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On 1/26/2015 Ms X said: I got their protein drink with the free cookbook last January and have to say that he and his girlfriend aggravated me with that book. Everything has to be healthy, with all these unusual recipes. It was really useless to me. They should have more mainstream, accessible recipes. Their current cookbook is all everyday-type recipes, such as sloppy joes, etc. They are all healthier versions, though. That is how they eat. I know how to make the full-fat versions of all my favorites, so I appreciate someone teaching me how to make healthier alternatives. I have several... Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman TS 1-25

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On 1/26/2015 The Bird said: On 1/25/2015 Desertdi said: Not my choice of vendor........he uses scare tactics PFFTTTT! I just spit out my Monday morning lemon water reading this! You are kidding, yes? So funny! As far as the flavor of the Marine Collagen, to me, (I fix it for a FM and have tasted it) it is more smell than taste. If you hold your nose, no taste. It reminds me of two things from my childhood: cleaning the dirty aquarium, and trying unflavored gelatin, which back then was supposedly good for fingernails. If you squeeze half a lemon in water with the collegen, it covers up the ta... Continue Reading


Re: do you plan for power outage?

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I also have a gas stove and never have to worry about meals, and I also have a gas water heater so I can always take a hot shower. Of course I can't blow dry my hair, and my fridge is out, but in my small city, power outages never last very long (thankfully!) Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of movies --- The Boy Next Door

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On 1/26/2015 brii said: On 1/25/2015 croemer said: On 1/25/2015 sidsmom said: Is this the plot line....she's a teacher having se.x with a high school student? Plot: She is separated from her husband...because he had an affair. He has moved out but still in she and her sons life...with hopes of getting back together. A young man(20 years old) moves in next door to help care for his uncle who lives alone and is very ill. The young always wanting to help her and ingratiates himself as handy and helpful. He becomes obsessed with JLO though it is slow to show how much. He invites her ove... Continue Reading



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You can't really tell in the photo, but Lincoln's left eye is blue and the other one is brown. I've seen other photos of him where it's more apparent. He's such a good dog and Andrew and Muriel seem to be very attahed to him. Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prindables latest update

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The news reports were clear that the tainted apples were not the made-to order variety like Mrs. P's and the ones that HSN sells. They were the prepackaged ones that you find on the counters of convenience stores. I had bought the ones fron HSN and had already eaten a few when the story broke. I didn't even consider throwing the rest away and I'm glad I didn't panic. They were delicious. Continue Reading


Re: Blizzard for NYC and Boston

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I love huge snowstorms, as long as everyone is safe. I'm always skeptical when the weather guys whip everyone into a frenzy, because more often than not, these huge storms turn out to be a dud and we end up with just a dusting. It's the ones that sneak up on us that catch everyone off guard that are the really bad ones. I do hope that we get a big one but I refuse to panic. I already have enough food in the house to last me until spring, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: ISIS claims to have executed one of the Japanese hostages.

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Evelomaddict, thank you for posting Yukawa's story. I thought both of the men were journalists, which would explain why they would go to such a place. It's so sad that he was seeking to make some sense of his life amidst all that pain he went through in Japan. May he rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: Mary from ITKWD is she the next show host???

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I can't believe people are saying that they won't watch if Mary is made a host. IMO, Mary is probably the least controversial person that appears on the air, LOL. My impression of her is that she is very pleasant which is a nice quality to have. I'll watch whatever shows catch my interest, regardless of who is hosting; I'm certainly not going to boycott anyone who is trying their best. Continue Reading


Re: ISIS claims to have executed one of the Japanese hostages.

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ISIS is doing a great job getting the entire world against them, one country at a time. It's not just America's problem any longer. Now all we have to do is mobilize as one entity and get rid of these guys once and for all. The only problem is that I don't see any politician in any country that has the necessary leadership skills to get the job done. Today is the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill's death, and it's glaringly obvious that we don't make leaders like that anymore. Hopefully someone will emerge before it's too late. Continue Reading

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