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Re: Easter is so early this year - will that influence your decorating?

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LOL...nope. Already decorated for Spring/Summer! I understand everyone moves to the beat of their own drummer when it comes to when they change out their decorations from season to season and/or holiday to holiday. This subject is brought up quite often in fact. I decorate early for Spring/Summer because I have so many irons in the to speak from now through til about the beginning of June...arranging our station in the basement for winter sowing seeds, then potting & re-potting as time progresses into Spring, hardening off plants, preparing gardens, feeding birds (we feed the Ro... Continue Reading



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On 1/22/2015 PeterDM said: On 1/22/2015 DREAMON said: On 1/22/2015 PeterDM said: I almost purchased the Hobnail goblets, but she said that the lights inside only got 40 hours of glow time. Since they're on a 5 hour timer, so that means you'd have to change the batteries every 8 days! Really? Yes ...Maybe Val misspoke. If each goblet takes 3 AAA batteries and they only last 40 hours....OMG !!! Later on she mentioned that another product had 40 DAYS of glow time, so maybe she misspoke about the Hobnails. I keep wanting to say Hob Nob, btw. LOL! I suggest for someone to post on VPH's FB page fo... Continue Reading


Re: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Spring 2015 migration map

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Still Raining, Really?...Yikes, Ouch? Funny how when one spends time to help others that they become offended in the process. Most folks I know like to feel empowered by finding things out on their own giving them just some guidance/direction (links/info). I have given many helpful links and I am glad there are some folks that do appreciate it. Additionally, I guess I could be as easily offended by you since I didn't even get a 'thank you' for trying to help you. As I mentioned previously, without knowing the general whereabouts you're located it is difficult to say one way or the other if an... Continue Reading


Re: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Spring 2015 migration map

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On 1/22/2015 Still Raining said: Not going to commit to exactly what we have here in Oregon but for the last few weeks I am not getting many takers. We had two very cold snaps (for us) within the last two months and I wonder if hummers can do a little mid winter mini migration? Anyone know? Hi Still Raining, I guess I am confused by your inquiry. You don't want to commit to what you have at your place, and yet you want to know if any do a mini migration... I added very helpful links to my post (#9) in this thread...2 of which if you scroll through the initial page will have what species of ... Continue Reading


Re: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Spring 2015 migration map

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On 1/22/2015 wagirl said: Ok Susan--I meant rufus not rubys---a little harsh about the homework comment ! wagirl, And it a shame you are taking it too seriously. As far as I am concerned, that is what I did myself. I stated in the same post of all the hours I spent researching and doing 'my homework'... I call it 'homework' when I'm learning things through reading or otherwise, no matter what it is. I consider it a joy to do homework/learn. I was still going to college taking classes til a few years ago and I'm 55! What is harsh about homework? Continue Reading


Re: Dooney and Duck Dynasty Wives?

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On 1/21/2015 twocent said: On 1/21/2015 Susan Louise said: Been away from D&B forum for awhile...and shopping for the bags too. I just checked out the line of the Camo ducks and they are AWESOME! I especially like the one with the drawstring I just don't 'get' the 'R' logo tag...can someone 'splain'? I love the ducks. I don't have all the same beliefs as this family, but I don't go over a check list of religious beliefs -prior to shopping. As far as them being stupid- they came from nothing and have made millions. Not quite "stupid," in my opinion. Phil hasn't been perfect and admit... Continue Reading


Re: thinking of painting - asking opinions

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Our entire home is painted with 'flat' eggshell colored paint and it has been this color since we moved in 15 yrs ago. From what I understand, since the house was built back about 1994-1995, the color/paint has remained the same. I wash all the walls once a year and have had no need to paint...still looks fresh as if it has been newly painted. I like all the walls one color because it allows me to change everything else as I please at any time Continue Reading


Re: Spring/current decor pics...

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On 1/21/2015 mominohio said: So nice to see 'regular' decor back up, isn't it? Much of mine has been down since last August, when the fall things came out. I still have a little bit of winter out. Some greens and pinecones, and a couple of snowmen strategically placed, but I'm back to about 90 percent regular now. It's like getting 'new' stuff, it's been so long. ITA! It's like a breath of fresh air! Please post pics when you finish changing your decor Continue Reading


Re: Spruce up Your Space with four Budget-friendly Ideas

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Hello Valerie, TY for sharing your tips! BTW, I thought I'd attach a link below to pics I recently posted of my will see SOOO many of your pieces throughout our kitchen and livingroom THREAD Continue Reading


Re: It’s January, so let’s get Pampered!

In Fashion Talk, Quacker Factory 1421877391.447

What a great idea! TYSVM for sharing...I LOVE lemon scrubs and use them often. How fun to make it right at home. BTW, Congrats on your engagement...wishing you both a lifetime of happiness Continue Reading

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