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Re: Pet Pic's

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Hi Everyone!!! Here are a couple of pics... Here is my little boy Lewi sitting outside the door waiting for his dinner... He is so cute and funny, but just won't let me touch him. He acts like he wants to so bad, but just can't bring himself to do it... Here is my boy Jack hanging off the back door... He loves to climb and watch the world... And, last Jack with his latest toy... :) Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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On 3/5/2015 ccassaday said: Yes. She will be ten weeks tomorrow. She is a real sweetheart. My friend has a blond lab. They are awesome dogs. :) Is your little shark a lab? Golden? Or a combo of??? Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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On 3/3/2015 ccassaday said: Our little shark Ha ha ha!!! I have a cat that is a chewer... I take it your little shark is a puppy... Continue Reading


Re: Matted cat hair questions

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My Mouse has the worst, really long hair. It has a strange texture and is sort of "nappy." Have never had a cat or seen one with her type of fur. She HATES to be brushed and will bite me, so I take her to the groomers and have her shaves about twice a year. Solves the problem. The funny thing is, she will let me cut her toe nails with out a whimper or fuss... Strange what they will and won't let you do. Continue Reading



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It really depends on the cat... I have a itty-bitty gray tabby who is about 6 pounds. My boy Jack is close to 20 and he is not fat - he is just a BIG cat. And, his brother Spike is even bigger. The vet should be able to tell you if your kitty has any weight issues. Cats can also have thyroid issues and other things that can affect their weight, etc. They can also give you good recommendations of the amount of food needed. I have learned that we tend to overfeed our animals from time to time. It can also be difficult when you have more than one cat. Some nibble and some belly up for a... Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Happy Tuesday Everyone! Here is my boy Jack, keeping me company the other night when I was doing some embroidery. He isn't a lap cat, but typically likes to be close... :) Continue Reading


Re: IT Cosmetics brushes

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<input id="SMARTInk_zoom_42A26EBF-1637-4CC0-952D-BE37F629742C" type="hidden" value="1" / Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Salty's favorite place! Hope you are well! Snuggles to all the babies. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Pepper holding down this rogue box... Ha ha ha... Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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On 2/22/2015 Jeremiah 2911 said: This is seriously funny!!!!! :) Continue Reading

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