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Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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Good to read your stories again, Teddy. When you wrote, "I am done", I was hoping it didn't mean that you were planning to stop posting. I thought it might mean that you were done with all the tapeworm stuff. Keep your stories coming! Continue Reading


Re: Renee Zellweger

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People always make the remark that she had 'squinty eyes', but that's what made her Renee and no one else. I thought her original eyes were beautiful and unique. Continue Reading


Re: Renee Zellweger

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MomTo2Dogs, that photo is Nicolette Sheridan. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson leaving QVC

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I imagine that Lisa has always had to fight off the job offers. It was only a matter of time before she got one that interested her. After 20+ years at QVC, she's probably ready to do something different. Continue Reading


Re: Renee Zellweger

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She didn't need to have anything done at this point. She's only in her 40s. One thing that looks different is her eyebrows. She always had very defined brows and now they're faded looking as if she didn't tweeze them and forgot to use her eyebrow pencil. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason update

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Thank you so much for posting this update. I've been thinking of Lisa lately and was wondering how Gino was doing. Continue Reading


Re: Remains found may be Hannah Graham

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The strangest thing happened to me while I was driving home last night. Suddenly I started thinking of Hannah and said a prayer out loud that she would be found soon. I no sooner got home, logged into Facebook, and read news bulletins by all the major networks, that remains had been found and were confirmed to be Hannah's. What a weird feeling, as I'm not psychic in the least. May she rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: How old is too old to start over at the gym

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You're never too old to take care of yourself. Exercise works wonders. I go to Curves and there's a lady there that is in her 90s. She started going over 10 years ago when her daughter observed that her balance was getting shaky. She takes her time, but does all the machines in the circuit. She's now off all her medications and looks fabulous. She has so much more energy now and instead of spending her days sitting at home, she's out every day, bopping around town with her daughter. It's wise to get your doctor's permission regardless of your age, though. Continue Reading


Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook? Is QVC getting this for a Holiday "TSV"?

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On 9/22/2014 kcladyz said: I think it's a waste of money. I read today that the Galaxy nook has lots of lag and the nook software takes up too much space. I think it's better to get a regular tablet and use the nook app Thanks, I hadn't heard any feedback about it, so I'll keep this in mind. I'm still very happy with my Nook HD, so if this new one is a dud, I'll just wait until the next version. Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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Teddy, talk to your vet about the shots and take his/her guidance. I've always had indoor cats and have always given them their shots. Rabies is airborne and can be contracted through an open screen during the warm weather, so I would definitely make sure they get their rabies shots. As far as the others go, take your vet's advice. It's better to be safe than sorry, even though shots can be a bit expensive. P.S. Enjoy the peace and quiet for as long as it lasts! Continue Reading

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