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Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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Hi everybody I lost this thread for awhile. I've not been feeling well and while I have read and posted some, I have not had the energy to try anything new beauty wise. I've had the Chi Hot Rollers TSV for over a week and have not tried them yet. Maybe this weekend sometime. I took Friday and Tuesday as vacation days for a 5 day weekend. NC-I just tried the Starlet Shine Spray today and I love it. I did not try it with my hands, just misted it on in short bursts. I made my hair shine, shine, it. I have some Moroccan Oil Mist that makes my hair very shiny too, but it's heavier an... Continue Reading


Re: Poppy King lipstick at Target

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On 8/29/2014 BellaCarro said: On 8/29/2014 joaniebee1 said: The Poppy King Target lipstick is nice. It tends to be creamier, IMO, than her prestige line. I tried the Target line first, and then when she came to Ulta tried her other line. I do find her prestige lippies to be more hydrating and a more pleasing consistency, but there is nothing wrong with her line at Target. Hope that helps :-) Yippie! Love her lippies :) I agree. I like her prestige line better. She has great,saturated colors. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever try Lush Cosmetics and if so what do you recommend?

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On 8/29/2014 gingi said: Hamas!? Seriously? Would appreciate more info. Continue Reading


Re: Can this be worn as regular wear or is it suitable only for high fashion events?

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On 8/29/2014 sunshine45 said: regular daily wear only......i would not wear this to a fancy occasion or on top of dressy clothing. Continue Reading


Re: Redken is officially on my black list!

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cinebee- I understand about the shampoo. I can't use any Redkin products, but I know about liking something and having it disappear. I just tried and really like Nick Chavez Starlet Shine Spray. It really makes my hair shine. Continue Reading


Re: Redken is officially on my black list!

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On 8/29/2014 Buck-i-Nana said: On 8/29/2014 Skylands said: On 8/29/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: On 8/29/2014 Skylands said: Oh, pleez! Get over it! It's only shampoo, not your health or loved one. Use Redken's Color Extend shampoo. I have high lights and it works great. Change is hard. Why the need to be so rude? "Rude"? That is you judging me. Why be so judgmental?'s a comment:) It was an ignorant uncalled for comment, but then again, that seems to your routine responses here. I agree Nana. Obviously, no one ever taught Skylands any social skills. Continue Reading


Re: What Did Your Father Teach or Impart to You During Your Childhood?

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My stepfather was determined that I would know how to change a tire, change my oil and all filters, add/change antifreeze whether I wanted to learn or not, LOL. This was still in a time when people actually did that kind of stuff for themselves and cars were much simpler to work on. He even taught me how to change the spark plugs/wires/distributor cap. He said there might come a time in my life that no one would be around to do it for me. Continue Reading



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Thanks so much for the heads up. I just went in and added text alerts for orders placed. I already get emails, but this way I will get notified while I'm away from my computer and don't have to constantly check my email. I was afraid something like this would happen after all the trouble with the site. Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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On 8/29/2014 KarenQVC said: A lot of women I know consider the crewcut with scissors to be a safe and easy alternative for sensitive skin. They wish for the area to remain FUNctional. Continue Reading

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