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Re: Host Bobbie on HSN

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Thirty years ago she had really short hair. I'm also pretty she had curly longer hair for a time. She looks spectacular with the look she has now. Can't find something to complain about the Q so complain about another shopping channel's host here. Makes no sense!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you buy the same type of clothes over and over again?

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I buy and wear what I like and don't feel I just have to make a conscious effort to go with the so called trends but if I like something I buy it and if I don't just won't buy something just because it's supposed to be the latest trend. There are many colors/shades that just don't look good on me and never will so I won't buy those colors because some so called fashion expert says they are the colors to have!!! I have seen way too many who just must go with whatever is trendy regardless of how they look and giving no thought to what colors and styles just don't look good on them. I guess I w... Continue Reading


Re: Women judge each other by their handbags???????

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I never even notice. Who cares what anyone thinks anyway???!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you feel prettier if you have cosmetics on that are top dollar?

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It's not about feeling prettier but for me drugstore products (except for mascara and lip) don't work for my skin. The products I use work for my skin and have made my skin feel and look great - therefore I feel good and don't have rough, burn, itchy skin from using cheaper products. Continue Reading


Re: Are SKINN products good quality/results? low price of TS makes me leery & I don't know how to evaluate ingredient decks

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I really like several. Dermappeal is one of my favorites. Another is Lip 6X. The tinted orchid gel is the best primer ever and I like and use all the pore products. I just discovered his CC cream and in the past have used his mineral makeup and plasma makeup but since discovering Perricone no foundation foundation have not used them. The olive oil cleanser is also really good. Continue Reading


Re: Dishcloth help please

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I use a clean one daily or just use a sturdy paper towel to wash my dishes. I only use the dishcloth for the dishes also and not for wiping counters etc. Continue Reading


Re: Would you call the police ....

In Among Friends 1406371335.203

Definitely - it was an accident scene with damage that the driver would be liable for!! Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a new cleanser

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I like Skinn Olive Oil Enzyme cleanser but have just tried Suzanne Somers cleanser and I like that much better. Both can be used around the eyes. I also use the foreo luna. Continue Reading


Re: Do you go to restaurants alone?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406286605.06

I frequently do and it is very relaxing for me. I read while waiting for my meal and I actually enjoy my food more without all the conversation. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone watching the coverage of the arrival/processional? Netherlands....

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I didn't mean to sound like I was criticizing anyone posting here because from all the posts it appears that everyone watched with respect and it was good for the Dutch to show their compassion. I don't understand it but to each their own. I just think that every tragedy is overpublicized and over speculated. Showing the site and showing bodies over and over is not only disrespectful but downright morbid. And all the speculating on what happened. The same with all the mass shootings. Tell the facts only and don't stop everything to show the details over and over. Then they hunt down the... Continue Reading

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