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Re: kindle fire internet help needed

In Electronics Talk 1427667545.397

As I stated in original post....I am not able to get internet...Can someone give me the phone # to Amazon...Again, thank you... Continue Reading


Re: kindle fire internet help needed

In Electronics Talk 1427659292.673

Thank you but can you be of some help and let me know how to delete it? Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite seasonal candy now?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427655814.83

Have you tried Cadbury Caramel eggs? I used to love Cadbury eggs with creme filling but these are by far my favorite... Continue Reading


kindle fire internet help needed

Last Reply by NYC Susan 1427777277.2 | Started by Angry Bird in Electronics Talk

I am trying to reconnect my internet...Mayday requires internet connection so that isn't possible....when I go put in my password in settings and try to connect to internet the buttons say cancel or connect but connect is faded out....HELP! Can anyone be of assistance? Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Outrageous Price Increase

In Fashion Talk 1427379841.513

Prices increase when sales are down....QVC needs to rethink this strategy... Continue Reading


Re: Kohls again ... The bargains are unbelievable!!!

In For the Home Talk 1427329847.577

I shop at Kohl's but haven't been there in the past year..between my DH ( he has late stages of Parkinson's) and the highway construction have prevented me from doing much shopping in stores....but I LOVE Kohls... Continue Reading


Re: Who remembers Hickory Farms and walking thru their stores?

In Viewpoints 1427312071.173

HF sets up kiosk at various malls during the Christmas holiday so I go and load up! Continue Reading


Re: OT/Latest update on my brother/very critical

In Pet Lovers 1427234900.433

You and your brother are in my thoughts and prayers...please keep us updated.. Continue Reading


Re: EBay security

In Viewpoints 1427234575.497

Ebay buyers can only use PayPal as a means of payment is my understanding... Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver vs Valerie Par Hll

In Fashion Talk 1427233483.423

I don't buy from either of them....but Valerie is easier to watch, IMO. Continue Reading

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