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Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I don't think offended, more likely hurt feelings. Rain arrived overnight. Our previous shepherd was the same way over mowers and vacuum cleaners. I need to finalize my packing choices too, Barbara. Decisions, decisions. Also packing a few prepackaged snacks in case R needs them and various otc meds as a pharmacy is not always conveniently located. List up on list. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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If Bo were allowed out when I mowed he would chase and try to bite the mower. I couldn't start it so R went out (in his nightshirt- covering my eyes and shaking my head here) to start it. Bo of course shadowed him and tried to bite the tires. TT was out while I mowed and spent his time lying down where I needed to mow next and trotting up and down along the driveway side of the fence supervising a neighbor mowing. I reminded R to wish Whit a happy birthday so he goes on FB and writes- Happy Birthday, Pudge! Arghh! She's trying to lose weight and her dad using that old nickname was probably no... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Sorry about the fraudulent charges, Barbara. I mowed the back yard a short time ago as afternoon thunderstorms are forecast. Rain is forecast through Tuesday. Bo must be kept in as he tries to bite the mower. TT moves place to place. I need to pick up a few more grocery items. LOL about Syd and the missing jeans. Anne used to keep a stash under her bed. Eileen wasthe neat one. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I'm back from grocery shopping plus errands and tired. This morning R had a chiropractor appt.- it seems to help. Then it was on to the VA clinic for the form we dropped off the 19th. That's now in the mail. After that a trip to the gun smith. I dropped R at the house and headed out for dog food and Wegman's. Thank heaven Adam helped me carry things in. After putting groceries away several items were missing. Went out to the suv and found an overlooked bag of pork chops and boneless ribs. Whit called and the townhouse complex is without water again today. She is not happy. Her birthday is tom... Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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From what you've said of Syd I think it's very easy to spend time with her. The thing is coming up with things to entertain that inquisitive mind. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I hope you enjoy lunch, Linda. It's always fun to try a new place. Fingers crossed the Maryland trip works out just fine. A cooler day here. I think temperatures will stay in the 60's. R made it to pt today and made an appointment with the chiropractor for late this afternoon. Tomorrow will be grocery shopping. Maybe I should do that early in the day due to the holiday weekend. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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And I know just which stressor you'd choose, Barbara! She is so fortunate you have the psych background and can help. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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Back from the VA and senior bowling. Our temps are in the mid 80's. Barbara, I know how difficult it is to not say anything. I hope things improve soon. Fingers crossed the headache does not get worse. The past few days I wondered if the problems I had getting on were mine or the Q"s, Linda. Today everything is working. I'm glad the injection went well. I'm tired. This will be an early night. Continue Reading


Re: Joran VDSloot

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He is truly a monster. Continue Reading


Re: Reformed Shopaholics

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I just finished talking with Whitney. They still haven't received a copy of the contract for the house. Told her there most likely will be delays along with inspections and closing. SIL thinks everything will move along smoothly. Bryan is home sick today from kindergarten and youngest cat is up to no good. Barbara, I hope M continues to do well. Nothing much on today's agenda. Dreamed I was back at work filling a multitude of forms out last night. More like a nightmare. LOL. Linda, I'm sorry about DH's memory issues. Continue to treasure the good times. R skipped his weekly breakfast this mor... Continue Reading

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