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Re: Who likes Judge Judy???

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I love the show, but don't like when she calls litigants names; she doesn't have to resort to that to be entertaining. BTW, it's always nice when OPs who ask our opinions offer THEIRS. Continue Reading


Re: Steve Harvey show

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I like both Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil. Continue Reading


Re: My t.v. died

In Electronics Talk 1414764456.417

Lol, it's true they're generally all the same now. I'm old enough to remember when they had tubes, and everyone could spot the Sonys (Trinitron) in the showroom with the bright, clear pictures. I also remember when you could simply plug in a TV, no "setup" required. Continue Reading


Re: Freebies for Halloween

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Lol, or our place. We're handing out freebies, too! Continue Reading


Re: Kaci was followed by state police while going on a bike ride.

In Viewpoints 1414760170.34

You neglected to mention that at least 20 reporters were running after her, too. Guts? Clearly not enough for this self-indulgent, petulant WOMAN to do the responsible thing for a dang 21days. Hickox. Snyderman, Duncan's girlfriend...all women who apparently can't "take it like a man." Continue Reading


Re: TSV 10/30

In Electronics Talk 1414759159.863

The TSV looks great. TracFone also released the ALCATEL, which has a 5" screen and more processing cores, so it's only a matter of time before that one is offered on QVC or HSN. I am fond of the LGs, though... I'm also expecting even better deals for Christmas. 4-1/2" is nice for a screen. So is 5". I wouldn't want larger than that. IMO, some are too large. My phone simply MUST fit in my wristlet! Continue Reading


Re: 5-Letter Words

In Gamers 1414556977.71

snack - scant Continue Reading


Re: 4 Letter Words

In Gamers 1414556877.2

tuck - curt Continue Reading



In Gamers 1414556792.087

suet - suit Continue Reading

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