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While you may not like Derek, others do and, if not for him, wouldn't watch. He's undr contract for which he is no doubt the highest paid pro, of course the producers want to feature him. He hadn't planed to even be on this season, so I can only think they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Continue Reading


Re: Which house would sell better in your opinion?

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Would there be a master with it's own bath and the second bath for guests? That would be my cholce. I don't want to share my bathroom with guests. Those who need three bedrooms would have too many people for one bathroom. Continue Reading



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Derrick choreographed it and she is his partner not Sasha's. No reason for him to step back. Continue Reading


Re: Reasonable Silk Nightwear Suggestions?

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I agree with your daughter, silk is the best. Unfortunately, the low priced ones are also poor quality. Continue Reading


Re: I desperately need labs done but doctor is refusing?!

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I hope you have documented everytime you requested testing and were refused. I assume you have records of the previous schedule for your tests. If you are a senior you can enlist the help of the Agency on Aging, if not you can have an attorney send the doctor a letter. Continue Reading


Re: Feel Bad for Bob Mackie

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I have to agree with those who found it unwatchable. It's like she gets paid by the word and her rent is overdue. Continue Reading


Re: TAR is two hours tonight

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There is no excuse for that Hayley's behavior. What an out of control embarrassment to women everywhere. Continue Reading


Re: Broadchurch

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That they didn't get a conviction is on Miller's unprofessional behavior along with the failure to remove her from the case when her family became part of the investigation. Somehow, these unpleasant people feel that they are above the law and can do as they please. Beth attacked a police officer, Miller, and got a pass even while doing so jeopardized the Sandbrook investigation and may have caused harm to that Claire person. I just don't get the fondness for her or for Hardy, both are unprofessional and feel rules are meant for other people. Continue Reading


Re: Broadchurch

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The Sandbrook ending was far fetched and uninspired. As to Joe, kidnapping and intimidation are both crimes. Those who took part deserve to be prosecuted. Continue Reading

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