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Re: HSN TS, Adrienne Landau Robe!

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I wanted pink because I got the pink FFANY UGG's and it's gone in my size. Black is gone too which was my second choice...I also like the white but not practical in this house. I like the tan too but have a Joan Boyce brown leopard one that I love and wear every day so think I'm going to have to pass! Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Yes, nomless, it's a punch in the gut. Not what he needs at this stage of the game, especially since he still isn't completely healed even while being on the steroids on top of the other 3 medications. I'm going to break down and make an appt for my foot. I just know what they're going to tell me. It was really hurting yesterday and that was with my new running shoes on that are really good. Cooler this morning and not supposed to get out of the low 60's for the day...perfect! Going to Cheesecake Factory after church with the 20-somethings....my gf and her husband are going too. My bac... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Spoke too soon, doc called ds yesterday afternoon, his liver enzymes were high on his blood tests so he has to redo it this week and if they're still high, he'll either have to cut back or come off the Imuran. Not sure if it effects the Humira too. Lucy was the Belle of the Ball...lol...her little tail looked like the stinger! She was soooo good with the kids, one kid choked her and another one smacked her on her head and squeezed it and she didn't get snippy at all. I'm happy that she likes kids so much, sometimes the tiny ones don't. Set out to do 6 miles this morning...not saying who... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Hi guys! First time I've sat down and relaxed since coffee with dh this morning...whew! Worked out early(HIIT with weights focused on upper-body because dh and I are hitting the gym tomorrow for legs before we run then we're going to work in the landscaping beds), took Lucy out, went to bible-study, visited, then did my grocery shopping. We have a Halloween party tonight(starts at 5) and Lucy is going as a Bumble-Bee...costume is adorable! DS(thank-you for asking nomless and bopper) is doing "better". Not where we'd like him to be, but better. He'll be on steroids until 2015 since the do... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Morning! Getting ready to head out, finishing my 2nd cup of coffee and wishing it would get a little lighter out. Yes, nomless, it was a loud crack. It hurt and sounded so bad, I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to stand on it. I have a knot and bruise on it but it doesn't hurt to walk or run, I was very surprised. I can't roll over on it in bed though. I hope your friend heals quickly. bopper, still praying for your dad. Sure hope he's okay and it's nothing serious. Okay...I'm going to sneak out for a run without Lucy...I'll take her when I get back but this doesn't go over well. ... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Hey all. Another crazy week, had a colonoscopy yesterday...ay...glad that's over. That cleanse tore me up...was still having "issues" last night! Have guys coming to look in the ceiling and my ducts this afternoon to make sure we don't have mold up there. I whaled my knee so bad when we were with our friends. We had just toured dh's work building and were running to get in van because it was raining...I jumped and my knee caught the hook to the door. I.went.down. Purse dumped out and everything, they all heard the crack and knew it was probably bad. Meanwhile, I couldn't move and they... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Morning ladies! Not sure what our friends want to do today, just going to do some sight-seeing after church and probably have dinner at Town Center. We went hiking yesterday and Lucy had another run-in with a turtle...she's scared to death of them! It's hysterical, we were laughing so hard, we were crying. I thought I filmed it but didn't hit the "play" button...typical. Got a picture though. I had to carry her for a mile after the encounter because she thought everything(pinecones, leaves, etc) was a turtle so she'd drop to her belly...lol. Then she got over it and was good to roll ag... Continue Reading


Re: Spanish Ebola's Dog

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Too late. Dog is dead. http://www.latimes.com/world/europe/la-fg-ebola-nursing-assistant-dog-euthanized-20141008-story.html Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Hi everyone! Oh boy, this Lucy has been something!!! Spent 5 hours with her in the ER vet Sunday night, and what a pistol she was there....had the entire waiting room laughing. Her daddy went over to pet a Yorkie and she chewed him out like you wouldn't believe, there is no mistaking what her barks mean. Then she was annoyed with every other dog there...one Pit Bull in particular couldn't look at her or she'd chew him out...I even tried hiding her behind some plants and everyone could hear her still growling! She's terrible...lol!!! Anyway, we believe she ate something like a mushroom t... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the September Exercise Thread

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I'm getting text alerts from my gf to check the forum...haha!! Yes, we're fine. Very busy, lots of things going on, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things...and cutting out some of the time-consuming things in my life, like internet, that is taking up my time(trying to heed my bible study book). Have a big reunion at a park to go to for dh's work, we are biking to it so we can get our work-out in and bring Lucy. Making a picnic lunch and packing treats for her. This will be her longest ride to date so we told her to rest up. Especially after chasing the fox yesterday...lol! Tha... Continue Reading

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