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Re: Quacker Factory Sweater $147 + Shipping?

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On 10/25/2013 ivey said: On 10/25/2013 Favorite Son said: What a horrible sweater. Really. And it is made with ramie, one of the garbage fibers used as a filler to keep costs down. Please QF ladies, don't buy this awful overpriced thing. If they sell ONE at this price they try to do it to you again. I had a sweater from cotton/ramie and I hated it. I thought it was hot and scratchy. Went to the donation truck. I volunteer in a charity resale shop. We get lots of donated that look a lot like this one. The teenage kids buy them to wear to their "ugly Christmas sweater" parties. That is a very... Continue Reading


Re: I don't like sequin stuff, do you?

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I have a few things with a little bit of sparkle, but am not a huge fan of it. I thought the trend would be over a couple of years ago, but it seems to be continuing.... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else miss "What Not to Wear?"

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On 10/27/2013 Qulia said: I liked the show and miss it. The makeovers were remarkable. Did you see the final show? Yes, I enjoyed the final make-over! The former stripper wearing the pink fishnet dress over a white bra and red panties certainly needed the help! Yes, she did look much better after her makeover! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else miss "What Not to Wear?"

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They would sure not approve of me wearing my athletic shoes at the grocery store or mall... but I actually think clean sneakers and jeans look ok for those kind of trips. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else miss "What Not to Wear?"

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One thing I remember Stacey and Clinton saying over and over was "comfortable doesn't have to be sloppy." I try to remember that in my choices. Continue Reading


Does anyone else miss "What Not to Wear?"

Last Reply by Tx Starlight 1383278612.207 | Started by Cleo123 in Fashion Talk

I enjoyed that show and will miss the very opinionated Stacey and Clinton. They often inspired me to clean out my own closet. Continue Reading


Re: How do you know what to buy at sites w/o reviews?

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You bring up a good point. One reason I buy some of my clothes from the Q is because of the customer reviews. I love to know what other ladies have thought about these items that I am considering purchasing. I am taller than the average gal and need to know about fit and shrinkage. Thank you to all of the customers who do such a great job with the reviews. Continue Reading


Re: Is it really too much to ask.....?

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On 10/26/2013 Matty6 said: On 10/26/2013 Perkup said: On 10/26/2013 Eliana said: On 10/26/2013 faeriemoon said: On 10/26/2013 Eliana said: I've used Wen I like it. However, I wish they would show the models with Wen cleansed hair <em>before</em> styling. I love how they show the picture of the model who washed one time with baby shampoo and let it dry, and it's frizzy and awful looking. That is the way my hair looks before styling, whether I use shampoo and conditioner or Wen. Yea, but let them show it during AM Beauty. I agree. This is when I get up for a coffee refill. I tune... Continue Reading


Re: What is it that makes us watch shopping channels?

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On 10/27/2013 capatosta said: On 10/27/2013 cyndog said: Love catalogues, so living catalogues are even better. That's how I see shopping channels. CYNDOG...love that explanation....living catalogues. Good way to view it. And it often better than what is on regular tv. HC....I have asked myself the same question many times....why do I want to watch QVC, although I do not watch as much as I did a few years ago when it was a new thing for me. I agree with both comments. I also like hearing what the hosts say about the new fashions. I don't always agree with their comments, but I do find them ... Continue Reading


Re: A.M. Style Live chat 10/12

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On 10/12/2013 lovestoteach said: On 10/12/2013 Rununculus said: I like these Runun... I like these pj's too. Cute pajamas! Carol just said you could "drive your kids to school in these pajamas." Really? I don't think I would do that! Would you? Continue Reading

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