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Re: New tracfones ???

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I have a Samsung galaxy centura which is a true smartphone and I really like it. I'm not glued to my phone 24/7 and the few things I have used it for (GPS directions,emails, texts, a few apps and I have downloaded books to a micro SD card as well as music).Over the years I have accrued so many minutes and when I got this phone they were also converted to the same amount for texts, talk and internet. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone heard anything about Elisabeth Hasselbeck's health?

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No matter how healthy anyone's lifestyle is they still can have health problems!! You don't have to like someone but WOW such awful comments some have made!!! Continue Reading


Re: Chris Frytag

In Q Did What? 1413972052.947

Probably one of the reasons is there are more than likely fewer demands on their time. It's not always about money!! Continue Reading


Re: "Gifts for the Flashlight Enthusiast"

In Q Did What? 1413971887.61

I know so many who love to get flashlights and I'm one of them! You can never have too many. I keep several in each room. in the garage, basement, a few in my car and at least 2 in my purse. Many misplace or loose them also! Some don't think of buying them and when they need them - well -they say they wish they had some but them when the crisis is over they forget all about it! Very few seem to carry roadside flares anymore and several times over the past few years all my flashlights came in handy to use at accident scenes - especially when the accident was on a curvy back road. Continue Reading


Re: If your husband or S.O said this to you would it upset you?

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Most men know that if their wife/SO asks them a leading question then they better not tell the truth because in most cases it's meant to drag out a false compliment!! Why ask if you have wrinkles or do you look fat in something because most (though not all) don't want the truth! Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413970610.403

All I've been seeing is jewelry this morning so far and I'd rather have cooking/kitchen!! Continue Reading


Re: Survivor: Meh

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The early ones actually spent the first shows showing how they set up their camps and you got to know something about everyone but now like others stated you don't even remember their names because things are rushed along!! Continue Reading


Re: Pronouncing "important"

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On 10/21/2014 CalmInTheHeart said: I'm sorry but why is this a big deal? There are many ways to pronounce a word, usually due to regional differences. Stop judging and just relax and enjoy life. Exactly! When threads like this are started it makes me more aware that nearly everyone does this and just doesn't realize it! I know when I read something out loud formally, I annunciate the letters but just in conversation don't. It's actually kind of amusing and can sound condescending to hear someone annunciate articulately in a casual conversation as most don't do this. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS - 10/20/14 - Elimination - Possible Spoilers

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Leah was so much better than Erin! I don't understand why they chose Erin as she is not very good! She seems uncomfortable and out of her element all the time and seems to be often grasping for things to say! Continue Reading

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