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Re: Your Dog is Welcome at Macy's

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If your dog is not well behaved and trained then I think any store is no place for such a dog. I would think that dogs going into these stores would have to be leashed. Most dogs are better behaved than many children!! Continue Reading


Re: who would you like to meet?

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Just regular interesting normal fun people. Nobody famous that I would want to meet. Continue Reading


Re: Stop it, just stop it!

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I also like to buy anything I might want or need for Christmas early so I don't have to scramble at the last minute to get things when I'm so busy. It makes sense to buy a tree if you need one early and try it to make sure it works properly so there will be time to return it if needed. I waited too long to buy one several years ago and had to settle for something I really didn't want and then part of it didn't light but I just had to string lights on it because I really needed it. There is absolutely nothing tacky about it and is a huge benefit to many. Anyone who doesn't like it has th... Continue Reading


Re: Do you know anyone that does NOT have a computer?

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Yes, I know one of my friends refuses to have one and she also doesn't have a cell phone. Just doesn't want one but she used them on her job so she knows how to use them. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendation of a drugstore hairspray please

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I like Dove in the light blue pump spray bottle works good when I run out of my Nick Chavez Thirst Quencher. Continue Reading


Re: Baked Eggs - amazing!

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Thanks for the recipe DiamondGirly. Can't wait to try it! Continue Reading


Re: QVC, all day christmas on Saturday ... Really?

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On 9/17/2014 KYToby said: Some people look forward to these shows, too, Please accept that not everyone shares your viewing tastes. QVC caters to many people with varied interests; inevitably, there will be programming that not everyone enjoys. Agree!! I look forward to these shows as there is always so much going on closer to the holiday!! Decorations, especially, would need to be ordered early and way before December. It's also nice to have nearly everything I need so I can enjoy the holidays without all the last minute trying to find the time to get things!! Continue Reading


Re: Cat problem---Please He needs help

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It sure sounds like a stress/anxiety issue and it still could be from the move. A lot of animals get stressed out by simple things that we wouldn't suspect. Continue Reading


Re: Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage

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I think that each has to respect the other enough to let them be themselves without trying to change them. It's not about winning or loosing in any conflict but in resolving it with compromise. Continue Reading

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