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Re: Who is buying the Perricone TSV ?

In Beauty Banter 1425346799.34

ty Chrissy......do you like the Sub D , that's what I am interested in. The eye serum also the other not so much Continue Reading


Who is buying the Perricone TSV ?

Last Reply by chisos 1425349161.447 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

I'm still on the bench, help me be strong. lol Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use Elysee?

In Beauty Banter 1425262195.64

TY HAPPY DAZE.... Continue Reading


Anyone use Elysee?

Last Reply by BeckiWV 1425274158.87 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

I'm looking at the neck creams. Any help appreciated. ty Continue Reading


Re: Neck creams

In Beauty Banter 1425259967.073

anyone use Elysee at hsn....looked interesting. ty Continue Reading


Re: Nice Face Lift, Dr. Denese

In Beauty Banter 1423533990.437

great job.....she looks great....the creams help her skin remain smooth, supple, and glowing. Continue Reading


Dr. Denese, you look wonderful !

Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter 1423514154.763

Pretty in pink....... Continue Reading


Re: Isomers Immortal

In Beauty Banter 1422662506.223

So far nothing for me..Thought it was tacky on my skin.. have not returned anything to shop nbc is there anything special I should do..I saved all the packaging..Ty for any help. Continue Reading

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