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Solution for Coffee Spilled on Keyboard

Last Reply by ValuSkr 1419105498.077 | Started by occasional rain in Electronics Talk

Last night I spilled coffee on my Mac wireless keyboard, not a lot. Anyway, I wiped it off and the keyboard still worked then but tonight some of the keys don't. Is it DOA or is there a fix? Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Survivor final, on hopefully a better cast next time

In TV Talk 1418961556.907

On 12/18/2014 Nancy Drew said: It was worth watching the whole season just to hear Reed's speech. So entertaining. I am curious to how this blue collar, white collar and no collar is going to go. It's got to be better than the retreads, the beauties/brains, and couples seasons. Hopefully, they will all be new people. Continue Reading


Re: Survivor final, on hopefully a better cast next time

In TV Talk 1418954073.523

I didn't hear them say which country. I was so pleased that neither Missy nor Jackie won. Natalie deserved the win but it would have been better if it had been Keith. Continue Reading


Re: Down jackets and rain....

In Fashion Talk 1418784760.68

Before you purchase a product made with down, check into just how that down is obtained. Continue Reading


Re: Charities at the the checkout register

In Viewpoints 1418784512.517

I got asked by a cashier to donate to St Jude, I told her I'd rather donate to our local animal shelter that is always in desperate need for money not to a nationwide campaign that will, already has, collect millions. At least Petco does collect for the local animal shelter. I have nothing against St Jude but there are other charities that haven't the high profile mega fund raisers that are just as deserving. Continue Reading


Re: Drinking alcohol on TV and movies?

In Viewpoints 1418704255.723

In my area Mead is becoming popular. Micro breweries have been popular. There are beer clubs; members get together to harvest one another's hops or everyone brings beer from various micros and shares and compares. Continue Reading


Re: Tailor trouble

In Fashion Talk 1418703164.157

I realize he could return the sleeves to their right jacket but how could he fix the one that was cut too short? Obviously one person deconstructed the two jackets and either forgot which sleeves went with which one or someone else put the jackets back together. I can only imagine how upsetting the whole situation was and I'm glad it's been resolved. As for your holiday, I don't blame you for sending gifts back and making other plans. For those who want to minimize another's issues by telling them they're not worth getting upset over, try a little empathy. Continue Reading


Re: Newest, truly-adorable photos of Prince George

In Viewpoints 1418701232.863

He may look like his parents but it seems he has his Uncle Harry's personality. He's a cute jolly baby and Kate puts him in adorable outfits, not mini-manwear. Continue Reading


Re: Things are getting serious when you reach this point.......

In Viewpoints 1418700504.563

Don't give Chaney ideas, he's sadistic enough on his own. Continue Reading


Re: The Voice --Spoilers

In Viewpoints 1418700322.753

I don't watch The Voice, just don't like the premise, but happened to land on it for the Rainbow song. Have to say not good. If you're going to do a song that is so much associated with another singer, then do it in a way that is so different it won't be compared. The singer tonight sang Rainbow just like Judy G did it and, of course, missed by a mile. Continue Reading

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