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Re: Do You Think Micro Chipping Your Pet Hurts Them or Feels Annoying Later....

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Had our cat not come with a chip (all cats are chipped prior to being released), I wouldn't have had him chipped. I've heard stories of those things getting dislodged and "traveling," as well as inflammation at the insertion spot. Continue Reading


Re: Police Dog dies in patrol car

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And, of course, nobody saw a dang thing while the poor dog was suffocating! Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - August 18th - August 24th

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1. Is there anyone dumber than Brady on this soap? 2. What in the world is up with that ridiculous background music that inevitably pops up when Eve appears in a scene? Sounds like it's straight off the Playboy channel. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ August Thread

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I don't know who's the bigger sleazeball--Sonny or Carly. And they're going to have to do more than play cheesy background music to turn their assignations into anything resembling an romantic encounter. Yuck. Continue Reading


Re: OT/anyone ever use the Saint Anthony prayer to find things?

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Yes! However, when I was a little girl, I forgot just who was the patron saint of lost things, but knew it was either St. Rock, St. Benedict, or St. Anthony, so I prayed to all three: "St. Rock, St. Benedict, and St. Anthony, please help me find....." To this day, I still pray to all three. I guess I never wanted to leave anyone out who'd helped me before! LOL! Continue Reading


Re: $100 is worth what in your state?

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Not surprisingly, $86.66. Thank gawd for Dollar Tree. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ August Thread

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On 8/10/2014 daisy4 said: On 8/9/2014 BeckiWV said: On 8/9/2014 luvpoos said: On 8/9/2014 corita said: On 8/8/2014 pepes mom said: Felicia is an Aztec Princess. She came on the scene in the 80's, dressed as a boy, to retrieve an Aztec ring. She has been married to Frisco Jones and Mac Scorpio. She gave away the necklace to the reporter (who was knocked over the head on today's episode) as he was going to "report" about Lucy and Scott. She is quite the generous friend. Thanks pepes mom - Can't recall anyone having to do with Aztecs, but the 80's is the time when I did not watch the show much!... Continue Reading


Re: TV gone too far?!

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On 7/27/2014 KYToby said: The simple solution is to control your television. TV is not a babysitter (although many people want to use it as such), and ultimately it is up to parents to control what their children watch. All newer televisions (along with cable and satellite systems) have ways to restrict channels. Use the tools available. I have found, in many cases, the people decrying the state of television programming tend to be those who wish to avoid speaking to their children. I grew up differently. My parents never tried to prohibit us from seeing anything on television, and were open ... Continue Reading

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