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Re: 18 Weird & (sometimes embarrassing) Habits All Cat Owners Are Guilty of Having ;-)

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OMG, most of them are me! And as others have said, they're all purrfectly normal! Continue Reading


Re: Boston MA Such a Sad Day

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He was an old-fashioned working man's democrat; one of the best. I'll never forget how he checked himself out of the hospital with a broken leg, so that he could comfort his city after the Boston bombing. Rest in peace, Mayor Menino. Continue Reading


Re: Jack Bruce of Cream

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Although I don't know the details of Jack Bruce's disease, I remember reading that the main reason Cream broke up was due to infighting and heavy drug use. Many of the young people back then, especially in the entertainment industry, were into heavy drug use and seeing the way they have aged over the years, it was very evident. I wouldn't be surprised if alcohol abuse occurred as well. I know that Clapton considers himself a drug addict and an alcoholic (recovered thankfully), and I bet that the destructive behavior began in the early years of their careers. We lost one of the best when J... Continue Reading


Jack Bruce of Cream

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Jack Bruce, who wrote such hit songs as White Room and Sunshine of Your Love, has passed away at the age of 71 from liver disease. While he wasn't as well known as Clapton, Bruce was a gifted musician in his own right, and as performed with all the greats over the years. He had such a powerful rock and roll voice and White Room was a great example of his vocal talent. May he rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: Cardinals fans --- Oscar Taveras died!

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How horrible. As a baseball fan (Red Sox), the thread title caught my attention, but intially I thought it must have been an older, retired player that passed away, so I opened the thread to learn more about him. It was so very sad to read that he was only 22, and his girlfriend must have been around the same age. May they rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: Carol Costello on CNN

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Darn, I just can't quote with this tablet. In my previous post, I was responding to GG's comment about wishing they would just fade away. I believe that they would fade away very quickly if the press would simply stop overreporting everything they did. Continue Reading


Re: Carol Costello on CNN

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On 10/24/2014 GrettaGarbled said: So much for "Christian family values". I wish this trashy bunch would fade away. Continue Reading


Re: Carol Costello on CNN

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That was very unprofessional, shame on her. She supposedly apologized (was probably forced to), but she issued a statement and didn't have enough class to apologize on air. Meanwhile our VP's son was kicked out of the military for cocaine use and it was barely mentioned, and definitely without giggles and glee. Continue Reading


Re: Mail order spices

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I've been ordering from Penzey's for years and their spices are excellent. I was thrilled when a Penzey's retail store opened in the Boston area which isn't too far from me, so I visit there frequently. IMO, there's no comparison between their spices and what you find at the grocery store. I second another poster's recommendation to try a gift box. You'll get a nice assortment with a few spices to try. Continue Reading

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