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Re: Favorite eyeshadow primer for oily lids?

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Mally's Shadow Base is the BEST I've ever used. My lids tend to be somewhat oily and this products keeps my shadows on (no matter which brand), all day long. I've been using it for quite a few years now and wouldn't be without it. Continue Reading


Re: Bare SKin serum foundation review

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Tried it for the second time yesterday. Again, it's a perfect match for me, but I started to break out this morning. I have super-sensitive skin, so this is a no-go for me. I'm packing it up and returning it this week... Continue Reading


Re: Do you ever feel like tossing all your older make-up and

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Yup -- and I often do! It's a "freeing" experience when I can get rid of things that I don't really use or like. For the most part, I am happy with my decision to toss items. I usually put them into a "holding place" for a few weeks before they hit the trash or are given away. If I don't go into the closet to use them and I don't find myself needing them, then I know it's time to move on. That being said, I don't start over with all new products. I will sometimes buy new things, but for the most part I concentrate on the items that I do have and reach for most often. Continue Reading


Re: What foundation to you buy again and again?

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My holy grail foundation was discontinued about 5 years ago from Prescriptives. I used it and repurchased it many times without a second thought. I was very upset when it was discontinued! Ever since then I have been on a search to find a foundation that I like as much as my Photochrome Foundation. No such luck. However, I have made 2 purchases of Mally's Visible Skin Foundation. I really do like it, but nothing will compare to my Prescriptives. Mally's is a pressed powder foundation. If you like powders, you many really like this one. It has great coverage and doesn't settle into line... Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation arrived today

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I received mine Wednesday night and tried it for the first time yesterday. Please know that I was unable to use the original powder due to it causing blotches and itchiness on my face. I am very fair and went for the Bare Linen. It is a perfect color-match for me. However, I don't think I will be keeping it. It is truly a serum --- It's lightweight, silky, and somewhat oily on my skin. I found that after a little while it separated and became streaky on my face. It is very "dewy" too. Today I am wearing my Mally Visible Skin Powder Foundation. I just feel more confident with it on. ... Continue Reading


Re: What Do You Say To Yourself When You Feel Weak Or Afraid?

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Someone once wrote this down on a piece of paper for me about 20 years ago. I still have the paper and carry these words with me: "Feel the fear and do it anyway." Continue Reading


Re: What are your favorite Laura Mercier products?

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I love her Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. You can get it in regular or oil-free as well. No matter which one you choose, you can't go wrong! I especially love them for summertime when I want lighter coverage. The Illuminating one gives me a great glow!! Continue Reading


Re: Bed, Bath and Beyond

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I mostly get them through the mail, but I will sometimes find them in magazines that I subscribe to as well. Continue Reading


Re: Do you prefer a dewy face or a matte face???

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I like a dewy look, however it has to be in the right places on the face. I use products that give me that look on my cheekbones and nose area. Anywhere else looks oily on me. Continue Reading

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