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Re: Anyone here have experience ordering from

In Health & Fitness 1397965188.083

I've heard of it -- I think it's definitely legit! Hopefully, others will comment, too. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion day on Shophq

In Fashion Talk 1397934332.74

I was glad to see someone posted about this -- thanks!!!! Enjoy the show and great shipping!! Continue Reading


Re: I really enjoy Kelly and Michael

In TV Talk 1397785685.923

I might be in the minority. I used to love the show with Regis and Kelly. Regis was such a good storyteller, and I liked that he was more old-fashioned in his ways. Bit of Old Hollywood, in a way. And, I liked Kelly a lot when she was the co-host with Regis. Now, it seems as if she feels the pressure is all on her (which is understandable). But, the show seems tense in that regard. Michael is definitely upbeat. I think it's because I liked the Regis/Kelly dynamic so much better that I no longer watch the show. Continue Reading


Re: The List with Colleen Lopez on at 9pm

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On 4/17/2014 circles said: okay.....I just turned it on....never heard about the LIST...what exactly is it.... I've just seen snippets from two shows; but, they were good. I think it's a new weekly show that features fashion items (kind of like their beauty report). The way they present the items is different than the other shows. I think that's what is making it seem unique and fresh. I've liked the parts I've seen! And, I agree, Collen is a great host. Continue Reading


Re: The List with Colleen Lopez on at 9pm

In Fashion Talk 1397784155.84

YAY!!!! I'm so glad others are enjoying it, too. :-) Continue Reading


The List with Colleen Lopez on at 9pm

Last Reply by brewhaha 1397784523.58 | Started by Julie23 in Fashion Talk

Just in case anyone's interested. I've seen bits of the show twice, and I find it fun! Continue Reading


Re: Washing face with coconut oil ?

In Beauty Banter 1397775444.537

All of the replies have been so helpful! Thanks everybody! Continue Reading


Washing face with coconut oil ?

Last Reply by Shelbelle 1398106931.773 | Started by Julie23 in Beauty Banter

Does anyone do this? I've heard of people using coconut oil as a make-up remover; but, I didn't know if they were just using it for eye make-up. Also, too, aren't the "cleansing oils" that some people use -- wouldn't those be similar? Just curious if anyone has tried it and what they thought. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone a vegetarian?

In Health & Fitness 1397262289.147

Firstly, Congratulations!!! There is a very helpful DVD called Forks Over Knives that discusses the health benefits of a plant-based way of eating. It's a very well-done DVD. I highly recommend it. It arms you with knowledge. And, knowledge is power. The China Study is a good book also. But, the DVD Forks Over Knives is very enjoyable and family-friendly. Secondly, there are a ton of plant-based cookbooks out there. You'll definitely find some that you like. Names that might be helpful to google and look at their websites or youtube: Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Jeff Nelson... Continue Reading


Re: Bobby Ray's (HSN) lace top ?!!

In Fashion Talk 1397150013.187

On 4/9/2014 sunshine45 said: julie, was this the top? i dont exactly remember all of the details on it. Sunshine, YES, that is the top!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!! (You have a good memory.) I clicked on the link and saw it was sold out. I will keep looking. But, yes, that is it!! Thanks again so much. :-) Continue Reading

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