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Re: How I clean a brush

In Beauty Banter 1418236148.68

As I was explaining doing it the "old fashioned way"...WoW...thanks Nascardiva, didn't know there was anything like this. As they say "proper tools for the proper job", I will definitely buy one of these. Continue Reading


How I clean a brush

Last Reply by straitgirl 1418316620.603 | Started by nantucket shore in Beauty Banter

All that build up on brushes and strands of hair make a big difference in a brush. Here's what I do (any type of brush) I used another brush and start by the handle side and pull the brush through the other brush. Sometimes a comb works too but if it's a cheap comb, you'll probably break all the teeth off before it ever does what it's supposed to do. I continue that process all the way around the brush (round brush) and you should have bunches of hair that comes out. Next, once all the hair, or close to it is out of the brush, I put it in a sink of warm to hot water and use any type of s... Continue Reading


Re: Lamo boots recalled again?

In TSV Talk 1417291370.873

Wore mine yesterday when UPS delivered them and they are really nice. For the short period of time I had them on, I got a lot of the colors. Hope you get yours. Continue Reading


Re: No A.M. Style Live Chat-11/29

In Fashion Talk 1417270309.857

On 11/29/2014 lovestoteach said: Good morning! I shopped for this and it wasn't a Black Friday deal... that's for sure! The tutu business is alive and well and we are helping! WoW! You are so advanced for your age, when I could fit into something like this, I don't believe I could even talk let alone type on the computer, kids these days. Continue Reading


Re: No A.M. Style Live Chat-11/29

In Fashion Talk 1417269623.293

I wish the Q wouldn't scr@w around with their programming during the Holidays. Saturday mornings are for fashion and they could have some great dress up for the Holidays shows....a lot of Mackie, Basso, and who knows who...leave the D&C alone for the day. The people who tune in Saturday mornings are expecting fashion and the people who never tune in Saturday mornings because of the fashion shows are not going to even look since they are expecting fashion. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have a Good Tried and True Lemon Sponge Cake recipe?

In Recipe Swap 1417269381.98

My grandmother never made her sponge cake in a tube pan. Instead, she lined the pan with greased wax paper and poured the sponge cake batter in a 9 x 13 pan. The cake was cut into squares, frosted on 4 sides and topped then rolled in coconut. WoW, I can taste them now. I only have my mom's original 9 or 12 egg sponge cake, that cake gets huge in a tube pan and is truly moist but my grandmother's recipe is long gone and I'm not even sure it was ever written down. Good Luck finding what you want, I believe the 2 layer part means you're talking about the cake and the crust like moist part... Continue Reading


Re: LAMO, whenever ????

In TSV Talk 1417201817.77

Received mine today .................... bought the cobalt blue and hot pink the blue is so beautiful, matches my Dooney bag and my new Android watch....they are keepers, glad I went up a size. Continue Reading


Re: LAMO Boots TSV delayed shipment

In All About Shoes 1417027449.28

My 2 pair shipped today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot pink and cobalt blue...maybe I'll wear one of each color and start a new trend????????? Continue Reading


Ruining Black Friday

Last Reply by terrier3 1417088995.303 | Started by nantucket shore in Viewpoints

Retail has slumped to all new levels.... the ads are out you can place orders online now so you might as well ruin Cyber Monday I don't have to go to the stores I don't have to wait until Friday, stores are open earlier and earlier Thanksgiving Day The family traditional get together is gone I don't have to get up at 4:00 in the morning Who needs to line up anymore, there's always more deals next week. I would think by now the only thing I would ever consider is a TV but really, I have 4 already and that's 3 too many. Continue Reading


Re: Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417026546.067

I have a Kitchenaid too and the only time I've ever used the dough hook is to make yeast bread or pizza dough....that's it Yes, your flat beater is your friend and you do need a scraper, mom always used her pointer finger. When making cookie dough, I always use the whip attachment for the butter and sugar then change to the paddle adding the eggs and the rest of the flour components. Continue Reading

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