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Re: Jai croco station chain bracelet

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I have this bracelet in small & love it. I don't see any reason it should break - it seems well made. Yes, I agree it looks a bit like a soft bangle bracelet which I think it a positive. I normally don't stack bracelets but I really like to wear this with the small Jai cuff. I think it is more attractive than stacking two matching cuffs. It's a keeper! Continue Reading


Re: No-wash Micellar Water

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I bought this for my husband and he loves it. For some reason it seems most men don't wash their faces (apart from in the shower) -- but now he enjoys refreshing his face before going to bed using this no rinse product. Continue Reading


Re: Will there be an easy pay day in March?

In Jewelry Talk 1424843332.39

Can you get easy pay on waitlist items? Continue Reading


Re: "Fresh from the Fair"

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They use the term "fresh from the fair" as a way to determine the interest in the item so they don't overproduce and end up with a large inventory that they will later have to discount. It is called a "dry test" -- testing the waters before they commit to produce a large quantity. Of course they anticipate a certain percentage of orders will be cancelled before shipment - but is still less risky than holding a large inventory. It has nothing to do with the product being "fresh" or so new that they didn't have time to make it. They make a couple samples and wait & see the response - then t... Continue Reading


Re: B&BW Candles

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Most of the B&BW candle scents are too strong for me. However, I love candles so I've tried a variety of brands. Right now I'm burning ECO WIX - an attractive candle with a wooden wick. It comes in a variety of subtle scents, an attractive glass jar and the wooden wick crackles (lightly) when it burns. Love it! Ck it out. Continue Reading


Re: What was your best beauty find in 2014?

In Beauty Banter 1419379585.86

Dr Perricone's new "no makeup" foundation serum & blush. Particularly love the blush. Both are fantastic. Continue Reading


Re: Hinged bangles for small wrists - I like this one

In Jewelry Talk 1417223616.043

Thanks for sharing. I normally don't wear bangles because I have small wrists too -- but I'm tempted to give this one a try. Looks substantial. It may be a Christmas gift to myself! Continue Reading


Re: Just have to ask about your peanut butter habits.

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I have fairly good self control when it comes to food choices (minimizing carbs, sugar, etc) -- but I can't control my love of peanut butter. I no longer keep it in the house because I slowly empty a container in a couple of days (one little harmless spoonful at a time). Now I reserve peanut butter for days I'm traveling (better than airport food) or as a take along treat when hiking. I know peanut butter isn't bad for you in moderation -- but, I can't seem to eat it in moderation so I just don't have it around. Continue Reading


Re: What do you fix for Thanksgiving when there are only two of you?

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I just ordered the side dishes from a gourmet deli - stuffing, gravy, garlic mash, etc. I pick them up the day before and they provide great instructions for reheating (we did this last year too). All I do is make a small turkey -- and set a beautiful table. We'll light a fire in fireplace and lounge around all day listening to music & reading books. There was a time that I found it somewhat sad to have such a low key holiday -- but I accept it now and am grateful for the peace & calm of our small celebration. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Had Good Results With Smileactives Pens?

In Beauty Banter 1415806258.927

My teeth are fairly white and I use the pens to maintain the color. I only use once a week right before going to bed - sometimes twice a week if I need a little boost - and I am pleased with the results. Couldn't be easier. So, I think it works well for maintenance. Continue Reading

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