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Re: What is going on with the more recent Ripka pieces?

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I AM SO SORRY! I feel like a fool. I know my eyes are bad, but not this bad. My husband looked at the ring with a magnifying glass and saw what I thought were black tiny scratches. It was the markings. Judith Ripka 925 Italy. I sent back the tubogas necklace so I can't check that, but there may have been tiny markings somewhere on it as well. So sorry for starting a non issue. Continue Reading


Re: What is going on with the more recent Ripka pieces?

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The new tubogas as shown on Judith's latest blog is from her Verona collection and so is the ring j317690. As I understand it, the Verona pieces are made in Italy. Could it be they don't have Judith Ripka on them? One if the Verona bracelets on line show 925 Italy, but not Ripka unless it is somewhere else on the piece. My pieces do not show any markings at all. I think this is something they need to address for future items. This issue may only be with the pieces in her Verona made in Italy collection. I just browsed her newest pieces and I could see some of the inside on a few and you can s... Continue Reading


What is going on with the more recent Ripka pieces?

Last Reply by Kitty987 1429194634.407 | Started by BLB in Judith Ripka

The last couple of purchases I made did not have any markings showing Judith Ripka or the country the pieces were made. I know about the new ownership, but why would they stop marking the items. The new tubogas was one item without any markings and also the Verona band ring j317690. Also, the ring is so pretty, but the inside is not well finished. It looks as though they forgot to polish the inside. Has anyone else noticed this? Without markings, these items could be anyone's. That is not good. Continue Reading



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Motherinlaw, Thank you for your info. Now, I feel confident to try the black plating. Would love easy pay as well! Continue Reading



Last Reply by KathyPet 1429744473.037 | Started by BLB in Judith Ripka

Judith's new tubogas necklace is one of my favorite necklace designs since omegas and tubogas designs have been around ( which has been forever). I am drawn to the black rhodium, but have no experience with that color. Can anyone tell me how that finish wears? i appreciate any information on the plating Judith uses. Continue Reading


Re: My first day with G.I.L.I

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KDenn, I agree with you completely. Lisa's visions and insistence on every detail of each item is what we all trusted. It would be a good idea for QVC to have Jill create her own vision and a new name. It just makes more sense. Lisa stated many times, this is her line, her designs and that sticks with her customers. It is going to be very hard to ignore that and hard for Jill to overcome. I am, however, looking forward to a new show of the same caliber and a person with the same marketing talents that Lisa has to showcase beautiful, quality items. This should be interesting. Continue Reading


Re: ROMA 3 - Does anyone know when it will be available?

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I found GF's description for the ROMA 3. 13w x 10h x 5d , 6inch handle and a 17 to 19 inch shoulder strap. Many new colors. Lavender croco, black, camo, snake,white, blue pebbled, ice metallic and graphic snake. Weight is 1 lb 13 oz. I wish I had saved her entire list of GILI bags. Some looked really interesting like a canvas with leather trim and some flap hobo's. I also, hope whoever shows the bags, does a good job. Continue Reading


ROMA 3 - Does anyone know when it will be available?

Last Reply by Lally 1425775350.653 | Started by BLB in All About Handbags

Saw GF's list and know the Roma 3 will be smaller. Does anyone have the inside scoop as to when we will see a presentation or picture? Continue Reading


Re: GILI leather pouch a-262268

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I just happened to see this pouch and love it! I ordered brown snake, snow leopard and the terrecotta. I use the large Gili hobo's and really needed these for all the times a bag is in the way such as dinner or concert. Especially when traveling, keeping a pouch in the hobo covers all options. It's a shame we don't get advance notice anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Brahmin: Icy Pastels and Deep Coral

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YOUR KILLING ME HERE! How gorgeous are all the bags, you ladies are showing! I love Brahmin and have 2 from the outlet in Fairhaven, Mass. Brahmin are super quality bags. I can' t resist to buy a new one for spring, but which one will be a tough decision. Everyone, enjoy your Brahmins! Continue Reading

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