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Re: A253576 Pants & A232347 Same Pants

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Wish that he made A253576 in petite! Regular just doesn't fit right - it isn't just the pant length - it's also about the rise. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Cooking...am I the only one who feels this way?

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You find it difficult and tiring to cook for four people???? Continue Reading


Re: does your Target carry SheaMoisture?

In Beauty Banter 1397829128.677

I must be in the minority because I don't like Shea Moisture. Purchased the shower gel and lotion in Olive Oil. Lotion is so thick that I can't get it out of the bottle. The shower gel isn't quite so thick but still very difficult to get out of the bottle. Both were a waste of my money. Continue Reading


Re: April's Kindle First Offerings!

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Thanks for the heads-up - just ordered I Am Livia. Continue Reading


Re: Olay products

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I think OOO is a great product and I would love to use it - the Regenerist line always gets rave reviews from doctors and public, but it causes milia for me. It you have ever had milia, you know how hard it is to get rid of it. So I have had to stop using OOO, much to my disappointment. Continue Reading


Re: Interested in recipes for smaller portions. Like for 1-3 helpings.

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Cooking for 1 or 2 is always a challenge. I'm a single woman, love cooking (and eating!) and most recipes are for at least 6. Many times I will half a recipe but sometimes it doesn't come out right. And I have found that most recipes designed for 2 portions just aren't as good. I do make full 4-6 portion recipes and freeze, but that, always, does not always turn out right. As I said, it is a challenge. Continue Reading


Re: OMG Ortho shoes seem to be on EVERY day!

In Fashion Talk 1396875541.61

Agree! I am really really really sick of seeing that line-up-the-leg demonstration! And the vendor's voice and accent are annoying to me. So --------I turn it off and don't watch! Continue Reading


Re: Are you happy with your body in the mirror in the raw?

In Health & Fitness 1396529381.827

Are you kidding???? At 78 years old, there is nothing pretty about my body. I don't look at it. Continue Reading


Re: Who are your top three youtube beauty gurus?

In Beauty Banter 1396441592.17

Fun thread! I just recently got into these YouTube videos and have fun watching them - learn quite a few tips too. Uppiesbeads59 is a favorite - so is Hotandflashy. A couple others - MakeupMLC and Rxstrmom. All of these are for the over 40-women. Rxstrmom is 70, the oldest, I believe, and she's a hoot. Not quite as professional as some others but still really down-to-earth. MakeupMLC is not only about makeup and skincare, but she also has lost nearly 95 lbs and sometimes does videos about the weight-loss journey. Uppiesbeads59 is a licensed aesthetician and really is into skincare -... Continue Reading


Re: One time only skirt

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Stock number please. Continue Reading

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