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Re: Issac show models- why the sunglasses?

In Fashion Talk 1427835026.007

I'm so unobservant! I never even noticed!!!! I'll have to pay more attention next time I watch one of his shows. Continue Reading


Re: Antonella, never cover your gorgeous hair!

In Fashion Talk 1427743829.597

I haven't seen too many of the shows today, but from what I've seen, those wigs look like the wigs of "yesteryear"! Wigs have come such a long way these days. But not the TSV wigs today! Not a good look on anyone I've seen thus far. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching March Madness?

In Sports 1427741451.61

I'm only half following the men's tourney, but hoping the Maryland women can keep going! Go Lady Terps! Continue Reading


Re: What in the world is the host wearing??? (12:00 Eastern time show)

In Fashion Talk 1427739949.877

But surely that's not the type of an outfit that people would wear to the office, is it? Looks more appropriate for going to a wedding. Continue Reading


Re: The difference between HSN and QVC hosts...

In The Q We Love 1427731486.157

On 3/30/2015 jewelfool said: I've found myself really enjoying HSN more. I like that they don't spend FOREVER on one item...sometimes as a matter of fact, they move on faster than I can decide if I want to buy something. Have you ever watched their presentation of a TSV? Typically, it lasts for at least 30 minutes…sometimes a bit more. I do wish that on the craft shows, they'd allow more time for a bit of demo, rather than the host providing suggestions of how to use an item. But like you, I find myself enjoying HSN more and more. And QVC, less and less, sadly. Continue Reading


Re: The difference between HSN and QVC hosts...

In The Q We Love 1427724431.387

I don't watch a whole lot of HSN (though I'm beginning to watch more and more). My favorites (in no particular order) are Shivan, Colleen, Callie and Bill Green. Just like QVC, I like some of the HSN hosts more than others. And there are some on QVC that I just don't care to watch. Continue Reading


Re: Mary QVC

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427715749.457

Can't say I notice any "hate" on this thread. Just people expressing their opinion about the purpose (or lack of) of Mary. We all have our own opinions. I'm in the camp of those who don't quite see her purpose either, and preferred ITKWD in earlier formats. Continue Reading


Re: Do you color your own hair?

In Beauty Banter 1427714259.86

I've been using L'Oreal Excellence for years. Works for me. I color about every 5 weeks, after a haircut. Continue Reading


Re: American West new silver bead necklace.....

In Carolyn Pollack 1427663558.61

A bit off-topic, sort of….but does anyone know why Jill doesn't do the shows with Carolyn any more? They were such good friends (I believe in one or the other's wedding). But now, it's always Antonella. Anyone know? I loved the shows with Jill and Carolyn. Continue Reading


Re: Keurig

In Coffee Talk 1427655916.15

I drink one cup of coffee a day in my Keurig mini. I think I'll stick with it, thank you. Continue Reading

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