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Re: Short curly hairdos that look like ....

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On 11/22/2014 Lannie said: Any hair sounds good to me after having lost all mine to chemo - and I did look at the Paula Young site for wigs. I looked everywhere. Didn't get one from there, but can't say what would look good on who - depends on a lot of factors. At least I wouldn't be so insulting about it. Give us older ones (66 here) some respect - some day you too may be outdated, but think you look good, lol! Me, I'm happy to have hair again, no matter how I wear it. Seems like it's not as important anymore. I'm with you, Lannie. My hair grew back white and I'm only in my forties. When I ... Continue Reading


Re: Beware the parabens

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I have been doing research on this as well and have found AG to be the only one with parabens still in the ingredient deck of the butter and the emulsion. This is super disappointing to me, so I'll stick with PG for my body butter and layer AG EDP over it. Continue Reading


Re: Pure Grace Whipped Body Cream Lovers....Great Sale!!

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I get so aggravated with the philosophy website. I tried to order this earlier this morning and my order would not go through with paypal or a credit card so I gave up. If you've had success on the site, can you share what browser you use? I am going to try to call CS, but I bet they won't take the coupon code over the phone. ETA: Just called philosophy customer service and they cannot fix the website problem until Monday. Curious as to how others got through...just must be my luck! LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Holiday TSV "Candlelight Glow 8 Piece Holiday Collection With Clutch"

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On 10/20/2014 LovemyBE said: There are parts of this kit I love & parts I'm not thrilled with. I'm going to wear it again & see if I intend to keep it. I really don't like returning make up, but since this is the first BE TSV I've gotten since 2008, I think I should LOVE each & every piece to justify the money spent. That's why I've decided not to get it. I don't want the clutch and I am not all that interested in the new illuminator. The last TSV with the bareskin and compact was better for me and I use it all, so I'm sticking with that. Also, I have so many eyecolors, I'm sur... Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Holiday TSV "Candlelight Glow 8 Piece Holiday Collection With Clutch"

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@Love or anyone else who ordered early.... The more I'm reading about this kit, the more I'm thinking of passing. Is the lighter color anything like light show or white gold? The illuminator doesn't sound different enough to try...I am in love with the gold mineral veil I got in the big kit a couple of months ago. I'm not a fan of the moxie lip stick either and the bag is probably the thing that is pushing me back over to the no side of the fence. Continue Reading


Re: September Skinn

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It's still too early as the TTV's are not scheduled until the 20th and 21st of September. Continue Reading


Re: whipped body creme

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Are the two different ingredient decks listed for two different sizes by any chance? I feel like parabens might be in the larger sizes, but not the 4oz since it's a preservative? Continue Reading


Re: Pumpkin Lovers

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Walmart has a Pumpkin Waffle candle in its 719 Walnut Avenue candle brand. Smells very similar to BBW pumpkin pecan waffle, same size, but only $5. Can't beat that! Continue Reading


Re: Using WEN after cancer treatments

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First off, I'm sorry for what you are going through. It's pretty traumatic, but I've always been thankful there was a treatment, even if it did mean losing my hair. Secondly, I started using Bamboo Green Tea during my treatments on my bald little head. I did fine with it and my hair even started to come back before I had completed my treatments. I finished in May. Keep your chin up. Continue Reading

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