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Re: Scrub Daddy

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On 2/22/2014 radimage said: On 2/22/2014 SunnyinSEPA said: I would not scrub the peel off potatoes with a scented sponge. Gross! That's like scrubbing that scent into the vegetable. What are they thinking? Lemony potatoes anyone? I was thinking the same thing. On the other hand...peeling potatoes with a peeler is NOT a difficult thing in the first place...the idea that this sponge can do it easier is SO gimmickie. They try SO hard to sell stuff...instead of letting the product just sell itself. I think by late this afternoon they'll be attaching onto a clarisonic and removing the debris and... Continue Reading


Re: o/t the bachelorette?????

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On 7/30/2014 virgosun said: Just happened to tune into Access Hollywood today when Billy Bush was interviewing Nick. He asked him point plank about his remarks and if he was told to say what he said on the show. Nick said he was "absolutely" not told what to say, that there was no one in his ear prompting him and that the moment Andi broke up with him all he could think about was why did she make love with him if she was not going to choose him and he felt he had to ask her this. He felt the answers he was getting from her were cold and he wanted to make her give him a real answer. He will al... Continue Reading


Re: scrub daddy tsv

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Why would anyone need 10 of these? I would basically need one....not 9 more to store under the sink. They don't wear out, or do they? They are a sponge and sponges last a long time. Also, if I'm not mistaken, didn't the guy say when on Shark Tank they cost him 5 cents.....laughing all the way to the bank. Continue Reading



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How many did you cook for and what did you come up with? Continue Reading


Re: Attn Marsha2003- Cheryl's Cookies

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I ordered the Christmas tins last year on an advanced order, was going to give them out for gifts to my customers then when I received them, they were not at all suitable for a gift, the frosting was all cracked and must of gotten an old batch. I would think they would make great gifts but question how far in advance all these cookies are baked. Continue Reading



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Add Isaac M to this list....I was doing real good and the last 2 items, WoW, wonder what factory made those and who checked at the Q for quality...apparently no one. Continue Reading


Re: In the for fall/winter! Who else?

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I'm wearing what I have since doing Weight Watchers I don't want to buy anything at all. I did that whole weight gain thing and now it's time to see how much I can go down and not up. It's a constant battle but with the 20+ pounds down, it's nice not to rely on the Q for clothing that I can just go into a store and shop the misses area. The other problem I have about buying ahead, I always see something different and want that too.....I end up spending more money than I need to. Glad you found exactly what you want at the Q Continue Reading


Re: o/t the bachelorette?????

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are you talking about the reveal of why she was spending the nights with him? or something else? I completely missed it. Continue Reading


Re: Bran Muffin Question

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On 7/28/2014 house_cat said: Bran muffins are tricky in that they sound like a healthy choice because of the bran, when in actuality, they are very high in fat and calories. You can try using 1/8 cup oil and 4 oz. of applesauce, but if you do, be sure to cut back a bit on the sugar. Also, as you know, be careful not to over mix. Not sure if your recipe included raisins, but I always add them to mine. I think the raisins add a bit of moisture. Now you did it… now I have to make some tomorrow morning. thanks! i did cut back on the sugar and should of added the applesauce and I did put ... Continue Reading


Re: Attitudes fit?

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On 7/28/2014 bunsnpigs said: All I can think of is Citiknits which I went nuts on years back. I just this past weekend put them all in a bag for Goodwill. I do not want that stuff again! That's a great analogy, I noticed the same as the OP states and opted not to buy her clothing at all. I thought we were back in time offering a 4 pc wardrobe, weren't they popular in the 90's?? Not sure what era that was but remember the matchy matchy clothing. Continue Reading

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