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CUTE Belle Gray top!

Started by Luvmycats in Fashion Talk 1406960543.837

Just ordered it in the rose Continue Reading


Re: Louis said......

In Linea 1406955046.577

Are you serious? He'll think that you are a stalker! It's none of your business where he and his wife are staying on their vacation!!! It may have come from your heart, but it's weird! It seems pretty apparent from these boards that there are far too many QVC customers who have become obsessed with hosts, vendors, etc., THis is a shopping network! I heard a caller say that she wished that she lived closer to the studio so that she could become friends w/ the host! Send flowers to a nursing home for those who don't get visitors or to a hospital! Continue Reading


Is Louis only on once during "Fashion Days"

Last Reply by KathyPet 1406959422.71 | Started by Luvmycats in Linea

I was only able to see Louis briefly today (long enough to get the cardigan)- Did he only have one show? I really hope that QVC didn't bring him down from Connecticut for a 1 hr show only! Will check the guide. I thought that the zippered top and skirt set was adorable w/ black tights (: Continue Reading


Re: Is Miss Deanna expecting??!!!!! :)

In Fashion Talk 1406952154.367

WHY would it "be awesome" for you???? She is single (not that it matters!)- You people seriously need to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Has Alberti replaced Amy on LR show?

In Fashion Talk 1406952022.887

I don't watch the show, but have seen Amy be a complete kiss a**- It's ridiculous! Continue Reading


This brings the definition of gaudy to a whole new level!

Last Reply by Remee 1406968374.76 | Started by Luvmycats in For the Home Talk

A friend just emailed this pic to me (found it on LR's FB page??).....SCREAMS bad taste! Fake, fake and more fake....and the colors, Wowza! I can honestly say that I nave never seen anything like this in my life! Gone are the days of tasteful decorating...THis does not look like holiday decorating to me! Continue Reading


Re: Belle Gray Cargo Pocket Legging

In Fashion Talk 1406929665.647

No one over 30 or 110 pounds should be wearing those leggings! Why would you want a pocket on leggings? And, of course it adds bulk. Her cardigan is cute (from last night)-THought the striped LS tee looked very cheap. Always interested in seeing what she has to offer though. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1406923234.557

Not interested in purchasing fall/winter clothing right now! Enjoying the summer. QVC clothing no longer interests me; dated, unstylish, cheap looking Continue Reading


Re: Where's Shawn?

In Fashion Talk 1406923097.723

Isn't she on vacation? She just moved to a new house-Probably settling in! Continue Reading

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