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Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Oh, what a horrible afternoon/evening you had, Claudia. I certainly hope Griff will be okay, and R improves. It really bothers me when DH can't remember things, like where we have meals, etc. But, at least I know what is causing his problems. Hope that R's problems are curable. Hugs! Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Memorial Day

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Thanks for getting us started LindaR. Very sorry to hear about the passing of your childhood friend. The weather there sounds awful, and I am very glad that both you and Kathleen are okay. What a horrible mess in Kathleen's town. I saw that the house she used to take care of is gone completely. Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day to all of you. I have seen so many touching tributes on FB, TV, etc. One of my Uncles was killed in Iwo Jima, and I remember going to Arlington Cemetery where he, another Uncle, and now my parents are buried. Somber memories, but also good reminders of what ... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Glad the antiviral medicine helped M, Barbara. I know it is important to have that treatment as soon as you find out you have shingles. Glad you didn't have any outdoor plans for the day since you had all that rain. Seeing the flooding pictures from Texas, etc., has really upset me. I am glad that Kathleen (other thread) is okay, but her area is such a mess. Happy the infusion is finally starting to help. I guess it makes sense that it takes time when a dose is missed. Nice and sunny here, and not too hot. They are predicting that this is the last day of our "below average" temperatur... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Your Griff is quite a character, Claudia. I guess it is part of being a puppy, but.... Poor Whit --- leg injury and then head injury -- yikes! I think it is better to have them in base housing when they are young and fearless. Glad you got your mowing done. I was thinking that I am not a picky eater, but then I realized that I still am -- unlike many people, I don't like lobster. It isn't bad tasting, but just not to my liking -- I think it is too sweet and not strong enough if that makes any sense. I remember going to Maine for vacation (at least three times), and trying lobster vario... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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That makes sense, Barbara. I thought it was a top rated jean or something rather than the top that Jean described. LOL I am still considering the top Jean recommended, but I'm not sure. I think the idea of gauze is more appealing to me than gauze itself. Somehow gauze clothing ends up wrinkled and shapeless or misshapen after a while. But, I do love the idea of a cool and breezy top, and the embroidery on that top looks very nice. Decisions, decisions. Sorry I misunderstood about the chest. I think a quilt will probably be easier to part with than the chest. Glad you enjoyed the rib... Continue Reading



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Good Morning! It is nice and sunny here today, and our temperatures should be in the 80's.. Yesterday, we only made it to the upper 70's, and our "average" temperature for the day was 94 degrees. It is nice that it isn't too hot, but I like it a bit warmer than the upper 70's. We should be having more normal temperatures starting on Tuesday, and we will probably be complaining about how hot it is soon. LOL I saw that there was flooding in Kathleen's area. I hope that it is okay in your area LindaR, and all of our ladies stay safe. Happy to hear your doctor isn't too worried about yo... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Good Morning! Hope both of you are feeling okay today. What do you mean about the "top jean" described, Barbara? I am confused, sorry. Putting the chest aside for a garage sale sounds like a good decision, but I know it can be difficult to get rid of pretty things. I had a lot of trouble with that when we moved. Still miss some of those things once in a while, but given the horrible moving company I used, they would have probably been broken. Glad to hear that Whit will finally get some benefits for her service related issues, Claudia. What a thing to have happen -- pull a rug out from... Continue Reading



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Fingers crossed about that scar tissue, twinny. They keep advertising on the local radio for volunteers for a research study being done on Fatty Liver Disease. I never heard about that disease, but I think that I will look it up. Your story about the rings brought a tear to my eye, Bird. You seem like such a caring person. Sometimes I have paid to have furniture delivered because it included putting things together. A couple of times I have not, and once I ended up going back since I simply couldn't figure things out. Glad you got something for your money. I think it is usually like t... Continue Reading



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Good Morning! Thanks for getting us started Jean. I hope your cemetery visit(s) go well. Took a look at the gauze top you ordered, and I really like it. What color did you purchase? Also, do you think it is a good idea to go with your regular size or size down? I don't like tight tops, and I usually wear size small. But, on rare occasions I need to size down to XS. Not that I need any new tops, but I think gauze will really be good for this area. Glad you like the TSV ring. Fortunately, I can resist jewelry purchases pretty easily. But, shoes and clothes are another matter. I rec... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Sorry to hear about M's shingles, Barbara. I know that can be very painful, and she is very young. I know they recommend the vaccine when you are over 60. Sounds like you need to take your pain medicine more often, but I can understand why you try to hold off. What a shame about V's brother. V has certainly gone above and beyond to help him, but in the end, it is his brother's decision. Griff is certainly a mischievous puppy, Claudia. Hope he isn't giving you too much trouble today. Also hope the wedding goes well for Adam and the truck repairs aren't too expensive. I did end up clea... Continue Reading

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