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Re: Welcome to the March Exercise Check In

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March 1st, crazy! We have freezing rain coming in. Kids are getting 6" and are going skiing with some of their friends. So, I'll be worried about that all day. Horrible night's sleep, woke up at 1 and couldn't get back to sleep to save my life. I was up for 3 hours...ugh. And that was only part of it. Church this morning, not sure what we're doing after. Dh has an elder meeting later this afternoon. Flies out at 6 tomorrow morning so we need to get his stuff together. Waving to everyone! Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

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Home for a bit to put the groceries away and let the pups out, that place is a mad-house. Then we're heading back out to look at more appliances. Even though we'll probably go with these LG ones that are marked down for clearance. Walked Lucy in the sunshine this morning...said we were in the 20's but sure didn't feel like it out of the wind...the sun made it feel warmer. Upper-body work-out, bedsheets and cleaning this morning. DH has to go to Key West next month(FL and Africa this month) and wants me to go with him. I don't know, it's turning into more trouble than it's worth. Especia... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

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Hey nomless...I know you like Rich Froning, thought you might want to watch(if you haven't already) the first work-out(15.1) between him and Fraser of the CF Open. Might cheer you up. Those clean and jerks make me nervous...lol. http://games.crossfit.com/ Continue Reading


Re: Only Venting In Hopes It Helps QVC

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I think she is a good person and I try not to bash any of the hosts or vendors on here, but I can totally understand where people would not be able to watch her at times. I rarely watch her or the Q, but I've seen her enough to know the constant talking and interrupting can be a bit much. However, I do think she's very passionate about her line and she obviously enjoys doing what she's doing...and I respect that. But the twirling and constant chatter is over the top at times. I remember one time when Lisa Mason made a comment to her about her(Susan) always having to get in the last word. ... Continue Reading


Re: Today's TSV Shoes. Yay or Nay?

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They didn't tempt me at all. Continue Reading


Re: JUMPSUITS- are you jumping on board?

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On 2/26/2015 magicmoodz said: On 2/26/2015 peachesncream said: Jumpsuits can be dressy. Emma Stone at the 2015 Golden Globes: I applaud Emma Stone for wearing this sassy jumpsuit. After all, it was the Golden Globes, not the Academy Awards. I find it a nice departure from dresses that are slit all the way up to a woman's panties, should she be wearing any! This was my favorite outfit of the evening(minus the bow for me, but I still love it)! Very classy. Yes, I will wear jumpsuits. Only thing I don't like about them is the bathroom op. Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

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It's Friday nomless!! I'm feeling tired today...been up since 3:45. I laid in bed until 4 but could tell I wasn't going to fall back to sleep. And since we didn't get to sleep until midnight thanks to dh receiving texts all night long, today may not be a great one for me. The CF games have started, first wod was released yesterday. It was fun watching the videos this morning. I can't do today's WOD(tons of squats) because of my knee so not sure what I'm going to do. Bible study was canceled because of the ice, and all schools...base on 2-hour delay, but doesn't look like CF has been can... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

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Hi everyone! Snow day here, I just shoveled for the 2nd time today, it's very wet and heavy so I felt yesterday's dead-lifts and back-rows. Yes, nomless, Lucy was up to her neck in it...lol...hopping like a bunny. I see the neighbors at the window pointing and laughing. Our little visitor is doing well...she'd be doing better if Lucy would leave her alone...ay. That's all I'm going to say about that. She sure is a hand-full, God bless her. I did 6-miles on the treadmill. My knee is still a little funny so I didn't kill myself, but I don't need to work-out at high-intensity every day, al... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

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I mean most people, like myself, have never held a plank to see how long they could hold one...just what I've had to do with a PT or wod, but I know that record is a-MAZing! I went to CF, PR'd my dead-lift, did box-jumps on the "big-dog" box, and held my handstand without the wall for a while...! Oh...and did some Double-Unders! You have good days and you have bad days...they say you should never get to the point where you don't have bad-days at CF or you aren't pushing yourself like you should be. I had a good work-out other than I whaled my knuckles on the box during Box-jumps, now I ha... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

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No, nomless, that has to be a typo...it's seconds, not minutes. I used to be able to do 4 minutes and that was considered really good...for any age. I have a gf that can do 10 minutes and they taped it at her CF box because it's not the norm...for those of us that are 50 and over, or for anyone under 50. Most people can't hold it for over 3 minutes...even those that work-out hard and are in really good shape. Everything is closed or delayed here again. I'm waiting to hear about our CF class, the 6 a.m. one was cancelled at 5:30 this morning but that was the only one listed. DH had to can... Continue Reading

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