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Re: What brand of dog food, do you use?

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Most dogs fair better on carnivore grain free diets even if no obvious allergy problems. Also it is best to feed several types of kibble in case of recalls or unavailability of food you are feeding so there will be no issues when having to switch due to not being able to get what your dog is currently eating. Continue Reading


Re: The Body Blade actually works...

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I have been using the body blade and cardio blades for over 15 years when it was recommended to me by my chiropractor since I have nerve damage in my arms and could not use heavier weights like I had all my life. A trainer I worked with put together a 45 minute routine using both body blades and cardio blades for me that I still do every other day. I am far more toned then when I worked out before using them. It has done wonders for core toning and strengthening while not having to work as hard as I previously had for core work. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- March 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Don't they give the males female hormones to grow breasts? Maya's are not big and she's actually sort of flat chested. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else tired of all day program categories?

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I don't even care for all day of products I like. If they want to have special days then just have these products on for maybe 2 hour shows a few times in the day and not all day. Continue Reading


Re: Venting....The Q Customer and Host

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It doesn't matter which host is on if there are products I am interested in. Continue Reading


Re: Do you think hypocrites have low self esteem?

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I would say in most cases a big YES!! They feel inferior and by putting others down temporarily experience a boost which is not lasting. Continue Reading


Re: very nice of qvc

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I always purchase at least 1 item each month and have never received anything. It must be random just like the special easy pays in the fall and spring. Continue Reading


Re: Could you live in a shack and be happy?

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I definitely could. I've never needed or wanted a huge fancy house. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- March 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Rick probably will feel humiliated but I bet he won't want to admit it or have it get out so he will stay with her but without se#. He may turn to her sister and as long as he's seeing her she won't release this info to the press... BUT there will come a time it will come out. Continue Reading


Re: What brand of dog food, do you use?

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I use a mixture mostly Blue Basics, Instinct Raw Boost dry kibble and EVO. All are grain free. Continue Reading

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