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Re: I Need a Cuticle Fix

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I like Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. It's not a cream, but a waxy emollient that softens with the heat of your fingers. Continue Reading


Re: Celebrity Wife Swap (2014)

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I'm not sure if it was the premiere episode, but I happened to catch the one with Alan Thicke and Gilbert Gottfried, and I couldn't believe that Thicke would be caught dead with such an airhead (then again, I guess when the women are almost 30 years younger, some of these guys don't care). "Wisen up?" Who talks like that? Continue Reading


Re: The Bad Seed

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It was on Turner Classics last week. Rhoda was a pretty scary character, as she not only killed the little boy, but had also killed two other people and it was implied that Monica was next. The reason for the ending in which Patty McCormack's character gets a spanking was to try to mitigate the dark subject matter, and to avoid having her typecast. Continue Reading


Re: Medical Terms

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quarantine r Continue Reading


Re: 5-Letter Words

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pacts strap Continue Reading

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