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Re: Get those models a burger!

In Susan Graver 1398375495.14

They may be thin, but they do seem quite healthy. Lovely ladies. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers Needs To GO!!

In Joan Rivers 1398375248.793

Oh how I wish some of the other comics would make jokes about her and her family. Then maybe she'd think twice before mouthing off….all in the name of "humor"???? Continue Reading


Re: Doesn't this bother anyone?

In Fashion Talk 1398375072.967

I've gotten kind of used to the erratic shipping from both QVC and HSN. Sometimes I get things quickly, sometimes it takes awhile longer. I'll admit that I'm a bit spoiled by Amazon Prime, but I pay an annual fee for that. I can usually live with the time it takes for most anything I buy on line. If I need it faster, I go out shopping. Continue Reading


Re: Jill can't go one show without the Dooney & Bourke scolding.

In Viewpoints 1398366350.15

Early on, I heard her say: "….you'd pay that much for a Donney, so to I!". So I don't see that as "scolding". More of a comparison sort of sales pitch. Continue Reading


Re: Is there some issue with slow page turning going on today?

In Viewpoints 1398355724.99

I wonder if it has anything to do with the idiot who flooded the forums with older threads (again) today. Continue Reading


Re: Joan rivers

In Viewpoints 1398355169.75

I agree that her humor is so often tasteless and inappropriate. And from what I read, those poor young women on Ohio were none to happy with her comment either. Continue Reading


Re: Shark navigator shown this morning?

In For the Home Talk 1398354461.24

I also have two Sharks. The purple one and the newer red one. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. I had a yellow Dyson. However, it was sooooo heavy. I finally gave it away. Sharks are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Need narrow width shoes?

In All About Shoes 1398285992.583

I, too, need narrow width shoes. However, I have a few on-line sources that I use….and they usually offer free shipping (both ways) and sometimes a good rebate from "mrrebates". Sometimes I'll watch the Q shoe shows and if I see a shoe I like, I'll look it up and see if I can get it elsewhere in my width. Since QVC doesn't care to stock narrow width shoes, I'm happy to take my shoe business elsewhere. Continue Reading


Re: Looking forward to Michael Strahan (sp) on GMA

In Viewpoints 1398263535.293

On 4/23/2014 ivey said: My opinion is that GMA is worried about what has been done and losing Sam and Josh so closely together. Then, they've moved the ladies into new slots and who knows how that will turn out. They know Michael is likeable and are hoping that he will keep some folks tuned in. Just my opinion. There's just so many people in the morning. It is total overkill. Edited: And Ginger Zee is not cutting it as a replacement for Sam. I so agree with your comment about Ginger Zee. She used to be on the weekend programs and did great. There seemed to be such great chemistry. But on ... Continue Reading


Re: Looking forward to Michael Strahan (sp) on GMA

In Viewpoints 1398252337.677

I like Michael a lot, but I'm beginning to wonder….just how many people do they need on GMA!!!!!! And where has Amy gone already? I keep switching over to other morning shows, but I'm not fond of any of them. Continue Reading

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