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Re: Did anyone catch Amy wearing torn jeans on Inspired Style?

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She looked great and quite stylish - maybe not the stylish of years ago but times have changed considerably and kudos to QVC for moving forward fashionwise! Continue Reading


Re: Wow! What is wrong with this picture?

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Most of their employees "choose" to work there as there are not many other options for them!!! Companies like Walmart often treat their employees (who are mostly uneducated and need a job) poorly and do not value them. I know our local ones have management that treats employees poorly knowing that the employee has few other choices for employment. Continue Reading


Re: Bobby Chez Crabcakes

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425381891.39

They are delicious and definitely worth the price. Don't like the ones made with mayo - yuck!! Love the roux and panco bread crumbs. They are more than just an "ordinary" crab cake. If you like the mayo ones than probably will be comparing them to these but they are not meant to be the same type of crab cake. Continue Reading


Re: Dana Bledsoe

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She explained the accent thing several times saying she lived in different places while growing up and the accents from each became a part of her speech and don't always come out. Also she probably wears her hair in a pony tail so as not to take away from the products she is representing just as many cosmetic reps do. Continue Reading


Re: spending drastically less with QVC...

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I rarely return anything so it hasn't affected my buying here at all. I have to say that I don't buy clothing here but if I did it probably would change how much I purchased if I had sizing issues like many are saying. Continue Reading


Re: Grandma's clothes

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I am 62 and the clothing sold here is way too conservative for my taste. I also know many women in their 30's and 40's who like this style of dress so I don't think it's fair to classify it as grandmother clothing. Continue Reading


Re: What's With All the Elastic Waists?

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I don't like elastic waists either. They always go way above my waist and are so uncomfortable! Continue Reading


Re: No Laughing Matter: Inside The Cosby Allegations

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While there are so many and he more than likely seems guilty of most of them, I don't understand why so many were alone with him a a hotel room! There were many who kept hanging out in his hotel room. It doesn't appear it did them any good as most are never heard of s. Can't imagine anyone being so desperate for a career advancement that they would repeatedly go to his room - especially since he was married!! I would be ashamed to admit it. Continue Reading


Re: Joy Mangano TS air purifier?

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I thought the forever fragrance sticks were great and definitely worked for me. I ordered 2 for our summer cottage. If they don't work I can just return them. Her products sometimes are great and sometimes not so great. Continue Reading

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