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Re: Just Curious.....IT Cosmetics and Plastic Surgeon Relationship

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I thought she said they work with plastic surgeons to formulate their products. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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If Ridge would start his own company he would have many deserters from Forester and Eric and Brooke would have their precious Ricky in charge of nothing as the whole company would have to rebuild from nearly scratch!! They can have Quinn. Continue Reading


Re: When buying replacement clothing, do you usually...

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If I buy something I really like and wear a lot, I will buy another while they have it. Continue Reading


Re: Ombre hair, purple hair, striped hair..... Is it just me?

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No one has to like everything, there is nothing wrong in not liking a trend but it's anyone's choice and they don't have to please all of us. We all did things when we were young that the oldsters thought was horrible. I remember the wild bold colored stockings of the '70's that the older generation clucked their tongues about. I might actually do a streak or 2 in my hair of a wild color to match an outfit and have seen many older women with white hair sporting colored streaks (most had short spikey hair) and they all looked great!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you buy min for your tracfone or just get a new phone?

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I only get a new one if I don't like the old one. I got a Samsung Galaxy Centura 2 years ago and really like it. You can use a card for more memory for pictures and music so you don't run out of memory. I have well over 2,000 minutes of each so to transfer them all is not possible. So I think last time I lost about 500 minutes which really doesn't matter since I'll never use that many minutes as my phone is not attached to my ear all the time and can't imagine how anyone could or would want to be on the phone that much talking or texting anyway!! Maybe those with kids might use a lot but... Continue Reading


Re: Stamos heartsick over the Olson Twins not wanting to be a part of the "new show"?

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Seems like this is a real sore spot for some reason fro OP. It's not like it will be the only option for her to watch. Why so angry about it with the bolded print??? For me I think I will watch it as I started watching the reruns when I was sick and couldn't sleep and liked it and I think the concept is great. Candace Cameron Bure has been in many Hallmark movies with a new one each year at least, so I wouldn't say her career has tanked and she needs work. She has also hosted many times on the view. Continue Reading


Re: please remove old forum posts

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I could see closing posts that are older for comment but being made available to access the info in them. Continue Reading


Re: Strange cough attack -- has this happened to you?

In Jewelry Talk 1432678733.093

That is what happens a lot when I have an asthma attack. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's dress during PM Style last night

In Fashion Talk 1432663704.503

It looks either the same or nearly the same. She looked great in it. Continue Reading


Re: Books on Style That Have Affected Your Personal Style

In Fashion Talk 1432637686.25

I notice trends in fashion and like to look at style magazines but the only impact they have is if there is something I like that is supposed to be in style, I will buy it and wear it but definitely will never change and wear something I don't particularly like just because some so called fashion experts say to wear this with this and this is a must have in all wardrobes!! Continue Reading

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