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Re: TV "Fright Hosts." Do You Remember One From Your Childhood?

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On 10/20/2014 JustJazzmom said: Anyone remember these classic B movies? 'The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman', 'The Crawling Eye', 'Them!', 'The Brain From Planet Arous' and 'Horror Hotel' AKA 'The City of the Dead'? I sure do. Those were the movies they'd air. Who could forget Wasp Woman The Amazing Colossal Man (a sort of prequel to the 50-foot Woman) ...and Behemoth Radiation was a big theme back in the day Continue Reading


Re: How many have changed out their wedding set for a new one?

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I always loved my ring set and wouldn't think of replacing it with anything else. It's beautiful and it holds sentimental value. Continue Reading


Re: Public drinking fountains, yay or nay

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LOL I don't care for water so, nay. I do remember using them when I was in grammar school, though. Continue Reading


TV "Fright Hosts." Do You Remember One From Your Childhood?

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Ours was "Chiller," a character created by one of our local newsmen and "Weather Outside" host, Jerry Carr. On Friday nights (when the local station would air scary flicks, mostly B-movies lol), Chiller would rise out of his coffin (he was "invisible except for his hat, I think) to introduce the film, and appear during commercial breaks. He's long gone (Jerry Carr now works behind the scenes in public TV, in Florida), and there haven't been any fright hosts since him. I'm assuming they're a thing of the past, anyway, with so many cable stations offering horror films. How about you? Do you ... Continue Reading


Re: Stephen King's Big Driver on tonight

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On 10/18/2014 sunala said: I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed it, although I think the story was better than the film, but isn't that always the case? Not always. Continue Reading


Re: Why Jay Leno never had Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show

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On 10/19/2014 lulu2 said: There a probably numerous celebrities that were banned or never asked to be guests on talk shows for reasons we do not know. Why this one was brought up so frequently, I simply do not get. Both parties are now deceased so why not bury the feud with them? LOL, because they both marinated in the feud until their deaths. Re the OP, though, I never got Leno's "allegiance" to Carson by perpetuating the Joan Rivers snub (at least up until Joan started badmouthing him). It had nothing to do with Leno, and Carson didn't like him, anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Why Jay Leno never had Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show

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On 10/18/2014 adelle38 said: What bothers me about Jay's explanation is that Johnny, in a way, treated Jay the way he treated Joan. Because Johnny wanted Letterman, not Leno, to replace him on the Tonight Show, he never talked to Leno after he got the job and deliberately made appearances on Letterman. From what I've read about what happened between Joan and Johnny, both are responsible for the initial falling out but Johnny never let go of a grudge. Rivers never let go of the grudge, either, accepting an offer to be filmed "dancing on Johnny's grave" as recently as a few years back (actual... Continue Reading

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