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Re: Cookie TSV

In TSV Talk 1406782883.893

I think TSV is terrific! Yes, I get excited over what I think is a good value. Continue Reading


Re: Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away RAVE

In For the Home Talk 1406742341.713

Ladies- We purchased this when it was TSV, QVC had the best price at the time, and we just love it. Continue Reading


Re: What a pretty bride!

In Viewpoints 1403525402.723

Rick Dillard passed away in 2008. Derick's mother, Cathy, is battling cancer and came to the wedding directly from the hospital. So sad, his father passed away and now his mother is ill with cancer. Derick works for Walmart as an accountant so I imagine Jill will be moving away. :( I wish them much happiness! Continue Reading


Re: In-Home Care (assist the elderly, convalescing, etc.. 11:00 today

In Health & Fitness 1403111987.467

Estate sales are a way to buy newly, used items too. I was looking on Craiglist and estate sales for a lift chair for my DH...we found a nearly new one at garage sale for $200.00! It was in fabric that were our colors and the father had used it for 3 months when he passed away. My DH uses it everyday. Continue Reading


Re: I did it! I booked an appointment for a Blepharoplasty!

In Beauty Banter 1403013744.9

I had my upper lids done by laser in the office by a board certified eye surgeon. I was in the office for 30 mins and the prep took longer that the procedure. The recovery time took 6-8 months with bruising and swelling lasting a couple of weeks. I love the results..I look amazing if I do say so myself. The shot to numb the lids was the worst part of the procedure for me. The valium he gave me a prescription for before the surgery helped calm me though. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: My Pillow TSV-What do the Beauties think?

In Beauty Banter 1403013134.76

Buy them and try 'em, that's the only way to see they work for you. Pillows are such an individual fit, there is no way people can recommend one brand. Just bite the bullet and try them. My recommendation is go for it..we like ours but that is all I can say. Continue Reading


Re: D&CO skirt TS

In Fashion Talk 1400528699.397

I bought the red! Continue Reading


Re: Birkenstocks

In All About Shoes 1399487438.113

Looks like there won't be any TSV's. Clearance, clearance, airtime...QVC is phasing Birkenstocks out...poof, GONE... Continue Reading


Re: After Recent Remarks, Would You Still Buy Joan Rivers' Products?

In Joan Rivers 1399324397.533

I don't let my panties get into a wad over some comedian's remarks...I will buy and support her if I happen to like the item. Continue Reading


Re: What tablet will be the Today's Special Value for Sunday, April 20th?

In TSV Talk 1398079043.133

I ordered it as I checked out and it was same price! Extras were added into QVC as it was a better value! No shipping on TSV so I asked my DH and he said go for it! I have the kindle fire (original) so I am well versed w/Kindles. Man, HDX super fast and it has all kinds of programs I don't have....excited to get it! I agree with comments getting it in 7". Continue Reading

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