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Basic Editions...vs Denimn and CO

Last Reply by Kachina624 1398390518.4 | Started by Henry in Denim & Co

Why the high prices on D and C. The Kmart brand has same style clothing, for lot less. There 8 inch pull on shorts were 8.00 today. There white cotton button down long sleeve shirts, 7.00. Where does QVC come up with these prices? I buy some D and C and would buy more, if prices were more reasonable. Continue Reading


How do you wash Ken Pavis

Last Reply by BetsyDoodle 1388784944.813 | Started by Henry in Fashion Talk

hair extensions? Do you comb after washing? thanks Continue Reading


Michael Kors and other brand handbags

Last Reply by lovesrecess 1375754599.057 | Started by Henry in Fashion Talk

Hi, ladies I was recently in a MK store and asked if they had a particular design bag, I saw at Century 21, which for those who dont know the store, its kind of a bit more upscale, than Marshalls, but still a designer discount store. Anyway, she explained the most of those bags are never in the MK store. I guess my question is, do you think that the designer bags found in discount retailers are authentic, and or lesser quality than the bags found in the actual MK store. I can go to Century and get a MK tote for 99.00. It just has me wondering. Continue Reading


Colored Jeans

Last Reply by lovesrecess 1373757036.56 | Started by Henry in Fashion Talk

Anyone know if they will still be in style for fall. I am itching to buy a grren pair, but want to use them beyond summer. Thanks Continue Reading


Blonde Melissa

Started by Henry in Fashion Talk 1363451754.923

Anyone know what happened to her? I dont see her modeling on the Q anymore. I really liked her. Continue Reading


Re: Patti Reilly is back

In Fashion Talk 1355241363.643

Geesh, some people really are miserable. My original post was meant to be a positive one. As for whyI commented on her weight, it wasnt intended to be nasty, its not easy to keep up, and she did a really great job, keeping it off. It wasnt a bash--trust me, I suffered through many eating disorders, in my 20s, I dont put people down for their weight, or general appearance. The hear matters, beauty fades! Continue Reading


Patti Reilly is back

Last Reply by MrsLorraine 1356194568.513 | Started by Henry in Fashion Talk

on television---in a informercial. she is selling the my pillow premuim. She looks great...good for her, for keeping the weight off. Continue Reading


Re: Where's Jonathan

In Fashion Talk 1352992577.647

Why was Jonathan let go? He reminded me of Rick. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- October 2012

In Book Club 1351452281.42

Books Ive read: Little Girl Blue -The Karen Carpenter Story-just finished last night Save Me -Lisa Scottoline Why my Third Husbamd will be a Dog-Lisa Scottoline Fifty Shades Trilogy- Been reading a lot lately,Im about to start---Unorthodox Continue Reading


Which is better

Started by Henry in Electronics Talk 1341595372.557

and why? The nook or Kindle? Thanks Continue Reading

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