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Re: PINK gel coat ..a yay or a nay?

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Nay for me - I bought it a couple of years ago. It's thick and peels like crazy. The color is only okay (in my opinion). If it had better staying power it might be worth the money, but I personally didn't care for it. Continue Reading


Re: O/T ~ Amazon Prime, Anyone Having Problems?

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I haven't had any problems at all, however I have noticed that some items that are "prime" are out of stock and need to be shipped at a later date. It's really just because of the holidays, so I'm not concerned about it. They are great every other day of the year. I agree with September -- I have received some of my items the next day! Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran lipsticks/gloss

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I received a pink gloss of hers in a kit I bought a while back -- Just love it! I'm almost out and thinking about buying more. Continue Reading


Re: What perfume did you wear today?

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I just went on a mini-shopping spree (not really!) getting a bunch of different rollerballs to try. I purchased one scent that I've had before and loved - CLEAN Skin. I got three compliments on it yesterday! Continue Reading


Re: Geeze...QVC is a SNOOZEFEST this Holiday Season

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Yes, I totally agree! I always look forward to their Holiday Programming, but this year it's pretty bad. The best I saw was Christmas in July. Everything after that was boring. Oh well. It ended up saving me money this year! Continue Reading


Re: I am done with B&BW candles!!

In Candles 1417778034.067

I have greatly minimized my BBW candle purchases as well. I find that they are bringing out too many scents (some of the same, but re-labeled) and they quickly discontinue them as well. I have a few favorites that I continue to purchase though - Frosted Cranberry, Twisted Peppermint, and Limoncello. That's about it. Continue Reading


Re: what main dish do you make for Christmas/New Years

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417777791.957

We have two main dishes - Ham and Lasagna Continue Reading


Re: Do you eat gifts of food that you receive during the holidays?

In In the Garden 1417777727.48

I don't eat homemade food gifts unless it's from family or people I know well. Sometimes a student's family will give me a beautiful platter of a variety of homemade Christmas cookies. I will put those out. If someone gifts me a packaged food item, yes, I will eat it (depending on what it is, of course!). Continue Reading


Re: Your Holiday Home

In For the Home Talk 1417431890.123

The pics came out super-big on my screen, but from what I can see, you did an AMAZING JOB! Very tasteful and elegant! Continue Reading


Re: Sad to take down the fall decor

In For the Home Talk 1417431789.283

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so I definitely agree with you! I felt badly taking everything down last weekend. I'll take my pumpkins and autumnal décor over Christmas decorations any day -- Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE Christmas, but there is just something so warm and inviting about fall décor. Maybe it's the beautiful colors and scents. Oh well. There's always next year... Continue Reading

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