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But isn't that the way it is with everything - not just the Q??? Continue Reading


Re: Pant Liners or long slip

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Glad to see this subject. I'm a slip/pants liner person and thought I was old-fashioned. I hate when my skirt /pants stick to my legs in hot humid weather, especially when I'm sitting in church, for instance. I just think that the liner makes things fit better. It's true that they are harder to find these days since so few gals wear them but I have some that I've had for ages. Continue Reading


Re: QVC on Roku times out?

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My Q channel does this on my regular cable. Only with Q. It goes black for 5-6 seconds and then comes back on. Cable guy was here yesterday; checked the box, replaced a connection, still does it. Doesn't know why. I'm taking it as an indication that I shouldn't be watching the channel!!! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Premier Protein Drink??

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For those who like to mix their own protein shakes. I make one every morning, using Whole Foods "365 Whey Protein Powder". - 16 g protein, made from milk from cows not treated with BGH, no soy or gluten, no artificial colors, flavors or sweetener (sweetened with Stevia), no after-taste. about $13 for 13.7 oz. I add almond milk, plain yogurt, flax seed, and a variety of fruit, veggie, nut butter or whatever. Another good protein powder is Tara's Organic Whey powder. Good ingredients, all organic, but more expensive - about $30 at Whole Foods. Can't remember the protein grams. Continue Reading


Re: Do you fix soup as a meal in the summer?

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Another vote for gazpacho for summer! Sometimes add shrimp. Also a nice borsche. Or a cucumber bisque. And then there's cold strawberry (or melon) soup. All are quick, easy, don't require any cooking, and delicious. These are my summer soup go-to's. Continue Reading


Re: Little flying insects in home...

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This year again, I have those pesky little "sugar ants"! They're everywhere and a royal pain! I live in a senior apartment built on a slab with no cellar and I believe there is a colony under the flooring. I see them coming through the cracks in the wood floor. Last year, I spread boric acid around (I live alone with no pets) - it helped but obviously did not kill them off since they have returned this year. Really really hard to get rid of them! On another note - fruit flies are also very difficult to get rid of and are pretty much a staple during the summer months. I find that if I re... Continue Reading


Re: Luv Lori's Logo but can't afford it !!!!

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Isn't it nice that we are all different and that we have different likes and dislikes? World would be a boring place if we were all alike. As for me, LOGO is not my taste at all. I thought the outfit she wore on last night' show was hideous. But obviously, many like her style - good for her - she's making a ton of money!!! Continue Reading


Re: Hummingbird sighting today in the northeast!!

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Don't usually see them here in CT until some time in mid-May so I'll have to wait a little longer. But it's exciting to know that they are on their way!! Continue Reading


Re: HMR diet

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What's "HMR" diet? Continue Reading


Re: April 9th is Nutri System TSV - anyone have any info?

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My question is - where can I get a list of the foods included in this intro package??? I just don't want to buy and not know what I am getting. Continue Reading

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