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Re: we have $1.99 gas!

In Viewpoints 1418931766.527

I was past one gas station that had $2.05 yesterday. It made me smile! Continue Reading


Re: Shop hq...have you been on that site?

In Fashion Talk 1418931576.033

I bought 2 of their cozy, zip up wraps which was my 1st purchase and couldn't have been more pleased with them. They sold out now but I put in for them to email me when they come back in stock. I am not impressed with their regular offerings but these are awesome. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone here buy the Cozelle microplush front zip oversized wrap?

In For the Home Talk 1418930213.743

HSN offered a similar one that has buttons and I live in it. When I saw SHOPHQ version I ordered 2 of them, 1 for DD and 1 for me. OMG, they are so warm, soft and CHEAP! I was amazed at the prices on both channels! I will get to try the SHOPHQ on next Thursday, can't wait. Continue Reading


Re: Doesn't HSN do a Fashion Clearance right after Christmas?

In Fashion Talk 1418872652.66

They (HSN) have already slashed prices! You can find some great deals right now. Continue Reading


Re: Bath and Body Works hand soaps

In For the Home Talk 1418357471.037

gidget-did you buy some tubes of body scrubs? They are worth paying full Continue Reading


Re: hey ladies i have no idea how many people have already asked this question but here it goes

In Beauty Banter 1418357131.58

I think she will be "behind the scenes" as a asset to management team....not on air...due to stalkers.. Continue Reading


Re: If you had to carry ONE handbag for the next five years, what would it be?

In Fashion Talk 1418335030.27

The Dooney zip zip satchel and the bitsy bag--These are my perfect bags! Continue Reading


Re: Bath and Body Works hand soaps

In For the Home Talk 1418334893.03

I just bought 7 of hand soaps, 4 Kitchen lemon and 3 of Vanila bean Noel..I won't use any other hand soaps now since I've been introduced to BB&W soaps. Did you know they brought back the body scrubs in Holiday traditions fragrances? I bought 3 of Vanilla Bean Noel and it is the BOMB! They come in a tube. Continue Reading


Re: One Thing that I Really Like About HSN...

In Fashion Talk 1418334463.083

I shop more with HSN than QVC because they have better shipping rates or it's FREE along with the fact they don't charge taxes. I am a saver by nature and they have HANDS down better hosts except for SHANNON-- I can't watch her. lol..When HSN has clearance --they know what it means and offer great buys. Continue Reading


CIJ Mrs. Prindable apples went just delivered

Last Reply by birkin baby 1418269947.203 | Started by Angry Bird in Kitchen & Food Talk

I just had one and it was just like the on air presentation...crisp, fresh and so gooey! This was one of the best apples I've ever eaten. Continue Reading

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