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Re: I Need to Know the Weight of Handbags

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ITA-At least put it on the product page Continue Reading


QVC Stop Your Vendors From Spamming the Boards

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http://community.qvc.com/forums/health+fitness/topic/501712/i-heard-qvc-was-carrying-a-new-product-hip-appeal-for-walkers-runners-travelers.aspx Continue Reading


Re: REPREHENSIBLE VET story *** disturbing ***

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I found some contact info for the Austin Co DA travis.koehn@austincounty.com District Attorney brandy.davidson@austincounty.com Assistant District Attorney v.oberholtzer@austincounty.com (Vincent) Assistant District Attorney One East Main Street Bellville, Texas 77418 979-865-5911 telephone 979-865-8786 fax Here is a link to page that has compiled all press releases and info about the incident. http://www.examiner.com/article/news-media-releases-and-info-on-texas-vet-who-killed-cat-and-important-websites Continue Reading


Re: REPREHENSIBLE VET story *** disturbing ***

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On 4/24/2015 Alley Catvocate said: WOW.. a statement made by Felines and friends... "This is so sad for everyone. You are going to have people say it is just a cat but those same people would have a fit if someone did that to their dog or other pet. “Jack Lindsey has brought many a stray kitten to Felines and Friends. They love their animals. That is what makes it harder to believe. A bad decision can change a lot of lives in just an instant.” So is that her dad? Continue Reading


Re: Reba Coming Out With A Beauty Line

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Welcome to the boards music man Continue Reading


Re: Occipital Lobe Ischemic Attack. - Information welcome.

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You need to have a Carotid Doppler. It's basically an Ultrasound image of your carotid arteries in your neck. A TIA is often a symptom of narrowing or blockage in the arteries that supply blood to your brain. I can't stress enough the importance of having this done. If your Dr won't order the test, find another Dr that will. It's that serious. My husband had this. They thought the blockage was in his heart. They did the tests for that but failed to do the carotid test. He had a stroke that left him with left sided paralysis when the artery became 100% blocked. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Brands on the other tv shopping network

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On 4/23/2015 sandraskates said: I've been mostly happy with many of the items I've bought on Evine. That includes a couple Kate and Mallory faux leather jackets, a couple OSO Casuals tops, and a few One World Items. The jackets are still lookin' good after 3 years. I found that OSO Casuals line runs small - at least their gauze tunic tops did, but the styles were cute. I love my tie-dye beaded one. Price was pretty cheap so the quality is only fair; I did some extra reinforcement sewing on some of the beads. One World is all over the place. I have several tops and one colorful maxi dress. The... Continue Reading

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