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Re: Clothes Shopping Addict

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I am also a clothes addict and I have got to pull up the reins on clothes spending. I know exactly what you are saying. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney's Wedding Dress

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On 9/21/2014 Luvmycats said: Just peeked on FB - Not a fan of the dress or how she wore her hair (just my opinion)- She could have worn her hair up-It just hung-nothing at all special. A dressy black dress w/ tan wedge heels??? Sorry, Lisa-Not stylish! Can honestly say that I have never been to a wedding where Mac & Cheese & potato salad were served....and wrapped butter given to guests! OH, MY.......NOT classy! Must have been pretty casual. Gabrielle looked adorable and very appropriate! I so agree with what you said. I mean the wedding dress is so disappointing. Nothing special. Li... Continue Reading


Re: Has she lost her mind?

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Re: Help on top now

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I found it myself .Katje is wearing it backwards. Smart girl1 Continue Reading


Help on top now

Last Reply by scotlassie 1403028272.2 | Started by scotlassie in Fashion Talk

Katjia has been wearing a yellow top on Simonton show it has elbow sleeves and a kind of cross bar on the front she had it on with the wide leg pants a few minutes ago and also had it on in black. Does anyone know what the number is please. I can't find it anywhere Thanksi Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver TSV

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Because its ugly shapeless and overpriced. Continue Reading


Re: She learned a new word: PASSIONATE

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On 5/8/2014 BonnieBelle said: On 5/8/2014 Grace K said: So Bonnie Belle you like Graver's jumping around, Elvis dancing, groping the models, invading their personal space constantly? As she so annoyingly says,"Woohoo" for you. Wow, I guess I must watch a different Susan. I never noticed Elvis dancing, groping the models, invading personal space and her saying "Woohoo." She doesn't bother me at all. She seems like a genuinely nice, hardworking person. I enjoy watching her shows. It takes all kinds I guess ! Continue Reading


Re: She learned a new word: PASSIONATE

In Fashion Talk 1399594680.56

On 5/8/2014 Luvmycats said: Then DON'T WATCH!!!!! My goodness, Lisa has used the word "gorgeous" over 30 times within a 1/2 hr segment...I counted once! She is beyond annoying, so I simply don't watch her...It's a choice! No one is twisting your arm-People take QVC way toooooooooo seriously and are clearly ADDICTED-It's a shopping network for goodness sake. It may be "gorgeous" but its also "beeuuutifuuul" Continue Reading


Re: She learned a new word: PASSIONATE

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On 5/8/2014 Grace K said: I acknowledged my error about Versace. I actually watch Graver for the sheer comedic entertainment of it. Circles, the inquisitive women Graver refers to simply don't exist. It's just another part of the comedy routine. I totally agree. That's a lot of the reason why I watch her .It's so comical. I think she thinks we are all morons to believe what she says about everything she sells. Anyway most of it is copied from other designers. Let us not forget that she GRAVERIZES IT. lol Now that's a WORD! Continue Reading


Re: She learned a new word: PASSIONATE

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On 5/8/2014 brii said: Valentino and Versace are not sold on shopping channels. Why do people get so annoyed with her? Don't listen... Are you kidding She is a big PAIN in the neck. She drives me crazy !!!! Continue Reading

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