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Re: Bruce Sold His House

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On 12/22/2014 Kachina624 said: Actually this was probably the house that QVC built. To give the devil his due...Bruce must be a very astute businessman. I never understood the BM following he amassed. From the 1st time I saw him squeezing his handbags. It was almost creepy to me. I was turned off by it all and found KVZ handbags 'cheezy'. But who am I to judge, they are laughing at me all the way to the bank. Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Sold His House

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Initially I thought the news was somewhat amusing... On one hand I thought...Hmmmm...so the Minecraft 'kingpin' who has billions couldn't swing another 15 million to BM for the 85 million asking price?? ...but then again, maybe the billionaire is cash poor...doubtful...who knows....certainly no dummy. Who doesn't want to save money and make a deal? Then I went to google more about the info and BM. After reading an article from 'Variety' called "Bruce Makowsky lists another Beverly Hills Park Mansion", BM doesn't need to sell another handbag. Bruce and his wife KVZ will be sitting on their bil... Continue Reading


Re: Our new neighbors

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Hi happy housewife, One of our neighbors moved in about 5 yrs ago. They have a yippy dog...a mini pincher, which has a blood curdling high pitch bark. That dog would bark at anything and nothing at all. It is kept outside for most of every day and barked constantly for nearly 75-80% of the time without lapping up water, eating or even breathing...or so it seemed. It began around the month of March of that year and the insanity didn't end til about November of that same year. It was a LONG process which started with trying to talk with the neighbors. Well, so much for that, they would not answ... Continue Reading


Re: Better Homes & Gardens holiday Christmas heritage mistletoe dinnerware

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Is everyone that has purchased pieces of these BH&G Christmas dinnerware enjoy using them as much as we do? What pieces do you all have? Which ones are your faves? I wonder if BH&G will continue adding to this dinnerware collection (started in 2009?) next year of if this year was the last and they will start a new collection. Wish I could use a crystal ball Continue Reading


Re: Anyone with the Lit Spun Trees by VPH?

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H203957 is the item # for the spun trees Continue Reading


Re: Handmade afgans...

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On 12/21/2014 sue52 said: Can you post a picture of it, Susan Louise? I would love to see it. Hi Sue52, Here's a pic of the afghan. It's folded up and the dimensions are about 60" x 80"... Continue Reading


Re: Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Thanks for starting this thread Mousiegirl...LUV the pic! hehehehe Happy Holidays EVERYONE!!! Continue Reading


Re: Handmade afgans...

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Hello All, I haven't been on the forums for several days...been busy, so sorry for the delay in posting again. I greatly appreciated everyone's responses and have decided to keep it Sweetbay magnolia, I graduated in 1977 too! You mentioned "they are cherished and meant to be used"... Like you and others have suggested, whether or not the afghan matches the decor, I will find someplace to display and use it! Continue Reading


Handmade afgans...

Last Reply by YorkieonmyPillow 1419218852.69 | Started by Susan Louise in For the Home Talk

I've made a few crocheted ones over the years. One I had given to an aunt nearly 35 yrs ago, one to my mom (who passed away) that a niece of mine now has...which is fine. I still have one which has been given LOTS of TLC, never used, just stored well, and I put nearly a year of most my free time on about 30 yrs ago. It's very large...will cover the top of a twin bed. I also won a blue ribbon for it in the Durham Fair in CT back in the day... The problem is that it doesn't go with any of my decor and no family members want it either. I'm considering selling it on EBay, knowing I will never get... Continue Reading


Re: Table settings/tablescapes

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On 12/17/2014 Susan Louise said: While looking at the owls on our Christmas tree this morning, I just thought of all those owls of varying sizes that a lot of has purchased over the past couple of years. What a GREAT tablescape it would be to use them with the BH&G owl salad plates! I've noticed that the owl salad plate aren't nearly as desireable on EBay as the other patterned salad plates. So for those that have them, and don't like them as much as the other salad plates, or folks that do like them, hope you like the idea I wonder if anyone has done a tablescape with the owls with the... Continue Reading

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