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Re: Why do they keep dressing the hosts in such tight clothing?

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Most of what many call tight fitting would be swimmingly big in a larger size. I see a lot of women who wear a larger size than they need and just look rather sloppy. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- April 2014 (includes spoilers)

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Wyatt or his mother will do something to prevent Hope from going or get her phone and text Liam. I also am for Liam in spite of what he's done in the past. Hope is now no better in her actions - running off and being with Wyatt immediately when she left on her wedding day. Continue Reading


Re: Very public marriage proposals

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I think a marriage proposal should be a private thing and something between the 2 parties and not made a public spectacle. I don't understand the popularity of them as I would not respond to such a public event. Of course, often men have no real idea of what actually is romantic and think the whole public thing is great. It's all about the attention and often some get free stuff as a result. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear MBR say...?

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I would think their legal dept would have reviewed all the info and informed them what can and cannot be said. I see no chemicals in the ingredients listed. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Says I Need Both Knees Replaced (need all the advice I can get!)

In Health & Fitness 1398247222.28

I would definitely get a second opinion. If you only need a partial knee replacement it's better to get it done now and avoid a total one. My boyfriend had both done at different times and he wasn't discharged until he could do steps (4-5 days). Each one was different and every person is different. His sister had both done at the same time and she went to a rehab facility for a few weeks. It does require intensive therapy - 2-3 weeks after going home of in home and 4-2 weeks of going to therapy after that. It was well worth it as he has no pain and feels great. The only ones I know wh... Continue Reading


Re: Kate Summerville's tight skirt

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To you it may not look flattering but that is what a lot of women wear and she looked great in it. Why go up to a size way to big for the style? Doesn't make sense to me. To many, your style of dress might not seem flattering either. Everyone has different tastes. Accept that neither you nor anyone else are in charge of how anyone chooses to dress. Times change, styles change but many posters refuse to live in today's world!! Continue Reading


Re: What is Shawn thinking ????

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On 4/19/2014 pink dogwood said: girl wears whatever she wants to on air and thinks she looks cute & appropriate. This isn't always the case IMHO. I guess it's just like you and all the other's who criticize anyone's dress - you all think you look fantastic but I would bet that if all of you criticizers would post pictures of your fashion styles there would be a lot to criticize. Everyone has their own tastes and style and while you may not like it - it's not your place or anyone else's to dictate what is cute and appropriate. Learn to live and accept the differences. Continue Reading


Re: Would You Have Spoken Up?

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A safety issue is everyone's business and should never be overlooked. That's putting everyone on the plane in danger. That's way to serious to say I mmob. Continue Reading


Re: I am confused; why was the young man suspended?

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That's what's wrong with a lot of kids today. They are told something (even if to some it's no big deal) and then they do the opposite and expect to have no consequences as a result. When they grown up then they expect the world to revolve around them in all ways. What if everyone had their own agenda - the whole purpose for her speaking there would have been worthless and chaotic. She wasn't invited there to be invited to the prom. If he wanted to do that he could have went to twitter or her facebook page. He was wrong and he deserves any punishment he gets. Many things in life that o... Continue Reading


Re: What did you see - fashion wise - in church this AM?

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On 4/20/2014 JustJazzmom said: Someone wearing printed pants as they went up to Communion. Some folks had jeans on and some wore very appropriate clothing. I don't think there is any way not to notice at least some of the outfits worn even if not specifically looking but - a statement like that is why I don't believe in the whole church going thing!! It should be the spirit in which one attends church that counts - not so called "appropriate clothing"!!!! The fashion judgers certainly don't have the right attitude for going to church!!! You don't go to judge others but to spiritually improve... Continue Reading

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