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Re: Kate Somerville Black Wrap Dress... ?

In Fashion Talk 1398061374.03

You can't go wrong w/ a DVF wrap-It's classic! Karen Kane makes a nice one (less ex also) Continue Reading


Re: Kate Somerville Black Wrap Dress... ?

In Fashion Talk 1398056256.4

How could anyone possibly know what brand of dress Kate is wearing? I would suggest going to Nordstrom, Neiman's, Saks, etc., and typing in "black wrap dress"- Continue Reading


BIG sale on Vera Bradley.com

Last Reply by emmiesmom 1398044787.85 | Started by Luvmycats in Fashion Talk

Bags that the Q is selling for $70 + shipping are under $30- Free shipping at $45- Just bought lots of Christmas presents to tuck away! Continue Reading


Re: She's Here!

In Fashion Talk 1398039003.673

OMG- Amy has said a thousand times that the baby would be born on Easter. Of course the birth of any baby is exciting, but I have never heard someone talk more about a pregnancy in my life- It was getting ridiculous! Personally, I would want my personal life to be a bit more personal! Continue Reading


Maxi Dress on Q Home Page

Last Reply by Usedtobeoxox 1398039077.437 | Started by Luvmycats in Fashion Talk

Navy/Red Maxi- Can't locate...Why show something which isn't available? Continue Reading


Re: Newsworthy Printed Fully Lined Georgette Skirt A59035

In Fashion Talk 1397961883.27

The skirt is so outdated and has been on QVC for over 9 yrs! I think that you need to address your post to corporate- Continue Reading


Where are the stylists???

Last Reply by monarchs 1397882012.433 | Started by Luvmycats in Fashion Talk

OH, MY...Jill!!! White pants (summer), sandals(Spring/Summer) paired w/ long blk top and a brown leather vest(Fall/Winter)???? What is she thinking? She has a cute shape and could really good in clothing but she consistently wears awful looking outfits! Jill, you need a stylist!! Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's top on Shawn says accessorize today?

In Fashion Talk 1397860800.257

The top that Shawn was wearing looked like a striped, long/tunic length??? Continue Reading


White Mountain shoes that sold out today & Clark's

Last Reply by willdob3 1397790501.59 | Started by Luvmycats in Fashion Talk

Just purchased these in blue (Clarks)on Amazon for $88 w/ free shipping- They are available on the Q for $117 in brown & black (I think???)- Also, the white mountain sandals that sold out in a few colors are a little less on Amazon if anyone is interested- THey are $32 on Amazon w/ $2+ shipping- QVC is selling them for $37 plus $7+ shipping AND the price goes up to $41- ($48+ total) Continue Reading


Re: Robin McGraw's fringed skirt

In Beauty Banter 1397709126.197

Dr. Phil is a quack- I'm surprised that anyone watches this cr**! Continue Reading

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