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Re: What is everyone buying with Dr Denese sale???

In Beauty Banter 1425128800.93

I'm a long-time user of Dr D. I purchase from her sales or the Q, whichever offers the best price. Her last TSV was a must-have! In addition to that AD (A262812) (Hydroshield serum, Dream cream, MD33 cream), I also have on AD FirmX Retinol serum, Firming pads, and Cleanser (A254906) - another great deal. So this time, I only needed to get refills of the WrinkleRX Extreme Pro-Peptide Gel and the SPF30 Day Cream. With the exception of a weekly collagen mask which I purchase at TJ Maxx and a Vit C Serum which I make myself, that's my entire skin care regime and I won't need anything for several ... Continue Reading


Re: Kinda loving the Eclissi TSV

In Jewelry Talk 1425044329.957

I'm really liking the silver one! But I'm trying to pay down my Q bill - will stay away from the Q so I won't be tempted! Continue Reading


Guilliana's recent comment

Last Reply by KittyLouSoutenu 1425052649.447 | Started by gonnab in Viewpoints

Amazing that Guilliana is being heavily criticized about her comments (which I agree were highly inappropriate), when Joan made a very good living saying similar and even worse comments all the time. Even worse is that Joan was forgiven because "she was a comedian" and Guilliana is not. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations on a Foot Cream/Balm?

In Beauty Banter 1424958463.803

I have used Philosophy's Sole Owner and Alpha Hydrox Foot Cream and like both of them. They exfoliate and soften and keep my heels smooth. I am also nearly the bottom of a First Aid Ultra Repair Cream that was part of a Beauty Tube and that also is a good product. This is a timely thread since I will soon be in need of a new foot cream and since I am also trying the work my way through my stash, I welcome the suggestion of JM's argon oil balm. I have several small tins that were included in kits. Hadn't thought of using them on my heels so that will be the next product that I use. Cours... Continue Reading


Re: anyone have some good low carb recipes to share?

In Recipe Swap 1424784131.467

Can you give link to George Stella's free pdf? Continue Reading


Re: Can someone recommend a face mask for normal to slightly dry skin?

In Beauty Banter 1424783070.073

I have very mature skin, somewhat dry and sensitive. I' use Dr D's hydrating products - Hydroshield serum, Dream Cream. I cleanse every day with CeraVa hydrating cleanser. But twice a week, I cleanse with Dr. D's Resurface and Glow Face Wash after which I apply a hydrating collagen paper mask for 20 minutes. Various brands which I purchase at TJMaxx. Inexpensive (usually $5.99 for 4 masks). Leaves my skin smooth, plump, and glowing. Continue Reading


Re: Can you help me with 'streaming' devices/cable tv?

In Electronics Talk 1424782466.923

Ironic that we once all had those huge antennas to watch TV. Then cable was invented to eliminate those pesty commercials (hah, that was a lie!),the antennas, and streamline our viewing. Now we are looking at using antennas again to eliminate the cable, the commercials, lower our costs, and streamline our viewing. Continue Reading


Re: Cream type facial cleanser - unscented - need recommendations

In Beauty Banter 1424781559.663

My vote goes to CeraVe hydrating cleanser - it's very creamy, cleanses well, non-irritating, hydrating, highly recommended by Derms, and best of all - it's very inexpensive and available at DSs. Boots No7 also makes a very good hydrating cleanser. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamin C Serum Recommendation

In Beauty Banter 1424695119.973

Although I haven't used it yet, I read good things about "Timeless" Vit C serum. I think you can get it through Amazon. A bit pricey. Continue Reading

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