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Re: Bath Body Works 3 wick candles went up in price!

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Honestly, they're crazy! I have pretty much stopped using BBW candles. The scents are way too strong lately (and not in a good way!). I'm back to YC and have recently started burning Kringle Candles and melts. The scents are so much more pleasing to me. I have tried Swan Creek Drizzle Melts too. They are wonderful! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone like YBF?

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I like a few of her things - Her eyebrow pencil is great. I've been using it for years. I also enjoy the cream high lighter she sells and a few of her glosses. Her face products don't really work for me though. The yellow product made me break out. Her foundation was a bit too sheer at the time for me too. Continue Reading



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Maybe all of these products just maintain one's appearance? I haven't seen anything that turns back the hands of time on anyone either... Continue Reading


Re: new s&h not always good

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I think their new shipping policy is great. Even with the second item not being offered at a shipping discount, it still seems like a better deal on most items. Remember, the shipping prices were outrageous to begin with. Perhaps one of those LG products would have been $6 (or more!) to ship. Paying $6 for both doesn't seem so bad. You could have ended up paying $9 or more... Yes, it stinks that we can no longer be refunded original shipping. That will put the brakes on some who order. Personally, I will be much more cautious about items I purchase in the future. Continue Reading


Re: Mally's mascara for sensitive eyes?

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I am a contact lens wearer and have very sensitive eyes. I wear Mallly's mascara with no problem at all. However, sometimes the bottle dries out quickly and at that point it starts to clump. When it falls into my eye I end up having a problem, but that would be true for anyone. Continue Reading


Re: BBW fragrances...yay? or nay?

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I find many of their perfumes to be very strong -- However, I do like some of their fragrance mists for summertime. I have always enjoyed Cucumber Melon (so refreshing!) and Twisted Peppermint. Other than that, I don't do well with their fragrances because they give me a headache. I like their room mists too... Continue Reading


Re: Cosmetics you weren't impressed with ...?

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There have been a few high-end brands that I've purchased, only to be let down. If possible, I return them. If I know I don't like something, there's no point in keeping it around. On the other hand, if I'm on the fence about something and the time period for returns is over, I will keep it and try to make it work. If I really end up not using it, I will usually give it away to my mom or sister. Other than that, it goes in the garbage. Continue Reading


Re: O/T, maybe. I'm enjoying -6 degree temps right now, what about you?

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I'm not enjoy the 7 degree weather we have on Long Island right now, but it sure beats the heavy snow. I'll take bitter, subzero temps over blizzard-like conditions any day! Continue Reading


Re: Cracker Barrel Fashion

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Since Long Island doesn't have a Cracker Barrel anywhere near it, we usually go once a year to a location upstate. We enjoy the food, the store, and the seasonal items they put out. We usually go in September or October when we do our apple picking. I have never purchased clothing for myself, but I have bought some adorable clothes for my girls. They have such fun holiday dresses/pajamas. I bought my baby an adorable gingerbread girl dress to wear on Christmas Eve. So cute!!! If you go at the right time, you can find sweet little costumes for Halloween too. Continue Reading

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