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Re: I bought a beautiful butternut squash...

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I love butternut squash and use it several ways. Most of my recipes start with baked squash. Just cut the squash into cubes, coat with a little EVOO, salt, pepper, and rosemary (optional). Combine with cut-up onions, spread on a cookie sheet and roast at 400 degrees until soft and edges are browned (about 40-50 min) (turn the cubes over after about 20 min or so.) Now--- Salad - In large bowl, mix chunks of goat cheese, some cooked penne. Add the cooked squash/onions, some chopped fresh basil, some toasted chopped walnuts. - mix all together. Top with grated parmesan cheese. Serve warm or room... Continue Reading


Re: vitamix 4 ingrediant cheese broc soup - anyone have the recipe??

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I have never made soups in my Vitamix - at least not from start to finish. I have pureed the ingredients, then I warm it up on the stove or microwave. Mainly because I can't stand 5-6 min of the loud noise. Works just at well and faster. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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Some of you are so lucky to live close enough that you can visit Nick! I'd love to have him style my hair but living in CT makes it pretty impossible. Continue Reading


Re: Best Deals at Bath and Body Works?

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I've got a bunch of those $10-off-$30 coupons that are a couple years old. Are they still good? Thought they never expired. Haven't been in the store for a while. Continue Reading


Re: Ponds cream

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Appears to me that it is a Vit C cream, Continue Reading


Re: JM's body butter

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Thanks for your replies. I did not know that the butters were sold by weight. And I certainly did not give a thought about the "whipped" consistency! Now it makes sense to me. Now,--about the lack of scent......................... Continue Reading


JM's body butter

Last Reply by catlover 1414749129.57 | Started by gonnab in Beauty Banter

Just received my order from her website and was a bit disappointed. Although I like the body butter, my jar was only about 3/4 full - certainly not full the way it is when she demos it on the Q. And I expected "Bloom" to have a scent - it does not. Still undecided as to return. Continue Reading


Re: Who Knew Alberti was a pop singer!

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Anyone remember?? Years back when the hosts made Christmas recordings that were used during the Christmas Day break? Continue Reading


Re: Plastics - Purge/Keep - What do you do?

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Over time, I have completely purged my plastic. Found that I really don't like it - don't like the "taste" that it leaves in my food, never felt it washed clean, and now that I have read that it is dangerous to use anything plastic in your microwave, I have found that I much prefer to use glass. Have completely switched from plastic bowls, containers, etc. to the good old standby - pyrex! Continue Reading

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