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Re: How about an "Offensive Poster" button, QVC?

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The meaning of being an offensive poster is anyone who disagrees with any given individual so this is subject to interpretation. If Q adopts this suggestion then there wouldn't be anyone on this forum! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone ever tried.....?

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you are correct, after you bake the marshmallow it will be gone Continue Reading


Re: Living out of a Can

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On 7/24/2014 Tissyanne said: nantucket, you have accomplished what a lot of us cannot, and for that you should be very proud. I think some of the comments here were pretty harsh, considering all the working women who also carry the duty of cooking for a family. You have some good thoughts, and my earlier remark was not directed at you. From one WW to another (I know you said you chose another program) I know you are a really nice person and you know it takes a lot of effort but I'm not sure I accomplished that much and thank you for the atta girl. Even healthy has stalled me, I'm eating way t... Continue Reading


Re: How many D&B's do you have?

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I'm done! Yea right I say that all the time to myself and what's funny is I never HEAR myself let alone listen to myself. Just traded 2 in and just heard all new coming out in August, so I will wait. Oh my, not one for fall but getting 2!!!! that's 2 more to add to the collection. and just think all you ladies are to blame because prior to joining this forum I had -0- and now more than my fingers and toes. Continue Reading


Re: Donate value of D&B, Brahmin

In All About Handbags 1406209119.743

Why don't you send your Dooney's in for trade in's? I do that all the time and get new handbags for the next season. As far as value, I always put half the value on the card for tax purposes. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Watching the Next Food Network Star?

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On 7/23/2014 ciao_bella said: I think the network knows who they want in advance, and they play to that person. Another thing that annoys me is when "Suzy or Bob Tishman" (sp?) say something positive or negative about one of the contestants, Giada and Alton always agree with them. I guess when you own the show, it's follow the leader..or else! Now that would be GREAT TV, can you imagine telling Suzy or Bob, no you're wrong, we've been with these contestants every day and you just come for one dinner and believe you have a strong opinion about them...................wrong............ now tha... Continue Reading


Re: Living out of a Can

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On 7/23/2014 lolakimono said: On 7/23/2014 cotto22 said: Here's the problem I have with this thread: I am not sure that it was started and has continued to be helpful, but rather to be judgmental. Knowing what I know about Nantucket, she's on a path to better health and making good lifestyle choices. She's been actively posting about giving up smoking and attending Weight Watchers meetings, and has chronicled her weight loss. I don't view her as being judgemental, but, rather coming from someone who used to be in those shoes, she's made better choices over the past year and a half and has se... Continue Reading


Re: Living out of a Can

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On 7/23/2014 ChynnaBlue said: You're trying to get people to make healthier choices by suggesting they make homemade frosting? of course not, 2 thoughts addressed in one thread. Just too easy for everyone these days to open and heat or open and spread. Need to sit back and realize what are we really doing and what's really in that can. It's hard for people who live alone, they look for convenience and it's really hard to shop for one let alone prepare meals. I think too watching Guy's Grocery Games last Sunday and having a woman talk about how her mom cooked by buying frozen dinners an... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Watching the Next Food Network Star?

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The FN is giving Giada and new look....I'm sure you haven't missed her low cut dresses, ok lady, let is all hang out. I'm not sure Lenny the cowboy is being pushed ahead anymore, he was the front runner but last week one of the judges said he can present to large audience but when in a small group gathering, he fails. It's all about your own show and talking to the camera and I don't believe Lenny can do that. I really believe Luca was specially "groomed" since no one and absolutely no one can improve that dramatically on their own. He got some great coaching and learned fast. I think Luc... Continue Reading


Re: Please, Please, Please help me...

In Health & Fitness 1406121045.877

On 7/23/2014 ID2 said: Oh come on now! She's not going to come back and answer! After the rudeness that was spewed at her you should all be ashamed of yourselves! Oh I disagree, no rudeness just a far fetched story of 2 young girls having some fun. The story didn't add up, there is no way possible that the events happened when they did and actually how it all went down. These are the stories that make or break a business. I would just bet there wasn't any dresses ordered from them, there wasn't any wedding, there wasn't any need to lose weight, just some ill fitting bits of information t... Continue Reading

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