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Re: HELP SOMEONE. Cannot remove something that is very enlarged on page?

In Electronics Talk 1398391954.47

I would just shut down and restart your computer, should reset itself and close the program that seems to be open. Have you tried that yet? Continue Reading


Re: Back on April 6 it was Caramel Popcorn day, I finally found my recipe I used at school.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398342023.247

I remember you need a large kettle for the brown sugar mixture, doesn't it "blow up" in volume with the baking soda?? Haven't made this in years. Continue Reading


Re: Attn Webbie- Lavinia Naifsmoot - Troll alert

In Jewelry Talk 1398341474.33

Call me paranoid but I just changed my password here. No big deal and took less than 10 seconds. You are correct, a human couldn't of done what they did that fast. Continue Reading


Re: Oh Brother. Troll named Lavinia Na­ifSmoot bumping threads again

In Fashion Talk 1398340790.09

268 threads in one day...WOW, just amazes me how someone can spend so much time on something so's not even humorous, it's been done before. Continue Reading


Re: Doesn't this look like something Clinton Kelly would tell you not to wear?

In Fashion Talk 1398340634.427

I think it's actually slimming, the way the lines go 'down' vs stripes across. I would definitely buy this if I were in to wearing dresses or even have a place to wear them. Continue Reading


Re: Wonderful Easy Ingredient Cake - Magic Cake ... YUM!!!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398226394.95

is this one of those links that if you click on it someone gets paid???? why not copy and paste the recipe? thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Next time my Mr. Coffee goes out, I'm going to instant Folgers

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398221609.323

OMG!!! Just thinking about this makes me sick. Have you had a cup of instant coffee lately? Buy the 4 cup Mr Coffee for less than $20 at Walmart, it works great and you don't have to brew that much coffee. Now me, I drink way too much coffee but I appreciate a good cup of brewed daily fresh ground coffee. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Says I Need Both Knees Replaced (need all the advice I can get!)

In Health & Fitness 1398221394.51

All I can tell you is what my customer's who have had knee replacement tell me. It takes a lot of physical therapy once you have a replacement and 2 out of the many customers that have had that done tell me they still have problems and that the surgery did nothing for them. Now, they have had hip replacement and that seems to be better so before you have anyone do anything, do your homework first. Go to a therapy place and get some answers from others who have had this done. Take off the weight first, the added weight doesn't do anyone any good, I quit smoking over a year ago and I lost 30 ... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Mom's Moving In

In Fashion Talk 1398192538.64

Thanks everyone. Since she needs the bathroom help I've decided to either close my business/operate it online only or just open on the weekends when I can get some help. What I have witnessed at the rehab facility is beyond anyone's imagination. I still can't believe we take care of our people this way. I'm there every morning and every evening and not just to say hi and goodbye but I stay more at night than in the morning. My mom deserves the best and one of my customers said to me, "if your family is anything like my family, we take care of our own". I don't believe she'll be that muc... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Mom's Moving In

In Fashion Talk 1398140750.047

My mom was supposed to go for rehab only and she needs help. She no longer can get herself dressed and need bathroom assistance. She is in her 80's and what she could do, she no longer can do. The great thing is her mind is 100% sharp and there's no signs of anything else, the body is weakening but the mind is great. Just heck to get old. I think all of us are to blame for her house being "full". There is stuff in the closets I never took and the other siblings have the same. It's like we all thought everything is fine and will be fine forever, the house will never be sold and mother wi... Continue Reading

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