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Re: Some of you are going to love this!!!

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On 9/1/2014 RibbonsRosesRainbows said: I think he liked me but I think his son liked me more and the attention I gave him and then the son always wanted me included in things and he wanted to please his son and I think he liked me and was hoping he liked me more but took me in and let me buy and do things so we could go places...........and he did not have it to give and there are many attractive women that are to the people that keep bringing up why and I alone if I am so attractive? This is a small town, married town and with my age few choices and I am not going to go wit... Continue Reading


Re: Some of you are going to love this!!!

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Maybe I'm dreaming, but RRR, won't you both talking about getting married at one point? Continue Reading


Re: Some of you are going to love this!!!

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And I bet you'll take him back in a heartbeat, sadly. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else miss turquoise with matrix?

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I can recall (fondly) when the major focus point of the descriptions by the hosts was the wonderful matrix. Now, all of a sudden (it seems), the focus is on the turquoise with zero matrix. I agree, while it's pretty, it just doesn't look as natural as that with a matrix. I have one SB turquoise ring and have no interest in buying more. Continue Reading


Re: Sunday breakfast

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A couple of years back, I used to go out to the local Marriott Courtyard where they had a wonderful breakfast buffet (or you could order from the menu). It was not restricted to the hotel guests, nor was it ever very crowded. It was often frequented by some of our local county policemen. I often felt if the food was good enough for them, it was good enough for me! And you could make your own waffles. Not very expensive either, and they offered senior discounts. Not sure if they still offer that, but it was a great place to go for breakfast. Continue Reading


Re: Some of you are going to love this!!!

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"….yet find someplace to volunteer.." This has been suggested countless times to the OP. It will never happen. She only wants to volunteer at the beauty counter, as I recall. But there would be so many more opportunities to meet people in an environment such as a hospital, school, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Very Sad - Joan Rivers now on Life Support

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I wonder what caused her to have that procedure the day before she was due at another performance. Continue Reading


Re: Some of you are going to love this!!!

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On 9/1/2014 RibbonsRosesRainbows said: Settling limits early on will weed out the selfish people and nip it in the we allow ourselves to be treated a certain way then they will get a foothold in and they will disregard our self respect....etc............great book to read before dating...........hugs to all. I am ok today........feel a bit numb but basically ok..........I know what I need and taking less would make me depressed and feel ugly and not worthy of being loved.........I was getting these feelings so I brought up that I was disappointed that he did not hold my hand ... Continue Reading


Re: Compound W on Skin Tags?

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There was recently another thread on skin tags with many responses. What I do is sterilize my sharp cuticle scissors. Then I snip off the tip of the skin tags and then dab on alcohol for a bit. It's worked for me for many years. Continue Reading


Re: What is Susan's obsession with turtlenecks ?

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Another lover of turtle necks here! They're so classy!!!! Continue Reading

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