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Re: Hagit

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They tend to give her her own shows only during the middle of the night most times. She's by far my favorite jewelry vendor and my purchasing history would show that to QVC. And she's a delight to watch and listen to. I usually review her product listings and buy from that, since QVC is so stingy with her shows Continue Reading


Re: Lidia's Polish Stoneware

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I, too, though Lidia was Italian. But it sure would be nice to see Polish Stoneware back on QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away RAVE

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On 7/30/2014 momtodogs said: Is this a vacuum sweeper or is it a carpet cleaner? The Sharks that I have are regular vacuum cleaners. Not one that will shampoo the carpeting or the flooring. Continue Reading


Re: HSN has fantastic service!

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mewsmomtoo: I agree - the Xyrons aren't all that exciting, but I love the size! I even ordered two sets. I use that little Xyron X for so many small parts. I just know I'll enjoy this larger size. I already dabbled just briefly with that quilling tool. Man, that is QUICK!!!!! I have to pay more attention the next time!!!! Won't have time to play any more until next week. but I'm already glad that I got that kit! Between that and the quilling card kit, I have enough quilling papers to last for the rest of my life!!!!! I love those Bat-tastic embellishments. I'll be getting into my H... Continue Reading



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I tried to watch her once. Never again. She's just way too, too, too much. Not the kind of presentation I find pleasant to watch. Continue Reading


Re: Off topic,but need help!!!

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And maybe include bunches of those 3M wall hooks so she can personalize the walls and not leave any damage when it comes time to remove the hooks. Continue Reading


Re: Moving an Antique Bedroom Set: Any Suggestions?

In For the Home Talk 1406738355.09

When I had hardwood flooring installed in my bedroom, no furniture was moved out of the room. The installers moved a section at a time. I only had to remove everything from the tops of the furniture. If memory serves me correctly, they did use my E Z slides/lifter. Not sure, however, that my furniture is quite as heavy as yours sounds to be. Continue Reading


Re: Was Mally using a Bullhorn?

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She could have the absolute best products in the world and I'll never know. I just cannot watch her for a second. Why is she so loud???????? Continue Reading


Re: Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away RAVE

In For the Home Talk 1406729855.54

I have two Sharks. I would never go back to a Dyson. Love my Sharks!!! Continue Reading


Re: HSN has fantastic service!

In Scrapbooking 1406729325.51

Got all my goodies this morning. AG's items are always so gorgeous and so beautifully packaged. She never disappoints. I'm anxious to try the 3 Birds quilling tool and the card kit. I have done quilling in awhile and I'm anxious to delve into it again. My other items were 2 sets of the 3-inch Xyrons. I know they'll get a ton of use! I'm a happy camper!!!! Anyone know when Anna is back on HSN? Continue Reading

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