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Re: Woman finds 3ft wasp nest on bed

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Those wasps must have thought they had it made in the shade, LOL. I also can't imagine that she had no occasion to go into that room in 3 months, but one never knows what someone else's life is like. She must have been shocked beyond words when she first saw it. Continue Reading


Re: Good News for a Change - Update to Kidnapped Amish Girls Story

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On 8/26/2014 NoelSeven said: I love photos of the Amish. This isn't related to the story, but it's a nice example. Thanks for the photo. This is probably what the garage raising will look like with the huge table for food. I'd love to go; I think it would be fun. I hear the barns (or garages in this case) go up in no time and the workmanship is top-notch. What a nice thing for them to do for this couple. Continue Reading


Re: Nook Free Fridays

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On 8/15/2014 KJPA said: On 8/15/2014 ritasNo1Fan said: New Samsung Galaxy Nook coming. Curious? Yes. Do you know anything about it? Please share ;) I just read about it today and started a thread in the Electronics Forum. I want it! I just love my Nook HD and use it all the time, so it would be worth it to upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy Nook is 7", but I read in a Nook Blog that a larger edition will be coming out in October. I think I'll wait for the larger one. I really hope that QVC decides to carry it, as I'd love to buy it on easy pay. Continue Reading


Anyone Get the New Samsung Galaxy Nook?

Last Reply by nutmeg3 1409190817.03 | Started by Topaz Gem in Electronics Talk

I just read that Barnes & Noble is selling a new Samsung Galaxy Nook. I am crazy about my Nook HD that I bought from QVC awhile back, so I'm thinking of upgrading, as I use the Nook all the time. The new Samsung Galaxy Nook is 7", but I read on a B&N blog that a larger model will be coming out in October. I think I'll wait for the larger one. I hope QVC offers it in their pre-holiday electronics shows, as I would love the opportunity to buy it on easy pay. Continue Reading


Re: Can your pets tell time? Survey of opinions

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Not in the conventional way, but yes, they can tell time and it's quite precise. My kitties know when it's time for their breakfast and supper. Also, my father's dog used to know that he would get his walk every day at 4:30 and when my father was behind in schedule or if it slipped his mind, the dog got very impatient and my father quickly remembered what he was supposed to do. Continue Reading


Re: Good News for a Change - Update to Kidnapped Amish Girls Story

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On 8/26/2014 JeanLouiseFinch said: LOVE IT! I caught a quick look of a barn raising one time as we drove though an Amish area in northern Indiana. If we could have pulled off the road to watch, we would have. How fascinating. I wish they could film it, but of course the Amish do not like to be photographed. Continue Reading


Good News for a Change - Update to Kidnapped Amish Girls Story

Last Reply by NoelSeven 1409082609.807 | Started by Topaz Gem in Viewpoints

This brought a smile to my face and I thought others would enjoy hearing about it too. The Stinsons, who were the couple responsible for returning the abducted Amish girls to their home, are getting a wonderful thank you from the Amish community. The Stinsons' garage had burned down earlier this summer, so the Amish decided to repay the couple's kindness by holding an old-fashioned barn raising, except this time it will be a garage raising. The girls, their 11 siblings, parents, grandparents and other relatives are expected to be on hand for the festivities. The father of the Amish girls t... Continue Reading


Re: Thinking of leaving hubby and running away with my Crock Pot...

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On 8/26/2014 iam4truth said: I can think of a lot of ways a crock pot is better than a man. Hmm... It is programmed to do things long and slow - not in a hurry to get things done. Once it is done "cookin", it stays warm for hours. It doesn't mess up the stove and leave the mess for you to clean up. etc Phew! It's getting a bit hot in here, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: No Words necessary.... Lena Dunham.. What was she thinking?????

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Some people like to get attention by looking bizarre. This is a perfect example... Continue Reading


Re: Kelly and Michael's never ending vacation?

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Kelly and Michael is a live show, it doesn't go into a full summer of reruns like the taped shows do. Many times they record several shows in a day so that they can take a vacation. I'm surprised if they are now having reruns, as I've never seen that done on that show before. Could be that they're making changes. Continue Reading

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