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Re: This sign

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On 10/22/2014 Free2be said: On 10/22/2014 GrettaGarbled said: On 10/22/2014 MJ 12 said: I have witnessed many more adults acting out/acting obnoxious in public than I have children. True!!!!! Very often an adult is blocking part of an aisle standing there chatting,unaware, on their phone impeding what people are there to accomplish. Kids don't have a monopoly on bad store behavior by a long shot. The last time I heard screaming at a store was from an adult. We aren't discussing adult poor behavior, although there is plenty of that around, we're discussing a sign meant to inform parents the... Continue Reading


Re: This sign

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On 10/22/2014 MJ 12 said: I have witnessed many more adults acting out/acting obnoxious in public than I have children. So what. Just because there are ignorant adults doesn't make a misbehaving child acceptable. Continue Reading


Re: This sign

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On 10/22/2014 Sushismom said: So when a child misbehaves in public, which will happen, then that means the parent doesn't love the child? I'm all for teaching manners. That isn't the issue I have with this sign. Right there is the source of the problem, parents who expect that there child will misbehave in public. They transmit that it's sometimes expected which means somehow acceptable. What if it's transmitted to the child that misbehaving in public is never acceptable. The fact is that a misbehaving child is looked on as a brat and his parent as inept or lacks manners themselves. The chil... Continue Reading


Re: Social Security COLA for 2015

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Which only means that half of those collecting SS will get less than the $22 a month. They are the ones who need a raise the most and will get the least. Why not, instead of a percentage that favors those who earned more while they were working, a cross the board dollar amount raise. If you give it any thought you'll realize that those who earned smaller paychecks were less likely to be able to save and then when they retired they get less and then the raise is a percentage which doesn't help them at all. Continue Reading


Re: This sign

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On 10/22/2014 JuJu Squeezie said: It's a back handed snarky sign. Not smart business. Would you prefer one that told parents that they will be asked to leave if their children misbehave or that they will be charged a disturbance fee if their children create one. Continue Reading


Re: This sign

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The sign is absolutely true. Parents who love their children make sure their children behave in a way that will make them acceptable in the world. They spend the time finding ways to teach their children proper behavior. They aren't lazy, on their cell phones, while their children run around possibility knocking down displays on themselves or others. Continue Reading


Re: EXTREME Cheapness in Elderly

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On 10/16/2014 CouponQueen said: When health and safety are involved then you need to do something and not just lecture. Remove the rotten items...throw the food in the garbage. If she wants 21 laundry detergents that is fine..but eating moldy and spoiled food is a health related issue. I just reread and you don't live in the same time. Maybe it is time then to get adult protective involved. When she starts putting her health at risk is the time to do something. If she is foolish enough to do that she will cause her mother to resent her and never trust her again. Continue Reading


Re: Attn: Expert Fashionistas! Pls Help! Are these "real" pockets?

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I have jackets with pockets that eject my keys and reading glasses when I sit down. I will not buy anything with faux pockets, it screams cheap to me. Would a man accept faux or shallow pockets? I don't think so. Continue Reading


Re: Just got a phone call

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On 9/26/2014 VCamp2748 said: I once had a male caller ask what my hourly rates were. When I said "excuse me?" he asked if this was the xxxx motel & I said "no." He aplogized & hung up. I looked up the motel's phone number in the book (the old days, when we had city directories) & found that their number was 1 digit different from mine. I laughed about that all night. Maybe it was a missed opporunity? If he had to ask about your rates, he wouldn't have been able to afford you. Continue Reading



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Any accused should want me on their jury. Unlike many, I believe in innocent until proven guilty. I want facts not supposition and I disregard what jailhouse snitches looking for a deal have to say. I'm not impressed with the dramatic, impassioned arguments of the prosecutor or defense attorney. The same goes for confessions from young uneducated defendants, I question how they were obtained. Recently, a man was released from jail after serving 28 years for a crime he didn't commit. He was convicted on his confession alone, no other evidence. That jury should be ashamed. Continue Reading

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