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Re: Hosts "star" hype

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A bit off-topics (sorry). I buy a fair amount of clothing (particularly tops) from QVC. I never fail to receive compliments. And without fail, most of the people complimenting me have never heard of QVC. I love it…… I don't see myself coming and going, as can happen otherwise. As to "stars", I have a hard time considering a shopping show host to be a "star", the way I see it. Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving is being pushed aside by Retail

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There are many people who work odd hours and may welcome the idea to adjust their Thanksgiving celebration to be able to do some shopping. I choose not to shop on Thanksgiving, and certainly NOT on "black Friday", so it won't impact me on celebrating Thanksgiving in a more traditional way. Continue Reading


Re: If you bought the Frozen necklace/music box did you test it?

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I just tried mine and it works just fine. My grand-niece is going to love it! Continue Reading


Re: So, You do not like turkey......What do you cook?????????

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The important part is being with your dad. Why not fix him his favorites? Ham? Chicken? Beef? Hot dogs? Burgers? Make a meal that will make you and your dad the happiest on Thanksgiving. Continue Reading


Re: Wish Susan would quit saying, "I'm only five feet four"........

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I always thought that she was just giving viewers a point of reference. Continue Reading


Re: Dental Bridges and Implants

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I have more implants than I can count. But I've had them for so long, I can't remember the exact number. I've never had any issues with any of them. However, I was going to get more on another side of my mouth and needed bone grafting. Unfortunately, the bone grafting failed so I live with a "flipper" now in that area. Continue Reading


Re: David wine tasting

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416485892.773

I'm missing something here……what difference does it make how David holds the wine glass?????????? So what????? Continue Reading


Re: QVC prices for fashion (costume) jewelry

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I don't buy a whole lot of costume jewelry, but did buy the Linea fish necklace a few months ago. Without exception, I have never received so many compliments on a piece of jewelry. And that particular item is worth every penny of it. It's a much better made piece of costume jewelry than I've ever seen elsewhere. I doubt that piece would sell for $20 at Macy's. Continue Reading


Re: TSV/Mrs Prindables- disappointed :(

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They sure do look good, but I was unsure about the combination of the very tart Granny Smith apple coupled with the sweet exterior. Continue Reading


Re: Would this make you uncomfortable?

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On 11/19/2014 chick b said: Hah! Yeah, Krimpette - I didn't get that part either. Not knowing better, my immediate thought was that it was some sort of a home shopping party where the guests are "expected" to buy something. Hopefully, that's incorrect. Continue Reading

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