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Re: Do You Own A Pair Of Boots That Are Really Warm?

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If you're talking really warm for snow and cold weather(I don't use my UGG's for trudging through snow, nor do I find them to be that warm), I have a couple of North Face boots that are warm AND stylish. Sorel has some really sharp ones at Nordstrom's too, and they're also good for cold weather. If that's the kind of boots you're talking about. For everyday running around, I wear UGG's too, just not for really being out in the elements. Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Hi guys...have had a crazy week. I didn't even know what day it was today! Too much to get into on here...whew! Nail polish...mmph...I have a dark gray Essie color on right now that I get a lot of compliments on...but OPI polishes are my favorite, Essie seems to chip easier on me. nomless, my favorite everyday look is using the Orly Pink Nude(French Manicure) as my polish...then covering with clear(sounds like you'd like this too FUTURE). I've had a few people ask me what color it is...very subtle, yet classic and I don't have to change it every other day, lasts longer. Then I go darker ... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Morning! Cardio done, another beautiful day here...water was like glass this morning. Riding my bike to gym for leg-day now. Hope everyone had a great weekend, nomless, you deserve a rest but I hope you're feeling okay! No, bopper, I didn't see your video. We have tons of them here but this one in particular had the reddest noggin' I've ever seen...this base is part of a bird sanctuary so we see a lot of different ones. Okay...time to rock-n-roll again! Continue Reading


Re: Tom Selleck

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In person. Continue Reading


Re: Carol Costello on CNN

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Tasteless and bizarre. Of all the things going on in the world, of all the news clips CNN has aired...THIS was her favorite minute of news?? Then I think you're in the wrong business lady. If this would have been on of the President's daughters, it never would have been handled that way. Nor should it have been, I would be the first to speak out against that too. And, no, I'm not a SP fan. Continue Reading


Re: Now health personnel returning from West Africa treated like criminals in NY/NJ

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I wouldn't need an explanation. I would just appreciate and expect treatment like that upon my return. I don't understand why she's upset. I'd rather be safe than sorry, I couldn't live with myself knowing I infected someone if it could have been prevented. And it's based on statistics...they're knowledge is limited and what they once thought, has turned out to be incorrect. May I remind everyone of these statements..."Ebola will not come to the US"..."Ebola will not spread in the US"...."You don't need all your skin covered"..."Hospitals have been trained and are prepared to handle anyone th... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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The stability helps me. If you do CF, amongst some other classes, you're going to do the 1-legged squats so they're all good...and the 1-legged really hits your back end! Great run this morning...this one was better than Tuesdays which was my best since we moved here! Beautiful out and I even ran in the soft sand for part of it. Forgot to say that one of dh's guys placed 2nd in a big run here....5 miles in 35-minutes...may not sound super fast, but in sand, with obstacles, it is. It's a tough course. Saw the most beautiful woodpecker this morning...2 of them were together but the one had ... Continue Reading


Re: Forget Ebola, it's soda that should terrify you

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I'm good...haven't had a soda in years but never did care for it much. Continue Reading


Re: St. Vincent

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Thanks ladies, I wanted to see it and now I'm going to see it. Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to The October Exercise Thread

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Morning all! I've been up since 4:15....yay me. I can't worry about it this girl's activity, she's going to give me a heart attack so I have to let it go and assume if she was going to get hurt, she would have done it by now! She started peeling in the living room last night, butt tucked and in the zone...ay...we stopped her but not before she had done a few! Yesterday morning she sprinted up the stairs(and we have a large staircase) before we could do anything about it. Up and off and couch. I finally took her on a little walk yesterday because she wouldn't leave me alone a... Continue Reading

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