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Re: Susan Graver Show this Morning, 4/17

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On 4/17/2014 morning gloy said: Susan gets more hyper when she has a Today's Special Value to sell. She is on a lot of hours and I am sure is under a lot of stress to sell it. Nice post! I know I'd probably buckle under the pressure... Continue Reading


Paging Stevieb...

Last Reply by stevieb 1397783277.123 | Started by Susan Louise in Dooney & Bourke

I want to TY again soooo much for helping me get the framed purses at ILD...they are GREAT!!! They arrived today... I will use them often... I just checked to see if they would fit into the D&B crossbody pouchettes...YES they do...WOOT!!! I will still have room in the pouchette for my readers, tissues, keys, gum/mints, lip gloss, pen and a mini pad of paper...even room for a few other things like coupons. I have a few other nice small to mid-sized handbags/crossbody that this purse will be perfect for...What a GREAT accessory!!! I thought they would only have 2-3 slots for cc's, ID's etc... Continue Reading


Re: Worx 7-in-1 Convertible Aerocart...

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WHOA! IT has been shipped already...should have it by about Wednesday next week!!! Continue Reading


Re: Is Dooney & Bourke skimping on QVC bags

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On 4/17/2014 fthunt said: Ditto - embarrassed to carry......that's a real nutty prospective. A D&B is a D&B wherever it was made or sold. IK...right! *Shakes my head* Continue Reading


Re: Is Dooney & Bourke skimping on QVC bags

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On 4/17/2014 sciencegeek said: Pagan if you love a particular bag in a brand you like, why would you be ashamed to carry it if it's only available on QVC? And if you love it, why would you worry about resale value? I buy fashion and accessories because I like wearing them... ITA! So you may or may not buy expensive D&B TSV bags...because you worry you might be embarrassed carrying them because they are sold on the Q? Are there other Q products you buy you also feel the same way about? Ummm...and you post on the Q forums feeling this way? My head hurts Continue Reading


Re: SG ...A253042 Terry Tunic w/pockets...

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On 4/17/2014 occasional rain said: I saw it and thought it would be wonderful as a cover up over a swimming suit. I love pockets too. That's a great idea too Continue Reading


Re: SG ...A253042 Terry Tunic w/pockets...

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On 4/17/2014 terrier3 said: I just got the navy. I wish I had it in FLA...but I think it might be a little heavy. doesn't even come in navy...might need to double check what item # you wasn't this tunic Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver Show this Morning, 4/17

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I loved SG show today...bought some new tops I can't want to get!!! I hope you found something good to watch for yourself Continue Reading


SG ...A253042 Terry Tunic w/pockets...

Last Reply by Susan Louise 1397756052.11 | Started by Susan Louise in Susan Graver

OMG!!! LOVE...can't wait to get them...ordered the orange and pink!!! I already see myself not only wearing the orange one now and during the summer, but in the Fall, with brown crop pants or long pants and with a sweater (hood out over the sweater of coarse) will look GREAT!!! I hope SG will add more colors...LOVE pockets!!! WATCH THE VIDEO if you missed the presentation!!! Continue Reading


Re: Italian nylon?

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On 4/5/2014 author said: This Dooney nylon is very substantial as opposed to regular thin, shiny nylon used in bags, even former Dooneys. It is a bit like soft canvas, takes color beautifully, and is very stain/soil resistant. I have two, one in a fuschia I used for almost a year and it looks like new. Also, regular nylon (like windbreaker nylon) will collapse when you set it down; this has structure but is still soft and lightweight. The perfect material for those of us who love Dooney but can't handle the weight of a heavy leather bag. Calling it Italian, even if it is, really tells the cus... Continue Reading

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