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Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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I'm so glad someone started this thread! It's nice to be able to exchange ideas! Continue Reading


Re: 2 great mysteries

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Just discovered Jance - started "Guilty until proven innocent" yesterday. It's the first of the Beaumont series. So far, I like it. If you like mysteries - check out Linda Castillo. Just finished her Burkholder series. Great reads! Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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Thanks to the poster who told us about the BOGO. I ordered the Soft Flocker at $26, got one free, and then $10 off. =$6. Course, s&h was high at $10.80 (but then all mailing fees are high!) but still, I got 2 SF's for $16.80! Not bad, in my view. Continue Reading


Re: Wanna see the bridesmaid's dresses....

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Pretty and perfect! I was at TWO weddings this past Saturday (it was a crazy day) and one of the weddings had the prettiest attendants' dresses I've seen. First of all, 7 attendants. The dresses were the same - long, simple, one-shoulder. But the colors were the catcher - the first started at navy blue, each following one was a shade lighter down to a baby blue. Very pretty!!! Continue Reading


Re: RUN to Order WK PANTS are NOW Available!

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Hand wash???? Spread flat to dry???? Do you do this? Continue Reading


Re: Lunch menu for Thursday.....PC Lamb Shanks with Fava Beans and Greek Quinoa Salad

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Am liking the looks of that dressing recipe - going to have to try it! Continue Reading


Re: FYI: Dupe better than original!

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Back to the Perfect Formula post - I've been using that (it was a trial-size bottle in a recent beauty favorites) and it has made my nails worst! They are splitting, peeling, and breaking like crazy! So much for that hype! Continue Reading


Re: July 24 Today is NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY !!!

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Well, I guess we don't need a bunch of recipe ideas today!!!!! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Lunch menu for Thursday.....PC Lamb Shanks with Fava Beans and Greek Quinoa Salad

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I'm learning to like quinoa although I admit it has been a learning process. At first, I didn't care for the texture. A couple of things - ALWAYS rinse very very well before cooking, even if your package says pre-washed. If you don't, the grains have a coating that will give a bitter taste. There are different types of grain - black, red, and the regular (white?). Each has its own distinct taste - I like to combine the three when I cook them. You can buy the tri-grain quinoa. And I always boil my quinoa in vegetable broth. Again, it adds flavor. I usually use plain water to which I have adde... Continue Reading


Re: Basil plant

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Thanks for Justjazzmom for the interesting article. That is exactly what is happening to my basil and I guess that there isn't much I can do to save my plants. We have had severe humidity and that may be a cause. In any case, it appears that I will have to purchase my basil from the farmers market to make my yearly supply of pesto. (or perhaps even easier, purchase the pesto!!!) Continue Reading

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