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PTR - animal testing?

Last Reply by magemay 1417059904.32 | Started by gonnab in Beauty Banter

I know this has been a previous discussion but I can't seem to get a conclusive answer. Yes or no - does PTR do animal testing? PB says yes on her website. But I seem to remember that someone disputed that and said that her resources at PTR revealed that he does not. I would like to try his "Unwrinkle" line but animal testing is a deal-breaker for me. Anyone know for sure? And where can I get accurate unbiased info (other than here!!)? I have used Dr D for years (she does not do animal testing and her products are USA-produced - 2 things that are important to me), but lately I've become disen... Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix container sale

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417013714.203

Went through the order process - there is no discount - cancelled my order. Continue Reading


Re: A couple of issues with Domed pebble leather satchel

In Dooney & Bourke 1417012409.807

1/16 inch isn't a big deal - but, if it is noticeable to you and bothers you, then you should return. Because it will continue to bug you forever and you will never be satisfied. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone like Aveda?

In Beauty Banter 1417012209.313

Thanks for the reminder about Aveda. I used to use their shampoo, conditioner and loved them. But when I moved, I had to change hair dresser and stopped using them. They do have superior products - think I will try them again. They have a store in a mall that I sometimes go to. Continue Reading


Re: Spring WEN TSV?

In WEN 1417011951.3

SPRING!!???? Good grief, let's get through winter first!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Alpha Hydrox Ladies! Sale!

In Beauty Banter 1417011572.903

Thanks for the heads-up! Need some foot cream and retinol - also like some of their facial masks - will go there now to order. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Lost 60 lbs and now have TURKEY NECK

In Beauty Banter 1417010799.257

OOOO - that dreaded turkey neck!! Not much you can do other than surgery which is not an option for me. Incidentally, it's not the only thing that has stretched and sagged. Amazing that there was a time when the girls stood high and proud with no real need for support - now they just lay flat and sad!! Continue Reading


Dr Denese and Black Friday

Last Reply by jump4joy 1417054799.757 | Started by gonnab in Beauty Banter

Kinda disappointed that Dr D hasn't offered any BF deals. She seems to be the only one that hasn't. I've received email alerts for 20% at PTR, Lancome, Skinstore, Sephora, Clarins, etc. Have used her products for years and have a repurchase order waiting for a sale. She usually offers great deals 3-4 times a year but apparently not now. Is it my imagination and we are just not seeing as much of her. Almost seems like her business is fading out. Continue Reading


Re: What kind of weather are you expecting for Thanksgiving Day?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417009875.367

Well, here in Southern CT it's 8:40 am on Wed and no snow yet. Dark and gloomy with a cold rain. Forecast is rain, snow, sleet in this part of the state with other parts getting 6-10" of snow. Yuck!!! Supposed to clear by tomorrow - hope so as my kids and grandkids are running the annual 5 mi roadrace followed by dinner at my eldest son's, who incidentally will celebrate his 55th BD. However, all these plans are on hold as he is a lineman with the power company and is on storm alert. Meaning that if we have power outages, he'll be out restoring power and our Thanksgiving will be celebra... Continue Reading

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