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Teavana teas

Last Reply by Sooner 1419207867.96 | Started by gonnab in Kitchen & Food Talk

Anyone ever use these teas? I was at the mall today and stopped in their store. Wonderful exotic teas but super expensive. All loose teas and sold by the ounce. Continue Reading


Re: Lean Cuisine (?) diet

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419113790.823

that's what it was -"I love this diet"! Thanks. Just to be clear - I do not follow this diet but there were a few recipes that I did occasionally use and I couldn't find them. They're good when you need a quick meal. Thanks also for the lean cuisine meal plan. Always looking for suggestions but again this would not be a healthy diet for me to follow long-term. Continue Reading


Lean Cuisine (?) diet

Last Reply by qvcaddition 1419178811.147 | Started by gonnab in Kitchen & Food Talk

Earlier this year, there was a diet going around based on frozen dinners that I think was put out by Lean Cuisine. It didn't really catch on and disappeared very quickly. It was a free PDF file and, although it wasn't very healthy, since these frozen dinners are loaded with sodium, I had occasionally used a couple of the suggestions. I think it mimicked NutriSystem since you added fresh items to the frozen dinner to expand it to a complete meal. Anyone know what I'm talking about and know where I can access it? I already checked the Lean Cuisine website - nothing there. Continue Reading


Re: When will Dr. Denese have a special?

In Beauty Banter 1419002965.777

I've been a follower of Dr D for many years but lately, I've become disenchanted. First of all, I was disappointed when she signed up with Guthy Renker. I fully realized that she has a right to expand her business however she wishes, but I just don't like their internet mass marketing approach. I'm sure that you will soon be seeing infommercials like Wen and Perricone. Secondly, I was really disappointed (and wrote to her about it) that she was absent during the whole pre-Christmas sales events. Unlike previous times when I contacted her with questions or comments, she did not respond (sh... Continue Reading


JM's Argon Oil and Milk

Last Reply by fromallover 1419001480.923 | Started by gonnab in Beauty Banter

First of all, let me say that I like and use JM's argon oil. But as I was watching her last night, the question arose. Her recommendation is to apply the argon oil milk as a treatment, and then the argon oil as a moisturizer. Isn't this just a layering of the same product?? Isn't it just putting argon oil on top of argon oil (the milk which is the oil mixed with water)? I'm not understanding the benefits. And don't know where I have been, but I had never seen the powder exfoliator before. How long has that been available? Another question which always baffles me. I apply the argon oil... Continue Reading


Re: Carol Hochman's Fans

In Fashion Talk 1418830596.457

CH pj's last forever!!! I have 4 sets that I have had for at least 10 years and they're still going strong. Continue Reading


Re: Lots of Bobbi Brown on sale at Nordstrom

In Beauty Banter 1418830396.417

If another store or website is having a sale, Nordstrom will follow. I was in the store recently to purchase some Clarins. It was not advertised as on-sale. But when I purchased, they discounted 20%. When I asked, I was told that it was because the Clarins website was offering -20%. But Nordstrom did not advertise this - it was only when you purchased that you found out. Tricky!!! Continue Reading


Re: $200 for a 5# prime rib roast----whhaaattt!!!!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418829518.513

I don't quite understand why one would purchase food items on line. The prices are out-of-sight; you really don't know the quality (what you see on-screen is not necessarily what you get); I don't trust the shipping are only a few of the reasons why I will not buy on-line. I'm sure you can do better at a market near you. Continue Reading


Re: "Sukin" Australian skincare

In Beauty Banter 1418599001.227

Guess no one has any info Continue Reading


"Sukin" Australian skincare

Last Reply by lory 1418601034.133 | Started by gonnab in Beauty Banter

Anyone have any information on this line? I have seen lots of it at Marshalls and TJMaxx and am curious. It's from Australia, organic, no parabens, etc, cruelty-free, and inexpensive - all items in the $5-8 range. Rose hip oil based. Have seen shampoo, cleanser, serum, night and day creams. Bought some moisturizer to try - at $5.99 for 1.7 oz, can afford to throw away if it doesn't work. Just curious if anyone else has used it. Haven't been able to find much info on it. Continue Reading

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