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Re: How do I handle this?

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Some people are more intuitive than others. Maybe the man is all he seems to be and maybe your sister is right. Every day women are taken in by charming men who turn out to be a big mistake. Before you get more involved, doing a background check will satisfy your sister if nothing is amiss and warn you off if something is. Continue Reading


Re: Project Runway Reunion tonight - could there be a more sore loser than Korina!!!

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I watched. Korina is like a child who hasn't yet learned to keep her unkind thoughts to herself. She seems unaware that what she says makes her look bad. Continue Reading


Re: The Blacklist?

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On 10/30/2014 keri said: Thank goodness, I'm not alone. I skipped S2Ep2 and just like Tinkrbl44, I thought I'd missed so much more. Did NBC run the eps out of sequence? That's the only possible explanation for the sudden appearance of that female agent (thanks for clearing up her nationality/affiliation, Tinkrbl44, because I was clueless to pinpoint even a geographic region to her speech and appearance). If they wanted Mossad, I hear that Agent Ziva David is available. LOL! And where did that storyline about Resser popping painkillers come from (other than thin air)? Previously, we barely saw... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa and Project Runway All-Stars

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QVC is providing part of the prize for the winner. PR Allstars was obviously taped prior to Lisa's decision to leave. I watched tonight and Milano should have been replaced after the horrible job she did last season. Continue Reading


Re: Would like some feedback on this

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I doubt your friend saw it as getting free legal advice, probably thought she was choosing a topic that would interest your daughter and then felt embarrassed or hurt when your daughter told her to make an appointment. Later, she realized, or her daughters told her, that the legal topic was inappropriate which is why she told you the table story instead of the truth. I know a woman who asks inappropriate questions but is totally unaware they are inappropriate. Continue Reading


Re: Family with 12 sons awaiting their newest arrival...

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On 10/29/2014 Joselyn33 said: Isn't it odd how the same people who criticize large families NOT on government assistance for having lots of kids would NEVER criticize a family who IS on government assistance? That wouldn't be me. I believe there are people who need government help long term and those who deserve government assistance short term but then should be providing for themselves and their families. Continue Reading


Re: Election ads, email, phonecalls

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On 10/29/2014 Shorty2U said: We only get snail mail from candidates. No phone calls, no emails, no visits at the door. (thankfully because Im tired of all the bashing ads on tv!). It doesn't matter anyway, I vote one party and only one party since the day I could vote and will continue to do so as long as I live. And so does my husband! (coincidently the same party as me, so no political arguing in this Interesting. I've never voted a straight ticket. Continue Reading


Re: Election ads, email, phonecalls

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They basically tell us they're the lessor of two evils so we would be better off electing them. Continue Reading


Re: Family with 12 sons awaiting their newest arrival...

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On 10/29/2014 esmeraldagooch said: The story doesn't say they are on public assistance. Why are they irresponsible? They are using more than their share of the planet's resources. They are using more than their share of tax money to educate their children, more landfill space for their trash... Continue Reading


Re: Family with 12 sons awaiting their newest arrival...

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On 10/29/2014 minkbunny said: Having only one child wouldn't guarantee a loving relationship, Casey Anthony? Had she produced ten would it have made a difference? Continue Reading

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