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Re: Question Re Other Shopping Channels

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I've often felt that Colleen is somewhat the HSN equivalent lf LR, but I also feel that Bill Green is their real star. I just love watching him. There's absolutely NOTHING he has to present that he doesn't do extremely well. Great host. Continue Reading


Re: Say what you will about Lisa

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I've always felt that Carolyn has absolutely the best voice of all the hosts. I never watch LR, so I can't speak to her voice Continue Reading


Re: Who's got the time, skill, storage space, and $ for this type of Christmas decorating???

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I just can't imagine having start in September to decorate for Christmas. I'd be so weary of the holiday by the time it came around that I probably wouldn't even enjoy what the holiday is all about. I like to admire other forms of holiday decorations, but even at this age, I'm much more a traditionalist. Continue Reading


Re: Rear Car Lights Not Going Off

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Hope you've gotten that fixed by now. I had that happen not too long ago in my older model Mercury. It was, I believe, the brake light switch. The dealer said that had it gone completely and had I had my emergency brake on, I'd have not been able to move the car. But beyond that, anyone driving behind me would think I was braking. And, of course, the drain on your battery. All in all, needs quick attention. Continue Reading


Re: what does Diane Gillman have around her neck

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I was kind of feeling sorry for her because it looked like a neck brace to me also. Glad to hear it was only some scarves. Continue Reading


Paging Brewhaha…..

Last Reply by betteb 1405916963.17 | Started by Krimpette in Viewpoints

I just have to say that, for the most part, I just love your quick wit!!!!!!! Are you always that quick (in "real life")????? I truly love your quips. Don't ever stop posting!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: What does Dr Denese use personally to have such beautiful skin?

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I'm not a make-up person, so I apologize for this question being so dumb to so many, I would think. But given all the makeup that goes onto anyone appearing on TV, how can you tell from the TV that someone has beautiful skin? Continue Reading


Re: I Think I'm Going to Become a Bus Driver....

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In my area, we have at least 3 guys who do the garbage pickup, followed by another 3 who do the recycle pickup, followed by at least 2 who pick up the yard waste! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! I'll be in the poorhouse before I even get to the UPS and postal folks! Continue Reading


Re: Loving Christmas in July shows

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i've enjoyed them also. Got a few Christmas gifts. Love being able to spread out my Christmas gift purchases. Continue Reading



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HSN does that too. If they can't tell me about the product within a few minutes, the chances are I'll get bored and flip the channel without purchasing. Continue Reading

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