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Re: Appalled at hosts wishing Happy Memorial Day! It is a Day to honor the Fallen!!!

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It's a national holiday not a national day of mourning. Continue Reading


Re: Do you wash brand new clothes even though you know they've never been worn?

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Yes, always except for outer wear that doesn't come in contact with my skin. You may have been lucky so far not washing but I'm not willing to chance Mersa or something worse. Continue Reading


Re: Advice for selling sweater collection - Storybook Knits

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Why not list them, what do you have to lose? Continue Reading


Re: So Refreshing

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So nice not to have to mute and try to read lips. Continue Reading


Re: Wayward Pines / Under The Dome

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I watched the first one and part of the second that followed, then it lost credibility and I lost interest in it Continue Reading


Re: Round Up causes cancer

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Roundup is killing bees. Without bees to pollinate, there will be no fruit, vegetables, or grain. Lowes is phasing it out because of petitions signed by thousands. Continue Reading


Re: Kate Bolduon, CNN Host cries on air

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I don't want to connect to a news anchor, I just want the news without drama, without their personal feelings, their laughter or tears. I want a pleasant voice and proper pronunciation. Continue Reading


Re: Kate Bolduon, CNN Host cries on air

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So, those of us who disagree, who find this woman unprofessional, are fair game to have our character attacked? What about a mother who chose a dangerous profession with no regard for her baby who deserves to have a mother? Continue Reading


Re: Tell me again how they are just a bunch of guys who like to ride

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Painting with a broad brush. So, some groups are criminal, unfair to assume all are. Continue Reading

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