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Last Reply by GCR18 1427459476.003 | Started by gonnab in Q News

Just became aware of this. It is an online version of QVC. Appears to be pre-recorded presentations. But can anyone explain to me? Continue Reading


Re: OK, Chaz is clearing acting frantic again...

In Beauty Banter 1426940642.707

He has alot of information to present (ingredients, scent, directions, etc etc) and has to speak fast and furious to get it all in before he is interrupted by the host! Happens all the time. It becomes a contest between the vendor and host and frankly, is very tiresome for the watcher!!! Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1426940104.417

I only watched a few minutes of it because that was all I could stand! There was too much over-talk, too much fooling around, not enough information, and just plain tiresome! They need to calm down! Continue Reading


Re: 24 hours until SpringTime

In Judith Ripka 1426774217.887

You'd never know it here! Although we have bright blue sunny skies today, there are huge snowbanks, the wind is blowing, it's cold, and we have a forecast of 2"-5" of snow tomorrow!!!!! Will it ever end??? Continue Reading


Re: It's mid-March and the A/C is already on!

In Fashion Talk 1426679186.78

It's still cold (25 degrees this morning!) and very windy with snow cover here in CT!!! I'll bet we'll have snow until May and I doubt we turn on the ACs before July! Sick of it!!!!! Continue Reading


Annoying Ads that are OT

Last Reply by dooBdoo 1426710946.387 | Started by gonnab in Viewpoints

Why are we getting these ridiculously crazy ads on these boards? And why isn't WebMaster deleting them???? WM is always quick to poof other seemingly innocent threads or posts! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried "I Love This Diet?"

In Health & Fitness 1426590402.897

Believe me - I know better than to expect this extent of loss every day! In fact, I didn't do well on Sun since I ate out twice that day - breakfast (a Sunday tradition), and again that night after the movies. Well, I gained back 1.8 lbs!!! It's a battle! Continue Reading


Re: Do You Wear Green for St. Pat's

In Fashion Talk 1426589409.473

I think it's great for people of Irish descent to honor their heritage by wearing green. But I'm French so St. Patrick's Day is not of great significance to me other than the day to remember the saint for whom it was named - St. Patrick. So no - I do not wear green. Continue Reading


Re: Sorry, St. Patrick.. no corned beef this year!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426516842.47

I love corned beef! And I'm not even Irish - I'm French! But I never make it because of health issues - it really isn't very heart-healthy. But last night, I went out to eat with some girlfriends (after seeing the movie "Second Best Marigold Hotel" - very funny!). Decided to splurge and got a corned beef rueben, french fries, and a beer. It was delicious - ate every bite. But........I paid for it. Paced the floor all night with serious indigestion - and am not feeling so good this morning! Besides that - I gained 1.8 lbs of the 3 lbs I lost last week! I ask myself - Was it worth it?????? Continue Reading


Re: Are you wearing white shoes now?

In All About Shoes 1426437607.147

Not yet here in CT - we still have snow on the ground and it's only in the 20's!!! After the snow is gone, we'll have a month or two of brown and mud. Things don't green up until May. Continue Reading

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