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Re: HUGE Early Rave for Benefit's Gimme Brow.

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I loved gimme brow when it first came out and love it even more now that I've lost most of my brows to chemo. Customer for life. Continue Reading


Re: I used Tan Towels on my vacation and.....

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Love tan towels. I heard the rep say during one of the last presentations to save the towel and use it to apply the spray. That would keep the cost down. I haven't used the spray yet, just the towels. What I like the best about them is ease of application and natural appearance. Continue Reading


Re: Glamour Now Shipping

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On 4/17/2014 ginabfly said: On 4/17/2014 SAM OHIO said: I received mine yesterday and it is a far better kit than the first. Eyeshadows were beautiful, liner was so pretty a pearlized teal --the luminizer was a much more wearable shade for me-- more pink toned than bronze or peach like the last one. I love the blush shade and the lip gloss. This kit is great for my pink undertoned fair skin. All in all a great kit everyone who ordered I am sure will love it as well. I wasn't that impressed with the first shipment and returned, but they keep you in A-D now days so I could re-instate my shipme... Continue Reading


Re: BareSkin Foundation - Keeping it, or not?

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Keeping...I like it enough to keep, but not sure if I will stay on auto-delivery. Time will tell as the summer goes on. I like the coverage, ease of use, color, and finish. My skin feels like silk. Having said all of concern, believe it or not, is the hard container. Can't wait to see how it behaves when I get to the bottom of it. ETA: Not sure what others are saying about the dewy appearance. I don't get that at all. I only use two small drops on each side of my face and one on the forehead, then go over the chin area with what's left on the brush. I find the coverage really simila... Continue Reading


Re: 4/12/14 TSV: philosophy

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On 4/11/2014 CissyT said: It seems that qvc is having several problems with this tsv. I ordered AG on auto-delivery, but it's not showing up under my auto-delivery plans. I called qvc to ask what the problem was and the lady I spoke with said she was send an email to that department letting them know what had happened. It's been 3 days and it still isn't showing up. I think if they are having future shipments with the free S&H on the day of the tsv, they should give it to the people who ordered from the insider also. I agree, but I bet the listing online is in error. Inside Q says that o... Continue Reading


Re: Your Favorite Self Tanner.......

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Another Tan Towel fan here. I like the color and it isn't messy. If not for this option, I would not bother, but I really prefer the way my legs looks with a "tan". Continue Reading


Re: 4/12/14 TSV: philosophy

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Apparently Q has multiple offers floating around. On TSV day, the offer will be one-time shipping on AD with 3 EP (or at least that's what the Facebook offer is as of right now...and the item number is the same as Inside Q for TSV day). If you bought from Inside Q, you pay s/h each time, but get the 4th EP. Seems weird to me. If you don't use EP, I guess the best deal is two years on AD with one-time s/h. Continue Reading


Re: Please talk me out of the Philosophy TSV

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It is an excellent value if you like the products and need them. I do not need anything, but love the EDP, OOS, and whipped body creme. If I needed product, I'd be all over this because the only fragrances I wear are from philosophy. I'm not sure I helped. Continue Reading


Re: Glamour Now AD set in April

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There are golds, a lilac, violet, and lavendar in most of the shipments. I don't need that many golds, although I like them. But purples are not for me, so seriously considering canceling. Hopefully someone will post swatches when they get the April shipment. I've pushed mine back even further. Continue Reading

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