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Re: Not Feeling It for Skinn This Go Round

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On 4/26/2015 Shelbelle said: Free shipping with EVINE CC ended last night. And that's a great benefit for Evine CC customers. Continue Reading


Re: Not Feeling It for Skinn This Go Round

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I've posted this before, but for me, there's security in knowing Dimitri is on as often as he is. Now, I can truly buy when I need because I know he will be on with a variety of configurations. I watch for the larger sized cleansers, but it seems they are rarely offered. One noticeable difference since the Evine changeover is the fact that there are less free and reduced shipping opportunities. $6.99 shipping per item ensures that I do not overbuy. That's just ridiculous, IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran moisturizer with spf?? Anyone tried?

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I use this on my face and shoulders and I like it. It goes on thick, so typically I wear it without any makeup when I am working in the yard or am going to be doing activities outside for extended periods of time. I have never broken out from it and I'm really prone to breakouts, especially with sunscreens. I have not tried it as a primer, as JM suggested in a recent on-air presentation. I'm an either-or girl...either I wear spf on my face with no makeup, or I wear makeup with spf, like bareskin or bare minerals ready. HTH. Continue Reading


Re: LOVE complexion rescue

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I am not a fan of this. I've tried it a couple of times but just don't like the sheen it puts on my skin. I feel like it accentuates pores and it feels heavy to me even when using the tiniest bit. Also, it seems to make me break out. I really prefer BareSkin, but it smells weird to me, so I was hoping this would be an alternative. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone going to order the upcoming tsv?

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I might get this one. The AD I'm on from 2013 only has the shower gel, EDP, and body creme. So, for about $14 more, I get the olive oil scrub too. This TSV seems to be a good deal, especially since it includes the EDP rather than the spray fragrance. Definitely worth considering. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone received their MIF, and what do you think?

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On 3/20/2015 Mischa said: I'm torn between the BGT and the MIF for the TSV tomorrow. I typically use POM and love it, but want to try the rice formulations and the 613. HELP! Well...the MIF has the honey ingredient like the newest seasonals if that helps. I use BGT and got MIF to try it and I really like it as well. I notice people are saying MIF seems more moisturizing and I guess the honey might be the reason why. Continue Reading


Re: Mandarin Fig

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I love BGT, but decided to try MIF because it has the honey ingredient in it like the newer seasonals. I really like the performance and the scent. The only other cleansing conditioner I've tried with the honey complex is the winter white citrus. If I compare all three, I don't really notice much difference in results...my hair behaves with all of them. Continue Reading


Re: OTO tonight 2/21 per Chaz

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I got the tuscan pear mousse/styling creme set on AD, so hopefully this will be offered as two shipments as well. Continue Reading


Re: 613 Treatment mist question

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Thanks for the responses. Mine is not beige, but brown. I think I just let it sit for too long because the scent is a bit off as well. Continue Reading


Re: Wish List Problems

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I just sent an email to customer service before I looked here. Glad it's not just me, but really...Q needs to get with it! Continue Reading

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