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Re: I want a chocolate bunny!

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On 4/14/2014 brewhaha said: My chocolate bunny would be Denzel Washington ITA or Shemar Moore! Both are yummy. Continue Reading


Re: Giuliana and Bill Fans

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On 4/5/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: Who are these people? I don't have time to explain all their accomplishments but if you type in Bill Rancic Wikipedia and Giuliana Rancic Wikipedia you can read all about them. Wikipedia doesn't even begin to cover all the charity stuff they do and other projects as well. Continue Reading


Re: Giuliana and Bill Fans

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I don't know how many eggs she has. Just know they have several embryos stored. Continue Reading


Giuliana and Bill Fans

Last Reply by PinkSugar 1397015989.74 | Started by sabra in TV Talk

Sorry I'm late posting this as I just remembered! The new season started tonight but is re-airing at 1am EST on E!. On the last season finale baby Duke's gestational carrier said that she would carry another baby for them. I'm excited to see what happens. Continue Reading


Re: Survivor - spoilers - anyone watching?

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I watched it and really enjoyed it. The Brains don't appear to be too brainy do they? I was really happy on the 1st challenge when The Beauty won because the others probably think they are not too bright since they are pretty. Ummmm, pretty people can be smart and strong too. That was a hoot when the boat tipped over. I think this is going to be a good season. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- February 2014 (includes spoilers)

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The new Ridge (Thorsten) is in real life into poetry and he brought that into his character on All My Children - so he's brought a bit of Zach with him. He published a book of poetry IRL. When he was on One Life to Live he was an Irish poet. Also, he was born in Germany but raised in London. I was wondering how long it would be before his character mentioned hockey (he finally did last week) because he is a huge Detroit Red Wings Hockey fan and attends games whenever he can. I really like him with Katie. Brooke can have Bill - they deserve each other. I'd actually like to see Brooke en... Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite Pizza?

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Mariachi Beef from Donato's. Continue Reading


The Shahs of Sunset

Last Reply by goldenretriever 1392504470.223 | Started by sabra in TV Talk

Tonight is the season finale for The Shahs of Sunset. I hope it gets renewed for another season. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Spoiler Feb 10-14

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OMG - I just watched Friday's show and it appears Adam is alive? Somehow I just knew he wouldn't be dead. Victor will find out and sneak him out of the country with a new identity and no one will know. Continue Reading


Re: New Billy on Y & R

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I have always liked Billy Miller and thought he did an excellent job. I remember David Tom and also remember that he is Heather Tom's (Katie on B&B for those who don't watch B&B) brother. There is definitely a similar look between the two. What I find funny is that Heather used to play Victoria. How weird would that have been if she still was - LOL. Guess they couldn't have hired David because that would just be creepy. Continue Reading

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