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Re: Daffodil Cake

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So I made 2 of them....1 in my Nordic Pan and 1 in my non stick. The Nordic pan one is pretty high, actually right over the rim of the pan and the non stick one just came to the lip but the height of these pan are different. The first one I used real egg whites meaning I separated the eggs and for the second one I measured the 1-1/2 cups of egg whites but used a carton of whites (had to use the balance of yolks so the carton whites had to be used) The 1st one feels lighter than the 2nd one but I'll cut them tomorrow and see what everyone says if they can even tell a difference....knowing my m... Continue Reading


Daffodil Cake

Last Reply by nantucket shore 1397965407.65 | Started by nantucket shore in Kitchen & Food Talk

On it's way out of the oven in 5 minutes. Not one recipe on the internet is the one I remembered, needed to call Betty Crocker and get the one that calls for 12 whites and 6 yolks...just peaking through the window, it's pretty high.................very happy camper. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Cooking...am I the only one who feels this way?

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Please don't feel this way. I love to cook! After what I'm seeing from my mom in the nursing home and what they feed these people, be thankful and I mean thankful you can enjoy all the great foods that are available. It's pretty sad what they feed them, the food is cold, it looks like it's been made days ago, the quality of ingredients is pretty sad and what kind of choice do these people have?...seriously, they don't have any choices. Easter dinner is being brought to mom, it will be fresh from Sunday morning prep and kept warm until I get there. There is nothing like home cooked food, yo... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone here follow a very strict diet? With little to no "cheating"?

In Health & Fitness 1397788993.32

I think you need to change your thinking regarding food. All foods are a great bang for your buck, seriously. Your mind wants lets say a piece of chocolate but looking at the fat and calories, that's probably not a good choice for one little piece of chocolate rather having let's say 10 pieces of licorice is such a better option. Not true and I've been through this week after week after week and still doing WW. My mind wants chocolate and although let's say it's 6 pts and the licorice is only 2 pts (all for example) you will not be mentally satisfied with the 2 pt candy, you need the 6 pt c... Continue Reading


Re: Caller on the 9am Susan Graver show April 17

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I heard that.....can't afford the internet nor a cell phone but has a lot of SG clothes, I've been thinking about that all day. Even a trac phone is only $100 a year and she could of passed up on 2 liquid knit tops and had that paid. That was too funny. The woman was talking about mixing and matching and going to church, she was of senior age according to her voice. p.s. she loves the liquid knit. Continue Reading


Re: Susan gravers printed crop pants

In TSV Talk 1397744276.437

Oh ladies, printed pants on heavy legs just don't go together...Jackie looked like she had pajama pants on....not a good thing at all. ...and not one solid, that's odd they wouldn't offer a solid. Continue Reading


Re: TSV April 17

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On 4/10/2014 wvumountiefan said: OMG!!! I wonder if this thread will be like some of the others? I too have gotten to where I can't watch Susan's shows either. I've bought a couple of her tops in the past but I sent them back! Not my style! She really does repeat herself. Do woman really tell her they are in liquid knit heaven?? I have ordered at least 5 pairs of her jeans and I ended up sending them all back. I'd like to know what pant manufacturer she worked for? They were not good and for jeans they were really thin. I can get jeans a lot cheaper at JCP or American Eagle. Don't worry how ... Continue Reading


Re: A question for D&B handbag owners...

In Dooney & Bourke 1397701723.023

You might feel that way NOW but you won't in the future. I bought several tops/pants/shoes of the same kind thinking the same thing and seriously you'll look back and wonder why you did that. It's part of a whim and those are hard to break but believe me, you will absolutely be happy you didn't do that. Set your mind in a different direction and don't do it. Continue Reading


Re: May 16 TSV - Roma 2 Tote

In TSV Talk 1397670591.923

I'm sure they'll be plenty of bags available and you won't miss it. if you do, don't forget there are plenty of cancelled, returned orders so I doubt it will be a sell out. Continue Reading


Re: Puppy's in a plane?

In Pet Lovers 1397617786.37

I'm still crying, not as often but almost everyday. This is terrible, I miss him so bad, he was my partner and best friend. I called my vet today and barely could get through the conversation but asked about a Golden Doodle, I saw one today at my mom's rehab center and she was so friendly and just loved the attention. I have some things to do around the house first, like paint and clean some clutter first, then it will be time. The house is so lonely, my business is lonely, and although I'm keeping busy, I don't think I'll last 6 months without another friend. Anyone have a golden doodle? ... Continue Reading

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