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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Thursday

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Good Evening! Sorry you are having trouble doing all you want to do Arlene. I can certainly appreciate that money is a bit tight this time of the year. Also sorry about Angelica. I miss having a dog, but not that problem. Hi Kathleen -- hope you and your DH have a great time together, and your weekend is great. Sorry you needed to return items, etc. Army DGS is in the Reserves, and he has finished basic and advanced training. But, they are still not saying anything about when he will be deployed. DD is still exercising and watching her diet, but I think she gained weight since last Ju... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Good Afternoon! Sorry you are having trouble dealing with one car Barbara. That is certainly not something I used to like, but now that DH doesn't drive, it is fine. Glad the headache isn't terrible, but wish you didn't have one at all. It would be great to get together next month. We have a few things scheduled (doctors, luncheons, etc.), but I'm sure we could work out a time/place. Wouldn't it be great if Claudia could come as well? Our weather isn't that great, but at least it isn't freezing cold. We had rain off and on a lot yesterday, and today it is extremely cloudy and cool. We... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Hope your headache isn't too bad Barbara. Glad you got your shoes already Claudia. Also happy Adam made it to his appointment. The luncheon went late -- we met at 1:00, but were not served until 2:00. I'm finally finished my weekly "financial review", and I have gone to Curves. Light dinner tonight after that late and big lunch. Sorry about the snow and cold Claudia. It is really raining here, and feels pretty cold to us. Arizona weather wimps to be sure. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Wednesday

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Good Morning/Afternoon! Thanks for your nice comments about the FB pictures LindaR. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to see my grandchildren and their parents in person. Too bad my DD and SIL are camera shy. I haven't seen the reports about CA, but I certainly hope none of my or DH's relatives were affected. It is funny to go back to your former neighborhood LindaR. I haven't been back to my parent's neighborhood (where I grew up) in several years, but it was quite a shock seeing their house torn down, and a mini-mansion in its place a few years back. Waves to Jean (working today... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Thanks Claudia. I went ahead and ordered the shoes, and then canceled this morning. I really liked them, but then I was thinking of the faux fur lining being warm. Since it doesn't get that cold here often, I was afraid that I wouldn't wear them enough. Hopefully, they will feature a similar pair without the lining in the spring. I use these types of shoes as slippers/house shoes since they fall off my (narrow) feet (or I'm afraid they will) if I wear them outside. Oh well.... We had rain last night, and I think it is lightly raining now. Apparently, there was rain and cool weather her... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Hope your trip went well Barbara. That is funny about Vanessa. Sorry about your pain -- not fun at all. No sleeping in this morning, but I guess that is okay. We went to the senior lunch program today, and then took a walk this afternoon. Next, I plan to go to Curves. Just not ready for the gym today. Sorry your weather isn't nice Claudia. Do you normally size up on those shoes? I am considering them -- definitely not a necessity, but.... I'm sure DH would be happy to have something to give to me. Hope both of you have a nice evening and sleep well. Hugs, Linda Continue Reading



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Good Afternoon/Evening! Thanks for getting us started Jean. For a day off work, you certainly got a lot of things done. Hope the roast tastes good. That bag won't be coming to my house for sure. Not that big a fan of plaid for one thing, certainly not in a purse. Waves to Rosa, Kathleen, twinny, Gayle, Arlene, Susan, Marijane, LindaR, Karen, and all of our posters and readers. It has been a busy day, and I have so much more to do. Yikes! I worked at the senior lunch program today, and it went well. After that, I stopped by the grocery store to get some ice cream for DH (not critical, ... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Very sorry to hear about your back pain Barbara. I hope that the doctor could help in some way, and you did take your time packing. You certainly have an interesting time with your guys Claudia. I think it would bother me a lot if I never knew when one would be home, etc. Come to think of it, my ex pulled that sort of thing on me, and I really was angry if I went through a lot of trouble preparing a meal or something, and he didn't show up. Our trip home went well -- so very early in the morning. The airport really wasn't doing much, we couldn't check in until 3:50 a.m. or so. But, no pr... Continue Reading


Re: Sopaholics ODAT---Monday

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Good Evening! Thanks for getting us started LindaR. Our trip home went fine, but I'm pretty tired. Getting up before 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time (which is two hours before our time) may result in an early bedtime for me tonight. The planes were on time, and we didn't have any problems or lost luggage. But, I'm thinking this may be our last December trip East. Just too many possible problems with the weather, etc., etc. DH used to love to travel, but now he really has a difficult time with it. At least I have plenty of time to think about a winter trip. It was wonderful seeing DD and fami... Continue Reading



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Good Morning! Thanks for getting us started Jean. I'm sorry you are so worn out, but I guess it is pretty normal with your health issues. I can understand how you feel about buying a bunch for yourself, but I hope you will be as kind and understanding to yourself as you are to others. Like Birdmama, I am sad to hear that you may be selling your place in Hawaii. But, I do understand how you feel. Hope you don't "check out" for a very long time. I know it is quite different, but after my accident, my attitude about material possessions changed a bit. Hope you enjoy your new purse Birdmama. Wave... Continue Reading

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