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Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

In Beauty Banter 1411391933.5

Congratulations on a great fund raiser!! Continue Reading


NFL Players Abuse

Last Reply by brii 1411393129.557 | Started by gonnab in Viewpoints

I am not a football fan and, therefore, don't follow it nor do I know the players. As an outsider, I am curious. It seems to me that the pattern of physical abuse appears to be common and we are now finding out more about it. I find this to be disturbing. Has this impacted your views of the game? And do you now watch less than before? Continue Reading


Re: Skinny Taste

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411123849.213

Thanks for posting the recipe. I didn't think to look in Dave's blog - DUUUH! Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Scholl's Custom Orthotics

In Health & Fitness 1411123014.523

hckynut - Your 40-year-old orthotics are not longer effective. I work for a chiropractor and we routinely fit orthotics for our patients - most who come in for back pain. They are never supposed to last more than 2-3 years. After that length of time, the support has broken down and should be replaced. Orthotics are not only for your feet, but your spine, pelvis, hips, and lower extremities. A bad orthotic will throw your entire structure out of line and cause spinal damage and pain. Continue Reading


Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 9/19?

In Beauty Banter 1411121626.993

Don't usually post to this thread but have been up since 4:15, can't sleep. Have read the paper, had my coffee, and I'm looking to use up some time. Anyway, here's what I used up - Dr Denese FirmX Retinol. - won't buy another just yet as I now have some PTR Retinol Fusion to use up. Dr Denese Firming Night Cream ("Green Cream") - nice but am not replacing just yet as I have some Dream Cream that needs to be used. Philosophy MicroWash - didn't use up but had to throw away a nearly-full bottle because there were no microbeads. Second time I've had to throw away this product. Definitely won... Continue Reading


Skinny Taste

Last Reply by gonnab 1411123849.213 | Started by gonnab in Kitchen & Food Talk

If you haven't checked out this website (skinnytaste.com), it is a wealth of good healthy low-fat foods. All Weight-Watcher compliant. Gina was on last night with both Jill and Dave to sell her cookbook. During that show, she showed a pumpkin scone and mentioned that the recipe would be on the Q site, but I can't find it. Did anyone get it? Continue Reading


Re: Fall Hummingbird migration...

In In the Garden 1411053285.203

An update from Southern Connecticut and it's 9/18. I'm still having hummers at my feeder - I keep expecting them to leave but they were still around yesterday. The weather is cool at night (around 50) but the days are warming to 70 or so. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

In Beauty Banter 1410961114.953

Hard to keep up with this thread but wonderful to see so many posts! Maybe we should soon consider starting a new one "Nick Chavez Beauty Thread #2"??? Continue Reading


Re: The Fabulous Nick Chavez is on!

In Beauty Banter 1410960745.533

I particularly like his comment - "Have you ever seen a bald Indian?" He is always proud to point out that his products are based on his Indian grandmother's ingredients and that they are good for you. He sometimes gets a little over-enthusiastic but he's always fun to watch. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

In Beauty Banter 1410791320.773

I finally got the hang of the Soft Flocker - it took some time to determine the right amount to use but now that I have it, I really like the product. Like the Hair Spray that was included in a recent QVC favorites. Want to switch over to his shampoo/conditioner but I have a stash of others that I need to use up before I buy more. Continue Reading

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