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Re: Pet Pic's

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Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope this finds you all well. Wishing you all a PAWSOME day!!! :) Continue Reading


Re: MY Cat Louie

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What a lovely story. I too have a Lewi. A black/white cow cat. He will let me pet him if in his heated kitty bed. Otherwise, no way. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Hello Everyone!!! Only one more day and then it is off for Christmas Break... It is much needed... The kids are great, but there is just more and more and more demand that we are required to cram down these kids... Somewhat takes the fun out of it... I hope everyone is well. Here are two pictures of Pepper and my boy Jack... Catch up with you all soon. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Happy Friday Everyone!!! This is one of the hectic times of the school year. Not that they don't all have their craziness... 8 actual class days left to wrap up the Fall semester... It is amazing as to how quickly this semester has gone... Today is a work Friday, a rare day without students... So, on that note I had better get back at it... Hope you all have a PAWSOME day and weekend. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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It's a balmy 80ish degree here in southern Arizona. Ugh!!! Doesn't really feel like the holidays. Hope you are all having a PAWSOME weekend! Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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May everyone, two and four legged, have a blessed Thanksgiving. Continue Reading


Re: RIP my pretty bird.

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I'm so sorry! Please don't dispare. You meant no harm. I'm sure those we love go to heaven and will be there waiting for us. I for one will be stampeded as I plan on going to heaven to be reunited with all my little loves. (((Hugs to you))) and thanks you for sharing them with us my Pet Pics. ?? Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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TGIF!!! I hope everyone is having a PAWSOME day and weekend... Chilly here today. Overcast with a 10-20% chance of snow... We need the moisture, so some rain and/or snow would be okay with me. Catch ya all later!!! Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Happy Wednesday Everyone! Thanks for the compliments... I do like to cross stitch. It is such a mindless thing to do. I do now have to take my glasses off to stitch, which makes it hard to watch tv at the same time, but oh well... Ha ha ha... And, I refuse to get bi/tri-focals... :/ Here is a picture of Salty and CHB keeping me company the other morning. We have been cold in the morning, 4 degrees. However, not as cold as many of you... Brrrr. Stay warm. Nose kisses and snugs to all the babies. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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My reading kids are working on Point of View. I had them, as a project, create POV cartoons. Here is a sample I make for them of my boy Jack... I modeled it after Simon's Cat. Continue Reading

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