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Re: Glittered decor, love it or hate it?

In For the Home Talk 1416566918.453

LOVE glittered Christmas décor! My tree has lots of glittered ornaments. It really makes the tree sparkle and shine with the lights. However, I don't put up too much glitter décor around the house -- The tree is where it all mostly stays. Continue Reading


Re: What does snow angel smell like?

In philosophy 1416392652.207

I totally agree with vaccinia - Extremely strong floral -- very perfumed. I wrote a review under the 4 piece set. If you like florals, this will be for you. It's very strong and will last a long time on your skin. I had to return mine though. It gave me a headache. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried Philosophy's new Holiday Scents

In Beauty Banter 1416392503.567

I have only purchased Snow Angel and had to return it. It was way too floral for me. Coconut Snowballs has awesome reviews though. I'm thinking about that one... Continue Reading


Re: Ms. Prindables TSV

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416392312.887

They are hit or miss. I have ordered them for quite a few years now and have mostly had good luck with them. However, there have been times when the apples were soft (not crisp, as described). I have also noticed that they don't always use Granny Smith anymore. Sometimes a red-skinned apple will pop up, which is why the apple isn't as crisp or tart. These apples often have brown spots in the middle too. I skipped the apples last year, but decided to try again for this year. Hopefully they will be great. It's definitely worth a try. Continue Reading


Re: Christmas is almost here, remember what happened last year with shipping?

In The Q We Love 1416224013.59

I already had a problem. I ordered the Junior's Cheesecake 18 Mini Strawberry Swirls during Christmas in July. They supposedly shipped last Monday (November 10th). Well, that was one week ago today -- How long can cheesecake stay on dry ice??? I called CS last night and they were showing no record of the tracking info. It showed that it shipped, but the package cannot be tracked. They have to assume it was lost somehow. I received a refund, but I'm very annoyed. The CS rep said there were NO REPLACEMENTS available either, which boggled my mind. When I hung up with her, I checked online... Continue Reading


Re: I miss Cristina Carlino

In philosophy 1415790786.88

I don't necessarily miss Cristina, but I do miss the quality of what once was. Yes, she was honest, which I appreciated. Now they are throwing things at us left and right. It's hard to know what's what anymore. That being said, I do really enjoy Dara and Mary Lynn (?). Continue Reading


Re: What A disappointment Her Last 2 Shows were 11/6/2014

In Mally 1415790648.417

I hope she's not leaving! I really enjoy her products -- I think they are much better than IT. Continue Reading


Re: anyone shopping at drugstore/beauty?--problem

In Beauty Banter 1415790519.6

I tried placing an order over the weekend and had nothing but trouble. All I wanted was my hair gel (it was on sale). It kept adding and deleting different items from my cart. I finally thought I had it, but when I hit "submit", it reverted back to an item that was over $50! Luckily, I was able to cancel. I ended up ordering from ebay. It wasn't worth the trouble. Continue Reading


Re: Julianne Moore on cover of MORE magazine

In Beauty Banter 1415790279.41

I think she's beautiful! She wrote a series of children's books called, Freckleface Strawberry. The character is supposed to be her as a little girl. Adorable!! Continue Reading


Re: If your schedule and budget allowed, would you apply skincare more than 2x day?

In Beauty Banter 1415790156.41

No, twice a day does it for me. I think doing it any more than that would irritate me. Continue Reading

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