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Re: Has anyone used a therapist (counselor) to help them lose weight?

In Health & Fitness 1411404906.297

On 9/20/2014 happy housewife said: My issue is I have no will power. I feel there must be a reason I can't do this so a therapist may be the solution. I also wonder if my insurance would pay for it. Let's just cut the "cr*p and get to it. So you truly believe a therapist will be the solution? No, no one and I mean no one will be able to lose weight. The motivation to losing weight is all in your hands. You are the one that needs to understand why you need to lose weight. I'm sure if you were facing some significant health issues, you would have the willpower to do so. Weight Watchers not... Continue Reading


Re: Hi Beauties, What did you Purchase this past week ending 9/19/14???

In Beauty Banter 1411155964.46

Gucci from NM, all on preorder...love the purple nail polish! Continue Reading


Re: Roadkill is back for 2015

In Fashion Talk 1411154767.52

Let it be known and understood that not all faux fur is roadkill......just the kind as pictured on the Coach website and other similar.................. Continue Reading


Re: I need help with a measurement, please.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411145274.553

I guess what are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to make your own spice cake or are you trying to make a pumpkin pie cake? There are some great recipes using a yellow box of cake mix but most of them call for a can of pumpkin too. What you can do is make the cake mix according to directions and bake one cupcake with the spice mix added and taste it when it cools, if you don't like it, you're not wasting 23 other cupcakes. I wouldn't add the spice mix to basic vanilla frosting though, if you want to get inventive, you can mix pumpkin with cream cheese and add a 1/2 teaspoon to tha... Continue Reading


Re: Need some tips on selling old gold jewelry . . .

In Jewelry Talk 1411067999.537

I would get a loop or find someone that has one....what I did to sell locally was divide the jewelry up into 10k, 14k, 18k and sterling. I then went to a local jeweler and he gave me a price. Continue Reading


Re: Roadkill is back for 2015

In Fashion Talk 1411065191.42

On 9/18/2014 brewhaha said: I thought this was a thread about dinner. You amuse me, I do look so forward to your postings, always a different perspective/interpretation on any given subject. I do like the muppets analogy too, there are MORE COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Color--difference between indigo.

In Denim & Co 1411064899.78

It will be very close, you should be good to go with that set. Continue Reading


Roadkill is back for 2015

Last Reply by champagnepoodle 1411164925.057 | Started by nantucket shore in Fashion Talk

Went to the Coach website to look at all the new for 2014 Fall Collection (just a little bit behind on everything) and clicked on Spring 2015 and there they are...roadkill jackets in color! The SG Roadkill jacket I think is gone but now someone else with a similar idea. Unreal. Continue Reading


Q Shopping Conversation

Last Reply by imaclotheshog 1411063397.743 | Started by nantucket shore in Fashion Talk

So last night at one of the Bon Ton Stores I'm in the shoe department and here's this woman attempting to try on a pair of Ryka's. She was having a difficult time and had many piles of shoe boxes next to her and I said "made for women by women" and she said you must shop at the Q. So we got talking and she said "oh no, I don't shop at the Q, I used to buy buy buy and anything they were selling I needed and I was so much out of control" I looked at her and thought, wow, there are really people out there like this. She continued on as to how much debt she racked up with their card and for a... Continue Reading


Re: Dooney ladies, how to tell if your Dooney is well made?

In Dooney & Bourke 1411057813.243

Just returned a $300 plus winged shopper....the leather had a "bleach like" mark on the front of the bag. I always check the handles, the face and back of the bag and inside zippers. It's not only dooney's, I do this for Coach, Michael Kors and anyone else's bags, I think if you are paying that kind of money, it has to be perfect. But, that's just me. Continue Reading

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