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Re: Just wanted to post again about my Temptations negative dangerous experiences as a precaution for consumer usage

In Temp-tations 1411833254.663

I understand what you are communicating and this has been discussed for years yet people are still buying. It's probably me but if I find something to be defective, would I continue to use it, no. After the 1st occurrence I would of packed all similar pans/dishes and either donated or tossed no matter if it's for cold or hot, but hey, that's me. Continue Reading


Re: I got my Serena Top - Anyone Else???????

In Fashion Talk 1411756345.24

I ordered her camo sweatshirt and really like it. It's more like a sweater than a sweatshirt but in the blue, it also came with that hang tag that tells me to wash separately first, I didn't, put it in with the regular laundry and hoped for the best. Everything turned out great. Missed that Today's Special but bought other items from her line and really liked them. Continue Reading


Re: Clarks shoes falling apart

In Clarks 1411756101.687

Have you called them directly? I have several pairs that I WISH would fall apart and they don't....similar to Lands End clothing that seems to never wear out either. Continue Reading


Re: Joan's line continues: October 13th with David Dangle and Jill

In Fashion Talk 1411755730.853

There's product already produced and like the guy from D&C said last week, the Spring 2015 lineup is already in manufacturing so I'm sure regarding Joan's line, they are probably into Summer next year already. If the line continues like QF, I'm sure many will opt out but there's a chance that other's will opt in. It's always very difficult to continue a legacy. Continue Reading


Re: A Day of Vicenza Style= a day full of BRONZO!!!

In Jewelry Talk 1411671734.33

I would like to know the difference between Italian Bronze and American Bronze...... please don't answer that question, these shows are just ridiculous that they are pitching Italian factory made bronze jewelry as something of elegance and value....really? Continue Reading


Re: The price of butter??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411667817.523

I've noticed the same thing.....hey, land of cows (California) they are advertising, it should be cheap there??? Just saw $2.75 a pound at Sam's....$2.98 a pound for store brand on coupon. Land O Lakes...holy cow, can't afford that stuff. Continue Reading


Re: Will there be a Keurig 2.0 TSV?

In TSV Talk 1411667558.857

I saw it advertised at Kohl's....with their sale and $10 Kohl's cash, I would think that would be the best price available............ and sorry, no idea on the TSV and usually it's not the same product as offered in the stores so the Q doesn't have to compete with the retail mass chain market. Continue Reading


Brahmin .....Renting Space

Last Reply by stevieb 1411737220.44 | Started by nantucket shore in All About Handbags

You know when you look at something, put it aside, then look at it again, talk yourself out of it, try to justify it in your head, look at your checking account if you have enough money to buy it, talk yourself out of it and then months later look for it.... Well, that me, must have some serious issues.............too funny...but maybe true. I looked at that Brahmin Figi handbag all summer and decided to look for it where to be found. Finally, call Brahmin directly and was told they pulled all the bags because of a wear issue with the I guess that's the end of subj... Continue Reading


A257236 A Sweatshirt?

Started by nantucket shore in Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1411489626.557

You can call it a sweater but you cannot call this a sweatshirt. So disappointed, it's basically a pull on ill fitting sweater, the cuffs are very loose, the material is a sweater knit, it's big, it's boxy and I have no idea who put this together but it's not good. I also bought the cherry red but it's basically a coral color pattern with the red as a background color. At first, it was all sold out but either everyone returned theirs, cancelled their orders or whatever, it's still available. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone used a therapist (counselor) to help them lose weight?

In Health & Fitness 1411404906.297

On 9/20/2014 happy housewife said: My issue is I have no will power. I feel there must be a reason I can't do this so a therapist may be the solution. I also wonder if my insurance would pay for it. Let's just cut the "cr*p and get to it. So you truly believe a therapist will be the solution? No, no one and I mean no one will be able to lose weight. The motivation to losing weight is all in your hands. You are the one that needs to understand why you need to lose weight. I'm sure if you were facing some significant health issues, you would have the willpower to do so. Weight Watchers not... Continue Reading

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