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Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Wednesday

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Good Morning/Afternoon! Happy Birthday Gayle! Glad Kathleen and LindaR had such a nice dinner last night. Waves to Kelli, Susan, Jean, Arlene, twinny, Rosa, Marijane, Karen, Val, Kathy, Sonya, and all of our posters and readers. Need to leave for the hospital now (for DH's pre-testing). Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. I'm sure it will be fine, but he is quite nervous. I don't think he got much sleep last night, which means that I didn't get much sleep either. I went to the gym solo yesterday, but he did walk with me this morning. Have a good day everyone! Hugs, Linda Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Happy Birthday Claudia! Hope you have a very nice day. Sorry your back is still bothering you Barbara. I have heard very good things about Costa Rica. Need to get ready to take DH to the hospital now. Hope the drive isn't too difficult, and we don't have to wait too long for the pre-testing. DH slept very little last night, so I'm a bit tired. I did make it to the gym yesterday, and we walked this morning. Again, Happy Birthday Claudia, and hope both of you have a nice day. Hugs, Linda Continue Reading



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I realize that I wrote the wrong thing -- tomorrow is just DH's pre-test and Thursday is the surgery. Sorry about that. I appreciate all your good thoughts and prayers. Have a great dinner Kathleen and LindaR. Wish that you (and the other ladies) lived closer, but.... I didn't realize your DD had changed jobs. I have been to both restaurants in the past (when I was on trips), and I remember them being good. Glad your Mom likes the helper twinny. But, I'm sorry you are having so much eyedrop duty today. We have lots of Mexican restaurants around here as well, but I know some people prefe... Continue Reading



Last Reply by Rock_chick 1414532652.87 | Started by LindaLatte in Fashion Talk

Hi Ladies! I have my volunteer "job" today, and I plan to go to the gym later. Nothing else exciting going on here today, but DH's surgery and pre-surgery testing will make for an "interesting" week. I had a nice talk with a nurse from the hospital yesterday. Hopefully, he will be in pretty good shape by the time we come home tomorrow. He is starting to get a little nervous, but I think that is pretty normal when you are facing surgery. Great to see you posting Kelli -- please feel to check in when you have a chance. I am so happy you have found such a good job, and they are treating yo... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Sorry about your back Barbara. Glad you were able to see the opening of the lock, despite the long wait. Good idea to stay indoors when it is hot and humid out. Thanks for your comments about the parade photos. I'm very glad we participated. Too bad about R's Kindle Claudia. Hope you find some nice jeans for Adam. Also hope he is feeling better. We will be going to the senior lunch program today, and I hope to go to the gym later. A nurse from the hospital called yesterday, and we had a long and nice talk. According to what she said, DH should be in pretty good shape when we leave the... Continue Reading



Last Reply by KonaKat 1414451615.79 | Started by LindaLatte in Fashion Talk

Good Morning/Afternoon Ladies! I saw that Jean is off to work today, and they are having very cool/cold temperatures in her area. Not the case here -- we should reach the 80's today, and they are talking about 90 degree highs for Halloween. The nights are cooler, which works for me. At this point, no need for AC or heat, but the fans are getting a workout. The hospital called, and DH needs to have pre-testing before his surgery. We scheduled that for Wednesday, which may interfere with one of my "classes", but maybe not. The only good thing is that I will have a chance to do a "dry run"... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Claudia -- I certainly hope things work out for Adam. I'm getting a bit nervous about Army DGS based on Adam's experience. But, not much he can do about it. You accomplished enough yesterday -- dusting can wait for sure. Hope your back is better today Barbara, and M continues to improve. The hospital called this morning, and they wanted DH to come for pre-testing tomorrow. I got that changed until Wednesday morning since tomorrow is the senior lunch program, etc. I have a "class" on Wednesday, and I may miss it depending on how long the testing takes. Nothing exciting going on here today... Continue Reading



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I think it is unreasonable to expect the other lady to pay for the entire repair Arlene. I think Your friend is lucky that a 20 year old car is still running -- that is great. It seems hard to believe that the other lady would be so hard on the door handle that it fell off despite being fine. My guess is that it was already in bad shape. Hopefully, your friend will buy the less expensive handle you found, and the repairs won't be too expensive. However, if your friend is feeling this negatively about the other lady, their relationship is probably in trouble. This is just my take on th... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Very sorry you hurt your back Barbara. Do take it easy. DD needed two chiropractor sessions to feel better. I think she had done something to her neck which caused the back problem. Glad M seems better, and the water is so smooth. Hope things are going okay with you Claudia. I posted a picture from the parade on FB -- this was in the local newspaper. I look small, but part of that is the angle. Spiderman in the picture is the head of the whole organization -- he really wasn't crazy about that costume since it was so tight, etc., but he did a good job. The Batman pictured is a blind... Continue Reading



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Good Morning/Afternoon! Have a great time in the city Jean. Your outfit sounds beautiful. I haven't been to Outback in quite a while, but I remember enjoying it very much. I bought a Sistema mug and steamer at Beall's. I haven't used the mug much, but the steamer is very useful for steaming vegetables in the microwave, which I do all the time. Hope the iron supplement is no problem. I may have mentioned that DD takes something along with the iron since she had problems taking the high dose iron product prescribed. Hi Susan -- our car is so dirty -- yikes! I keep thinking about goin... Continue Reading

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