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Very interesting Jean. I didn't know that about Dave Ramsey (credit card stuff), and I know that Suze talks about CC in a different light. I have never had a problem with CC debt (almost always pay in full at the end of the month), and I know that has helped me with having good credit/FICO score. On the other hand, DD and my SIL have no credit cards because they misused them very badly in the past. I have talked to her about getting a credit card just to re-build their credit/FICO, but she doesn't feel ready to do so. Hopefully, that will happen someday. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Glad your son and family are coming for a visit Barbara -- that sounds like fun. Good idea that they find somewhere else to stay -- not wise to overtax yourself. I really don't know why my my post was lost Claudia -- strange. Sorry it was such a long day for you yesterday. Pretty funny about having the Edinburgh framed in Edinboro. Do you go to your former college town often? I know that there have been tons of changes since I have gone to mine. Then again, it has been a long time. Hope things went okay with the two boys (Grandsons) today -- with the SAT test and the Reserves. It is... Continue Reading



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Good Morning! Thanks for getting us started Jean. I plan to read those links you provided, but I thought I would post first. You are doing a great job with your de-cluttering and sorting. Sorry you were up so early, but.... I have a tendency to sleep later when it is dark and cold outside, that will change when it is sunny very early in the morning. Last night I decided that today I would de-clutter the bathroom cabinets which are chocked full of necessary and excess stuff. Like several of you, I have accumulated plenty of samples that don't get used. I would like to tackle the kitc... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Friday

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Good Afternoon! Thanks for getting us started Susan. Glad the sun is out there. It is cooler here today, but sunny and much better than the snow and ice predicted for Maryland. I am sorry that I can't offer any good suggestions, but I think my decorating skills are pretty much lacking. The one thing that I used to put on my mantles (when I had them) was flameless candles in or on decorative bases/coverings. I enjoyed them since they were on timers and came on during the dark evenings. The other thing that I enjoyed was having a nice mirror over the mantle. Sometimes I would drape thin... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I really loved "Unbroken", but I haven't seen the movie yet. It is on my list. Sorry your back is achy Barbara. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Good Morning! It is very cool here this morning -- only 33 degrees when I woke up. I know that is probably the high for the day elsewhere, but..... I need to get ready before going out to get the new tires. Very interesting -- the tires still had some tread on them, but the garage said that tire companies only cover their tires for six years. While we haven't had the car quite that long, they go by the age of the tires, which is printed on them. What this means is that the garage no longer rotates tires, etc. due to liability if something happens. They are worried about dry rot. Anyway... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Glad you didn't have pain walking back from the clubhouse Barbara. It is a little chilly here as well. Happy you got the message about R's appointment in time Claudia. Good that he is normally good in the kitchen. DH is hopeless, but.... The repair place said we need new tires, so we will go back there tomorrow to have them replaced. First water problems, then car repairs. Yikes! DD called to let me know that Army DGS will not be going to Africa after all. They will try to get some of his classes changed back to on-campus. I think he is probably a little disappointed, but..... Continue Reading



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Very sorry to hear about your cat Cerb. We have coyotes around here, and I understand they are not the only danger to small pets. Apparently hawks and other large birds have been known to sweep down and take small cats, etc. And, we also have mountain lions sometimes. The repair shop said that I needed new tires -- so, I will be back there tomorrow having them put on. Hopefully, this will be the end to my car expenses for a while. I had a call from DD, and it turns out that Army DGS will not be deployed to Africa after all. I think that he will try to change back some of his college clas... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Good Morning! Glad M made it through that procedure okay Barbara. Hope there are no problems with the polyp. Cute about Syd reading to you. I didn't/don't need pants either, and thank goodness I resisted buying any. Truth be told, I don't need any clothes period. Wish I didn't keep liking new things. LOL I used to be somewhat bothered about DH not being able to anything in the kitchen Claudia, but after hearing your stories about R, I am grateful. Hope that wasn't one of your favorite plates. Glad you were able to have time with your former deskmates and that Whit has started classes... Continue Reading



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Good Morning! Thanks for getting us started Jean. I'm sure you will manage to get plenty of things done today. You deserve some relaxation after two days of work. Like Susan, I am wondering about your niece. I have a big habit of collecting black pants. While I gave away three pairs earlier this week, there are still many left in the closet. I tend to be better about tops except for turtlenecks that are in my dresser. Most of these turtlenecks were not expensive, and they work well for me since I have a long, wrinkled neck that I like to cover. A couple of years ago, I did get rid of... Continue Reading

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