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Re: On our way to Lancaster, PA tomorrow ... ideas?

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DH and I love Lancaster! We go every year. We stay at the Amish View Inn, which is really nice. Some things to see and do that weren't mentioned above...Christmas museum, Sight and Sound theater, which is amazing, Plain and Fancy and Good n Plenty restaurants, Strasburg railroad and museum, Hershey chocolate factory tour, Hollywood casino and racetrack. Oh, and every Friday in Ephrata, there is the green dragon flea market....an outdoor and indoor market which is a fun place to shop. We are planning to move to Lititz when retired! Have a great time and safe trip! Let us know about your trip! Continue Reading


Re: Banshee

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Wow, what a roller coaster ride this last episode was! Just might be the best episode yet. DH and I love this show....and to think that we only started watching it because it is set in Amish country! Continue Reading


Re: Still in shock about my cholesterol levels

In Health & Fitness 1420640369.94

I have been on Lipitor for many years and have been fortunate to not have any side effects. I get a blood test every six months. I tried a strict diet of chicken, fish, etc. for many years and still could not lower my number. Plus, every single member of my family died of heart disease, including my dad, who had a massive heart attack at 42. For me, the benefit outweighed the risk. Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso TSV Dec ?

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Just got my advance email....a260409....under $140.....love the Lynx one! 3/4 length. Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso TSV Dec ?

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A faux sheared mink coat. I guess advance emails will go out on Tuesday, so we should have more info. I'm glad it's a coat and not a jacket. I can't wait to see it! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching now??

In Vera Bradley 1414038003.203

I like the black and white too. Continue Reading


Re: Armstrong Luxe Vinyl Plank Flooring??

In For the Home Talk 1413943859.613

I installed the Armstrong alterna Durango tiles in my kitchen well over a year ago. It's easy to clean and stays at room temperature...no cold tiles. Everyone who sees it for the first time thinks they are real tiles...I am very pleased with it and highly recommend! Continue Reading


Re: Bliss light color

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My cousin has all three colors...they are all so nice, but I loved the way the green looked. I am ordering the TSV in green. I am curious to see what others have to say. Continue Reading


Re: New TSV

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On Facebook, Angel gave two clues...a jacket and diamonds are a girl's best friend. Doesn't sound like I would be interested in this, but I'll just wait and see... Continue Reading


Re: Valerie Parr Hill TSV in August

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I am curious to see how well this TSV is going to sell...it seems like most people on this board aren't interested in it. Continue Reading

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