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Re: Woah, listing for Sophie Hobo in Tangerine

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On 4/19/2015 Tissyanne said: The tangerine and dusty lavender were listed briefly on waitlist just prior to being shown as the TSV, Strange. Very strange! Continue Reading


Re: "Medium" sized Dooneys. PLEASE.

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For those interested, an 'as is' nylon tote in 'black' has just become available (A238687)... Also saw a bunch of new 'as is' Dooney's just added/posted. Many look like they are new returns from some of the most recent/past D&B shows. Hope others find a bag that makes them happy Continue Reading


Re: "Medium" sized Dooneys. PLEASE.

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On 4/19/2015 FASHIONISTA DIVA said: Susan Louise, I have the turquoise in this bag that you're referring to here. I absolutely love this bag also! I purchased mine half price this summer at the QVC Outlet in Lancaster, PA. It is a great bag! Hi FASHIONISTA DIVA, Wow! You are lucky living near the QVC outlet! Half price is wonderful! The 'as is' price is $90.77...not bad Continue Reading


Re: "Medium" sized Dooneys. PLEASE.

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My fave 'medium' tote is the D&B nylon shopper (A234702...read the reviews if you have time). Some folks think that it's too big (mostly those who are petite though...I think). Some folks just don't like nylon or coated cotton...and prefer just all leather bags. It is hard to make suggestions for others since we all have our own set of particulars on what makes a perfect bag for us...we all have different needs. Anyway, I usually try and stick with bags with a zip top and not magnetic closures for security. But this nylon tote has a secure snap closure which works very well. Yesterday I j... Continue Reading


Re: I Had to Give Up on Graver tops......

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ITA with the OP!!!! Yes, I too have issues with SG tops and I won't buy anymore! My arms ALWAYS feel like they are in sausage casings...same with Liz Claiborne tops. I have no issues with D&Co or Quacker Factory tops/jackets/sweaters. I think SG and LC cater to those who wear smaller sizes. IF one is a plus size, there just isn't a fair amount of room for the arms in proportion to each of the larger sizes. IT gets old fast having to pay for S&H to return things. Additionally, if I go up a size to have more room for my arms, then the rest of the garment I am swimming in...nuts! Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver Prices

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More of SG items are made in the USA. I am HAPPY to pay higher prices to support workers here instead of everything made overseas. SG even mentions during her shows which garments are made in the USA. I guess one cannot make everyone happy at the same time Continue Reading


Re: Trending...What's Your Favorite New Spring Purchase?

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All those pants remind me of the late 60's...hippies, flower power and all... Funny how trends go round in a circle like that. Maybe I should have kept a few pieces from that era...although at my age, 'the look' wouldn't fit right Continue Reading


Re: May 9 th Dooney TSV

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Too bad the bag didn't have a white daisy print instead of Daffodils. I agree with others about the timing of this bag as a TSV not being in late January/February. I like the style/color of the navy...but I would prefer a drawstring bag to be all leather, so an easy pass for me :) Continue Reading


Re: Aran Craft wool sweater

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OK...I just had to update again... I just ordered my 4th in the 'soft gray' ...so do you think I like this sweater? ... Sizes/colors have been returned/or removed off of check status from other orders so I got lucky again and got the gray...thrilled to bits!!! No more though, I am VERY satisfied now!!! Continue Reading


Re: I Had to Give Up on Graver tops......

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I never have enough room for my arms in SG fashions unless I order a size up...then most of the time the rest of the garment is way too big... Makes me feel like my arms are in sausage casings...same with Liz Claiborne I never have that issue with D&Co or QF...go figure Continue Reading

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