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Re: Slow Cooker Questions

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408720029.083

Wouldn't putting a slow cooker on a timer to turn in on at a certain time possibly cause any meats to go bad since it would just sit there for hours until time to turn it on?? Continue Reading


Re: It's Lenox, not Len Ox!

In TSV Talk 1408719056.823

I'm sure neither QVC nor the Lenox company cares about the pronunciation as long as they sell and bring in the big bucks!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Kirsten

In Suggestion Box 1408713172.313

QVC programing is more casual now - thank goodness!!! She was wearing the TSV boots also. The long skirt would be cumbersome to run errands. Also, they want to make the hosts your friends and so why would they have to dress uppity. I once heard a host say thanks for inviting me into your home so why would I insist on a guest to my home dressing for a boardroom!!!?? It makes no difference what anyone is or is not wearing - if I want to purchase something, a host/vendor's clothing has no bearing on it.!! It appears that some are stuck in bygone days and can't accept that life is so much more ca... Continue Reading


Re: QVC should be renamed ICS (It's Christmas Stuff)

In Q Did What? 1408713050.997

Christmas is a larger holiday and more money can be made on it!!! I like to get what I want and need before the holiday rush starts so I can enjoy the holidays and do a lot of baking. Just because you have everything you want and need doesn't mean everyone does!!! Continue Reading


Re: What your favorite punctuation mark says about you. :)

In Viewpoints 1408712740.16

<</p> The exclamation mark or exclamation point is a punctuation mark usually used after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings. With social media most of those listed have taken on much different meanings and uses!!! Continue Reading


Re: I thought LAST month was Christmas Misery

In Viewpoints 1408712217.753

I don't like many shows that seem endless - Dooney, jewelry, fashion, etc but others like and enjoy them and buy so I don't watch. A shopping channel's programming is not even close to something I would find causing me misery. Life has so many things to offer to blame a shopping channel for your misery!!! Continue Reading


Re: It's Lenox, not Len Ox!

In TSV Talk 1408711864.1

Don't get posts like this. If you cannot cannot figure out what is meant if something isn't pronounced perfectly then it's your problem. Who cares and how does it so negatively impact anyone's lives enough to post about it???!!!!! This isn't the days gone by when Emily Post ruled!!!! Life is so much more casual and relaxed. Continue Reading


Re: So is it 24 hour Christmas in August?

In The Q We Love 1408704974.277

I like these shows as I can get anything I might want or need done so I can enjoy the holidays. Continue Reading



In Suggestion Box 1408704878.123

Don't get this post at all!!! Everyone has different tastes and if OP wants to hunt or fish for her food, let her but I would prefer to get mine by mail. I have never gotten inferior food from QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Kirsten

In Suggestion Box 1408704715.61

I know it's your opinion but I saw her and while her choice of clothing wasn't to my taste thought she looked great. She was wearing the TSV boots which I didn't like the look of them with the skirt but that is what is being worn now. I also noticed nothing wrong with her hair either. I don't watch with the expectation that every host/vendor/model has to conform to what I like. It's your opinion and that's fine but to say you're surprised QVC allows this (her going on air in a look you don't like)....!!!! Continue Reading

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