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anyone have that Music Box Lisa just presented

Last Reply by drizzellla 1416625849.123 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

would love your comments. ty patti Continue Reading


Are all coconut oils equal?

Last Reply by Abrowneyegirl 1416604163.08 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

Anyone recommend a good one and where to buy it.. Thanks so much Patti Continue Reading


Re: Lisa and Dennis are so much FUN!!!!!

In Dennis Basso 1415416340.427

Nice to see someone having fun doing what they like to do. Patti...... Continue Reading


Lisa and Dennis are so much FUN!!!!!

Last Reply by golfcartrider 1415711181.123 | Started by lucky-girl in Dennis Basso

Great fun watching them tonight. Made me smile. They are really good friends, and it shows. Patti Continue Reading


Re: new Logo top adorable

In Lori Goldstein 1415050611.867

The sweater from Chico's is lovely and $259.00 Continue Reading


new Logo top adorable

Last Reply by RubyinNE 1415459944.077 | Started by lucky-girl in Lori Goldstein love the lace's so popular Continue Reading


They have to stop talking at the same time

Last Reply by Glitter Angel 1414319953.52 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

love Jane and Chas, but they keep talking over each other...ugh Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone had a dental implant....I am going to a dentist for a consult for one...

In Beauty Banter 1413987184.713

thanks again for all your replies. I see the Dentist for a consult tomorrow...he only does these transplants. My regular dentist says I will wear a flipper or flapper lol when the tooth is removed until I get the final tooth. that sounds uncomfortable but can't walk around without a front tooth for months. How often do you need to see the transplant dentist while it's healing. thanks again Lucky Continue Reading

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