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Re: Jacque, &

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WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING.......You sound drunk! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa answers 2 big questions…..

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OMG- Lisa told you all what you wanted to hear so that the speculations would STOP! AND, how pathetic is it that you are STILL talking about it AND posting her info! She loves this attention though.....(and she'll get 2 more months out of it AND hen constant, "I miss you"..."QVC is not the same"..."come back"...etc., on her FB page once she leaves-SO predictable!!!). Continue Reading


Re: King of Prussia Mall in PA

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Go to Nordstrom-BEST shoe dept. I eat at Morton's, Ruth Chris and Capital Grille-All are just outside of the mall. The mall is separated into different areas/wings/buildings- It's HUGE- Pick your stores and plan accordingly as it can be overwhelming! Try very hard NOT TO LEAVE during rush hour- It is an extremely busy and chaotic area with traffic from 4:30 -6:30- Continue Reading


Re: FFANY- Interesting pricing...

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OH, MY.....HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: caroline's top

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do people seriously purchase clothing from k-mart? Continue Reading


FFANY- Interesting pricing...

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I bought mine for $24 on Amazon this summer! Thee FFANY price is $39- Also own these- Paid less than $30- Continue Reading


Re: Report on Joan's death issued

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this is all over the internet/news, Etc...don't think that we need to discuss it here! Lack of oxygen.. Continue Reading


Re: OT/Life Support....Question...

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I am so sorry that this is happening- So very sad! I do, however, feel that this is not the appropriate place to be asking such an incredibly personal question- Especially regarding life/death!!! You need to be talking to het doctors at the hospital. Continue Reading


Re: New PM Style host??

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BTW- My choice (even though I don't watch) would be for Nancy and Leah (or Stacey)to co-host PMS Continue Reading


Re: New PM Style host??

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Haven't we beaten this subject to death at this point!!! And, NO, Lisa Mason is not returning to the Q- WHY even ask this silly question? Continue Reading

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