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LOGO by Lori Goldstein Cotton Cashmere Sweater with Lace Trim

Last Reply by lhasapso 1413684775.077 | Started by lucky-girl in Lori Goldstein

New A 259096....oh so cute....great colors,0,1000,889&scl=1.8834745762711864&fmt=jpeg&id=lLha33 Continue Reading


PLEASE no more christmas until after Thanksgiving.....

Last Reply by squeezebox 1409198150.377 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

OT I know, but wouldn't let me post it anywhere else. lol ho ho ho Continue Reading


Re: Thinking of leaving hubby and running away with my Crock Pot...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409019809.947

Open the top I'm coming w/you. lol post your favorite recipes. Love your post xoxo Continue Reading


Ot. Ok. I love Christmas. But

Last Reply by circles 1408896096.07 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

Christmas in August.... Are we having Christmas now until December? hope not... I will be tuning out if that is the case...c'mon q. Enough is enough Continue Reading


Re: Any idea on the next tsv for Isomers

In Beauty Banter 1407615736.993

No one has an idea.....:O( Continue Reading


Any idea on the next tsv for Isomers

Last Reply by Merrylass 1407616109.14 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

I thought it might be the Matrixyl but that's on today thanks Patti Continue Reading


Re: Skinn TTV is still AVAILABLE (8:45pm eastern)

In Beauty Banter 1406509014.42

People must be canceling ya think? I was lucky to get one...YAY Continue Reading


Re: lisa's. Arm. .

In Beauty Banter 1406506229.38

She looks great...hope I look like her in my next life... Continue Reading


lisa's. Arm. .

Last Reply by chrystaltree 1406579678.427 | Started by lucky-girl in Beauty Banter

What is that on her upper arm? Continue Reading

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