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Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Many errands today including the cu. Online Whit thought she was transferring funds from her local bank to the cu acct. Her computer still had our acct. info from when they paid us back for loaning them the townhouse deposit when they first moved to OK. Funds went into our acct so I stopped in and deposited them back. They plan to get a Subaru Legacy. I'm not sure what year. I hope you two can get together. What fun you'd have. Doubtful for me with more dental work coming up. I had hoped straightening up Adam's room might help him but it's back to its previous state. I hope the prescription w... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Got him out the door and on his way for a 5:30 appt. He got home a bit ago. They will mail his prescription and he has a follow up appt. in January. That's a relief as I wasn't sure what to do if he didn't go. Sorry about the headache. We have wind and a bit of snow. It feels so much colder because of the wind. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I'm amazed. The Skechers tsv arrived today. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I made a quick trip to Wegman's this morning. I wanted some of their cranberry orange seasonal bread for R to take to senior bowling. Plus there were other things on my list. I stayed home from his bowling. Adam did not go to work and has a VA appt. late afternoon. I want to make sure he goes like he says he will. Fingers crossed. I hope your infusion goes well and you find the item Sydnie wants, Barbara. I'm glad you used a wheelchair and were able to sleep on the flight. Linda, those were great pictures. I think you were right to cancel the shoes (now watch you'll get a cold spell). Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Only sized up because of the faux fur lining. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Glad to read you made it home with no problems, Linda. Hopefully you and DH can take it easy. Such a relief to have the water problem fixed. I don't like escalators either. I feel like I'm a disaster waiting to happen. R shepherded me up an escalator at the Glasgow airport instead of walking a short distance further to an elevator much to my dismay. Nothing like being sick and having to deal with the escalator. Well at least V still has a seat, Barbara. Hope you have a good flight to the frozen north and your back gets better. Yikes indeed on it taking a week. It's cold and rainy here with a ... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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So sorry about the pain, Barbara. I hope you heard back from the doctor. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I'm enough of a pie fan to more than make up for you, Barbara. I do hope the injections help. What an odd person to be overly friendly and then ignore you. Linda, I hope everything went well last night and you and DH have a good trip home. I put some funds in Adam's account first thing this morning as he was short after filling up his reservist's gas tank. R just surfaced. Went to bed at 7 last night and just up now. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I hope all goes well today, Linda. Adam had reserve Saturday only and got home last night. It's a good thing he stopped at a convenience store partway home. One of his soldiers ran out gas and made it to the convenience store only to find he didn't have his wallet. Adam helped him out. I may need to put more money in his account tomorrow. Continue Reading


Re: Wolferman's English Muffins

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I ordered them this year after several years of not ordering. I put 3 of the packs in the freezer and we are eating the blueberry now. I was pleased to see I could order crumpets. They arrived yesterday. Before ordering I checked retailmenot and found a free shipping code. I think I was able to use Mr. Rebates. Continue Reading

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