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Re: High parathyroid level. Anyone else have this?

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A relative recently found out that she has a parathyroid tumor. But the specialist doesn't want to do surgery. For one, she had a thyroid surgery some years ago and he's afraid of scar tissue. Secondly, it's very near her vocal chords. And last of all, she's 76. I'm very worried for her. Continue Reading


Re: ESPN Investing Video of Reporter Berating Tow Truck Company Employee

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I'm another who doubts the sincerity of her apology. She's sorry her true self has been shown so widely. In her case for sure….beauty is only skin deep. She's in no way beautiful on the inside. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Survey

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I just got the survey this morning. I'm not at all interested in those changes and certainly have no plan on posting a picture. I'd much rather they focus on their products and quality, rather than focusing on "connecting with the QVC Community". Continue Reading


Re: Buh-bye Dr. Oz. Physicians at Columbia want him out

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Last I heard, Columbia had not intention of removing him. Continue Reading


Re: If you had a Colonoscopy............

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For me, the biggest problem was the prep - not the liquid, but more the fasting. The procedure is not painful and as soon as I was finished and dressed, my friend and I went out to lunch. I had no ill effects afterwards. Continue Reading


Re: Ear Climbers aren't anything new.

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I bought the Diamonique ones and I love them! They're so comfortable. I think they look kinda cool. I bought a similar pair some years ago at a craft fair, but have no idea what I've done with them. Continue Reading


Re: the black/white chevron skirt that Pat's wearing this morning

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I really like Susan's. Don't care for the other two. Continue Reading


Re: ESPN Investing Video of Reporter Berating Tow Truck Company Employee

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If she hasn't been fired, she should be. Wow! She sure said a mouthful! Appalling! Continue Reading


Re: Jennifer Coffey rocked a swimsuit with the TSV

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She's a great host. Much better than some of those who are given much better time slots. Continue Reading


Re: AOL.com down anyplace else?

In Electronics Talk 1429218424.817

I can access aol.com from my Apple laptop. Continue Reading

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