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Re: 5-Letter Words

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snack - scant Continue Reading


Re: 4 Letter Words

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tuck - curt Continue Reading



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suet - suit Continue Reading


Re: let's talk inflatable Christmas decorations!

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I can see kids loving these inflatables. Inevitably, they end up sprawled on the lawn, looking as if poor Santa met with some dreadful accident. I think the kids like that, too! Continue Reading


Re: Nurse to appear on GMA tomorrow

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Caring for the ebola victims is commendable. Whining about a quarantine is not. I will be watching, however. Continue Reading


Re: another VERY interesting article

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"It doesn't matter what the motivation is?" Huh? It SHOULDN'T matter, but motivation is, in fact what makes something a "hate crime." A murder is just as horrendous regardless of motivation. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone live in or near Syracuse? For $10 you can fill your car up with Syracuse China.

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We used to have an outlet here, and was that place crowded. I have a number of sets as well as odd pieces. It's sturdy, too. Not surprising since it started out as railroad dinnerware. I bet that sale will draw a lot of people. Continue Reading


Re: Kaci H. update

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I'm sick of hearing about that crybaby nurse and her "tent." When the Apollo 11 astronauts returned from the moon, all three of them were quarantined in the same dang tin can for 3 weeks. Without crying horseball tears about it. Continue Reading


Re: John Wick! Keanu Reeves!

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All I needed to see was the trailer for yet another movie/TV depicting animal abuse and calling it "entertainment." Continue Reading

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