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Re: tartelets who already have the tsv have a ?

In Beauty Banter 1423852467.197

How would anyone know? This is a new formula with some type of concealer properties but if you look at the models, they do look shiny, that's just not for me. Continue Reading


Re: Foundcealer? Seriously?

In TSV Talk 1423852148.097

Clinique already has a foundation with a concealer, don't know why the gal from Tarte said it was hers??? Continue Reading


Re: Original S&H Not Being Returned

In Fashion Talk 1423084055.21

I did not know this, thank you for the thread. I'm sure with a lot of easy pay lately, they'll be a lot more customers who realize they will not receive the original shipping back. I however am confused as to why everyone is so excited with the reduced shipping, most of the items I have viewed for buying consideration have been at the normal Q's shipping rates, very few items that I would even consider buying were at the $3 mark. Face it, no one is getting something for anything, the reduced shipping is being built into the cost, there's no way anyone's profit margin will be reduced thes... Continue Reading


Re: Finding a good dog breeder for a golden

In Mom to Mom Forum 1422989894.077

I researched a lot before I got my puppy but I started with the AKC website, put in your preferred breed and it will bring up a list of breeders. I sent tons of e-mails and interviewed these people first, it took months to get my puppy but it was well worth it. Actually it was a referral from another breeder that I got my fur baby. Some offer health check guaranteed but that's only for the 1st year. No one can guarantee that your new dog will be free of any condition, animals are like humans, some may and some may not. I would research the breed, some dogs are more prone to specific condi... Continue Reading


Re: How can I stop smoking?

In Health & Fitness 1421957793.417

My mom just died from years of smoking, her lungs were terminal. You just can't imagine what I witnessed these past 2 years, it was terrible. She couldn't get her breath, she struggled to eat, her body was leading to a slow death. All the pictures, all the people telling you, all the stories you hear, nothing will help, only you and you alone can stop. Hope you listen to that little voice in your head and heed the's serious. Continue Reading


Re: Food vs Coping

In Health & Fitness 1421175170.15

Oh my gosh ladies, I can take something out of each one of your postings while I'm sitting here crying and reading. Sign me up for the comfort food right now, you are so right, it may feel good while eating it but it doesn't make the pain go away. Continue Reading


Food vs Coping

Last Reply by lucylover64 1421204309.38 | Started by nantucket shore in Health & Fitness

I lost my mom about a week ago, she couldn't drink or eat the last week of her life which made me very sad. I put an entire hold on my life because I just knew this was the last time I would see her. I exchanged my coping for food, I believe I haven't consumed that much (maybe I have) but I don't have the motivation to go back to the gym or get into my "skinny thinking". It's been very very hard and I need help. When I quit smoking going on 2 years the 1st of next month, you were here for me to help me, guide me and motivate me. I didn't think I would need anyone's help but this loss was ... Continue Reading


Today's Holiday Outfit

Started by nantucket shore in Fashion Talk 1419351495.527

Pulled out of storage my Quacker pink tunic sweatshirt that says "these boots were made for shopping", a pair of leggings and my new pink TSV boots from about a month ago, a perfect match to the top. Matchy matchy???? Yes, that's me!!! Gotta have a pop of color though, but that's just my colorful personality...I think that counts???? Happy Holidays to Everyone! I must say for myself, I'm looking pretty good, it's all that good eating and my personal trainer so it's working! Do you do holiday outfits too? Continue Reading


Re: How I clean a brush

In Beauty Banter 1418236148.68

As I was explaining doing it the "old fashioned way"...WoW...thanks Nascardiva, didn't know there was anything like this. As they say "proper tools for the proper job", I will definitely buy one of these. Continue Reading


How I clean a brush

Last Reply by straitgirl 1418316620.603 | Started by nantucket shore in Beauty Banter

All that build up on brushes and strands of hair make a big difference in a brush. Here's what I do (any type of brush) I used another brush and start by the handle side and pull the brush through the other brush. Sometimes a comb works too but if it's a cheap comb, you'll probably break all the teeth off before it ever does what it's supposed to do. I continue that process all the way around the brush (round brush) and you should have bunches of hair that comes out. Next, once all the hair, or close to it is out of the brush, I put it in a sink of warm to hot water and use any type of s... Continue Reading

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