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Re: J'aime le Ripka Noir!

In Judith Ripka 1408879730.243

Your new watch is STUNNING! What a beautiful and chic look the black gives. Enjoy! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1408394728.69

Scott, I ordered the Bodhi kick cuff and am looking forward to the show. I was hoping to see the cuff on your Facebook page that has a wavy pointed top in this show. It is stunning. I believe you were showing it to the powers to be for a future show. Is it this weeks show? Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1408394326.2

Scott, Thanks so much for addressing my question. The image is in the top of the tree on the first picture and really fooled me. The more I stare at it, I can now see that it is the light amongst the branches fooling the eye (at least my eye). I love the Buddha head in the tree. It is beautiful. I had four beautiful concrete placks that were faces representing the four seasons that I hung on four trees on my property for many years and the Buddha head reminded me of those. Very nice! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1408387094.68

Scott, Are my eyes deceiving me or are those animals tied up in the tree? If they are, the picture is kind of upsetting. At least to me. Continue Reading


Re: Snake Embossed Leather

In All About Handbags 1407187019.76

Haley, I just received the gorgeous blue exotic hobo, but sadly am returning it because there is a spot on the back that the little scales are off and the finish in that little spot is dull and fuzzy. I am not going for another exotic either. I , like you are wondering if it will hold up. I have the vintage hobo and the lizard and both are so beautiful with exquisite leather. If you love the exotic, you would love the lizard. The quality of the lizard is impeccable. I used the lizard on a month long vacation and it took a bit of a beating and is still in perfect condition. The exotic is stunn... Continue Reading


Re: How to pronounce "cotton"

In Vera Bradley 1406998318.503

I find this blog disheartening. Every single area in this country has a regional accent. Regional accents are unique and stem from our heritages. Long Island, NY is different than Queens which is different from the Bronx or Brooklyn which is different from upstate Rochester, Boston, Maryland. The south is different from Texas or Minnesota or South Dakota. Our regional accents determine how you pronounce certain words. Also, having a regional accent has nothing at all to do with education. Grammar, yes, but not an accent. Other than major network news personalities who are trained to speak wit... Continue Reading


Re: New Gili Exotic Hobo bag

In All About Handbags 1406992770.017

Gemlover Thanks so much! I did not realize sharif was on HSN. I used to buy his bags years ago and they were always beautiful! I am going to the site right now! I sense trouble! Continue Reading


New Gili Exotic Hobo bag

Last Reply by Nikalette 1407280104.327 | Started by BLB in All About Handbags

Based on the picture of the new gili hobo, I love the gorgeous blue and ordered it. However, during the show last night, the bags looked like they had too much shine and then Lisa said that the leather was the most affordable so far. She also did not say the leather was from Italy as with the vintage and lizard hobos which I love.That made me very wary so I tried to cancel and was too late. Boy, it shipped fast! Oh well, there is a great possibility, I may be returning this bag. The quality of the leather is everything, especially with a large bag that can carry some weight. All one needs is ... Continue Reading


Re: Season 6 of The Lisa Robertson Show Starts Friday at 10pm ET!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Handbags 1406924241.7

Lisa, OMG! I couldn't resist the gorgeous blue hobo. Please let us know if the leather is from Italy like the vintage hobo. I love my vintage and lizard hobos so I have high expectations for the blue! Can't wait for the presentation. Continue Reading


Re: Sleeping Beauty Najah can 't wait to get it!

In Carolyn Pollack 1406584419.183

I have such bad luck with waitlist but this one may be worth another try. Hope I don't get the same one back? Anyway, I will wait until after the show next week. Continue Reading

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