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Re: Lara Spencer Promoted to Co-Host On GMA

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Well I've been less and less enchanted with GMA these days, so I guess it's time to change my morning TV routine. I just don't care for Lara Spencer. I really like Robin, but not so much that I'll continue to watch even more of Lara. Her ego was already enormous. It must be sky high with this promotion. No thanks, GMA. (By the way, thanks OP for posting this!) Continue Reading


Re: The Ove Glove

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I, too, have had mine forever, even though I don't cook a whole lot. A great purchase, nevertheless. Continue Reading


Re: Almost Spit Out My Coffee Laughing Over . . .

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And I felt the same just now on the WEN presentation during AM Style. The before and after pictures of gorgeous Joy. I can only imagine what they had to do to make her hair look that bad in the Before pictures. Wow! In my worst ever hair days, I could never have gotten my hair to look that bad. ETA: And for the most part, the model's hair isn't even the same color in the before pictures. So WEN changes your hair color also? Continue Reading


Re: Umbrella presentation

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I only caught glimpses of the presentation. What happened with her eye that made it unprofessional? Continue Reading


Re: Charged for order but never received TSV and no tracking information

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USPS tracking info is an absolute joke. I ordered a ring the other day. The last two days it shows that it "arrived at shipping partner facility" (or some such wording). Received the ring today. Tracking information is still showing that it's at that facility. Continue Reading


Re: What are your Easter plans?

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Going to early mass at my usual church, then will go over to my niece's house a bit later and go to her church with her and her family. Two of her children will be singing in the choir. Then back to their house for a lovely Easter dinner. They're awesome people and I love spending time with them. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Easter to all my friends who celebrate!

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Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all! Continue Reading



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Got mine the other day and they arrived in perfect condition, including plenty of dry ice. YUMMMMMMMM, they are SOOOOOO good! Continue Reading


Re: ToGather Poll

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The last time I checked on the voting results on that poll, it didn't look like ToGather is very popular at all. When I last checked, I believe it was something like 2.0-2.5% of those voting were participating in ToGather. Wonder if they'll continue it. Continue Reading

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