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Re: Anybody check out Macy's first for a D&B?

In Dooney & Bourke 1411164765.707

I do check out other websites for sales! I* just received a full sized zip zip satchel in white from Macy's that I had admired this spring while shopping. It was 25% off, then another 20% with free shipping on their website. I am thrilled with my new Dooney which I will carry next spring/summer. Continue Reading


Re: Bitsy

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Texasmouse--Macy's is having a sale today--they have the full zip zip satchel on sale plus 20% is a good sale if you like the full size handbag in certain colors... Continue Reading


Re: I can't see Joan's line on the schedule anymore.

In Joan Rivers 1410380929.127

It's due to her family and SHIVA is a week of mourning. Continue Reading


Re: Radar online is reporting..

In Joan Rivers 1410028840.947

ha! No, but I'm waiting for it to be asked... Continue Reading


Radar online is reporting..

Last Reply by VaBelle35 1410039919.013 | Started by Angry Bird in Joan Rivers

That Joan Rivers is going out in style....a red carpet is going to be laid out for her funeral tomorrow.... Continue Reading


Re: Do Your Loved Ones Know of Your Wishes?

In Beauty Banter 1409979404.35

Betteb- I know about cost of caskets!!! My DH and I are going to be cremated and no services. We just buried within the past 2 yrs both our mothers and the cost just about made us choke. Both of them preplanned and prepaid for their services so we didn't have that to deal with but we were shocked at the expense of dying! Continue Reading


Re: Do Your Loved Ones Know of Your Wishes?

In Beauty Banter 1409979084.1

Kate-to answer your question, a trust is set up so there is no probate. That makes it easier on the survivors as no waiting period, no taxes but it is paid upfront as far as attorney fees. As far as a living will, this is a must have! No medical facility will go by your wishes as far as life support without one. Continue Reading


Re: Used Chanel Bag for USD450? Would you buy?

In All About Handbags 1409978088.873

Not in your lifetime!!!,if a deal smells rotten and you come to a shopping forum to ask, then there is your answer! I would suggest you google it. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers has passed :(

In Joan Rivers 1409859066.35

I am heartbroken...RIP Joan and my prayers go out to her family, Melissa and Cooper. May you find peace and strength through your pain. There are many of us shocked and in disbelief at our loss. Continue Reading

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