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Please only one of you speak at a time

Last Reply by brewhaha 1429215662.367 | Started by lucky-girl in Dennis Basso

Loving Dennis Basso show, fashion wise. The constant interrupting not so much. Continue Reading


Trying to find Lori Goldsteins leggings (petal pushers) in white..

Last Reply by sunshine45 1427899570.04 | Started by lucky-girl in Fashion Talk

Capris.....thanks to anyone that has the info. I have been searching for what seems forever. thanks Lucky xo Continue Reading


Re: March 20th TSV

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1426877803.217

I bought his lace dress last year in black. It is lovely, the lace is soft and it packs well. I always get compliments on it. I would think this one is the same quality and I'm buying in green to wear with flats. Very cute and cool for the warm days. LG Continue Reading


Re: Impressed with josie's items tonight

In Beauty Banter 1425863716.407

what are your favorite items....where to start...ty Continue Reading


Impressed with josie's items tonight

Last Reply by JMFINLEY001 1425918224.727 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

She is a beauty so everyone of her products looks great on her. My question is how do you ladies like her cosmetics?Do they go on as smoothly as they appear.....do they settle in pores or around the eyes.? thanks Continue Reading


Perricone TSV

Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter 1425761782.79

wondering if anyone has gotten it yet and how they like it. ty Continue Reading


Re: Who is buying the Perricone TSV ?

In Beauty Banter 1425346799.34

ty Chrissy......do you like the Sub D , that's what I am interested in. The eye serum also the other not so much Continue Reading


Who is buying the Perricone TSV ?

Last Reply by doglover3 1425545536.64 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

I'm still on the bench, help me be strong. lol Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use Elysee?

In Beauty Banter 1425262195.64

TY HAPPY DAZE.... Continue Reading

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