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Re: Discussion and share: eye creams, serums

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Lovetoteach, Is the Dr. Gross's Ferulic + Retinol the eye formula? If so, do you use it on your lids? I am looking for a product for my upper eye lids. I am beginning to get little lines at the inner corner's. Thanks, Continue Reading


Re: Skinn makeup ?

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Thanks Lynn and SuzyQ3 for the explanation. SHQ has the description wrong. Only two of the four products are made in the USA. Continue Reading


Re: Who bought the deluxe bright pearl MV?

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Is this the same mineral veil that is in the glamorous kits? Continue Reading


Re: Skinn makeup ?

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On 7/31/2014 BellaCarro said: On 7/31/2014 Karena said: Hi my2britts - My apologies. That is very misleading!! Classy poster :) Bella Carro: I totally agree. Not many people apologizes any more. Continue Reading


Re: Skinn makeup ?

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On 7/31/2014 gazelle77 said: What good is it to complain in a chat board of a company that does not carry that line? Call Skinn, or Facebook them, or write Skinn a letter. Gazelle77 Thanks for your advice However, if it bother you so much that I post my topic to this board, why did you waste your time writing a reply? Continue Reading


Re: Skinn makeup ?

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NC1Customer: Thank you for the explanation. Karena: Here the description from SHQ: Skinn Cosmetics Four-Piece Big Bright Eyes Mascara, Eye Color, Liner & Treatment Set SET INCLUDES: Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner - 0.01 oz Bright Eyes - 0.12 oz Wake Up! Big Bright Eyes Palette - 0.23 oz Wow Factor - Intense Effects Mascara - 0.3 oz WHO IT IS FOR: Get the look of big, bright eyes from Skinn. BENEFITS: Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner: Do you want to know a secret that Hollywood makeup artists have known for years? With age, the whites of eyes loose their bright white color. Brig... Continue Reading


Skinn makeup ?

Last Reply by suzyQ3 1407260552.743 | Started by my3britts in Beauty Banter

I received my order today. Some of his items are manufactured in PRC and some are manufactured in ROC. I know PRC is People Republic of China. What does ROC stand for(Republic of China)? Why can't they just say made in China. I wish he would also manufacture his color line in the USA. I don't like buying cosmetics from China. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Tria Facial Laser ?

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Thanks for your replies. I will leave it on the charger when not in use. Next week I will call Tria's customers service. Continue Reading


Tria Facial Laser ?

Last Reply by my3britts 1404503663.003 | Started by my3britts in Beauty Banter

I could have swore that in the beginning my laser would keep a charge longer. I am using program three. Now it will only hold a charge for above two days. I also charged it with the new unit they sent. I am trying to determine if the laser is dying. Is this time frame normal? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Ready to Wear on HSN

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Thanks for all your replies. I will go look under features to check. Continue Reading

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