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Re: Love the Rachel Ray Set. . .but

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On 8/27/2014 MKR NY said: I think QVC's shipping is no worse than anything you buy online that is this heavy. I just got charged almost $10.00 at JC Penney's for 4 packages of my husband's t-shirts. All of the shipping from UPS and USPS are ridiculous but we never would be able to buy different and unique things without it. I personally will pay for a set like this as it shouldn't have to be returned. IF it did, I will call QVC for a preprinted return label with them paying for the shipping if it was damaged. Years ago I had a problem with a large item being broken and they did just that. So... Continue Reading


Re: Here is the Rachel Ray TSV!

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Almost 20% of the price just for shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


That Dreaded "Letter"

Last Reply by muttmom 1409088106.9 | Started by nantucket shore in Viewpoints

It's probably just me, but receiving that dreaded you returned too much letter that everyone talks about just took the 'sail' out of buying from the Q. I didn't stop entirely but I have slowed tremendously. I can't remember the last time I have gone a whole month without a purchase. I am more apt to look elsewhere than risk the chance something won't fit or be defective so I just don't order. I wonder how many others have made a conscious effort not to buy after they have received the letter. I know it's just a reminder to think twice before ordering but it has made me think twice that I ... Continue Reading


Re: Penzey's Favorites

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On 8/25/2014 SisterSisto said: Well, thanks to this post, I just did an online order for $60 worth of spices. I am a devoted Penzey's shopper and just received this latest catalogue. I love and use Forward all the time and they have a promotional right now for the "Teachers Care" box which includes the large Forward, a small smoked Spanish style Paprika, a bumper sticker that says Teachers Care and a pin that says Teach. All of this is boxed real nice for the bargain price of $4.95 with a limit of 3 boxes per order. Since the same bottle of Forward on its own is $6.65, I thought that was a sw... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone love Ted's Hot Dogs??? Coming to QVC Soon!

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On 8/20/2014 chickenbone said: ordered the 36 count. I came up with $8 a lb. I have no idea how you figured that cost per pound but the correct amount is $9.34 per pound ***** these are made with pork and beef ****** do all of you know what goes in a hotdog?? anything and everything is ground up and pulverized, then combined with spices. There is absolutely nothing wasted on any animal, even the lips and spleens are used. Continue Reading


Ditka Steaks

Last Reply by dfyre 1408635052.003 | Started by nantucket shore in Kitchen & Food Talk

So if I buy a 16 oz steak from the Shop, I'll buy $50 a pound/steak. If I walk into one of his restaurants, I'll pay $39.95 for the same cut of steak and it's cooked for me. Wouldn't you think if you bought the raw meat it would be less expensive than walking into a restaurant and having it prepared for you? I'm sure they'll sell a lot but 6 steaks for $300 is really a lot of money, at least it is to me. (ShopHQ) Continue Reading


Re: I think Logo TSV is up

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Now I clicked on the pink still picture and enlarged it, went down and saw the zipper buckle approx. 2-3" from the bottom, that's a deal breaker for me. So many hoodies I own and the zipper buckles, might at well donate those but they look funny wearing them. Numerous QF, D&C, and even Calvin Klein from department stores. Maybe if it was hand washed it wouldn't do that, wonder even if the delicate cycle of the washer is stretching the fabric? Continue Reading


Re: Dot Com Fall Selection

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On 8/17/2014 allthatsgood said: I would just keep checking the Dooney daily for new arrivals and collections. You might want to check out : lyra mag Dooney and Bourke Fall 2014 Part One. There are new collections that will be coming, some already on the website. Peter has put some quite pricey ones in his line up this fall. Lyra mag will probably have a Dooney Fall 2014 Part Two, they usually do, can't say when, but just keep checking. I'm like you, I've sent in a trade in and haven't heard anything back, so will probably give them a call, tomorrow. Really don't know what I'm going to purchas... Continue Reading


Re: SG clothing is getting very boring, plain and matronly-so long....

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Soooooooooooooooo long.... The store's are full of so long tops, I thought a lot of these pieces were dresses and no, they are tops, going forward that's the new style, tops down to your knees and below. The tall gals are going to have fun this season, they won't need to go to any specialty stores. Continue Reading


Dot Com Fall Selection

Last Reply by nantucket shore 1408333257.64 | Started by nantucket shore in Dooney & Bourke

I called last month and was told by CS that the Fall Collection would be mid to late August so I sent in 2 bags for the trade in program. Now almost 30 days later, now I'm told late August to early September. I did get a 2 wk extension on the trade in but it's going to be pretty close. Anyone have any idea as to when we'll be seeing new for the Fall hit the dot come website? Continue Reading

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