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yummy Easter candles

Last Reply by colliemom3 1396042265.02 | Started by Angry Bird in Candles

I found PEEPS marshmallow chicks candles at Yankee Candle Co. Oh they smell so good! YC also have Bunny Cake and Chocolate bunny candles. I had coupon buy 2, get 1 free! Continue Reading



In Dooney & Bourke 1395620111.53

Thank you for the information. I am drooling over the ostrich "pearl" zip satchel on Dillard's website and it is 238.00 so will wait for a sale. Continue Reading


Re: NuWave Pro

In TSV Talk 1395584267.07

Previous owners complain the lids get stress cracks..new ones cost the price of a whole new unit...no thanks! Continue Reading



In Dooney & Bourke 1395530062.13

Does the TSV have an outside zip pocket? I would love a white bag with the trim..there is one on Dillards website but it has no outside zip pocket...that's a deal breaker for me. I love the style, size and weight of the bag. When is this one going to be on air? Continue Reading


Re: Do you think VB has lost its popularity?

In Vera Bradley 1395529854.947

I see VB everywhere in TX. I have several and carry them all the time. I never pay retail but wait for sales/clearance prices only on patterns I love. The bags are lightweight, have tons of organization, easy to carry and clean. I haven't seen a pattern in a couple of years that I had to have...too many large, bold florals for my taste. I enjoy the ones I have and am quite content with them. Continue Reading


Re: Trolls on the boards

In For the Home Talk 1394754414.267

It's spring break here this week...lots of unsupervised children are home alone. Continue Reading


Re: Should be 'Leah Loves Ugly Shoes'

In Fashion Talk 1394754130.033

OP- are you one of those that will buy and wear anything on the market? Like the 6" high heels that 3 girls in my office have broken ankles wearing? I love to watch them try to walk in them. I am there wearing my flat soled Birki's and they are walking like clowns on stilts. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Else Noticing How Long Orders are "In Process" before Shipping???

In For the Home Talk 1394737478.227

Funny how I will check my shipping status and it is "in Process", then UPS delivers it that same day.? Continue Reading

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