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Re: Please share your haircut horror story

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When I was young and pre teen and a teen, my uncle was a hairdresser so my mother made me go to him. He always showed me hairstyle magazines and always would point out one that had a perm that he thought would work for my hair - BUT it always ended up looking like old lady short permed hair. I was so gun shy about haridressers that after I was 18, I never had my hair cut or styled again and trimmed it myself or had my mother do it until about 25 years ago when I found a fantastic stylist. Continue Reading


Re: ~~ Spin2Win Again on HSN ~~

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It doesn't seem like they have a free shipping or 15% off one this time - just tickets and gift cards which very few will ever win! Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- October 2014 (includes Spoilers)

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What is Maya doing anyway in that meeting? Isn't she just a model for Hope for the Future? I'm sure there are many employees who have been the longer and are far more important to the company!! Continue Reading


Re: So who is going to be the one to run Forrester?

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Didn't Rick work with his ex Amber who helped him with designing? I would have to say Rick is the choice considering what Ridge did by running away to France. Continue Reading


Re: Does anybody remember.............

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I drank Postum for years until they quit selling it. Never gave me heartburn like coffee. You can get it from Vermont Country Store. Continue Reading


Re: Your best Friend! What do you give her for Christmas?

In Fashion Talk 1414100488.703

She gives me her homemade candy and I give her cookies. Continue Reading


Re: Shipping and Handling $$$$$

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I've been looking for a crew neck sweatshirt and found one at Macy's and another from Deluth Trading. For Macy's it was $10.95 shipping on a $24.95 sweatshirt and at Deluth's it was $12.95. Now to me that's high shipping and handling!!! Deluth would give free shipping for orders $50 and more but the sweatshirt was $49.95 and I couldn't find anything less than $39 that I would actually buy.. Continue Reading


Re: Did you have teachers who....

In Viewpoints 1414068126.06

Sure did and I had nuns and priests as teachers!! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone heard anything about Elisabeth Hasselbeck's health?

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I saw her as doing a great service to many who have or may have and don't know it Celiac. After that diagnosis often things seem grim and doctors also often don't know enough to educate their patients on eating. By speaking so frequently about it many probably have found that they are not doomed to eating awful food and also found that many things they didn't realize have gluten. Continue Reading

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