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Re: Student With Down Syndrome Accepted To College

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Great news! I hope other schools follow suit. Continue Reading


Re: George Stella

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That would be a shame if he gained weight, but who knows, it could be because of medication or other extenuating circumstances. In any case, I hope he's healthy. Continue Reading


Re: What makes YOU very different from most of the QVC viewers/purchasers ???

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How am I different? I don't complain incessantly about the hosts and/or QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Dolly Parton

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Maybe she has a new CD coming out. Continue Reading


Re: Megan Draper Sparks Juicy 'Mad Men' Conspiracy - (Sharon Tate) (SPOILERS)

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On 4/17/2014 momtodogs said: I like Mad Men but my dh does not and so I rarely see it...can someone tell me how to watch episodes from the beginning, is there a dvd that I can buy or are dvds out of style, I am definitely not up to snuff on how to watch anything other than cable tv, ha! Thanks!! Yes, there are DVDs. I got mine through Netflix. If you live in a large city, your public library may have them in their media department. My library has several series on DVD. Continue Reading


Re: Easy pay orders

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That's happened to me as well. I wouldn't hold it against QVC, as it's not their fault. You bought items on easy pay and gave them a particular card and now the card no longer works. QVC doesn't know why, all they know is that you're liable for the charges. Continue Reading



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Adult cats are known to sleep 22+ hours per day. No wonder they are never stressed out! LOL. I call it their Beauty Sleep, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: "Frog Frenchie" Precious Pup!

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So cute, and his little voice is precious. Continue Reading


Re: Are feet a safe subject?

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On 4/16/2014 croemer said: On 4/16/2014 Topaz Gem said: Feet are a pretty neutral subject matter unless you specifically target either the RIGHT or the LEFT one (catch my drift??) And if you are middle of the road? I am so confuuuuuuuuused. Then you're safe, since you always walk in a straight line, LOL. It's the ones that veer Left or Right that are controversial. Continue Reading

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