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Re: what kindle or nook should I get my brother who loves to read?

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Someone mentioned that the HDX cannot be read in the light, whereas the Paperwhite can be, if that would matter to your brother, if he wants primarily a reader. Continue Reading


Re: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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I've been flipping channels a lot. Started with NBC, but quickly tired of the broadway show presentations. Watched ABC (Philadelphia parade) off and on. The went to CBS who seemed somehow to be able to show the balloons!!!! Then, when I flipped back to NBC at 10:00, they were saying that the parade was now beginning. My guess: NBC is broadcast right in front of Macy's. Perhaps CBS was elsewhere. But way, way, way too many commercials. Continue Reading


Re: what kindle or nook should I get my brother who loves to read?

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Did you check out the sale prices on Kindles on Amazon this morning? I have the Paperwhite and love it!!!! (I also have the original Kindle, though I don't seem to use that at all these days). Continue Reading


Re: Cars are for boys? Really?

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On 11/26/2014 Bungo said: And isn't that car and track system another example of cheesy gifts from the Q? Actually, no. I gave that as a gift a couple of years ago, and the men present were as interested as the young boy for whom I purchased it. One even wanted me to e-mail him the information so he could order a set. It's a cute, well-made toy. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to you also….and to all scrappers/cardmakers/crafters out there!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Will You Watch the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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I'll definitely have it on in the background. I can't sit and just watch it, but will peek at the goings-on while doing other things. Continue Reading


Re: No Clydesdale commercials

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I have a friend who is into brewing. I've tasted some of his award winners, but I'll stick with my Miller Lite, thank you very much. I guess I just don't have sophisticated taste buds!!!! (Anxious to see this year's Clydesdale ad(s)!!!!) Continue Reading


Re: No Clydesdale commercials

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Just heard on the news that the Clydesdales aren't going anywhere. Bud will still use them for their heart-warming commercials. But they're also going to do spots with others. Continue Reading


Re: Why Is Thanskgiving Day being overshadowed by Stores opening at 6pm

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Stores opening on Thanksgiving will have zero impact on my life. Same with Black Friday. My Christmas shopping is pretty much finished. Continue Reading


Re: HSN Huggable Hangers Today's Special

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I've been using her hangers for years without any breakage. I love them!!!! Yesterday's deal was awesome…..all that for $39.95 and free shipping. Today, the same package is $49.95 plus $9.95 shipping. HSN knows how to do a TS and Joy knows how to make hangers!!!!!!! Continue Reading

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