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Good Afternoon! Thanks for getting us started Arlene. What a miserable weekend you had. Hope you are able to get some things done today. No need to hide on Monday when you are retired, but I do remember the times when Monday (and back to work day) came way too soon for me. I feel for my SIL who often needs to work weekends, but at least she has a job. It is quiet here today. DH and I had a nice walk this morning. I plan to go to Curves later, and I need to pick up a book on reserve at the library. DD said DGD is feeling better, but is still suffering a bit with her sinus infection. F... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Sorry to hear Syd is having such a hard time Barbara. What a lot of stress for a little girl. Hope things improve with M very soon. Glad you had such a good time with the girls yesterday. DH likes fleece sheets, but it has to be the dead of winter before I can handle them. At this point, it is difficult for me to keep a sheet on, much less fleece sheets. LOL It is supposed to turn cooler and rainy here, but I think the highs should still be in the 80's. I did make the cookies yesterday, and of course, we had to have some last night. DH loves his chocolate chip cookies. I wasn't tha... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Wow -- what a mess with Whit and the cut wrist. Glad the treatments seemed to work, but..... I just can't imagine fleece sheets since it is still pretty hot here. But, I know that it is much cooler in other parts of the country. I went swimming yesterday afternoon, and it was nice. It was fairly cool during out walk this morning, but now I'm feeling a bit too warm. Maybe it was our trip to the gym today. I was certainly sweating. Sorry about your hip Barbara. It is so difficult when you are in pain. Also sorry that things aren't going well for M, and she won't allow you to find out a... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Sunday

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Good Morning/Afternoon! Thanks for getting us started Susan. Good for you with the de-cluttering -- keep up the good work. I have lots of old pictures that I need to deal with, I think I need to face the fact that I won't be scrapbooking those photos. Oh well..... Good job in resisting the purses yesterday -- I resisted as well. And, I did a bit of de-cluttering/cleaning this morning. I couldn't find the All Bran cereal I needed to make muffins, which lead to going through the pantry and tossing out some old odds and ends (tiny bits of pasta, etc.) No cereal there, but fortunately, I h... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Glad M is better Barbara, and hope you have lots of fun with Amie and family. One of my friends who is at her cabin in Wyoming posted a FB picture of snow they had, and said that it is time to come back to Arizona. Yikes! I use a Round Up type of product on the yard weeds, but these weeds were in the alley, and I didn't take care of them when they were manageable. When I used the weed killer on some of them, they died, but still were difficult to remove. Guess I need to keep up with the alley weeds. Last night we had quite a thunderstorm -- not expected. But, I don't think any harm/flooding w... Continue Reading



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I know how much you enjoy these trips Jean, and that hike looks great (if a bit challenging). Hope that you can get over the jet lag soon. I never did well with jet lag, and it hasn't improved any with age. Good idea to wait on those glasses. I find that changes in my glasses can be a problem, and usually things work out okay (eventually). But, sometimes I need to have adjustments made. We really missed you on the thread. It is great to have you back. Hope you have a good time tomorrow. Sounds like a busy week for you. I have never been a Dooney fan, but I actually like the TSV. Defi... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Friday

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Welcome home Jean. I'm sure you and Midnight were happy to see each other. Hope it was a wonderful trip. Sorry the glasses are a little off -- hope they can fix them to your satisfaction. I'm sure you needed that rest. When DH and I went to Thailand and Cambodia, we did something similar -- stayed at a hotel in Los Angeles (slept and slept) and then flew back to Maryland the next morning. The hotel was very nice to us -- let us check in early in the day. We did stay there a couple of nights before the trip, and I think they were used to having travelers in the hotel. I'm beginning to th... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Friday

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Good Morning/Afternoon! Thanks for getting us started Susan. Still warm out here in Arizona, but it is a little cooler in the morning. I prefer walking when it is in the low 70's rather than mid 80's, so I'm happy. No TSV for me either -- I used to try the different brands that they sold here, but then realized that I didn't really "love" any more than the others, and ended up with lots of extras (like you did.) I did some more weeding yesterday afternoon, and I ended up with a bunch of itches -- I think there were probably some bugs in the weeds. Oh well..... Hi Gayle -- guess it is good to ... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Glad you will be able to take your trip Barbara, and that M has a plan for Syd. Such a difficult situation, but I hope for the best. Sending you some extra hugs. Very happy V is such a big help. Sloppy joes sound good. DH doesn't like to eat either beef or pork, but he will eat McDonald's hamburgers with no complaints -- go figure. Don't blame you for not welcoming phone calls in Scotland Claudia. When my ex and I were on one of our overseas trips, my Mom broke her wrist (?) chasing our dog. Since I usually took care of her, it was a pretty big crisis. I think DD took her to the hos... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I bet you are quite correct Claudia -- good thing that I got in early to order the pin. I had another pin (not bee) on my wishlist, and it is sold out completely. I appreciate your heads up. Continue Reading

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