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Re: Getting smell out of clothes

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On 11/22/2014 gabstoomuch said: I am fascinated by PeterDM's suggestion. Vodka w/water spray? For real? Serious question. Why would vodka take odors out? I think he meant to put the water in the spray bottle and spray the clothes while drinking the cheap bottle of vodka, by the time you're done, you won't smell a thing! too funny Continue Reading


Re: Personal Trainer Fees

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I'm not sure if any of you know that these fees are negotiable. I started with $75 per session (that's what they wanted) and I ended up with 36 sessions at $40 per session. I say sessions because I don't think I could last a full hour with my trainer. Since I was so much out of shape, no strength, no fitness what so ever, the manager came over and said he would take me. At first he didn't think I would survive but my commitment and drive has sailed me through my second month. Continue Reading


Re: Smoking, Eating, Exercising, Weight Training

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On 11/20/2014 Hayfield said: Congratulaltions! It's not easy taking the lbs. off considering how easy they go on! I'm 60 and for the past year have really been working at changing my eating habits and exercising regularly. I've lost 18 lbs so far and I'd love to lose another 10 lbs but the with holidays just around the corner my goal is going to try not to put that weight back on. I try to eat healthy but I will treat myself once in a while. When I went for my annual physcial my doctor was pleased with my progress. Good luck to everyone who's trying to get more fit and healthy! You know and ... Continue Reading


Statement Necklaces

Last Reply by Englishrose 1416666453.643 | Started by nantucket shore in Jewelry Talk

Walmart dedicated an entire "short" aisle to these necklaces, $10/ea Kohls put out a brochure with similar necklaces all around $17 Bon Ton and Macy's have similar at $30-$50 Wonder if they are all made in the same factory? Continue Reading


Re: Smoking, Eating, Exercising, Weight Training

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On 11/14/2014 pupwhipped said: CONGRATS to YOU! Love reading your post. It is certainly inspiring. Would you mind sharing how old you are, how much weight you've lost, any other details, etc? I've let myself go beyond belief. Years ago I easily exercised at home. I have a zillion exercise tapes and once enjoyed doing them. Now, I can't get into it AT ALL. I've never, ever been one to go to a gym, but maybe a trainer is the only way to kick my big butt into gear at this point. I would love to hear a little more about your journey....your victorious journey! Age doesn't matter, that's just a p... Continue Reading


Re: Smoking, Eating, Exercising, Weight Training

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I remember a lot of you when I was posting week by week my experiences with quitting smoking, then last year the 1st meeting with WW, the time has flown by. The big difference is my attitude, I can do this and will, it's not going to be an overnight wake up and I'm thin but a gradual process of combining healthy eating (most of the time) with 3 sessions a week of personal training. My first week at the gym was a 15 second plank, and I was down for the count, now 60 second planks, mixed with step ups so I'm so happy I can do this. I squatted down to get a baking pan and it didn't even phase... Continue Reading


Re: Nov 14 Today is NATIONAL PICKLE DAY seems like we had this day before, oh well

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I have found a brand called Boar's Head and they are sliced pickles with horseradish...just to die for delicious. I believe there's other brands out there that are similar, and just as good...found in the deli section refrigerated. Continue Reading


Smoking, Eating, Exercising, Weight Training

Last Reply by nantucket shore 1416521932.067 | Started by nantucket shore in Health & Fitness

Going on 2 years (I think) no smoking and I can't believe I used to smell like that, never knew. So glad that's behind me. Eating, still doing WW, going on a year and dropping a few more pounds but since I joined the gym, hired a trainer, I'm on top of the world! Never and I mean never in my mind would or could I picture myself at a gym and best of all, getting stronger and leaner. It's truly a great feeling and no one could ever convince me to go, I needed to do this by myself and make my own mind up. I made the mistake last year of buying a size smaller of sweatshirts and other tops, th... Continue Reading


Re: Cord Leggings

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On 11/13/2014 qvcfreak said: yarnaholic1963, I'm not sure, but I think A227290 That is the item number, thanks for posting, I knew I forgot to reference that. Continue Reading


Cord Leggings

Last Reply by Anonymous2012 1416700231.447 | Started by nantucket shore in Denim & Co

Didn't believe all the great reviews so I ordered them and yes, they are nice leggings. Continue Reading

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