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Re: Vera Bradley TSV - 10/23

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Actually, I don't mind paying a few dollars more for the microfiber bags. I've kind of tired of the prints, and the microfiber takes the color so beautifully. I have other microfiber VB bags in black and cobalt. My red TSV is out for delivery TODAY!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Emeril's Small Deep Fryer....HELP!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414009193.233

Sorry I can't help you, but have you tried You Tube? There are a number of You Tube videos on some of Emeril's fryers. If nobody here can help you, maybe one of the videos on You Tube will. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Opinion on this desk...

In For the Home Talk 1413978035.987

It's a nice looking piece of furniture, but doesn't look practical for a 12-year old boy. Lovely designer piece, though. Continue Reading


Re: Vera Bradley TSV - 10/23

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I love their microfiber bags. Just ordered the red. Continue Reading


Re: CNN Implements Huge Budget Cuts

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I used to watch more of CNN during the afternoon hours, but I just can't take any more of Brook Baldwin. Not sure why she finds in necessary to hike her skirts up so high, none of the other females I've seen on that channel seem to do that. Hard to take her seriously. Continue Reading


Re: What happened to?

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I just can't watch him on the food shows. He acts like he's never eaten before. Gross! Continue Reading


Re: Blade Runner Gets 5 years in Prison for killing Girlfriend

In Viewpoints 1413904440.877

I'm surprised he got any jail time. Sad, for her parents, that he got away with such a light sentence. Continue Reading


Re: Lots of Anna's items already on extended delivery!

In Scrapbooking 1413841233.643

Did anyone actually experience "extended delivery" this last time around? I ordered items that were shown as "extended delivery" early in the day, but that caption seemed to have disappeared by afternoon. I got everything within a couple of days. The sad thing is, them showing "extended delivery" on the Christmas card kit certainly had a negative impact on sales, even though it ended up not being on extended delivery. I'm sure some folks noticed that early in the day and decided they weren't interested in ordering….because of the delay. Certainly things didn't seem to run as smooth... Continue Reading



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What date are they promising you now? Continue Reading



In Electronics Talk 1413814279.953

You do what you have to do. Continue Reading

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