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Re: School Dress Code?

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We have this fight every year. In my district we have a dress code, which is well publicized. Especially, well prior to the coming school year in time for school cloth shopping. It never fails that parents will buy kids cloths that don't meet code, leggings with short tops, short/shorts, skinny strapped tanks, major holes in jeans, low/low cut t-shirts, flip/flops, etc. We dress code them and parents complain. It is funny though, that the biggest complaint we get from the parents is, "That is all my kid will wear." But, my thought is, who runs the house and who buys the cloths??? Prett... Continue Reading


Re: Ok since we know they can tell time how about this one?

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I disagree that animals don't have a sense of time. But I do agree that they do recognize routine and know what is probably coming. My neighbors tell me all the time that they know that I will be home within about 15 minutes when they see two of my cats jump up into the window and perch there. Doesn't matter the time of day. It could be around lunch time, after school, or hours later when I have to stay very late. They tell me it is amazing. There must be some sense of something. Continue Reading


Re: Puppy Breath, Aww what a feeling ...

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I LOVE puppy breath!!! Oh my gosh!!! It is one of the best smells ever... Ha ha ha!!! Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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The do a great job of holding my bed down during the day when I am at school! :) Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Happy Monday Everyone!!! Here is a picture of my Salty and Pepper (sisters). I found them like this the other day when I got home from work... :) X marks the spot!!! Continue Reading


Re: What returning Fall TV Show, are you excited to see back?

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Scandal Gray's Criminal Minds Big Bang Theory Betrayal Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Jeremiah- Your sunflowers are beautiful!!! They are just so happy and cheerful. I know I am going to grow bunches of the next summer. I am in the process of harvesting the seeds for next summer. If you go online to YouTube, you will find bunches of videos that show you what to do. What did we ever do without YouTube? Thanks for sharing the pics. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Hi Everyone! I have been MIA in a big way the last several weeks. With school starting, it has been crazy. It is hard to believe that this is the end of my 5th week back. Time really does fly. I hope that you are all well, the two and four legged of us... :) (((Hugs to you all))) And, nose kisses to the babies. I hope you have a PAWSOME weekend. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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My boy Jack. He is watching me water... Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Here are some of my sunflowers... Hey are so happy!!! Continue Reading

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