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Re: IT BBUE drugstore dupe??

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I went on an internet search for this with no luck anywhere. I did find that had the most "Fergie" items in Wet n Wild, including an eye shadow primer I'm curious about. Continue Reading


Re: Please. the hair has to go.

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On 2/1/2015 Crisso said: What is it with people on this Forum and hair obsessions?????? And to complain to an employer because their employee's hair "annoys" them? There is medication for this, you know.... " :( sorry " Continue Reading


Re: The Insider

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If you were current on your subscription when they made the change, you still get the mag. No new subscriptions. Continue Reading


Re: A Nick Chavez TSV, please (preferably his Easy Styler).

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I would like to see a Nick TS as well Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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Good morning NC Those alcohol wipes are handy for lots of stuff and cheap. I suppose a bottle of alcohol and a cotton ball might cost a little less, but not near as handy. Besides the spray nozzles, I use them to clean the screen on my phone and tablet. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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On 1/31/2015 QVCPhobe said: I love Nick's Argan Oil Hairspray. However, I have so many problems with the spray nozzle. It gets clogged so much. I have cleaned them with alcohol so many times and still the problem. I guess that I will have to change. Too bad. This has happened for a long time and I am ready to give up. Phobe, I have had that problem with the Argan spray too. I keep alcohol prep pads handy( like they use to give shots, available cheap at Walmart) and I try to remember to swipe the nozzle after I use it. I think it helps also to remember to put the cap back on the can. It's for... Continue Reading

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