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Re: Pet Pic's

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My boy Jack. He is watching me water... Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Here are some of my sunflowers... Hey are so happy!!! Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Hi Everyone! Sorry to be so off the grid... Been crazy busy with school having started. Can hardly believe that three weeks of school are already under the belt. Wow. I have been a bit stressed because I missed three days of work. I had a major tooth abscess and missed the 2nd and 3rd day of school cause I was sick, sick, sick... Then missed again this past Tuesday because of a dental appointment to get a root canal. Ugh. I am much better now. We have some major changes in curriculum this year so have had to switch gears. I am finally getting my brain wrapped around it. I hope yo... Continue Reading


Re: NASCAR: Tony Stewart To Announce Retirement From Auto Racing:

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I think the only thing anyone knows for sure is that the young man got out of his car and 100% contributed to his death. What additional part Srewat played is unknown at this time. We may never know for sure. It is tragic all the way around. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn :( :( :(

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Very sad. No one should ever have to loose a child. My God bless them. Continue Reading


Re: Learn something new every day. (about cats)

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It is my experience that some cats are mousers. Some are not. Have had cats that have never missed a meal and were lethal to mice and others just the opposite. Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner August 4 - 10, 2014

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On 8/9/2014 Mishell5 said: Hi... I didn't really know where to go. We lost our gorgeous cat yesterday (she was 21 years old). My husband and I, and our 2 grown kids are devastated. I can hardly function. I just need to vent I thought I would be safe here. Anyway,,, thanks for listening. I am just lost. Michelle M. I am so sorry for your loss. I, as do the lovely ladies on this board understand and feel your pain. I too lost a kitty this weekend. She was just a bit over two years old. She had, as we could best determine, feline pancreatitis. Young or old it is just as painful. My Cora was 20 ... Continue Reading


Re: what product would you like to see returned to QVC?

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The Denim and Co old style jeans with the modern waist in lots of colors.... Not everyone wants knit jeans. They are not jeans. A variety would be nice. Continue Reading


Re: NJ Judge orders teen to turn over her Facebook account re: charges against accused ra*pist. How do you feel about that?

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Another example of not putting information on any form of social media that you don't want to potentially get out there. I will say it again. Social Media is devastating our society. Continue Reading


Re: Whoopi vs. Barbara

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IMO that show is well past it's sell-by date. As for Woopi, a bit of biting the hand that fed you. Continue Reading

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