yourself about Ebola. ... Continue Reading


Re: New questions they asked at the Doctor's office last week

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On 10/25/2014 nomless said: Due to ACA regulations, I believe. No, the ACA does not require any question related to guns. Check your facts. Continue Reading


Re: OT/Life Support....Question...

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Ask for an Ehics Committee consult to help sort out all the issues. Every hospital has to have one. They will talk to everyone and make recommendations. Continue Reading


Re: RN's--How will your hospital deal with a symptomatic Ebola patient????

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On 10/15/2014 Mama Mia said: On 10/15/2014 shesallthat said: i am not a nurse either - but i know from the news this morning our local hospital was one that participated in the conference call with over 200 doctors to discuss this. also here in Ms - a school in hazelhurst is having a big crisis! the school principal just got back from a trip to Africa (zambia) which is not a hot spot for ebola but the parents were very very upset that he was allowed back to school and they had not been told that he had traveled to Africa. they were taking kids out of schools all day long! What a horrible, un... Continue Reading


Re: Report on Joan's death issued

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On 10/16/2014 blossompie said: On 10/16/2014 ellaphant said: I don't know about all of you, but I had a colonoscopy done in a doctor's office, like many friends of mine. I have no idea what they used to sedate me, but I will be asking for sure in the future, prior to any procedure I have done! I don't think anybody should be given anesthesia outside of a hospital. Well, blossompie, you have no medical degree, you have no knowledge of anesthesia and how or when it should be given. You have your opinion, which is not backed by any science or medical education. It is an opinion that means nothi... Continue Reading


Re: Report on Joan's death issued

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The Chief Medical Examiner's Office is an Independent body and does not cover anyone's a**. They are experts in their field. Their job is to look at all aspects of the death, talk to everyone involved, perform the autopsy, collect all evidence and report their findings. What they said was that this type of procedure using this anesthesia has complications, and her death was from one. She did not have enough oxygen circulating to her brain. Whether this was due to Propofol or not is not stated. Propofol is used in most oupatient clinics. All of these clinics have resuscitation equipment. Propo... Continue Reading


Re: 3pm show.....

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The items on this show are quite gaudy. No wonder they are on clearance. Continue Reading

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