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Re: Fragrance suggestions please!

In Beauty Banter 1396046922.86

Bobbi Brown's Beach is a really nice beach scent, and I also love her Bath perfume, very clean and fresh scent. On me, the scent lingers. Continue Reading


Re: Tova's mascara is back!

In Beauty Banter 1395455282.507

For me, it was both volumizing and lengthening, and the best part was no clumping. My girlfriend also loves it! Continue Reading


Tova's mascara is back!

Last Reply by Funloving 1395862651.69 | Started by loveac in Beauty Banter

She posted that it will be presented during her show this Monday at 11am EST. same formula, same brush, different packaging. I'm so glad....love her mascara! Continue Reading


Re: MISTRESSES S2 - ***Spoilers***

In TV Talk 1389909469.38

I never saw season 1, so I hope it will be shown again. Continue Reading


Re: Finally sharing pics from the holidays!

In For the Home Talk 1389909346.167

Thank u for sharing...u did a beautiful job....so cozy looking! Continue Reading


Re: Hallmark's The Good Witch to be a weekly series

In TV Talk 1389632117.063

Great news...I was hoping this would happen! Doing the happy dance! Continue Reading


Re: THE ASSETS - ABC 10 PM ET Tonight (Thurs., Jan. 2nd 2014)

In TV Talk 1388694993.487

I'm recording it! DH and I like to watch mini-series, and this one looks good. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone buy the TSV yesterday--24" decorated tree in urn??

In TSV Talk 1385002058.563

I ordered the poinsettia one to put in my mother-in-law's room at the nursing home she just entered for Alzheimer's. Love that it has a timer, so it will be lit every day for her. Continue Reading


Re: Trip to Florida around Thanksgiving.

In Fashion Talk 1384568797.367

Hey Bonnielu, I'll also be in Florida for thanksgiving, but in Disneyworld, visiting family, and then taking a cruise to the Bahamas (first-time cruiser here.). We are driving down...we don't fly. I'm bringing a variety of colorful clothes, sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve. The only black clothing I am bringing will be for dinner on the cruise. But, to each his own...there are no rules...wear what makes u happy and what you're comfortable with. Give a wave to me from the plane as I'm cruising down 95! Enjoy and have a safe trip! Continue Reading


Re: I have some thick cut boneless pork chops, how should I cook them?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1383692059.06

Stargazer, I have a fab recipe for u and everyone else who likes tender pork chops. Pork chop casserole: 8 to 10 pork chops (bone-in); 2 cans tomato soup; I small can tomato sauce; I large onion, sliced; Very generous amounts of garlic powder, onion powder, basil, oregano and pepper. Mix soup and tomato sauce in bowl....add some water to cans and pour into mixture, but do not make the mixture loose. Add onion and seasonings. Pour some of the mixture into bottom of roasting pan or baking dish. Add chops and pour remaining mixture over them. Note: you can also do two layers of chops if needed. ... Continue Reading

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