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Re: Vicenza day preview

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I'm sticking with Hagit Gorali and Carolyn Pollack. Continue Reading


Re: TSV Wrap

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I keep my house on the cool side at night for better sleeping. As a result, when I come downstairs in the morning, it's usually a bit chilly. This will be perfect to throw on until the house warms up. Not sure I'll wear it out anywhere, but definitely looks good for snuggling up with a good book. I like that it has "sleeves". Continue Reading


Re: Presentations for the viewing audience

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I always thought that was a sales ploy also. A ridiculous one, at that! Continue Reading



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I guess I've only seen her in "short segments" because I like her also. I've seen her mainly on jewelry shows and she does an excellent job. Continue Reading


Re: Can somebody help me with TOVA info?

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I have a bottle from many years ago that was gifted to me by a friend. (I have about 1/4 inch of it left). My bottle is 3.3 oz. It is a rectangular bottle, frosted glass, with a black top with a gold band around the bottom. The bottle says TOVA and eau de parfum on the front of the bottle. On the bottom it say bottle made in France. And there is a stamped number on the bottom - 079797. Not sure what "vintage" my bottle is, but given that it's several years old, I've always presumed it was from her original line. ETA: I just remembered that I also have a much newer bottle. It's 3.4 oz in a t... Continue Reading



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I don't recall noticing what Jayne Brown says when easy pay is involved. But I do know that she very clearly includes the shipping charges when she talks about how much an item will cost. She's very deliberate about it. (At least in the most recent presentations I watched.) Continue Reading


Re: The Frozen obsession

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One of my grand-nieces is a 2 year old. She can sing every word from every song in Frozen. And she's happy to watch the movie every day, if mommy would let her! Many kids just LOVE this movie. I can see why QVC is pushing it. My niece was already having some difficulty in finding what she wanted from the Frozen theme…..until I pointed her to QVC. Continue Reading


Re: More Amy Stran Please

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On 9/20/2014 NJ4Jays said: meooow You're joking, right? After your comments about Leah???? Continue Reading


Re: I am begging the forum police to take down the Fiestaware post, Please??

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I doubt that "space" is an issue. I've not read that thread. But sometimes friendships are sort of formed on such threads. Good for those who enjoy it. I just scroll on by. Continue Reading


Re: MLB Playoffs.....Congratulations to the teams who are playoff bound!

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On 9/17/2014 brewhaha said: On 9/17/2014 MomOf4 said: On 9/17/2014 brewhaha said: Dodgers are not quite there yet but we have a three game lead on the Giants. A freeway World Series would really be something, right Brew? I'm all for it. Either a freeway World Series for you folks in the West, or how about a Beltway World Series (Baltimore/Washington) for those of us in the east? Much as I think either one would be cool, I'll bet that if either such series comes to be, viewership will be way down. But congrats to all the teams that have solidified a playoff berth thus far!!! Continue Reading

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