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Claire Watts

Last Reply by wildcat fan 1422149884.797 | Started by scotlassie in Fashion Talk

Who is/was she? Continue Reading


Re: Clothes Shopping Addict

In Fashion Talk 1412286837.827

I am also a clothes addict and I have got to pull up the reins on clothes spending. I know exactly what you are saying. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney's Wedding Dress

In Fashion Talk 1411419446.403

On 9/21/2014 Luvmycats said: Just peeked on FB - Not a fan of the dress or how she wore her hair (just my opinion)- She could have worn her hair up-It just hung-nothing at all special. A dressy black dress w/ tan wedge heels??? Sorry, Lisa-Not stylish! Can honestly say that I have never been to a wedding where Mac & Cheese & potato salad were served....and wrapped butter given to guests! OH, MY.......NOT classy! Must have been pretty casual. Gabrielle looked adorable and very appropriate! I so agree with what you said. I mean the wedding dress is so disappointing. Nothing special. Li... Continue Reading


Re: Has she lost her mind?

In Lori Goldstein 1411172339.897



Re: Help on top now

In Fashion Talk 1403028272.147

I found it myself .Katje is wearing it backwards. Smart girl1 Continue Reading


Help on top now

Last Reply by scotlassie 1403028272.2 | Started by scotlassie in Fashion Talk

Katjia has been wearing a yellow top on Simonton show it has elbow sleeves and a kind of cross bar on the front she had it on with the wide leg pants a few minutes ago and also had it on in black. Does anyone know what the number is please. I can't find it anywhere Thanksi Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver TSV

In Susan Graver 1399595255.547

Because its ugly shapeless and overpriced. Continue Reading


Re: She learned a new word: PASSIONATE

In Fashion Talk 1399594803.51

On 5/8/2014 BonnieBelle said: On 5/8/2014 Grace K said: So Bonnie Belle you like Graver's jumping around, Elvis dancing, groping the models, invading their personal space constantly? As she so annoyingly says,"Woohoo" for you. Wow, I guess I must watch a different Susan. I never noticed Elvis dancing, groping the models, invading personal space and her saying "Woohoo." She doesn't bother me at all. She seems like a genuinely nice, hardworking person. I enjoy watching her shows. It takes all kinds I guess ! Continue Reading


Re: She learned a new word: PASSIONATE

In Fashion Talk 1399594680.56

On 5/8/2014 Luvmycats said: Then DON'T WATCH!!!!! My goodness, Lisa has used the word "gorgeous" over 30 times within a 1/2 hr segment...I counted once! She is beyond annoying, so I simply don't watch her...It's a choice! No one is twisting your arm-People take QVC way toooooooooo seriously and are clearly ADDICTED-It's a shopping network for goodness sake. It may be "gorgeous" but its also "beeuuutifuuul" Continue Reading

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