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Re: General Hospital ~ October Thread

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It looks like the kind of tacky, ugly piece of bleep someone would hide a camera in. And it coordinates perfectly with the schmattas Carly's fond of wearing. On another note, we now have two characters gunning after an unborn baby. Nice. Continue Reading


Re: Community Update Here

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Whoops, sorry! I thought this might have been about adding a "Finance" option in the thread menu for women interested in....uh....personal finance, investment options (this isn't 1940; husbands don't control the investments), savings vehicles, retirement, health insurance, etc. Or, possibly there might have been a change to the Kitchen and Food sub-category of "Coffee Talk" which could be changed to Keurig Talk since there are no fewer than 20 Keurig-related threads there. Instead, what the PTB took from suggestions was to *sigh* accommodate control freaks and throw a cloak of protection over... Continue Reading


Re: Breaking: 1st Case of Possible, non-healthcare worker related - Ebola in the USA - Texas

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So the risk of transmitting ebola is "low to none." The things you learn on these boards! If that nonsense was, in fact, uttered, I'm sure it was done so in reference to the containment protocol employed here, and not to the disease itself. Context is always helpful. BTW, there was a suspected case in FL weeks ago that received little publicity. Continue Reading


Re: The price of butter??

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On 9/25/2014 FunkyHulaGirl said: It was something like $2.49 a pound at Aldi - that's pretty much the only place I buy it anymore, unless Publix has a sale @ 2/$4 - and they recently had Kerrygold Irish butter at that price! I mostly use butter for baking - I use very little myself, and when I do it's whipped butter. When I find a good sale, I stock up. I've been buying it at Aldi's, too, right across the street from Wegmans. BTW, it's the same grade (AA, which is the highest for butter) as the Wegmans and Land o' Lakes brands. Continue Reading


Re: Shirley Temple gone at 85.

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On 9/26/2014 Complicated said: I catch myself all the time wondering if someone famous is still alive, or not knowing that they passed. Often! No biggie. : ) I do that, too, then I look them up to see if they're still alive. Marjorie Lord is 96! And Luise Rainer (never saw a film of hers, but I've certainly heard the name) is 104! Continue Reading


Re: o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

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On 9/25/2014 ssssgirl said: On 9/25/2014 makeupaddicted1 said: I have a LOT of experience in this area and I have a suggestion before you buy. See if you can get a copy of the community covenants and the Architectural Control Committee guidelines. Review them and see if the rules are rules you can live with. Some neighborhoods do have more restrictions that others. I have been president of an HOA for many years. It is the worst, non-paying job imaginable! However, without one in my neighborhood the community would be a total mess. We have very basic guidelines like cutting your grass on a reg... Continue Reading


Re: LG needs to use older models 50 plus- with "aging skin issues"

In Laura Geller 1411743000.04

Most of their demos are nuts, especially the ones with hair products to make hair fuller, and show a "before" pic with plastered-down hair. I agree that the skin product presentations seem only to be geared towards those with 20-year old skin. It's the same thing with almost everything on ads, though--hair dye (most of which, BTW, is purchased by women to cover their gray hair) is apparently only used by young women with hair below their shoulders when the box generally has only enough for touching-up roots or coloring very short hair, bladder leakage, once the bane of mostly menopausal women... Continue Reading


Re: Steven King interview on the view

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I love Stephen King, and how he makes the most banal things terrifying. Not all of his novels translate well into film, though. One of the most frightening to read was "Pet Sematary." That is what most kids want after a pet dies: not another one, but the same one. And that's what he conjured up in the novel--but they're a bit....different when they return. Unfortunately, the film was hokey, and the cat looked fake. IMO, "Misery" was one of the most successful film adaptations. Continue Reading

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