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Re: Sherri Shepherd

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It is amazing that all of you have entree to signed contracts, yet obtain your information from some tv gossip show. Making judgements with no facts, absolutely amazing. I wonder how you would feel if this was your family being discussed in this manner. Continue Reading


The Question Is, Are These People For Real

Last Reply by jubilant 1421618768.547 | Started by prisrob in Viewpoints Continue Reading


Re: Expensive High End Foundations - Are they really worth it for those that own them?

In Beauty Banter 1420992721.047

I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I use Chanel or YSL. Continue Reading


Re: STEVE BRYANT'S BLOGS - interesting!

In Viewpoints 1420734985.917

Sounds like a disgruntled, jealous ex-show host. Continue Reading


Re: Do you watch QVC more or less since the departure...

In Beauty Banter 1420561588.56

Much less, I will watch when Jill is on. Continue Reading


Re: Does brunch at your house look like this?

In Viewpoints 1419880636.95

Wouldn't you think at this time of year, the hostility and smugness would decrease a bit? Sad lives these people must lead. Continue Reading


Re: Unsalted butter for homemade cookies?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419366032.197

There is a lot of difference in the amount of salt in salted butter. You may be adding twice as much salt if you cook/bake with salted butter. Unsalted butter gives a better taste in most taste tests. Organic Valley: 600 mg. sodium, per 1 stick butter Trader Joe’s Store Brand: 720 mg. sodium, per 1 stickbutter Land O’Lakes: 760 mg. sodium, per 1 stick butter Horizon: 920 mg. sodium, per 1 stick butter Continue Reading


Re: I'm making Crunchy Coated Peanuts right now, I'm on my 3rd batch.... here is the recipe

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419041636.933

I purchased raw peanuts from Amazon to make peanut brittle. I have some left over and wondered what I would do with them, now I know. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Pat James Dementri is Such a Class Act!

In The Q We Love 1418526217.343

I think Pat is being primed to take over Lisa's role. Good choice. Continue Reading


Re: Moving to Las Vegas area!!! Any words of wisdom??

In Viewpoints 1414967662.27

Very little water. Along with Arizona, California, you will be in drought territory. Continue Reading

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