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Re: What's your favorite quick and simple soup recipe?

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Dr. Esselstyn's Heart-Healthy Black Bean Soup 1 Cup Onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, chopped Saute in large pot until soft. Add - 30 oz canned black beans, unsalted and rinsed 16 oz Nature's Promise mild(or hot, your choice) low-sodium salsa 1 cup green onion chopped Cover and cook over med heat about 10 min. Add - 16 oz frozen corn Cook, stirring until heated Add fresh cilantro, just before serving. (I also cheat and add a little shredded 2% cheese and low-fat sour cream.) Continue Reading


Re: Thinking of leaving hubby and running away with my Crock Pot...

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This whole thread gave me a good laugh this morning!!! Continue Reading


Re: Who started decorating for Fall & what are your decorating plans ?

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I would like to delay Fall as long as possible, mostly because it is a reminder that Winter is coming. And after last year, I just can't bear the thought! Read this morning that Farmers Almanac is forecasting another very cold snowy season. Am not one of the fortunate people who can winter in the South. So I will wait until the leaves start to turn before I decorate and continue to enjoy the summer, which also has been cooler than normal in the Northeast. Continue Reading


Dr. Denise sale

Last Reply by culebra 1408892391.997 | Started by gonnab in Beauty Banter

Because of her nominations, Dr. D is offering a 20% sale until 9/4 on her site. Continue Reading


Re: Easy chicken and dumplings using your slow cooker

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Sounds good and I like easy-peasy recipes. But I wonder about the amount of butter. Because of heart disease, butter is not a health-friendly ingredient for me so I think I will halve the amount. I would also cut the chicken into bit-size pieces. Continue Reading


Re: I had a facial and makeover at Lancome counter at Macy's today

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Remember when Clarins used to give facials? THey don't do it anymore but I wish they did. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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I'm one of those on the waitlist. It's a pretty good deal. Hope it becomes available soon! Continue Reading


Re: Vera Bradley

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Just as an FYI for those of you who may live in CT near the Clinton Outlets. I was there yesterday and they were preparing a store front for a Vera outlet. No date given for the opening. You would think they would have tried for the Labor Day weekend sales but doesn't seem that way. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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Ladies, thanks for your advice re the SoftFlocker. Yes, I am pulverizing it very well before applying. It worked a bit better yesterday - as I previously said, I think it's just a learning process in how much to use and how to apply. My hair is thinning due to age and I have that dreaded "old lady spot" at the back of the head (I HATE it!!!) and I am hoping that this SoftFlocker will help to camouflage it. I am fighting this thinning hair!! Have started using biotin to see if that helps. Although I have been using Nick's hair products for some time, I have just returned and am now using his P... Continue Reading


Re: Update on nails and hair issues

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Yes, biotin is a nutrient found in the vitamin section. There is also a chewable version called Hair, Skin & Nails" gummies by Nature's Bounty. Has Biotin, Vitamins C & E. Tastes good - like candy. $18.95 for 80 gummies and CVS frequently has BOGOF. Continue Reading

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