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Re: Have you/do you ever use a tube of lipstick until it's completely gone?

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Laura Mercier Baked Earth. At least 3 full tubes - when I can no longer roll it up more I use a lipstick brush to get what is left at the very bottom. I'm surprised how much is in the very bottom - good for another few weeks. Continue Reading


Re: Color Wow Root Touch Up

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Bought it several months ago. Not thrilled with the results. It seems to cover my scalp more than the hair. It just doesn't seem to stick to the hair all that well. The color is fine - but lacks holding power. I wouldn't repurchase. Continue Reading


Re: Couples with Separate Bank Accounts: Yay or Nay?

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We have separate accounts (although both accounts are technically joint accounts). We got married at 51 yrs. old -- each of us having our own accounts (and styles of record keeping) for many many years. It is all "our" money and fortunately we have similar values about expenses, budgeting and money management. Most importantly we respect one another. Happy to say we have never had any conflicts about money. Continue Reading


Re: Life Style Lift Yay or Nay

In Beauty Banter 1390599173.703

Of course I meant to type "scam" Continue Reading


Re: Life Style Lift Yay or Nay

In Beauty Banter 1390599113.26

No, no & double no. Complete scan. Modest improvement that won't last 6 months. Continue Reading


Re: Tatcha cleansing oil

In Beauty Banter 1389321180.577

Good info - thanks. I'm hoping one bottle will last at least 4 months. This would be a great product to offer super sized. I love how it removes all traces of eye makeup effortlessly. Continue Reading


Tatcha cleansing oil

Last Reply by Farnell Scootsmoot 1397027001.343 | Started by scuba318 in Beauty Banter

Using one pump a night - how long will one bottle last? I just got it about a month ago and I'm really enjoying it. Continue Reading


Re: Bath and Body Works Products

In Beauty Banter 1388631617.473

Generally speaking I'm not a fan of most scented candles - but I really like 2 -- Sweater Weather and Fresh Balsam. I love the Bigelow Lemon Scented body cream (in a jar) and the True Blue Spa hand cream (use to be called "look Mom new hands.") I always use coupons - I'm very selective about what I purchase - have gotten some great deals over the years. (Keep in mind they are very good about returns - so if you make a bad selection or have any issues you can return or trade out). Continue Reading


Re: ** Does Anyone Use TATCHA Cleansing Oil & Polishing Enzyme Powder? **

In Beauty Banter 1388461430.407

I love the cleansing oil. It removes all of my eye makeup gently - without having to rub my lashes too hard. Rinses clean. I bought 2 during the 20% off sale. Still very expensive - but it is a nice way to end my day. I'm glad I splurged. Continue Reading


Acetone free nail polish remover

Last Reply by iachick 1388111567.103 | Started by scuba318 in Beauty Banter

Does it work (on natural nails with traditional polish)? Can anyone recommend a brand? Thx. Continue Reading

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