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Re: Recipes for low carb desserts

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I've been eating low carb for over a decade. Early on I experimented with various low carb treats. Unfortunately I found myself over eating them because, after all, they are lower carb than most desserts. And - they just increased my desire for more sweets. Now I rarely indulge in treats and when I do I just have something fabulous & forget about the carbs. I figure if 90% of the time I'm very careful about what I eat -- 10% of the time I can forget about the program & enjoy whatever I want (in moderation). It's been working for me. Continue Reading


Re: Do you make your bed(s) each day?

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Ok - this probably sounds crazy -- but I heard that it is healthier to keep the bed unmade -- pulling the top sheet down and exposing the bottom sheet. This way any perspiration between the sheets can totally dry out during the day. For those with hot flashes that don't wash their sheets everyday (and who does) -- possibly this makes sense. For many many years I was a single parent working long hours. Getting everyone out of the house on time in the morning was more important than making beds. Unfortunately, that established a pattern and even now (recently retired) I don't always make our be... Continue Reading


Re: Jai croco station chain bracelet

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I have this bracelet in small & love it. I don't see any reason it should break - it seems well made. Yes, I agree it looks a bit like a soft bangle bracelet which I think it a positive. I normally don't stack bracelets but I really like to wear this with the small Jai cuff. I think it is more attractive than stacking two matching cuffs. It's a keeper! Continue Reading


Re: No-wash Micellar Water

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I bought this for my husband and he loves it. For some reason it seems most men don't wash their faces (apart from in the shower) -- but now he enjoys refreshing his face before going to bed using this no rinse product. Continue Reading


Re: Will there be an easy pay day in March?

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Can you get easy pay on waitlist items? Continue Reading


Re: "Fresh from the Fair"

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They use the term "fresh from the fair" as a way to determine the interest in the item so they don't overproduce and end up with a large inventory that they will later have to discount. It is called a "dry test" -- testing the waters before they commit to produce a large quantity. Of course they anticipate a certain percentage of orders will be cancelled before shipment - but is still less risky than holding a large inventory. It has nothing to do with the product being "fresh" or so new that they didn't have time to make it. They make a couple samples and wait & see the response - then t... Continue Reading


Re: B&BW Candles

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Most of the B&BW candle scents are too strong for me. However, I love candles so I've tried a variety of brands. Right now I'm burning ECO WIX - an attractive candle with a wooden wick. It comes in a variety of subtle scents, an attractive glass jar and the wooden wick crackles (lightly) when it burns. Love it! Ck it out. Continue Reading


Re: What was your best beauty find in 2014?

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Dr Perricone's new "no makeup" foundation serum & blush. Particularly love the blush. Both are fantastic. Continue Reading


Re: Hinged bangles for small wrists - I like this one

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Thanks for sharing. I normally don't wear bangles because I have small wrists too -- but I'm tempted to give this one a try. Looks substantial. It may be a Christmas gift to myself! Continue Reading


Re: Just have to ask about your peanut butter habits.

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I have fairly good self control when it comes to food choices (minimizing carbs, sugar, etc) -- but I can't control my love of peanut butter. I no longer keep it in the house because I slowly empty a container in a couple of days (one little harmless spoonful at a time). Now I reserve peanut butter for days I'm traveling (better than airport food) or as a take along treat when hiking. I know peanut butter isn't bad for you in moderation -- but, I can't seem to eat it in moderation so I just don't have it around. Continue Reading

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