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Re: Get some sincerity into the hosts

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We all have to do things for our jobs that we don't particularly care for and sales people probably more so but their jobs depend on sales. Continue Reading


Re: SUNDAYS on QVC are painful to watch!!!

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On 8/31/2014 gazelle77 said: who REALLY eats crab cakes??? Honestly?? GROSS!~ Those Bobby Chez one's are the best. His are made with a roux and not mayo laden. I don't like most of the clothing, jewelry or accessories QVC has so to me fashion is a waste but I realize QVC is not here for my personal entertainment. I do like the kitchen shows and often purchase. To boo hoo about it and proclaim we want fashion, or anything else is just self centered. It's not all about any individual. QVC goes where the money is and to change programming just to appease some who may or may not even purchase m... Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- August 2014 (includes spoilers)

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I would like to see Hope left with neither one. She is far worse than Liam ever was with Steffy. She should see that but this only proves she is all for herself. Don't see how her line is helped by her flipflopping between two men with all her holier than thou rhetoric she started with. Definitely not a role model!! Continue Reading


Re: Did you ever consider .....

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I agree with you Irshgrl31201. If you use good products that don't clog your pores your skin will "breath" no matter how many layers of product you use - even foundations. The products of today are not like the greasy thick pore clogging ones of our mother and grandmother's time. I have found great products that work for me and if I ever went without, my skin would show it and would feel awful. If I ever try anything new, I will use it all up unless it makes my skin react negatively. I can usually tell what makes my skin feel good after about a week. Whatever products work for anyone pr... Continue Reading


Re: Need Nail Base Coat that is good for your nails -- Is there such a thing?

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The pink gel coat QVC has is excellent for a base coat. You can also get the one with no pink in it. They have also come out colored gel coats. I love the red one but they are not selling them alone at this time and only in a small bottle. Continue Reading


Re: I have really enjoyed watching QVC the past few weeks.

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On 8/30/2014 birddrops said: Why start a thread like this? Ridiculous... I don't see any point to it either!! Continue Reading


Re: Buy more than one color!

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Often when I find a pair of earrings I really like, I will order 2 pairs just for that reason - but not because a host said to. It's because I have lost one earring so often and then the other becomes useless and it's not possible to find another pair. Continue Reading


Re: suggestions for best makeup to wear when taking a drivers license picture.

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I only ever had one good picture and wouldn't you know it, after 6 months, my purse was stolen and I had to get it retaken. Now they just can pull it up from online and send another with the same picture. The time before last when I had to get my picture for my license, they kept saying let's take another because they were so awful and after the 7th try I just said that one is fine. I just accepted that that must be what I actually look like. One time I forgot and I only had 3 days left to get my picture and I was on my 2nd round of prednisone for bronchitis and my face was puffy and my e... Continue Reading


Re: What is the easiest (least amount of stress) way to activate a Tracfone?

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I've used both online and CS phone call to activate over the years and found it easy and quick either way. Online is the easiest and I never had a problem with the minutes I had left automatically transferring over. The only thing I ever had a problem with was years ago I had the auto renew of minutes monthly and after several years on it, the minutes didn't automatically appear and the phone was deactivated. It did take several days to get that cleared up and my phone reactivated with all the minutes I had accumulated. I ended up having to call corporate in Miami to do this but I don't... Continue Reading

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