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Free Ship Day?

Last Reply by shoekitty 1414535631.13 | Started by nantucket shore in Fashion Talk

Does anyone know when or if there is going to be a free shipping day with the Q? Doesn't this happen at least once a year? Not sure when. Thanks in advance. Continue Reading


Re: New Thread for Gili HOBO TSV- Who bought it??

In All About Handbags 1414435598.507

Why isn't anyone saying anything about the top zippers, as least to me they look "buckled" the way they are sewn. I would definitely not associate this bag with any higher end priced bags, to me it looks like they cheapened it with those zippers. Continue Reading


Re: Betsey Johnson handbags

In All About Handbags 1413231213.55

On 10/9/2014 Tissyanne said: Does anyone buy this brand? My family bought me one from Dillard's that I just love. I have carried it for the last 4 months, and finally packed it away last night as it is a summer bag. The gold tone hardware looks pretty, the lining is black with tiny pink rosebuds. The handbag still looks new. Love mine. How's your weight loss coming? I'm thinking about quitting WW soon since I hired a personal trainer but I'm thinking twice today, I loss 3.6# on the WW scale last Saturday and the gym scale this morning said I gained a pound...... Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1412973486.8

No, I think it's because of all the returns on the first GILI bag that were returned for cracking handles, the Q finally got the numbers from accounting and LR would of had to work for free for the next 10 years for that fiasco. Seriously, I didn't know she was leaving until I read these posts, people move on all the time, happens everyday in all shapes and sizes of companies. I vote for "retirement", sold the LV shoes and resting pretty. Continue Reading


Re: Cleaning out your House

In For the Home Talk 1412955596.89

On 10/9/2014 Sabatini2 said: nantucket, I HEAR YOU! I just went through the exact same thing. Sometimes having a big house is a PITA, because over time, it becomes the go-to place to 'store' stuff until (if ever), the stuff's owner decides to claim it. I'm bad enough on my own , but my attic, garage, cellar and closets were packed to the gills w/ other people's stuff, & it was exhausting and bone wearying to drag it all up, down, & out. Half went to the thrift shop & the other half, right into a dumpster. The biggest problem, believe it or not, was p-a-i-n-t. From the previous own... Continue Reading


Re: New kohls rewards program

In Fashion Talk 1412891816.293

I saw something like this advertised but didn't look much into they are offering rewards with rewards? or is one rewards program being phased out and a new one coming? I just think, how much does this stuff really cost? Kohl's offers so many discounts yet they are a profitable company...interesting. Continue Reading


Cleaning out your House

Last Reply by jlkz 1413156010.94 | Started by nantucket shore in For the Home Talk

I have been diligently cleaning out the house for the past 6 wks. Found some friends that are willing to help me but please ladies and gentlemen, get rid of everything you don't need or want immediately. My family was "put it down in the basement" well, you can imagine it hasn't come up the stairs until now. Another one, "let's put it up in the attic", same thing, it hasn't come down until now. What was quite interesting was a collection of 1935 Christmas ornaments and do I know that specific date, there was a cancelled stamped envelope included with the box...that wa... Continue Reading


Re: Just wanted to post again about my Temptations negative dangerous experiences as a precaution for consumer usage

In Temp-tations 1411833254.663

I understand what you are communicating and this has been discussed for years yet people are still buying. It's probably me but if I find something to be defective, would I continue to use it, no. After the 1st occurrence I would of packed all similar pans/dishes and either donated or tossed no matter if it's for cold or hot, but hey, that's me. Continue Reading


Re: I got my Serena Top - Anyone Else???????

In Fashion Talk 1411756345.24

I ordered her camo sweatshirt and really like it. It's more like a sweater than a sweatshirt but in the blue, it also came with that hang tag that tells me to wash separately first, I didn't, put it in with the regular laundry and hoped for the best. Everything turned out great. Missed that Today's Special but bought other items from her line and really liked them. Continue Reading


Re: Clarks shoes falling apart

In Clarks 1411756101.687

Have you called them directly? I have several pairs that I WISH would fall apart and they don't....similar to Lands End clothing that seems to never wear out either. Continue Reading

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