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Re: Depressing

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If you place more than one item in a bag and put a return label on, you will be charged per item and not a flat $6.95 fee!!! I have always been charged per item....I now pay to send things back and he cost is a fraction of what the Q charges. Don't be fooled. Also, check returns if you mark defective"- The returns dept makes loads of errors and doesn't always credit you! Continue Reading


Vince Camuto fans

Last Reply by buddylou 1408700482.28 | Started by Luvmycats in Fashion Talk

I have read many posts regarding this designer and just saw these on Amazon- $42- Continue Reading


Re: Hey, QVC! How about offering narrow width shoes?

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Why would you buy shoes from QVC anyway? THe selection is poor and the prices are never a bargain. You would be much better off shopping on Amazon, at 6pm, DSW, Nordstrom, etc., Continue Reading


Re: battle of the boots......qvc versus hsn specials today

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You could buy 2 pairs of the QVC's TSV for way less than the cost of one pair of the HSN TS! Just saying! Q's are cuter, and look more comfy too You can't compare these boots-TOTALLY different styles! I would much prefer to pay $150-$200 for a cute pair of boots! The QVC TSV is awful looking. Continue Reading


Re: battle of the boots......qvc versus hsn specials today

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I hated the QVC boot. Not an HSN shopper, but checked out their TS. I liked the style very much until I saw it up close. The leather looked funny to me; shiny or something. Pretty boot though! Continue Reading


Re: New Shoe Designers!

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Well, I just purchased Marc Fisher boots for $29- QVC has them for $129, I believe! Very similar design. PRETTY Marc Fisher leather shoe- $39 on Amazon Continue Reading



Started by Luvmycats in Jewelry Talk 1408520289.173

I love Robert's jewelry, but I will not be purchasing his designs in Bronze! Much prefer sterling!!! Continue Reading


Re: O/T ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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The “Ice Bucket Challenge,” a campaign to raise money to fight Lou Gehrig's ... people to take the “no ice bucket challenge” and just donate the money. ... So in order to rewrite the end of it, we need to raise awareness, money. Continue Reading


Re: Whatever happened to Koos & Indigo Moon?

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A million vendors have come & gone on the Q Continue Reading


Re: Help with shoe decision, please.

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The definition of semi-formal attire can be somewhat flexible, particularly for women. In general, the term is defined as clothing that is more dressy than everyday or business attire, but not so formal as to include tuxedos or fancy gowns. Semi-formal dress is still considered formal wear, however, and should be approached with this in mind. What type of clothing is appropriate for a semi-formal event also often depends on the event itself; semi-formal attire for a daytime wedding can be different from that worn to an evening business event or a party. For men, semi-formal attire typically m... Continue Reading

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