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Re: Am I the Only One Who Is Not "Getting" the High-Low Hem Look?

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I like the longer in the back for gym wear......wish they would put more emphasis on men's wear...seeing too much lately when they bend over. Continue Reading


Re: Have you noticed there is a four hour easy pay going on?

In Judith Ripka 1432608828.627

I noticed that but that really doesn't do me any good..... 20% coupon from HSN this weekend 15% coupon from Evine Live 40% off Jones New York site 30% Lands End 20% off Gilt City I'm sure the list goes on and on...Bon Ton stores $50 off $100 and $10 off $25 and this morning (might of been local though) $20 off $30. Continue Reading


Re: Most Effective Way U Clean Kitchen Floor?

In For the Home Talk 1431997966.59

The secret is a paper towel wiping up what makes it "awful". The Swiffer wet jet works great for quick cleaning too. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's $3000 purse and $350 dress

In Fashion Talk 1431891030.27

Let's get this straight, there is no way anyone would wear a $350 dress with a purse that cost 10X the cost of the dress....I'm guessing a knock off from China. Why does everyone believe it's "real", wasn't her line on the Q designer knockoff's. Continue Reading


Re: 5/21 SG tsv

In TSV Talk 1431790269.07

Liquid Knit........................that's a good guess. Continue Reading


Re: I'm sick and disgusted with camera angles during live makeup applications !!!!

In Beauty Banter 1431789772.45

I'm just amazed that anyone can buy any kind of makeup over the TV or even the internet. The colors vary from brand to brand. The eye colors are so much different in person what looks good on the models does not necessarily look good on me. Unless someone is starting with a bare face, it may appear they are applying the product but they are not, just going through the motion, that's why nothing is close. Continue Reading


Re: What's in your secret stockpile?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1431746468.243

I live across the street from a major food store chain and I don't stockpile anything. I grew up in a house with a fruit cellar, always filled with canned goods and paper products. Then when the fruit cellar was converted to a "junk area" the food moved to shelving in the basement. Way too much of everything, I guess I revolted against my upbringing. Now I have way too many spices but no duplicates and I guess that's what you're talking about, a lot of duplicates. Continue Reading


Re: If this is a fashion forum, why is it inappropriate to say...

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...because EVERYTHING the Q sells is wonderful so why would anyone say to the contrary Continue Reading


Summer Clearance Already...

Last Reply by desertDi 1431924169.437 | Started by Just Bling in Fashion Talk

That's crazy but I'm sure liking it. Bought some crop pants by Cathy Daniels for 50% off $26.99.....nice soft lightweight knit. I am not sending away for anymore clothing, I'm in to trying it on and taking it home. Also, if you haven't checked, great deals at Macy's and the Bon Ton stores too...over $50 tops for $10 and change.....even my friend said, I don't shop Macy's because they are too expensive, I told her she hasn't been there lately. There hasn't been anything at the Q that I just had to have lately.....haven't given up though on trying, I do keep checking. Continue Reading


Re: So now you're dead...

In Jewelry Talk 1431573523.99

On 5/13/2015 surfk said: On 5/13/2015 Vamp said: On 5/13/2015 Ladybug724 said: How did I die? You die in a struggle as a spoiled heir tries to yank the gold vermeil choker necklace from around your throat. Orrrr...you fall into a vat of gold, dying of various plating injuries. Orrrr...you discover - through dying - that the resin inside your 14k resin-filled bangle bracelet was far more toxic than anyone knew when you found it on QVC. Orrrrr...thinking that your antique 2-ounce, 24k solid gold ring, a gift of the Sultan of Brunei for "party services performed well in the 1970s", must just ... Continue Reading

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