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Re: Rude or Overexcited.....not sure?

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Lisa R talks OVER everyone & I highly doubt that her fan club considers that to be rude! I think Susan has a good heart and is authentically enthusiastic-I think it's just her personality! Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear leggens? With what? High Low tops?

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Some of the "new styles" can be mixed with classics. Some don't work, and still some hurt our eyes (the pics of Walmart)! What do you do? "leggings"...I don't know what you are referring to when you say, "new styles" and "classics"??? What do you mean that 'some hurt our eyes"- I don't understand the post at all??? What photos from Walmart??? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have a vessel sink, or know someone

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I like the white-The blue is hideous Continue Reading


Re: OT Antonella

In Beauty Banter 1410842195.59

Then DON'T WATCH...Oh, my goodness-SO ridiculous! Who has time to sit and watch QVC anyway? Go do something else. Continue Reading


Re: view by Walter Walter Baker

In Fashion Talk 1410833582.993

I still have a jacket from him that I LOVE Continue Reading


Re: WOW! PM Style!

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I don't EVER watch PMS (haven't in yrs)- I did tune in tonight only because I wanted to see NR's new items...OMG, I will NEVER watch again! I honestly don't understand how anyone could sit & watch this. I felt like I was watching and listening to a bunch of 3rd graders. I was embarrassed for them! Courtney was giggling and acting like a valley girl & Lisa....Well...does she even believe what she says? The show is a train wreck. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1410820383.697

I don't understand the appeal for Walmart or for these items??? Am I missing something? Continue Reading

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