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Re: OTO tonight 2/21 per Chaz

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I got the tuscan pear mousse/styling creme set on AD, so hopefully this will be offered as two shipments as well. Continue Reading


Re: 613 Treatment mist question

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Thanks for the responses. Mine is not beige, but brown. I think I just let it sit for too long because the scent is a bit off as well. Continue Reading


Re: Wish List Problems

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I just sent an email to customer service before I looked here. Glad it's not just me, but really...Q needs to get with it! Continue Reading


613 Treatment mist question

Last Reply by gatorgal25 1424576986.76 | Started by gatorgal25 in WEN

If you have a new one, can you please open it and tell me if it is clear or there is color to it? I have an old one and I think it has gone bad. The other treatment mists seem to last way longer and I seem to remember CD saying there was a protein in the 613, so maybe that's the issue. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Is buying too much make-up a sign of OCD? Do you have too much make-up?

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If it weren't for home shopping, the beauty boards, and YouTube, I'd probably still be wearing drugstore. LOL. There is something about wanting the "latest and greatest" that seemed to make my stash grow. When I got sick, I got scared straight because money became an issue. Now, I watch and learn but realize I have my core products that look good and I'm happy with, so I try to avoid spending and just use the above mentioned as resources for tips, good prices, and sales on things I need. I do have moments of weakness, but have learned to "shop my stash" to get over those moments. Continue Reading


Re: Korres yoghurt and white grape body butter

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I didn't purchase this TS because I had tried white grape last year and sent it back because I did not like it. I purchased the water lily when it was first introduced and really like it, but it was sold out by the time I seriously started considering a purchase. I think water lily is a dupe for the old philosophy scent be somebody water lily - so I was happy to see it. I also like Korres mint tea, vanilla cinnamon, and lemon basil for reference. The tubes last forever and work so well b/c a little goes a long way. Continue Reading


Re: wen product for grey hair

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My new hair came back silvery white. I've been using Bamboo Green Tea and not only is my hair growing in super-fast, I get tons of compliments on how shiny it is. I do use the styling creme and mousse as well as volumizing mist, so those may add the shine as well. I watch my hair like a hawk for the first sign of yellowing and it has not happened using Wen so far (six months). Continue Reading


Re: Parmesan-Ricotta Spaghetti Squash Fritters

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I do this exact same thing with shredded zucchini instead of spaghetti squash. Never occurred to me to use spaghetti squash, but will try that too! Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: GatorGal!!!

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LOL! I made it. It was never (or at least until January). Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Fusion Setting Veil

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On 12/14/2014 BlingQueen022 said: On 12/14/2014 gatorgal25 said: On 12/14/2014 BlingQueen022 said: On 12/14/2014 gatorgal25 said: Bling...or anyone else who may know...is the yellow part (inner circle) of the setting veil the same stuff that is in the bright veil? I have that already, but if this is different, I'd try to get the setting veil and mascara. TIA Hi Gatorgal. Yes, at least that's my thoughts. I see no difference between the center disk in that compact as the yellow veil compact. They both do the same thing. Thanks, Bling...I will hold off since I don't need mascara yet and I've ... Continue Reading

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