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Re: Statement from Mrs. Prindables - Dec 19, 2014

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Q News 1419076249.98

Mrs Prindables and others are not on the list so I would think they are ok. This is how mass hysteria starts! When there is a problem with any other food product I doubt anyone quits eating that product altogether since all are not the problem. No one that say buys hamburg will get a refund if the hamburg they bought is not on the list of possibly tainted product. I don't think QVC or Mrs Prindables has any obligation to refund anything due to this false hysteria!!! I sure hope they don't cave to those demanding a refund. Continue Reading


Re: A study about Dr. Oz: less than half of his claims are backed up by science

In Viewpoints 1419075408.43

While I don't really watch him, any study can done will skew results any way they want! He is a great doctor and he does research things and consults experts in every field so to just go by these studies (probably backed by the large pharmaceutical companies anyway) that probably are less than accurate. There probably is a middle ground for what he presents on his shows. There are many natural products that can help with weight loss but they are not the magic cure for weight problems. He didn't start out touting so many weight things but I guess that's the biggest problem in this country ... Continue Reading


Re: If Someone Claims to be a Beauty Expert

In Beauty Banter 1419030465.787

Firts this is all subjective. What some would call dreadful looking many others would say is a great look!! When someone is selling a product they just use general statements which are not targeting any one specific person!! That is the difference. I agree with Irish1210 when she states "This sounds like someone trying to justify being mean spirited to another ~~ ". Continue Reading


Re: Share one of your best holiday memories when you were a child

In For the Home Talk 1418909774.913

When we still believed in Santa, we would go to bed around 6:00 p.m for a nap before going to midnight mass and would come home and immediately have to go to bed. We were told Santa would be coming soon so we had to be asleep. When we woke up the tree was magically trimmed with presents under the tree. After we were older we would decorate the tree while watching one of the old Scrooge movies, nap and go to midnight mass and then come home and open gifts and eat ham sandwiches and candy. Those days can never be recreated but the memories make me smile and happy!! Continue Reading


Re: Sugar Cookies

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418824911.217

Here is the one I searched all my life for as they are soft and tasty. SOUR CREAM SUGAR COOKIES 1 cup sugar 1/3 cup butter softened 3/4 cup shortening 1/2 tsp lemon extract or any other flavor 1 egg 2 2/3 cups flour 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 2/3 cup sour cream Cream sugar, butt and shortenint add lemon extract and egg stir in dry ingredients and sour cream - alternating Roll 1/4 inch thick in desired shapes bake 375 7-8 minutes Ice with powdered sugar/mild glaze with lemon extract and real lemon squeezed in or any other flavorings Vamp can you post the recipe for ... Continue Reading


Re: Need a new vacuum. Do you like your Shark?

In For the Home Talk 1418815647.447

I had a Shark and liked it but then I got my first Dyson and it was far better but the attachments were hard to use. I just got a Dyson DC 39 Animal canister for $349 here with free shipping and it's really the best vacuum I ever had!! I also had an Oreck which was junk and didn't clean well. Continue Reading


Re: Your favorite cookie recipe please??

In Recipe Swap 1418811854.757

One of my favorites is PEANUT BUTTER SECRETS. 1 cup butter Crisco 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla 2 cups flour 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 40-45 miniature peanut butter cups per batch Wrap dough around peanut butter cups bake 375 on greased sheet for 8-10 minutes There is a glaze you can make but I like them better without. Glaze 1 tsp butter Crisco 1 cup semi-sweet choc chips 2 tlbs creamy peanut butter Continue Reading


Re: QVC and Honest Feedback Censorship

In Q Did What? 1418810996.8

Mentioning that you can get a better deal elsewhere is definitely against the rules and even posting a positive review any mention of the price being too high will not get posted. Many items do come from the manufacturer and not QVC and damage to packaging often is the fault of the post office or UPS. I did mention poor packaging in one of my reviews and it went through though. I have had completely positive reviews not posted but never any negative ones not posted. Figure that out!!! Continue Reading


Re: Visits from those who have passed on

In Among Friends 1418810396.727

Once when I was really sick with the flu and sleeping on the sofa one night, I woke up and knew I wasn't alone. I looked over and there was my mother on the chair she usually sat when she visited me just sitting there. When I dream of my mother and/or grandmother, any problem or bad time in my life is over shortly after. Continue Reading


Re: Patti Reilly

In Beauty Banter 1418809529.4

She's probably more of a beauty expert than anyone on these boards who criticize others!! None of us knows what she may or may not have been trained in but it's Christmas time so the nasties will come out!! Continue Reading

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