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Re: Frostguard TSV V32886

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On 10/25/2014 January121 said: Albany just said that last year she had 12 feet of snow on her car and this worked on her car windshield..... ... 12 feet of snow is an awful lot of snow ... I think she exergrated a bit! ... I sent an ask live question questioning if this would work with 3 or more inches of snow but my question was not answered. Looks to me like it will only work with a dusting of snow ..also, the fake snow they are using in the demos is very light .. real snow is heavy ... I am passing on this item. I'd like to try to answer your question about the snow, since I used mine seve... Continue Reading


Re: Frostguard TSV V32886

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I live in a townhouse community. I do not have reserved parking. I used mine several times last year without any problems. Maybe my neighborhood is safer than some. Oh, and with the elastic straps over the mirrors, the wind never seemed to bother mine. I'm getting another one this year, since they've made them so that they cover the wipers. Great product! Continue Reading


Re: Frostguard TSV V32886

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I have last year's model and wouldn't be without this wonderful item! I have no access to a garage, so this is the next best thing for me. I had no problem with the straps freezing (which seems to be what a couple of reviewers complained about). True, they got icy, but I was able to get them off the car without much difficulty. In retrospect, I think if they did freeze, I'd probably take a hot cloth and thaw them before trying to remove them. I ordered two more this year. I don't want to be without one and this year's version has a couple of improvements. The main one is the fact that... Continue Reading


Re: ~~ Spin2Win Again on HSN ~~

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Played it once, all I saw was to win tickets. The next time I played, that's all I saw again, but this time I "won" tickets. Not sure where the tickets went or even how to use them, so I'll not likely play again. At least when I won before, I got e-mail confirmations. Bummer. Continue Reading


Re: Say Yes to the Dress- Ginger Zee

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I knew Ginger Zee was on GMA. Is she also on CNN? I guess I've missed her there. (She's OK, but I'm not interested in seeing anything about her wedding dress.) Continue Reading


Re: hosts' pitch of who to give gifts to- seriously?

In Fashion Talk 1414159728.2

I'm not ashamed to admit that I gift my hairdresser, my mail lady, my UPS guy, etc. I enjoy Christmas and enjoy "gifting" others, so while I may not buy them, I do appreciate some "suggestions" that I may or may not take. Continue Reading


Re: Or Paz

In Jewelry Talk 1414151863.463

I enjoy watching the OrPaz shows, but have only bought a couple of things. They're OK, but my jewelry preference these days is mostly Hagit Gorali. Continue Reading


Re: ~~ Spin2Win Again on HSN ~~

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Where is that on the HSN site? When I do the spin2win that I've seen, all you can win are points. How do I access the game that offers free shipping or % off? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: I keep getting black specks on the bottom of my Brita pitcher. What are alternate products?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414100187.707

I use a Brita pitcher also and don't have a problem with black specs…..after the initial "conditioning". Whenever I use a new filter, I follow the directions about soaking it for awhile and then running a pitcher or two of water. After that, everything seems fine. Continue Reading


Re: For Those Who Want A Light Weight Medium Bag

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The bags are totally washable. Air dry. Continue Reading

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