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Re: Do you go to restaurants alone?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406286605.06

I frequently do and it is very relaxing for me. I read while waiting for my meal and I actually enjoy my food more without all the conversation. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone watching the coverage of the arrival/processional? Netherlands....

In Viewpoints 1406211526.07

I didn't mean to sound like I was criticizing anyone posting here because from all the posts it appears that everyone watched with respect and it was good for the Dutch to show their compassion. I don't understand it but to each their own. I just think that every tragedy is overpublicized and over speculated. Showing the site and showing bodies over and over is not only disrespectful but downright morbid. And all the speculating on what happened. The same with all the mass shootings. Tell the facts only and don't stop everything to show the details over and over. Then they hunt down the... Continue Reading


Re: The UPS Man just told my husband that I needed help!!

In For the Home Talk 1406210654.633

My UPS man says I'm his job security!! I would tend to think he was joking though. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone watching the coverage of the arrival/processional? Netherlands....

In Viewpoints 1406201383.547

It's sad and a terrible tragedy but I don't understand why the press has to publicize every little detail of something that should be private for the families of the victims and why others would want to insinuate themselves into the scenario by watching. I won't watch and wouldn't want to have a tragedy that happened to a loved one turned into a fiasco by the press. People have become obsessed with tragedies and seem to want to know every detail and watch every morbid piece the press puts out. The press is not doing it out of respect - just giving the public want they want to see. Continue Reading


Re: A poll for fun/had fillers or botox,surgery or done nothing at all

In Beauty Banter 1406113143.297

While I don't understand why anyone would subject themselves to unnecessary surgery or having poisons injected into their systems, it's their choice. It's usually so obvious though as those who do look different and it's usually so obvious. I wouldn't do it though. Continue Reading


Re: Too many products?!

In Beauty Banter 1406062788.82

I use a lot of products but they are ones that I know have made a huge difference. All products don't work for everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Taxes on items ordered thru mail

In Jewelry Talk 1406062580.38

Most internet retailers have been taking taxes for about 2 years now. The largest ones definitely have. QVC, HSN and Shop HQ have on all my orders and I understood it was for all states. It's actually been the topic for discussion on many posts since it started. Continue Reading


Re: Why Do I Keep Having This Recurring Dream?

In Viewpoints 1406027561.16

I would say that you are overwhelmed, anxious and stressed by something in your life. It may be that you have over-committed yourself. Continue Reading


Re: Purse or Pocketbook?

In Viewpoints 1406027077.15

I say bag as it's just to hold stuff!! Continue Reading


Re: What is your best piece of relationship advice?

In Viewpoints 1406027012.273

Don't try to change anyone and if you feel you have to then it's not a good relationship. Also, it's not about who is right and who is wrong - it's not a game. Don't take each other for granted. Do at least one extra special kindness for each other daily like you did early in the relationship. The biggest one is pay your own way and keep you money separate!! 30 years and counting for me and it's great!! Continue Reading

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