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Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I never was much of a cat lover growing up. The cats we had were not people oriented. My Rusty is very much a people cat and seems to like the puppy and several of our previous ones were. Unfortunately too many people consider them disposable. The under the porch cat came within reach this morning I was putting the food in. She actually let me touch her and rubbed her face on my hand so at some point she was somebody's cat. I hope DGD and DGS enjoy their weekend in spite of the weather, Linda. Earlier this morning it was around 10 degrees. Not pleasant. Have a good time at the end of term par... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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We have a bit of snow today. I need to do errands shortly. My pie arrived around 9. Last night I saw pictures on the news of Whit's town of Sand Springs after the twisters. It was so fortunate they were several miles away. She was on her way home from school at the time. Pup had an accident in the kitchen last night. I ended up pulling out a 3 shelf unit to clean up. That meant taking everything off it and cleaning those items. I set several things aside to donate. I would think the stool would be uncomfortable for any extended computer work, Kinda. You'll be much more comfortable using the o... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Whit told her dad the tornadoes were about 5 miles from them. You did get a lot done, Barbara. I would like to move the one smoke detector from the ceiling at the top of the stairs to a wall. Standing on a stool at the top of the stairs does not seem like a great idea. It is damp and chilly here. this morning the stray cat under the porch actually came within a foot of me. Bad news- she is pregnant. Hopefully after the kittens I can get hold of her and have her spayed and see if I can place the kittens. Dare I hope for only 1 or 2? Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Linda, it's a great idea to use DH's office since he no longer uses it. I'm sure it will feel a bit strange at first but you'll turn it into your own work area. The list of pro's are much longer than the cons. I had brunch today with 2 of my former partners at Holiday Inn. I wore a pair of LOGO pants and a top plus Louis' black anorak from several years ago. I need to go to the atm so I can pay for my pie tomorrow. I'll check back later. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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No he's not on blood thinners. The local hospital did set up an appt. April 1st with his VA doctor. His bowling was off which made him think his motor coordination may be off. That scared him so typical man he got mad. Once home he's more serious about quitting smoking. He went looking for the nicotine lozenges and pills the VA sent him 11 months ago when he toyed with quitting. We could only find the lozenges so I messaged the VA to see if they could be renewed. i'm glad you're feeling good Barbara after the infusion. I really enjoyed the Grand Canyon. When we got there it started snowing an... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Barbara, I hope you get good results from the infusion. Linda, it sounds like you had a very busy day plus the unexpected interview. R has senior bowling in about an hour. Adam will be putting in job applications. Last night I found out from Whitney that the blood clots left scarring on the lungs so she has to use an inhaler. Today is 15 yeas since dad's death. R is very lucky he did not have a full blown stroke. Hopefully he'll take the tia as a warning. Griffyn is being coached by TT. He takes off with trophies such as R's neck pillow. Toby cat is starting to show himself more instead of hi... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Tuesday

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So sorry, Jean. Your niece was quite a fighter. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I brought R home a bit ago. Stress test was good. He had had a tia- mini stroke. Probably not the first. Also had a small stroke sometime in the past. His cholesterol med is being changed and he HAS to quit smoking. Whether he will who knows. He's determined to bowl tonight. I'm heading out to pick his prescription up and mail some bills. Hope both of you have a good day. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I hope V's stress test goes well, Barbara. No flowers here, Linda. Maybe some day. Last night I was awoken shortly after going to bed. R had chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, etc. Adam and I took him over to the ER. They kept him overnight. Adam and I got home after 1 Am.Today they've checked carotid artery and did an mri. They are keeping till tomorrow to do a stress test. The doctor there told him he'd a stroke at some time in the past. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Good for M surviving the sleepover. She's braver than I am. Syd's age can get away with no sleep. I need to get back upstairs for cat check. I've been busy with the dogs. Griffyn has kept me busy. I'm sure your concert went very well, Barbara. Continue Reading

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