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Re: Tracfone LG41c Battery Life losing 15% / 48 hours

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Lol don't get too excited about that, bigsister, because it still took forever to charge last night, even on airplane mode! I checked online and it seems long-charging times are to be expected with this (and other) phones. Even more reason to use airplane mode when not communicating because that does slow battery drain. Continue Reading


Re: Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, confusing!

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The only thing GR did wrong was apologize. And with that apology, this show has jumped the shark. And give me a break with saying the remark could be "construed as racist." When I heard "patchouli" and "weed," all I thought of was "aging hippie." That can apply to blacks with dreds, too. Gendaya needs thicker skin and, if Kelly Osborne can't bear to hear her friends' critique. (or won't critique her friends), she SHOULD leave the show. None of this would be happening if Joan were around. And Hollyweird hypocrites wouldn't be saying that it wasn't GR's "place" to have said that because she's n... Continue Reading


Re: Tracfone LG41c Battery Life losing 15% / 48 hours

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Ashleigh, it's not a stupid question to compare battery life on different phones. As others have said, batteries discharge even when not in use, so yours isn't discharging an unreasonable amount. However, setting the phone on "AIRPLANE" mode will conserve even more battery life. You can't text, call, use wi-fi, etc., while that's set, but I noticed you weren't doing that anyway for a certain amount of time. BTW, when you turn off airplane mode, "held" texts will appear. I use that mode overnight, and it does help. Also, set to airplane mode while charging; it speeds up the process. Continue Reading


Re: LG Ultimate 2. Have you received your phone yet?

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Nevermind, I found it. And scared myself lol. Continue Reading


Re: LG Ultimate 2. Have you received your phone yet?

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I just got the phone today (it was on advance order), and I like it a lot. I've been pleased with the LG phones, and think they're very intuitive. Set up/activation took 10 minutes. Now I'm setting widgets and personalizing the screens. One question: where's the front-facing picture feature? The Tracfone lady was taking them at every presentation lol. I don't generally take selfies, but want to keep the lens safe--I'm assuming there's one on the front, too (?). Continue Reading


Re: I am addicted to pumpkin spice. Whats your coffee addiction?

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I love Boston's Best Pumpkin Spice. I stock up in the fall because it gets scarce. My other favorite is their Vanilla Hazelnut, which is available year-round. Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

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I think magicmoodz is spot on, especially with regard to Lisa's FB page--full of beautiful pictures, yes, but also a lot of polls and "whaddyathink?"-type questions meant to elicit responses. And followers. It's comical to see posts from followers who assume she's reading everything, and expect a response from her. Continue Reading


Re: Who likes Judge Judy???

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I love the show, but don't like when she calls litigants names; she doesn't have to resort to that to be entertaining. BTW, it's always nice when OPs who ask our opinions offer THEIRS. Continue Reading


Re: Steve Harvey show

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I like both Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil. Continue Reading


Re: My t.v. died

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Lol, it's true they're generally all the same now. I'm old enough to remember when they had tubes, and everyone could spot the Sonys (Trinitron) in the showroom with the bright, clear pictures. I also remember when you could simply plug in a TV, no "setup" required. Continue Reading

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