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Re: Alberti and Sandra! Count me in! FNB!

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On 3/28/2015 circles said: FNB???? Friday Night Beauty. I missed it. I do like Alberti. Continue Reading


Re: Photos of Cats sleeping in odd places

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On 3/27/2015 shoekitty said: On 3/26/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: omg, Tink!!! This is just too funny! Shoekitty, I know right?? Hilarious. Cats are really funny that way for real. Every cat that has ever owned me, if there was a baby around, whatever the species, it was their baby. Continue Reading


Re: Today is the day the replace my "lemon" Samsung Fridge

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On 3/26/2015 homedecor1 said: Well...just wanted to say it wasn't me! When the delivery men came to install/remove the fridge my entire floor underneath was "puddled" with water. (This delivery guy has delivered for this company for over 20 years-and has delivered all the appliances I've purchased for this home, so I trust their judgment or comments). The ones who originally delivered my fridge were contracted anyway that said -- this is what he told me "this is definitely a lemon as the evaporator or condenser unit is not functioning properly OR you wouldn't have a puddle under the fridge!" ... Continue Reading


Re: Why not be nice and give Lisa Robertson respect she deserves?

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On 3/27/2015 HappyDaze said: On 3/27/2015 Shar Beth said: On 3/26/2015 Lila4now said: On 3/24/2015 lovescats said: On 3/24/2015 willomenia said: I understand the frightening side of being stalked. I was stalked by a customer at a banked I worked at right out of high school. I was 18, he was about 50. I would go out after work and there would be flowers on my car hood. He would follow me home at lunchtime, and just sit and wait for me to come out again. I think he was basically harmless, but I didnt let it get too far, told my branch manager and I guess he spoke to him, it ended after that. Th... Continue Reading


Re: What do you think this quote means?

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On 3/27/2015 Sister Golden Hair said: On 3/27/2015 betteb said: On 3/27/2015 croemer said: I am me...period. Me too GF Checking in too Continue Reading


Re: What do you think this quote means?

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On 3/27/2015 croemer said: I am me...period. Me too GF Continue Reading


Re: Need recommendations for vitamin websites

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Vitacost, hands down, the best IMO Continue Reading


Re: My Toenails Fixed Themselves. Here's the Mystery

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On 3/27/2015 Mindy D said: Most of the new Sketchers have the lining. I thought it was imparted into the fabric. I really don't know what is doing this, but I am very surprised. BTW, the Burt's Bees shower gel is really nice. Could be from one of it's ingredients. Mindy I cured my nail fungus using Tea Tree Oil. Apply to the affected toe nail with a cotton ball every night at bed time. It takes awhile, but it grew out completely clear. I could see after about a month that it was working because the new growth at the base of the nail was clear. Continue Reading

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