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Re: Breakfast for dinner...

In Viewpoints 1418852713.37

I love breakfast for dinner, but not vice versa. I have to have breakfast food in the morning. Continue Reading


Re: Patti Reilly

In Beauty Banter 1418851411.697

On 12/17/2014 Q4U said: Not only do I not think that the Q would hire her back, but because of some of the embarrassing on-air things she said and did.... probably not the other Shopping Channels either. But who knows. I've always wished her well ... It all boils down to sales. You might have thought she did a few embarrassing things, but it may have been just fine with management, who knows. As long as she's generating sales then a lot of times they'll look the other way. Many hosts appear to say some off color things from time to time, but they're still around. That says it all, IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Patti Reilly

In Beauty Banter 1418850952.343

I'm sure any employee that left in good standing would be considered for re-employment, which is how it works in many companies in the private sector. I would think PR would be a shoe-in as they wouldn't have to train her from the ground up. Continue Reading


Re: Homemade Butterfinger Bites

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418834922.377

I'm really curious about this recipe, because I LOVE Butterfingers, yet I've never been crazy about Cheez-Its. I would certainly make the supreme sacrifice of trying out the recipe, just to see if it's really that good, LOL. Thanks, I look forward to trying it and I'll remember to use just a dab of peanut butter. P.S. Where do you find Ghirardelli chocolate melting discs? I've never seen them. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

In Pet Lovers 1418834469.16

I noticed that in all the photos you've shared of the kittens, Tarzan's coat is so shiny. Of course they're all beautiful, but his coat just glistens. Continue Reading


Re: The "Sony Hack"

In Viewpoints 1418833839.927

So it's not North Korea after all? If so, that's a relief. Continue Reading


Re: Kathlie Lee Gifford Says Bill Cosby Tried to Kiss Her

In Viewpoints 1418831231.833

What is finally going to happen to get him to deal with this? I imagine he's patiently waiting until it all blows over, then he'll gradually resume his career. There has to be something that will trigger some action on law enforcement's part. Continue Reading


Re: Kathlie Lee Gifford Says Bill Cosby Tried to Kiss Her

In Viewpoints 1418824951.567

On 12/16/2014 colliegirls said: On 12/16/2014 Pepper Minstix said: Kathie Lee wasn't married to Frank at the time so bringing up Frank's infidelity is irrelevant to Kathie Lee's revelation. Kathie Lee was married to Frank when he had the affair, or are you saying she wasn't married to Frank when Bill Cosby tried to kiss her? Being kissed is nothing like what these women are alleging. I am not sure why she even went down that road with her story. Obviously the way someone tries to kiss you can raise a red flag. If it was a friendly little peck on the cheek then that wouldn't make her uncomfo... Continue Reading


Re: My kitty is up to no good

In Pet Lovers 1418822671.767

One of my Maine Coons has a stuffed bear fetish. He jumps up on my bookcase, knocks them down, then drags them into other rooms in the house. Sometimes he puts one in his mouth and whips it back and forth, LOL. He doesn't tear them apart, thankfully, but he pretends to. Your little Jax is so pretty! Continue Reading


Re: 13 dogs and 1 cat are guests for a holiday feast

In Viewpoints 1418765943.227

I love the dog that was stealing the silverware, LOL. That was very well done and the animals were obviously professionals in the entertainment field. Edit to add: I see below that they're not professionals and are actually shelter pets up for adoption. They are wonderful actors! Continue Reading

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