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Re: Drop PM Style - create a new show!

In Suggestion Box 1418906406.103

I have a hard time watching Amy. Talks way too fast sometimes. But I agree with the OP….that this as an opportunity for a totally new fashion show. Oh, and TOTALLY FASHIONS!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: O/T so tired of the TSV being only $5 less than the QVC price

In Beauty Banter 1418829779.697

Every once in awhile they come up with something worthwhile, but most often it's not a big difference from the regular price. For sure, every little bit counts, but they could do better. Continue Reading


Re: PM Style Host...

In Fashion Talk 1418829632.177

My vote would be for host rotation. No more divas, please. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone else hear Shawn say

In Q Did What? 1418817872.67

I never watched much of it before. I'll watch even less of it now. Easier to view what was presented on line than to watch a host I don't particularly enjoy. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney

In Viewpoints 1418744641.937

At the very beginning of last night's show, Sandra clearly stated that she will not be the permanent host…that she's only filling in for a couple of weeks (months?). Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1418731826.78

Fear not, she's not going to be the permanent host on PMS. Continue Reading


Re: Loving Sandra!

In Suggestion Box 1418731583.09

At the beginning of the show, Sandra said that she was not going to be the permanent host, but that she would be filling in for the next couple of weeks. I have no doubt that the "throne" will go to Courtney. Continue Reading


Re: Kudos to Jane T

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418682857.86

I think the absolute worst on the food shows is Dan Wheeler. Any time I've seen him, I feel that he's never seen food before! He doesn't even have to be presenting the item. If he's co-hosting the show, he'll jump in and make sure he gets his share. Continue Reading


Re: Need a new vacuum. Do you like your Shark?

In For the Home Talk 1418675935.43

I have two Sharks and would never buy any other brand. I gave away my two Dysons. Love the Sharks so much more. Continue Reading

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