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That blue is so gorgeous, it was hard for me to pass up. Hope the bag works out for you both. Continue Reading



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Hi tough kitty, I agree, some high end designers have shorter handles, and that is why I like to find satchels with the 8 inch handle for the reasons I mentioned. I too have a Prada from a good ten years ago and a couple of Escada's recently purchased and there handles are 8 inches. My shorter handle satchels don't work for me because I find them clumsy when I need to use both hands. That of course, is my personal preference. I love, love that blue bag, but will wait to see some reviews first. Continue Reading



Last Reply by Witchy Woman 1410960628.703 | Started by BLB in All About Handbags

FYI. The Brahmin company store is just off I95 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. They also have tent sales now and then and the deals are amazing. Some of their bags are made in Massachusetts, others overseas. Love stopping there on my way to MV. Always find something great. These bags last forever and the embossed leathers are superior. Continue Reading



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The Brahmin bags are amazing quality. I pass by Fairhaven , Massachusetts at least twice a year and shop in the Brahmin outlet. They have tent sales also with great deals. Can,t wait for my next trip! Continue Reading



Last Reply by stevieb 1410791886.68 | Started by BLB in All About Handbags

Loved the blue so much, but did not order because I felt there was something wrong with that bag. All the bags the girls were carrying looked flawed. They looked as though they were either squished in shipping or not made well. The fronts looked buckled. I have a gorgeous Ferragamo satchel and it is perfection. It has an 8 inch handle and a detachable shoulder strap. As a matter if fact, most of the high end satchels have a little longer handle. There are times you have to put your bag on your shoulder for a few moments like buying something at a counter were you need to hands to look at the ... Continue Reading


Re: J'aime le Ripka Noir!

In Judith Ripka 1408879730.243

Your new watch is STUNNING! What a beautiful and chic look the black gives. Enjoy! Continue Reading



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Scott, I ordered the Bodhi kick cuff and am looking forward to the show. I was hoping to see the cuff on your Facebook page that has a wavy pointed top in this show. It is stunning. I believe you were showing it to the powers to be for a future show. Is it this weeks show? Continue Reading



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Scott, Thanks so much for addressing my question. The image is in the top of the tree on the first picture and really fooled me. The more I stare at it, I can now see that it is the light amongst the branches fooling the eye (at least my eye). I love the Buddha head in the tree. It is beautiful. I had four beautiful concrete placks that were faces representing the four seasons that I hung on four trees on my property for many years and the Buddha head reminded me of those. Very nice! Continue Reading



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Scott, Are my eyes deceiving me or are those animals tied up in the tree? If they are, the picture is kind of upsetting. At least to me. Continue Reading


Re: Snake Embossed Leather

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Haley, I just received the gorgeous blue exotic hobo, but sadly am returning it because there is a spot on the back that the little scales are off and the finish in that little spot is dull and fuzzy. I am not going for another exotic either. I , like you are wondering if it will hold up. I have the vintage hobo and the lizard and both are so beautiful with exquisite leather. If you love the exotic, you would love the lizard. The quality of the lizard is impeccable. I used the lizard on a month long vacation and it took a bit of a beating and is still in perfect condition. The exotic is stunn... Continue Reading

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