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Re: Valerie Sneak Peek

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Thanks for posting the info... I watched the shows and still haven't purchased anything since last year...Yay! I really am quite satisfied with everything we have already...Whew! It was enjoyable to be able to just sit back and just watch with a cup of coffee Continue Reading


Re: Valerie's Ceramic Hurricanes with Candle & with bird on top

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In our kitchen now through til the holidays... Continue Reading


Re: Valerie's Ceramic Hurricanes with Candle & with bird on top

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We have the red/cranberry in the kitchen and a green one in the livingroom... I highly recommend putting a 7" ivory Luminara candle with timer in these hurricanes. I think they look so much better! It's hard to tell from my pics though...guess you'll just have to trust me This 1st pic is from last Fall... Continue Reading


Re: Finally found something to cover over the ugly " white " bagels holding the window scarf!!!

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On 2/21/2015 GoodStuff said: Huh? Bagels? Glad you were able to find something to disguise those. ROFL...major stomach crampage here... I'm with you though..maybe pics would help. Continue Reading


Re: For those that need a laugh today...

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On 2/16/2015 happygal said: It would be funny if it hadn't actually happened to me! Kitty had to use the chair because she didn't have a scratcher. Mine did, so what's her excuse? Cute cartoon, though. Oh no! Continue Reading


For those that need a laugh today...

Last Reply by mewsmomtoo 1424133758.59 | Started by Susan Louise in Pet Lovers

I love the cartoon 'Simon'...the videos of 'Simon' on you-tube are hysterical! Continue Reading


Re: How prominent is the use of paper towels in your kitchen or house?

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The only paper towels we will use is Viva and we go through about 1-2 rolls a week...sometimes more, sometimes less. We use microfiber cloths about 50% of the time Continue Reading


Re: A new campaign to save the Monarch butterfly...

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On 2/10/2015 esmeraldagooch said: I have a fb friend who counts them in Canada. She said numbers were down last year. For us, From 2007-2009, our #'s were increasing nicely. 2010 was an extraordinary year for us regarding butterflies and birds. We count them during the Fall migrations and the amount of Monarchs passing through were the highest we ever had. Additionally, the varieties of birds & butterfly species were the highest we ever had too. However, in 2011 we had a terrible drought. The #'s declined drastically...very devastating knowing so many suffered and died. For example, that... Continue Reading

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