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Re: Good multi-vitamin for women over 60

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Try "Life Extension" - available online at their site. Their 2-a-day vitamins have 2000 units Vit D3 per pill making a day's dosage 4000 units plus a lot of other good stuff. Not expensive and well recommended by doctors (including Dr. Denise) They also make many other supplements. Continue Reading


Re: Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics?

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Have never tried their cosmetic line but I do remember the introduction of this concept years ago. My local dept. store had a huge promo and I was color-casted. (I was primarily "Autumn" but could also wear "Winter" colors) It was a great idea and one that I followed for years. I was working at the time and it sure made it easy to form a wardrobe of coordinates! I am long-retired and don't have the need for "business attire" but I still seem to purchase clothing in those color palettes - and everything is mix-and-match! Continue Reading


Re: Have You Ever Grown Tomatoes In Pots?

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CalicoToo - you brought back some great memories about Caprilands! I live not far from there in CT. and what a great place that was to visit and browse. Her luncheons were so fun! She certainly was a colorful person and it's too bad that her place is no longer. Continue Reading


Re: Help With Wedding Outfit!

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Another vote for the Sally Hansen. A word of caution - although it does not smear or wear off, it is a mess to wash off. It takes soap and water and a washcloth to remove. Your washcloth will be very discolored and should then be bleached. Just be aware. But it works very well to add color to your legs. Continue Reading


Re: Exfolikate has polyethylene--(plastic) beads?

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Since learning about the dangers of those beads, I will no longer use them. Used to be a staple. But now I have one remaining bottle of cleanser that I'm working through it and will not buy anymore. Continue Reading


The Hummers are here!

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I'm so excited! I put out my feeder this morning and the Hummers are feeding already. ! The hammers have reached CT!,,Yeah! Continue Reading


Re: Have You Ever Grown Tomatoes In Pots?

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I grow tomatoes in pots every year. I live in senior housing with very limited space; however, I do have a small back entrance with four steps that gets about 6-8 hours of sun. Not quite enough sun but I still get a good crop of tomatoes. Have 4 large pots (one on each step) filled with Miracle Grow potting soil, planted with (one in each pot) Purple Chirokee, Striped Zebra hybrid tomatoes, and Yellow Pear, Million Dollar grape tomatoes (these really produce dozens of sweet little tomatoes!). I place a large tomato cage around each plant which is secured to the step railing since these pl... Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran Super Size 19oz Body Butter Now Available

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I wish she would have a body lotion, rather than a butter. I find body creams and/or butters to be messy to apply. And, to be honest, is this really worth the $50+ price????? Continue Reading


Re: Great Deal on Clarks Sandals

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Thanks For this heads-up. I need some new sandals; love Clarks (although I prefer Birks); and never thought to look at Amazon. Should have realized that they have Clarks - they have just about everything!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Spring 2015 migration map

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Same here in CT! I usually see them mid-May but I want to be ready - I may see an "early bird". Although our weather is still very very cool! Continue Reading

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