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Re: Anyone Buy the Sequined Trees in Lisa's Show?

In For the Home Talk 1406094059.913

Sequined trees??? OMG...sequins, white trees, glitter, etc., THere are just no words! Continue Reading


Re: April Cornell Bags...

In All About Handbags 1406093946.987

April Cornell is known for quality. Continue Reading


Re: Liz Claiborne TSV

In Fashion Talk 1406093784.127

A definite no! Yuck Continue Reading


Re: Old Navy!

In Fashion Talk 1406087145.42

The problem w/ Old Navy is that the clothes are "throw away clothes"- They are very cheaply made (hence the price...maybe, the jeans are okay...) & don't last. Continue Reading


Re: Love the Q outlet

In Fashion Talk 1406062587.957

Just checked out the website above- I mostly saw very short dresses. Not clothing that I would ever wear. A little sleazy. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1406062351.287

Yes, I like them also. Neither is self-absorbed or phony. Not sure why they were selling turtlenecks in July though (did not see he show)- Can we not refer to SHawn as "Shawnie Sue"- It's just a little odd to be referring to an adult this way. This is Isaac's nick name for her and really shouldn't be ours. Continue Reading



Last Reply by willdob3 1406053398.953 | Started by Luvmycats in Fashion Talk

Just reviewed a few shows today online.......WHY is QVC selling winter coats, boots, heavy cardigans, turtlenecks in mid-July? Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Cason! Yes, another thread! :)

In Fashion Talk 1406005302.48

I never read a vicious thread about Courtney??? How do you know that she is sweet & ambitious???? I think people take these hosts far too seriously! There are nasty posts about a lot of hosts that I don't agree with but I don't feel the need to protect hem! To each his/her own... destroying her reputation and self worth. Seriously.....I'm LOL - NO ONE can ruin another persons sense of self-worth or reputation!!! THis is a forum & nothing more for goodness sake! Worry about something meaningful. Continue Reading


Re: Amy strand is on now. Monday 7/21 11:25am central time. what cardigan is that she has on?

In Fashion Talk 1406004962.217

I believe that her last name is Stran! I have a wrap very similar and it's from JJill Continue Reading

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