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Last Reply by QVCPhobe 1425358377.12 | Started by scotlassie in Fashion Talk

OMG!!!!!! RIDICULOUS........ GROW UP,,,, Mass confusion!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Amy Stepping Up Her Game

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On 2/13/2015 wildcat fan said: I don't see it. The pants touching the ground like that look silly IMO, and just don't think the hairstyle is a flattering look for her. She could do better. I agree,,, I like Amy but on fashion night the outfit was very elegant but not for her,, she is too short,,,, It looked like someone knocked her in to the ground pants were way too long, Continue Reading



In Lori Goldstein 1423960611.377

AGREE!!!!! I think they or she thinks we are stupid or gullable. Everything looks the same just add a piece of chiffon and charge $70. NOT! Continue Reading


Re: AAAAHHHHHH So Tired of Shouting vendors and Host trying to talk over each other during a presentation

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On 2/10/2015 LisaB said: On 2/10/2015 I1ST5XS said: Totally tired of all the screeching, yelling, squealing, talking over and interrupting each other the hosts and vendors do. Lisa Rinna's clothes look very poorly made and appear to be made from inferior fabric. Looks like you can see through the lighter colors. She doesn't seem to know much about "her" products either. You obviously don't own any of her clothes. Her line is great. Well made and stylish. I love Lisa she is so cute ,and her clothes are really cute too a bit expensive but nice. Now Logo ,,,,,,,,that's another story UUUGGGGGLL... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Anyone know of a good floor matt for zumba?

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I have been doing Zumba for 6 0r 7 years and have a fabulous instructor. (4 times a week) and never heard of a mat for Zumba. Zumba is aerobic???? Continue Reading


Claire Watts

Last Reply by wildcat fan 1422149884.797 | Started by scotlassie in Fashion Talk

Who is/was she? Continue Reading


Re: Clothes Shopping Addict

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I am also a clothes addict and I have got to pull up the reins on clothes spending. I know exactly what you are saying. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney's Wedding Dress

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On 9/21/2014 Luvmycats said: Just peeked on FB - Not a fan of the dress or how she wore her hair (just my opinion)- She could have worn her hair up-It just hung-nothing at all special. A dressy black dress w/ tan wedge heels??? Sorry, Lisa-Not stylish! Can honestly say that I have never been to a wedding where Mac & Cheese & potato salad were served....and wrapped butter given to guests! OH, MY.......NOT classy! Must have been pretty casual. Gabrielle looked adorable and very appropriate! I so agree with what you said. I mean the wedding dress is so disappointing. Nothing special. Li... Continue Reading


Re: Has she lost her mind?

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