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Re: RFID protection

In Electronics Talk 1416750883.887

I had the same thought. I guess it does provide protection all the other times though so it probably is worth it. Continue Reading


Re: Sharp looking jean

In Fashion Talk 1416735869.427

The rise appears to be way high but other than that they are nicse looking. Continue Reading


Re: Diane Gilman has HSN TS tonight, superstretch bootcut jean

In Fashion Talk 1416735782.97

She uses young tall models and even on them the waist is really high. 11 1/4" goes way up over my ribcage with her jeans. Surely I can't be the only one. I also tried the super stretch and they stretched way out at the knees so even if the rise would have been shorter they would not have worked for me! I do like her pick stitch jeans as they have a 10" front rise. Continue Reading


Re: Dyson

In TSV Talk 1416735256.427

Most people channel surf and wouldn't just sit spellbound and listen to the repetition they do for the benefit of those just tuning in!! I would think that is how they get many sales. For someone interested in the product then maybe they would want anyone. Continue Reading


Re: Is QVC Helping You Check Off Names From Your Xmas Shopping List?

In Q Did What? 1416675719.28

For me and most I know, something that helps me out in my daily life is what I would and always do want. Those "personal" gifts that are nice maybe are things used infrequently and for me just end up in a drawer. Even after I retired I have found that my time is too precious to waste going to stores to shop only to end up being frustrated because I can't find what I like, have to spend more time than I want finding parking, unruly children, waiting in lines - large malls or small stores alike. Plus where I live it's always cold so you have to bundle up and then get so hot in the stores - ju... Continue Reading


Re: Thinking ahead, What meat do you fix at Christmas??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416674520.82

We always had ham, turkey and halupki when my mother was alive and occasionally I make this just for my SO and myself either Christmas eve or the day after Christmas even though we go to one of his siblings homes for diner. They usually just do ham. Continue Reading


Re: Is QVC Helping You Check Off Names From Your Xmas Shopping List?

In Q Did What? 1416657164.81

Definitely for the few gifts I still do buy. We did buy a canister Dyson (no cheaper price anywhere for this as I did check) this year but not actually for a gift but that would have been a great gift to receive and if either of my parents were still here it would have been a good gift for them as would a Keurig have been. The larger items are bought for family and many still do buy larger gifts like that. I refuse to waste my time hunting for parking, carrying packages back to the car then having to unload them at home, wading through the crowds with screaming kids everywhere and going to s... Continue Reading


Re: What changed?

In The Q We Love 1416656200.07

I would think that electronics are bringing in more profits. I have noticed QVC is offering more free shipping than before though. It would be nice if ordering items coming from the same warehouse that there could be a one shipping for all that day on anything purchased. The other shopping channels are basically the same but for a person just starting to watch, it seems different but they are all the same product wise. One shows watches, watches, watches, a lot of SKINN products, the same jewelry items for days and days and the same clothing items repeatedly. The other has electronics all the... Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran Body Butter

In Beauty Banter 1416655658.087

I ordered the small sizes and they all had seals but the larger size which I got at Sephora doesn't . I wonder why they seal the small ones and not the bigger ones?!!! Continue Reading


Re: David wine tasting

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416527290.083

Holding it by the base as in the pictures looks really awkward and off balance. I hold it by the bowl as it's much easier to control and there is less chance of dropping it. Continue Reading

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