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Re: Tax on shipping!

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If it's shipping and handling some states charge tax for the handling which is the packaging. I don't know why some think it's such a big deal as even though there is much waste in government, money is needed to provide necessary services and most would be outraged if services were cut. No one seems to notice all the services provided by the states but they have to be financed. Continue Reading


Re: Who in the World Designed This?

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The colors are actually quite eye-catching but I'm sure the fit would be rather boxy, drab and not figuring flattering like most of the fashions here seem to me. Continue Reading


Re: Could you Imagine if your Child Married Royalty?

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What a nightmare that would be as I'm such a private person!!! Continue Reading


Re: How well do you handle criticism?

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On the job criticism is fine but unless I ask someone for their opinion on anything else in my life, they are out of line and I will tell them. Continue Reading


Re: Matronly, fashionable, sleezy, old-lady, trashy, dowdy, hot, etc. Terms we use.

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I don't mind differing views and opinions but the choice of wording is what can make an opinion a bash! To state someone's outfit looks sleazy and trashy to me is one thing but to insist they need to dress to suit you or that a host should be made to dress "appropriately" or be fired is more than an opinion!! It's all subjective and we are all different. Continue Reading



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I'm size 12 40DD. My most comfortable bra is Lillyette convertible 0939. I have problems with the weight it puts on my shoulders and I can wear it regular, criss cross, halter or strapless (it really stays put) to prevent discomfort from wearing the straps in the same spot. Amazon has the best prices. Continue Reading


Re: Clutter on the Website

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The drop downs create an extra step to getting to where we want to go. I found if not on the homepage then the account drop down ends up under Hot Picks and covers over order status. Also you cannot access anything from the drop down account menu unless on homepage as it is only showing when right over account and any attempt to move down makes it disappear!!! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Rhinna

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How is she representing QVC?? She is merely a vendor. Continue Reading


Re: Peter Bergman (Y&R's Jack) talks about the fake Jack

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I can't believe that Phyllis doesn't know the difference. When you've been intimate with someone you know how they look naked and no one could be identical in every way and also the little things they like to do in bed. All that would be a complete giveaway. Really stupid story line. Continue Reading



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Many B & M stores - even Walmart - keep track of returns and are refusing returns from those that return too much. I witnessed a Walmart CS person refusing to accept a return from someone because she said they were on a list of those who returned too much. It just makes no sense to keep return stuff you have purchased - especially if they don't fit or you are not satisfied with the quality. Why keep buying if you are not satisfied. Continue Reading

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