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Re: QVC Needs to have a serious Meeting..post if You agree

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Those posting with these complaints are just a very small minority of the posters and an even smaller percentage of those who purchase. As stated previously by at least one poster here, no store has a constant turnover of different merchandise except for those that sell liquidated items, etc. It seems that some are relying on QVC for their entertainment and probably would not buy much anyway. The larger ticket items and the ones some are bored with obviously must be selling. I think most who purchase here do not watch steady like those that are bored with the programming do. How is any c... Continue Reading


Re: Tarte vendor

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I thought I heard every complaint but this is one of the most ridiculous ones ever!!! Continue Reading


Re: 15 years from now: what 2014 fashion trends will we look back & laugh or cringe at?

In Fashion Talk 1397488064.38

Bare legs with dresses and all those ridiculous scarves worn even in the summer!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you eat/buy Peeps?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397431704.677

They definitely are not the same formulation as they were years ago. I always would open the package and let them harden and they were so good but now no matter how long you leave them in an open package they do not harden so I no longer buy them. Continue Reading


Re: Are All these Products Necessary?

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I have tried many products and if they don't improve my skin then I move on. You don't need everything but everyone reacts/responds differently and some need more to improve their skin and others less. There is no right nor is there a wrong in this - whatever works and whatever anyone is ok and happy with. I have found products that work well for me now and while I may try something that seems promising, I am not nor have I ever thought there was something that will magically make me look way younger than my years. That's subjective anyway. I have seen 30 year olds who look 50 and 50 yea... Continue Reading


Re: Long overdue report on No! No! -- LOVE IT!

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I didn't use it on my face when I first got mine about 2 years ago and was very happy with the results for my legs. No regrowth for about a month now and the hairs are few and far between. I haven't been using it as steadily as they say though either. I started using it on my face a few months ago and also use the wide tip except for above the lip. I've been using it nearly every day and have not had to remove the hair any other way since. I have never been burned. The newest No No came with a lip barrier salve but don't use it. Continue Reading


Re: I'm convinced that I should

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I really like the spiral hams from Aldis. There are 2 kinds and one of them has the best glaze and I don't know which brand it was though. They were both good. Continue Reading


Re: What foundation to you buy again and again?

In Beauty Banter 1397389442.987

Perricone's No Foundation Foundation and also JM's liquid one. Continue Reading


Re: This literally made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

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I really like that tee. I am a casual dresser and I don't see what age has to do with wearing a tee like that!! I would like that tee if I saw someone on the street wearing it also. I just might order one. Thanks for the info on where to order. Continue Reading

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