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Re: If you have been on the fence about any CIJ decor...

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Susan Louise, like you, I don't have any children. So I can totally relate to how u feel. I have made peace with it as I've gotten older, but I do have my moments. It's ironic because I intended on ordering those cherubs after reading the boards, and your message stopped me in my tracks, and I had to think about it a bit. However, to me, each angel represents one of my unfertilized eggs, so I'm going to order them. I'm sending you a friendly hug....and, please, do reach out to me if u ever need support! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone want to guess what VPH's TSV will be on 8/12?

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I asked her on FB if the TSV will be auto-delivery. She said no, but there will be a choice of seasons! Someone posted on another thread that Valerie said it will light up. Knowing me, I'll probably have to purchase all four seasons! I wonder what it could be? I hope it's something unique. Continue Reading


Re: OTO alert for 11PM Eastern show!

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Same here, Pink....I'm hoping for something different too...and a great value, free shipping, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Got Valerie's train gingerbread lamp today!

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Thanks, Susan...I'll enjoy it all winter! And yes, mnmom, I ordered it on Saturday. For those who are interested, the train is not overly glittered, which I'm happy about. The shade is nice, and the lamp gives off a good amount of light when it's lit. The lamp is just the right size...not too tiny nor too large. Continue Reading


Got Valerie's train gingerbread lamp today!

Last Reply by mousiegirl 1406239214.63 | Started by loveac in For the Home Talk

Thank goodness, it arrived in perfect condition and works! As Valerie would say, it's just so stinkin' cute! I have a Paula Deen hutch in my kitchen, and it will be placed there. This item is a keeper and winner! Continue Reading


Re: Valerie Parr Hill

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Although I wanted every item from the show, I restrained from buying. I did, however, already order the train gingerbread lamp...maybe it will be presented tonight. Continue Reading



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Cape May, NJ!! As soon as you arrive, you'll feel like you stepped back in's a beautiful place, beautiful beach! Continue Reading


Tova new items

Last Reply by katkitty 1404218927.473 | Started by loveac in Beauty Banter

New items for tomorrow's show have been added...supersize shower gel and lotion, 16 oz., plus a body scrub and dry oil spray. Also, on her website,, she has brought back love everlasting, umbre d'oro and turquoise. Free shipping thru the end of today. I never heard of Tova turquoise...has anyone ever used it? Continue Reading


Re: The Last Ship

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DH and I watched and liked it! Continue Reading


Re: Fresh cream vs apricot and cream

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Do u prefer more of a vanilla scent or a fruity scent? I got the apricot set cause I love the scent of anything with apricot. I did not care for a fresh cream shower gel I had, but everyone's sense of smell differs. Continue Reading

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