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Re: Patti Reilly infomercial

In Fashion Talk 1397790412.09

I don't think it was her choice to leave QVC. The pursuing other things is spin. Continue Reading


Lilies are Poisonous to Cats

Last Reply by esmeraldagooch 1397813182.74 | Started by occasional rain in Viewpoints

With Easter comes lilies and every year cats die from ingesting them. All parts of the lily are poisonous. So if you have a cat, ban lilies from your house. Continue Reading


Re: Why do you like posting here?

In Viewpoints 1397789234.083

I like discussions of current events when they manage to slip by the enforcer. It's interesting to read views from those in different parts of the country, it would be even better if it were international. I enjoy controversy. I don't mind those who are nasty because they're amusing to me. Continue Reading


Re: SG ...A253042 Terry Tunic w/pockets...

In Susan Graver 1397754465.483

I saw it and thought it would be wonderful as a cover up over a swimming suit. I love pockets too. Continue Reading


Re: As a child, what did you think that turned out to be...

In Viewpoints 1397712261.48

On 4/16/2014 bathina said: All the older folks in my family spoke Italian when the kids were around. I just assumed when I got older I'd automatically speak Italian too. What a disappointment to learn it didn't work that way. I also had German measles and thought I was no longer Italian, but German because of it. That's the best. Continue Reading


Re: Person Of Interest

In TV Talk 1397710977.923

I like Root and the actress is excellent in the part. Casting has done a good job too bad they weren't involved in the selection of Lizzie in Blacklist. Continue Reading


Re: Lessons from Madame Chic (book) by Jennifer Scott

In Fashion Talk 1397710675.507

I know there are people who have a menu for the week, seven dinners, and it's the same menu every week except for holidays. That's what this wardrobe seems like to me. I like variety in my food and in my clothing. I don't want someone to see me from the back and know it's me because it's the same blouse or dress I always wear. I don't want to be limited and I don't see why a person can't have quantity as well as quality. Continue Reading


Re: Are feet a safe subject?

In Viewpoints 1397708476.627

On 4/16/2014 muttmom said: I have a prosthetic leg and shied away from sandals because the foot looked bad. After watching RHofNY and saw Aviva's leg, I splurged and bought a leg like hers. Even the toes look real. Now I love both my feet Could they match the fake with the real? Can you polish the nails? That would be amazing. I think you should get it an ankle bracelet. Continue Reading


Re: Vintage Furs - How to you feel about them?

In Viewpoints 1397708008.94

On 4/16/2014 stilltamn8r said: On 4/16/2014 occasional rain said: On 4/16/2014 Topaz Gem said: On 4/16/2014 occasional rain said: I think it's disgusting; it promotes animal abuse. I donated all of the furs I inherited to an animal rescue center that rehabilitates injured and abandoned wildlife. They use the fur to handle orphaned animals so they don't bond with humans and can be returned to the wild. I wish more people knew they could do this. This is the first I've heard of it and I think it's an excellent idea. I donated a couple of minks, three fox, and an authentic raccoon from the twe... Continue Reading

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