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Re: Olay regenerist

In Beauty Banter 1422724187.733

The Regenerist line is highly rated. I used to use it. Unfortunately, had to stop because it caused terrible milia which took me ages to conquer. Continue Reading


Re: Clarisonic TSV?

In Beauty Banter 1422723975.267

According to Jane, your life will improve if you get one. Continue Reading


LOGO line vs. Louis line

Last Reply by sylviahomeatlast 1422760203.803 | Started by gonnab in Fashion Talk

I'm probably in the minority here but I just don't "get" the LOGO craze. To me, the style may be comfortable but it is not flattering - looks sloppy. And it will never endure the test of time. Ten years (or more) from now, you won't be wearing LOGO, but you will still be wearing Louis Linea. I still have, and wear, Louis' clothes from my career days when he designed for Ellen Tracy. And they look as new and fresh as they did when I bought them. Continue Reading


Re: Dr Denese talks about her Face Surgery on Facebook - Yay for her for being honest :)

In Beauty Banter 1422719868.287

I don't regularly do Facebook but is her page public? What's the address? Continue Reading


Re: Goodwill Tour de Force

In Fashion Talk 1422631840.773

A word of advice. Try to shop the stores that are located in higher-income locations for the best merchandise. Continue Reading


Re: Delivery system on the it tsv cc cream

In Beauty Banter 1422631303.8

I agree. I thought it was clever when I first saw it, but now I much prefer the older tube/pump delivery. Think I will return to it when this compact is empty (and how will I know when I'm near the end??? At least with the tube, I could cut the tube and get every last drop.) Same thing with some of Dr D's products. i.e. - the Wrinkle pro peptide gel - can't see the contents at all. And you can't screw off the top. I have no idea how much I have in there. Really really annoying!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Wishing for a Dr. Denese Sale or TSV

In Beauty Banter 1422541201.757

I also prefer to purchase through her website - save on tax and S&H. Still, this is a great price and deal. Continue Reading


Re: Goodwill Tour de Force

In Fashion Talk 1422540533.877

GW is my favorite store - shop there all the time. But it's "hit-or-miss", looks like you "hit"!! My latest "buy" - a Dennis Basso faux fur jacket in pristine condition for $15!!! And since I collect milkglass and blue transferware, I'm always on the hunt for those pieces. Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman's TEA demo

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421681149.73

I am laughing hysterically!!! Several of you are referring to "Muriel" in your posts. I am "Gonnab" - I have posted in this and many other threads. My real name is Muriel and I am French. I rarely watch HSN but know about Andrew. When I read the first thread about Andrew and Muriel, I'm wondering, "How in the world do the posters know my real name? And why are they referring to me and Andrew???" Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman's TEA demo

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421607375.967

Love those teapots! But they are super expensive! Andrew has a fortune sitting in his frig (but then, I guess he can afford them). I just discovered loose teas through Teavana (also NOT cheap) and love brewing teas. I presently have their tea perfecter brewer and although I like the way it makes tea, I am disappointed in that by the time I decant the tea into a cup, it has cooled too much. Even tried covering the tea brewer while it steeped but still came out too cool. Might experiment using tea bags in the perfecter - or has anyone cut open a tea bag??? Continue Reading

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