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Re: o/t the bachelorette?????

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As if the viewers never suspected that that was exactly what was happening in those "fantasy suites." For crying out loud, Andi spent an hour fretting about how she didn't want to go to the FS with Farmer Chris--believe me, we got the picture..... Continue Reading


Re: A Disturbing Look at Today's Celebrities, 60 Years in the Future

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Crazy, how the women just can't seem to let go of the long mops. They all end up looking like "Baby Jane" when they turn around. Continue Reading


Re: Freedom of Speech and Though

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Go to a "men's board" for political discussions. That's what I do. I can assure you, they're much more tolerant of dissent, and don't go "running to mommy" to complain. They'd rather argue. Continue Reading


Re: National Lipstick Day---what's your shade...?

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Revlon's Plum Baby - everyone should find that perfect pink. DH says he likes "the pinkies." NYC's Brandy Sparkle - my "party" lipstick, and one of the best shades I've ever seen. It has a gold tint to it for an effect that's indescribable. Continue Reading


Re: If You're Thinking of Joining Sam's Club...

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LOL, we're not. We don't intend to ever pay to enter a store. Continue Reading


Re: Attn. Grammarphiles - need help

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There are a number of ways to reconfigure that sentence without all of those "thats." In many cases the word "that" is used to make clear that the subject (or another party) is not being quoted. For example, Dad said that.... instead of Dad said, "________." Also, "that" can serve as any number of parts of speech in one sentence, so it's not uncommon to see it repeated. That's why most people don't even notice how frequently it appears. Continue Reading


Re: Landies Candies on ITKWD Now...

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OK, update. I returned to Wegmans (BTW, the company's name is Wegmans, not Wegman--no apostrophe) later yesterday and had to ask about the chocolate. Seems I'd been passing it by forever. I picked up a few varieties. I have to say, it was good, but nothing I'd rave about. In fact, I like Oliver's (we stop there on our way to visit DH's relatives in Amherst) better. Continue Reading


Re: OT: EBOLA..God rest the soul of that courageous Dr. Can it come here?

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On 7/30/2014 Dagna said: Apparently one of the biggest threats is someone sick getting on a plane - the confined space is much more conducive to spread of the virus - particularly if the person contaminates the bathroom. Or, as happened just a couple of days ago on a Beijing to Detroit Delta flight, allowing a child to p--p in his newspaper-covered seat, horrifying passengers. When told to take the child to the restroom, the grandfather insisted he be allowed to "finish" there. Oh goodie. Continue Reading


Re: How long should you keep unused makeup?

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Three months? Ridiculous! In other words, I keep them a lot longer than the cosmetics manufacturers wish I would. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette/After the Rose Discussion - Possible Spoiler

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On 7/29/2014 goldenretriever said: What is WRONG with Nick? He seems very odd...something is sort of creepy about him. Normally I'd feel sorry for someone in his position, but I don't feel sorry for him at all. Gawd, the way he stammers & looks at the floor, the way it takes him 2 minutes to kinda sorta say some gibber jabber...GOOD GAWD!!! He's just icky in every way. Chris looked soooo handsome & happy last night....ooooow la-la! Andi & Josh look extremely happy, & they'll have gorgeous children! I thought this metrosexual was creepy, too. I realize there's a lid for ev... Continue Reading

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