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Re: So annoyed by shipping and returns!

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You probably used their return shipping labels. I believe this has been a hot topic several times a year on here. Those packages are accumulated and leave the post office once a week. Yes, you're package is sitting there. Second, tracking information is not the greatest with the post office, it takes them sometimes several days to post updates. I'm sure you'll be OK, you did ship it within the time frame, didn't know that these shopping channels had to receive it within the 30 days, thought it was as long as you returned it by the 30 days. Continue Reading


Re: Women with Control?

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Read the posted reviews.............NO, WAIT, The person says "I'm a 1X, XL and wear a large" so they fit like the Q items. The next person says size up, another person says size down. Another person says you should size up because she doesn't want them fitting like leggings. Then the material, too heavy, great to wear around the house.............. That made my morning, I just shook my head and said they are not for me and I'm not going to chance it, too many nice clothes in the stores. Continue Reading


Re: Perfume Smell -- Is it a Return?

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It could be the chemicals used in the import process and not necessarily perfume as we know. I bought some Danskin tops from Walmart and didn't notice the "smell" till I got home but a good washing and everything is OK. Continue Reading


Re: Clarks TSV?

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On 4/17/2015 lousgirl84 said: I actually think they are cute and I am not a huge Clark's fan regarding their styles. I was amazed to see a review by someone who didn't even order them but instead interjected her own feelings calling them " pretty hideously-ugly orthopedic looking - definitely a step backward from the fashion forward styling that Clarks has been doing in recent years. Looking forward to something better very soon." You all may not agree but I don't think people should be able to review something unless they purchased it. I read that too...but now I wonder we have a TSV that... Continue Reading


The Pricing!

Last Reply by willdob3 1429329803.677 | Started by nantucket shore in Fashion Talk

What in the heck is going on with all the high prices on fashion. It's not like the Q is the only place to shop or they have such great stuff that you just have to have it and pay what they want. D&C has gone up a lot, just noticed a woven shirt from IM for $65, I know others have mentioned SG when a 50 dollar bill was a lot and now, you barely get one piece let alone 2 pieces. I realize prices have gone up but it's time to source elsewhere and leave China sitting with them trying to squeeze more money out of us. I also think it's time the Q looks at how to reduce their costs and pass the... Continue Reading


Nordstrom's New Holographic Nail Polish

Started by nantucket shore in Beauty Banter 1429154281.313

Please save your money. I ordered the pink and first off, open all the doors, the smell is crazy strong. Next, applied one coat and you can see through it, applied another coat, went out into the sunlight and looked for the holographic effect, none to be found. There are micro flakes of some color in the polish but seriously, they don't do anything. I personally don't have a black light to test the effect as advertised so I can't review that. Staying power is minimal, not even 2 hours later, I have smears that the polish is gone from the nail and chips. Needless to say it's a return. Al... Continue Reading


Re: Breezies will be getting lots of returns with their poor sizing

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On 4/13/2015 turtle52 said: She said size 14 panty, NOT size 14 in clothing. Something is nor right with that either....size 14 panty, that's really big, more like a 4X or 5X in clothing size, wouldn't think a 2X is 14. I've never seen a 14 panty in a store. so that would mean a 1X is a 12 panty, XL is a 10 and so on..... Continue Reading


Re: When was the last time your changed your hairstyle?

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Funny you should ask, just yesterday, so board with the angled cut, long in front and angled to the back....was time was a change and color too! Continue Reading


O/T Bridal Shower Registry

Last Reply by Alsee 1428985353.767 | Started by nantucket shore in Beauty Banter

I heard this and said "what?". Apparently the bride went to 5 different stores to register for her Bridal shower. I like the variety that people can go where they feel comfortable to shop but she registered the same groups of items at all 5 stores! Shower came and gone and she ended up with 5 crock pots, 5 coffee makers, 3 sets of dishes, and so on and so on. Oh my gosh, now why wouldn't someone explain to her that registering for the same items at each store is not a good idea. Unreal. Continue Reading


Re: Does this make me look fat?

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Please don't listen to Jeanne Bice, she died too young. Being healthy is the right way. Moderate healthy portions limiting carbs and fats. Continue Reading

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