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Perricone at Sephora

Last Reply by ASLTW 1421755954.3 | Started by lucky-girl in Perricone MD

Perricone had a kit. The no foundation, no blush blush, mascara, lipstick and cream...all the new stuff. Smaller containers, but still great sizes to try everything. .....$75. tried it at the store. loved the foundation serum...the blush color was great. can't wait to do it all tomorrow. Continue Reading


Re: DHC skin

In Beauty Banter 1421459809.21

tysm.....I have hoped someone would answer my post. Their samples feel great! Don't know why I got their catalog but I'm glad I did. Can you buy their stuff at stores or only on line. again ty Lucky Continue Reading


DHC skin

Last Reply by Campion 1421488366.09 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

Just received their catolog with samples.... Their eye cream was really nice... Anyone hear of them....DHCCARE.COM Continue Reading


Re: help! need a foundation primer...

In Beauty Banter 1421449784.327

Thanks for the suggestions. I will take a list with me this weekend..xo Continue Reading


help! need a foundation primer...

Last Reply by taja123 1421552899.7 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My foundation seems to be gone by the early afternoon.. Thanks. So. Much for your help.. Lucky. Continue Reading


Re: bought a pork loin today

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1420763946.37

wOW. Thanks ladies, this certainly is loining experience.....I will try this in the next day or two. Continue Reading


bought a pork loin today

Last Reply by kcladyz 1420770068.153 | Started by lucky-girl in Kitchen & Food Talk

I have never cooked one before usually buy the tenderloin...any good recipes out there. hope this will not be a tough piece of pork. Tysm, lucky Continue Reading


Anyone use Loccitane Devine creams

Last Reply by kivah 1420151463.857 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

Would love any opinions if you use the Devine creams. ty Continue Reading


anyone have that Music Box Lisa just presented

Last Reply by drizzellla 1416625849.123 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

would love your comments. ty patti Continue Reading

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