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Re: Sleeping Beauty Najah can 't wait to get it!

In Carolyn Pollack 1404655546.97

I will definitely review when and if I am lucky enough to get one. I keep looking at it on the videos and think it is a stunner! Continue Reading


Sleeping Beauty Najah can 't wait to get it!

Last Reply by cooking lady 1405052625.04 | Started by BLB in Carolyn Pollack

What a beauty! I am on wait list and have my fingers crossed I will get it. I waited too long to order deciding if it was too large for me or not. Based on everyone's reviews, it seems like this piece is a winner. I also loved the red coral najah but decided to go for the blue. Carolyn's shows are always interesting to watch. She does a great job describing each piece. I don't have many of her pieces, but what I did purchase has always been very fine quality. I hope I get the najah! Continue Reading


Re: Las Vegas

In Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1404212181.27

Hi Peyton, This is not about Las Vegas but the fondente cuff from the artisan show. I just received the cuff and it is stunning. I thank you for bringing us the handmade pieces that you find. This cuff is perfection. I do, however, have a question that I remember asking when I ordered the last fondente cuff, and that is why Milor is stamped on the back. Why are the artist name not on these pieces instead of Milor. Do they work for Milor? I would appreciate it if you could clarify that. Thanks again for bringing the most outstanding pieces QVC offers. Continue Reading


Re: A253949 Vintage GILI

In All About Handbags 1404001249.933

I purchased both the Gili vintage hobo and the Gili Lizard hobo which was the other bag Lisa mentioned when selling the vintage. Both are gorgeous bags. I just got back from a month away and brought the lizard hobo and it wears extremely well. It looks perfect as the first day I got it. That trip really was quite a test for this bag and there is not one damage or anything negative happening to the bag. Both these bags are perfect for taking on a trip or used everyday if you are a large bag lover. This bag holds all the extra stuff you gather when on a trip, yet when you push the sides in so i... Continue Reading


Re: Cinderella for a Day: Oheka Castle & Aimee Kestenberg's Wedding!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Handbags 1403793660.607

I used to live directly on the other side of the trees behind the castle and it was always such a mysterious place. Visiting the many Gold Coast mansions was part of growing up on Long Island and we always appreciated their beauty. At one time, the developer was going to turn the mansion into stunning condos. Can you imagine being lucky enough to live in a condo in the castle! That never went through, but now the castle is there for all to enjoy. Thanks for the memories, Continue Reading



In All About Handbags 1401475120.21

cofeec Congratulations to you as well!!!! They are gorgeous! Continue Reading


Re: ? about hobos

In All About Handbags 1401447630.877

I love hobos and totes for the same reason. I like to have the room to put anything in the bag I need without trying to squeeze it in. When I use smaller bags, I always have to remove one thing to get to another which I found impractical. As long as I have a cellphone pocket, and the other small pocket for my keys, the bottom holds a makeup bag and all my eyeglasses and a large wallet. The pocket on the other side would hold items I don't need to access all the time. Plus there is always room to hold smaller shopping bags so that I don't have to carry them all around the stores. Never needed ... Continue Reading


Re: Moving from the City to the Country

In For the Home Talk 1401390556.383

MOST important is being close to great medical care. This is a big issue for people that have relocated and found substandard care in the new area. Many people travel pretty far in order to get to the best medical facilities. We retired early and loved the slow pace in our new small town, but have to admit, coming from the northeast, we miss many things, including four seasons and access to good medical facilities. We are now planning to move back to the northeast for all the good things it offers(with the exception of the bad winter they just had!).Colorado is stunning and if we lived there,... Continue Reading



Last Reply by BLB 1401475120.21 | Started by BLB in All About Handbags

Just received the Gili lizard hobo and it is so beautiful. Perfect color tone of olive and bone. Great all year round. The lizard design was done impeccably. Works beautifully as an overnight bag as well as a stunning everyday bag when put into the triangle shape. Large bags work well and are so practical, so to find one that works two fold as an overnighter and an everyday bag is a real find, let alone, the stunning design and high quality leather. I also bought the vintage hobo and find it equally as exquisite. Lisa Robinson should be so proud of these 2 bags. Continue Reading


Re: My Husband Told Me This Morning That My Black Roma 2 Smells :-(

In All About Handbags 1401376135.04

Same odor problem with the cream snake and it not the smell of leather. Back it went, not to mention the excess shedding of the bag, not just the tassel. Very disappointing. Bought the vintage hobo and have no issues. It is perfect. Continue Reading

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