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Last Reply by imaclotheshog 1414775489.953 | Started by alohakz in Fashion Talk

anyone know what the ellen qvc commercials are about? Continue Reading


chaz's sister???

Last Reply by Drythe 1411823611.69 | Started by alohakz in WEN

why is she no longer chaz's on-air back up??? Continue Reading


Re: O/T a question for those who are gluten intolerant

In WEN 1406748878.857

my dh is severely gluten intolerant & his md says yes it can cause a reaction... we even have multiple air purifiers in our casa for this reason... Continue Reading


ebay wen???

Last Reply by ClassySassyGal 1405525858.497 | Started by alohakz in WEN

how do the ebay wen bulk sellers get their product??? Continue Reading


Re: help w/ oil price on chaz studio site???

In WEN 1405161973.903

nevermind...i just realized it's $20 for 1oz +$45 for 4oz... Continue Reading


help w/ oil price on chaz studio site???

Last Reply by ANewHue 1405187787.14 | Started by alohakz in WEN

i put a 4oz tea tree oil in my cart... i thought it is $45...but it shows $65(prior to adding s&h) anybody know why??? Continue Reading


Re: Tea Tree Oil

In WEN 1404954305.603

i use it on my face at night & it's truly a miracle... i've used everything from prescription creams to $200 face creams on my dry skin & absolutely nothing compares to my tea tree... Continue Reading


Re: Leah this morning

In Fashion Talk 1404569723.69

no host is more obnoxious/unprofessional then marybeth & her non-stop repetition of 'here's the thing'... Continue Reading


the orthaheel guy...

Last Reply by dulwich 1404008335.593 | Started by alohakz in Fashion Talk

is looking rather wild& Continue Reading


is MBR wearing a wig???

Last Reply by Kachina624 1403838066.383 | Started by alohakz in Fashion Talk

looks wiggish...supershort bangs... Continue Reading

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