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Re: Bare Minerals Bare SKIN BEauty Radiant 7 Piece Collection September TSV!!!

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I just got the grand collection with the ready, but I'm going to get this too. I find I can switch between all three foundations in any given week depending on what my skin is up to. This is a great value, especially with the brushes! Continue Reading


Re: Gel Eyeliner Pencils

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I tried the YBF gel liners with much skeptism as I have never found an eyeliner that did not travel to my upper lid. These do not. They go on easy and stay put all day. They are small, so it makes it easier to line right along the upper lash line. They come off with my cleanser at the end of the day. Of course, they are sold out at HSN now, so that may not be of much help to you or me once I run out. Hopefully they will re-stock. Continue Reading


Re: New Grand Collection?

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This was posted in an earlier thread as an upcoming TSV...no date, no item number yet. Continue Reading


Re: Wen - Chaz is going to be introducing a "special" new Wen product on Lisa's show probably on August 29th

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On 8/2/2014 w84WEN said: Body butters and soufflés seem to be real popular these days. I would take anything BGT at this point. So with you there! Continue Reading


Re: Ready for the change....here comes Fall

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We don't really get a fall in Florida, although with the break in humidity around November, I can sort of lie to myself and say it's fall. Since I grew up in New England, fall is still my favorite time of year, but Winter/Spring in Florida isn't to shabby either! Continue Reading


Re: New Grand Collection?

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I can't wait for this one! Hope it's a TSV on AD! Even though I got the grand collection, I like to switch foundations between ready, loose, and bareskin, so I'm in for just about any kit that includes foundation. BE is very smart to keep me brand loyal in this way! Continue Reading


Re: New Sunstruck Collection

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Glad to see this post...makes me happy I waited to order. I have been really into the 5-in-1s lately...nice clean look, swipe, swipe...done and it lasts all day. I just am not that committed to creating looks with the loose shadows I already have. I should have my grand collection in a few days, so hopefully that will satisfy my craving for newness. ETA: I also think the 5-in-1 shadows give a great smoothing effect! Continue Reading


Re: Item Presentations

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This past weekend's presentation was extremely rushed, in my opinion. I've been waiting for Q to post the video of the eyeshadow set, but it's nowhere to be found. I guess I'll wait until someone posts the swatches online and hope the featured price doesn't expire before that. Continue Reading


Re: Benefit Gimme Brow is on now and those demos are really good

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Gimme Brow was the first brow product I ever used and I liked it because it helped fill in a small spot where I noticed my brows were thinning. However, when I completely lost my brows during chemo, I had to use that and dark brown shadow to fill in. Having said that, I really think the Gimme Brow microfibers give the look of real hair. I think it's really easy to use. Continue Reading


Re: Who bought the deluxe bright pearl MV?

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On 8/3/2014 vmnsc said: On 8/3/2014 hellokitty said: It is nice but I caved on the eye shadows. I think this is in last year's Christmas kit. It is a nice MV I think it is a blend of two MV's...the Honora Pearl and a Brightening MV that was in another kit. I cold be wrong though..usually am! I went back and read the info sheet....it doesn't mention the honora pearls but I could be wrong! Hellokitty, I caved on the loose eye shadows too.....the colors looked so great when swatched! Right up my alley! New and loose in the same sentence is right up my alley! LOL! I think I will forsake the MV... Continue Reading

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