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Re: Joan Rivers, Hope She is Doing Well

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I heard JR state in an interview w/Howard Stern that if she was diagnosed w/dementia that she would commit suicide. This was this spring, so I would imagine that Melissa knows Joan's wishes as far as life ending measures. That is why it is silly to debate....Melissa is fully aware of her Mother's dire situation and has the compassion to let her go, if need be. Let us all pray for Joan and more importantly, Melissa. She is in constant touch with the professionals in the medical field to guide her in making the right decisions. Continue Reading


Re: Tiny House Nation: the kitchen

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I would consider living in Tiny House for a weekend but that would be my limit. lol! I watch the show and it is interesting. I like the concept and how these homes are layed out but have no desire to live full time in one. Continue Reading


How did I ever live without this?

Last Reply by Kay SD 1408756110.86 | Started by Angry Bird in Kitchen & Food Talk

K 41221 is a must have in every kitchen! I ordered 2 of the tan ones during CIJ and gave one to our daughter. When she opened it up, she RAVED about wanting one. She watched CIJ shows but didn't order anything, however, she wanted one of these Cooking Buddy towels. They are the bomb! I just ordered 3 more for gifts (K-41345). I urge everyone to try one. Do you have " I can't live without" item you would like to share? Continue Reading


Re: Any current events

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Source: Radar Online==On the View, Rosie wants to take the moderator seat from Whoopie In minor news, Jill Duggar and Derick are expecting. They were married June 21st. Continue Reading


Re: Will There Be New Christmas Trees Offered?

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Littlearl-- there is an as is 6/1/2 ft flocked tree available as well..I like the prices of the as is trees much better. I looked at my purchase order and it is $10.95 to return it if there is a flaw/or you aren't happy. I would not hesitate if I were you. I am blown away with the simplicity of setting it up and how Lisa's trees are shaped, fullness of the branches, and the flocking. It is stunning. Good luck. Continue Reading


Re: Will There Be New Christmas Trees Offered?

In For the Home Talk 1408306399.477

I heard Lisa say this was the only order of the year. They sold out fast...I ordered the 6 1/2 foot and set it up to see if I Liked it and it is a keeper. Go for it if it is "as is" because I think you will be pleased with it. I always wanted a flocked tree and I missed out on the variable lights but happy with the clear ones. Continue Reading


Re: What did you purchase during the Christmas in July?

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I purchased the set of gift bags, Spirograph 50th anniversary edition, grumpy cat, and Lisa R's 6 1/2 foot flocked tree, TSV David's Cookies ornaments and Mrs. Pringleable apples. I enjoyed the programs. QVC did a great job this I'm done with watching QVC til next year during CIJ. Continue Reading


Re: Cookie TSV

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I think TSV is terrific! Yes, I get excited over what I think is a good value. Continue Reading


Re: Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away RAVE

In For the Home Talk 1406742341.713

Ladies- We purchased this when it was TSV, QVC had the best price at the time, and we just love it. Continue Reading


Re: What a pretty bride!

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Rick Dillard passed away in 2008. Derick's mother, Cathy, is battling cancer and came to the wedding directly from the hospital. So sad, his father passed away and now his mother is ill with cancer. Derick works for Walmart as an accountant so I imagine Jill will be moving away. :( I wish them much happiness! Continue Reading

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