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Re: Carol Costello on CNN

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Darn, I just can't quote with this tablet. In my previous post, I was responding to GG's comment about wishing they would just fade away. I believe that they would fade away very quickly if the press would simply stop overreporting everything they did. Continue Reading


Re: Carol Costello on CNN

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On 10/24/2014 GrettaGarbled said: So much for "Christian family values". I wish this trashy bunch would fade away. Continue Reading


Re: Carol Costello on CNN

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That was very unprofessional, shame on her. She supposedly apologized (was probably forced to), but she issued a statement and didn't have enough class to apologize on air. Meanwhile our VP's son was kicked out of the military for cocaine use and it was barely mentioned, and definitely without giggles and glee. Continue Reading


Re: Mail order spices

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I've been ordering from Penzey's for years and their spices are excellent. I was thrilled when a Penzey's retail store opened in the Boston area which isn't too far from me, so I visit there frequently. IMO, there's no comparison between their spices and what you find at the grocery store. I second another poster's recommendation to try a gift box. You'll get a nice assortment with a few spices to try. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Going to Portland Maine soon......

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If you want some authentic Maine food, be sure to have a whoopie pie! Maine and Pennsylvania have been having a friendly feud the last several years as both states claim to be the one that invented whoopie pies. You may see trucks on the side of the road selling whoopie pies, as they do that often in Maine. It's a great state and you'll have lots to do and a lot to explore. Be sure to tell us everything you did when you return. Have a great time. Continue Reading


Re: Kringle Candles

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They do have a sale after Christmas, so keep checking their website. I'm going there the day after Christmas to meet my cousins. We alternate every year between Kringle and Yankee Candle. We'll be having dinner at the Farm Table, then going across the street to do some candle shopping. Kringle also has a Facebook page, so Like it if you're a Facebook user, as they will probably announce their sale on Facebook first. Continue Reading


Re: Three Cheers For Dillards, Burlington, REI and American Girl !

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I hope this catches on and sweeps the nation. It is getting ridiculous with these stores opening earlier and earlier and encroaching into everyone's holidays. I wish I could support these stores, but they're not in my area. Still, I applaud them. Continue Reading


Re: Actress Elizabeth Pena Died at Age 55

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I was surprised to hear just recently that Elizabeth died from alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis of the liver to be exact. She must have been a raging alcoholic for it to have killed her so young. My prayers are with her family and friends. Continue Reading


Re: Kids from poorer neighborhoods keep coming to trick-or-treat in mine. Do I have to give them candy

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There's just something about this letter that I don't trust. It seems like it's a plant, written by someone who resents the 1%. It contains about every stereotype imaginable and the replies are predictable. Just as you can't stereotype all poor people as lazy slugs who won't work, you also can't stereotype the rich as cheap, selfish people who look down at the poor. Everyone is different. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbye Blackburn Nanny Bear

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I'm an original Shop Talker and I remember Nanny Bear very well. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. Rest in peace Nanny Bear; you brought a lot of joy to this board and your memory will live on... Continue Reading

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